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The leaves may look pretty when they fall, but they also look pretty on the trees. Just because we follow the Way of the Leaf, doesn't mean we can't appreciate it in all seasons :) *hugs William*


Autumn/winter is my time of year though naturally. I love the crisp mornings that hold a hint of frost, a gentle bite to wake up the senses. The beauty of striking colours combined with the sensations of sound and visions, not to mention the smells, all make it my favourite time of year. And there is no such thing as a bad Tinker, William. If you are, I am, for not posting in so long. :)

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"running madly towards the far off fires" pick me, pick me.

hey if any of you are still around I'm joinin up, "takes a seat by the fires and is handed a glass of punch'


The way of the leaf is one of jordan's more intersting concepts although i'm not a true pacifist i'm trying to find some peace for myself an' my people.

By way of introduction, i seem to talk way to much, from Kent, UK. 17 so still at school etc, :( . however i'm startin to get into some philosophy and love travelling and the great outdoors as well as a drink an a good time.

Hoping that the tinker's undergo a revival and bloom once more.

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Me too, Carai!


I'm a student at Uni, myself, and have had the opportunity to travel on my own once, a couple years ago now, and loved it. :)


I'm also majoring in social sciences, with my emphasis in philosophy. :) As far as the Way of the Leaf and RJ's concepts, I was actually more impressed by the da'shain Aiel, but since they aren't quite so well recognized as the Tinkers and also not a "current" group within his world, we chose to keep the Way rather than courage. Though I'm not sure either one alone is any better than the other.

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Okay, great, I find philosphy interesting although environmetal science is more my field,

My actual name is Jez by the way although carai makes a good screen name I prefer it when friends call me Jez (short for Jeremy) :lol:

I guess the da'shain Aiel is the perfect state at which to aim, but which is rarely; if ever acheived by people in this age, lacking strength of will, or pure courage.

I was thinking, (strangely enough) why do tinkers ignore anyone of their kind who takes up a weopon?

Surely they should be pitied and helped?

This would pssibly direct them back to the true path: the way of the leaf, rather than alienate them from it?

Just the rambling musings of a befuddled wagon driver,

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It's good to have you then, Jez ;)


I'm not much of a scientist myself, but I did take a course in Environmental Ethics!


You do have a point, I think - I think the da'shain who first forsook the Way (though he probably wasn't the first, he was the first mentioned) who found a shocklance, was pitied. I guess part of it is that it's important for the Tinkers to remain seperate from everyone else - they've always been a separate people - and they probably fear that if people with them carry weapons and use weapons, they'll lose some of their identity. But it should be noted that they do welcome non-Tinkers to their fires.

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Good Man, most o' my friends think I'm crazy anyway, so... mainly because I want to go into forestry or something similar. Science was once considered a philosophy :lol: .

Yeah thats summed up my point i think, however I do not understand how/why, a non-tinker like Perrin, is welcomed and encouraged to lay down his axe, but a tinker such as Aram is 'neglected'. Surely in some cases, comfort and friendship would save the loss of the tinker.

I do so though that they do not want any associated weopons with them permanantly so it is a conundrum, i supose the fear of the 'disease' spreading etc. Hey, just seems a tad more logical to me to try comfort and friendship first, if that fails then who knows?

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