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  1. As I understand it, you can do anything in the world of dreams, as long as you can picture it in your mind and you habve the will to put it into effect. So a dreamwalker especially a practised one e.g. lanfear or moghedien could do anything and more with their mind than they could with an angreal.
  2. he learn't some other quite useful stuff as well, like how to skim properly and how to make weaves invisible. I've always presumed Rand also learnt more about the forsaken and the Age of Legends which could be useful at some point. i think asmodean also could have taught him more about shadowspawn, such as gholam and darkhounds.
  3. Would it be possible to make a shield out of spirit which only keeps out weaves of the one power? What do people think?
  4. Thom or julian would be my pick, although tallanvor is high up in the running.
  5. Obviously wolves can kill them so they must be vulnerable in some way/area and wolves through expierience have found this weakness but men havn't. If this were the case surely perrin could discover the weakness of darkhounds and so make men more able to defend themselves against them. ?? Doesn't someone shoot a darkhound once with a bow?? Maybe not,
  6. Doesn't the green man say he new wolfbrothers before? When he meets perrin? and that it has been a long time since this? and I believe that someone (?) also says it was a gift older than the age of legends. (a bit vague) however if RJ said that then there's not too much to be said. True the Age of Legends does not have to be an age in itself. I wonder actually how people in randland even know if the wheel exists?
  7. Hum, wolfbrothers existed in the age of legends so this is hardly a new thing, and there is nothing to prove that no-one of mins abilities existed before it just hasn't been mentioned. I thought someone did mention somewhere in the books that the breaking was the end of the AoL, but can't back that up now so,
  8. Yep, cheers i see now, missed that completely.
  9. The fact that Darkfriends havn't really used the ways makes it more likely that they will try to now, surely? After all they would not expect rand to be prepared for it and so would try to surprise him, Demandred is reckoned to be one of the greatest generals of all time he will see this as a possible reason to use the ways to move darkfriends around if he thinks Rand doesn't expect it. I think this sums it up well. Where does it say shadow spawn can't travel through a gateway? I was wondering how they got into the Aiel waste to attack rand if they cannot pass through gateways?
  10. There seemed to be a fair few wolves when perrin attacked the Shaido in KoD? I think Slayer does, as the name suggests kill just for the hell of it, but perhaps there was a specific purpose behind him wiping out all the wolves in the two rivers. Perrin has comunicated with many other wolves since though incl;uding at Dumais wells (spell?) Did hopper actually turn into a darkhound? I thought he was just becoming more and more twisted but not nessecarily a Darkhound?
  11. His mother couldn't have any blood relatives in the waste not being aiel and rand being her only son born whilst amongst the race, she had no blood mother or siblings amongst the aiel. She did have wetlander relatives, Luc being her Brother and i think morgase is a relative, cousin or something? Janduin was the youngest Clan cheif ever I believe, and also led the 5 tribes across the spine of the world in the aiel war. He was killed by Luc in the blight, however it is very likely he had brothers/sisters amongst the Taarard and possibably rands grandparents could be alive on Janduin's side of the family. Although there is no mention of them.
  12. Um, surely most of the 'bad guys' can also travel? The forsaken and dreadlords, who most likely are putting in an appearance soon? As i understood it, only really ogier and Aes Sedai travelled the ways before they were corrupted anyway. Because the ways are organic it doesn't necessarily mean that they can heal themselves, just because the taint is gone. Machin Shin may possible be weakened but is now basically a living avatar of the DO's malice and hate. If one person gives another a virus they are still infected even after the source of the virus is destroyed in some cases like AIDS it cannot be destroyed. This is what I see happening to Machin Shin unless possibly someone asks the Finn people how to destroy it.
  13. Yeah, I'd say i read way to fast and tend to miss tiny little details without realisng but then that is what re-reads are for. :lol: In my house ihave massive amounts of books due to my bro and dad, both having a 'libary' each, well, a room full only of books and an arm chair. but i dont read many of these so have relatively few books of my own, although i have read through the school libary. Fiction section that is.
  14. Possibly, I think this could be due to the fact rand is the only son of a maiden ever known as such and so all the maidens seem to treat him as a brother. Also possible, but i'm not sure if Rhuarc and Janduin are of the same clan. Can't remember, help? However it is more than likely that Rand does have blood relatives amongst the aiel seeing as his father was a clan chief an all that.
  15. I think Gypsies are the model for the tinkers, they were once known here as bohemians and were famous for their dancing. The wagons and the bright non-cooridnated colour fits in very well with the old time gypsies, and in the UK today at fairs in appleby old gypsies caravan's and wagons can be seen in use. The gypsies are also similar to tinkers in that they were often hated by other folk and treated with distrust. However they would mend household implements as i believe the tinkers are mentioned doing. However in my expierience they were not non-violent and although would never attack others, would fiercly defend their own kind- not really very tinker. They also knew more about living off the land, animals and nature than any other group of people in the UK at least. Horsewhispering - talking/communicating with horses - has long been associated with them but not believed possible, however scientific thaught is changing and some scientists and vets believe some of these people can actualy communicate with horses today. Possibably part of what made people fear and hate them. Obviously it is impossible to verify if this is really true, an i'm still a tad sceptical. Does this really have any bearing on anything? :roll:
  16. No what i meant was, muslims from muslim countries go to fight as terrorists, this does not make that country any more pro terror than the UK as a whole, which has also had muslims (UK sitizens) go to fight as terrorists, I am NOT a supporter of any terrorists at all, in fact more of a tinker lol. Visit the tinker forum thingy. Just excited about christmas because partying begins and schools over for a while and I was tryin to lighten the mood and spread some goodwill and peacful excitement. :lol: not offended: didn't really make myself clear did i
  17. okay, well said glad to see someone stand up and take resposibility, although i was also guilty of stupid off topic posts so we'll live and get over it and move on. Christmas is still coming people.
  18. Yeah, right with you, he's F****d up a decent thread IMO so lets leave it at that,
  19. Trying to ignore the crap, I believe sheathing the sword as a concept does not only have to refer to a sword but also to any act where a voluntry death leads to a victory or chance of it. Using the last scene of 'enemy at the gates' where the reporter (name?) shows himself and is shot so that the german sniper is revealed and killed. this was aurguably the only to kill him and saed countless lives while being a big blow to german morale and helping to win the battle of stalingrad. There is also a case when a swiss captain threw himself onto an austrian pike formatioin causing himself to be speared several times and die, however this lead toa gap his country men could exploit and the swiss won the battle halting the invasion. A bit vague but can't remember all the details without my books. These were not skilful acts and could be aurgued as acts of foolishness or suicide, however it has the same effect as sheathing the sword, as refered to by Lan, i.e. there is something worth more than living which can be acheived in death, saving stalingrad, saving switzerland and lives in both cases. Truly brave men and women can die if they believe they will save even one life in giving there own, with no reason other than saving that life. Sorry but I just cant stop laughing at the homophobic anti-muslim american who beleves USA is the most human rights motivated country in the world, :lol: with all your statements you head further towards disproving that and people like you are the reason the USA is one of the most hated countries in the world. British muslims have faught for Al qaeda but if you tell me because of this we support the terrorists then you truly are a blind christian fundamentalist. Christmas is coming people.
  20. So faery, Which are you? Isn't that part of a rhyme? or something?
  21. I thought most or all stedding had a talisman of growing-tEoTW- but could be completely wrong there so... Surely if the ways are expanded between new way gates they will not be dark etc. as the power now used in creating them is clean. I presume the talisman of growing is some kind or ter'angreal that allows a non chaneller to some how channel saidin and use it to form the ways. Just idle conjecture. What would happen if mashadar and machin shin were brought together, would two polar opposites of evil consume each other and join to form a neutral i.e. non-evil product? because mashadar was the embodiment of the evil of SL and machin schin is the embodiment of the evil of the taint shouldn't they be opposite?
  22. Okay so mattin can be returned the crown of swords, I agree that there is little to suggest rand wouldn't do that. However I still do not see why that is any reason to give him the horn and to carry it off to Illian. Mat now has a medallion which protects him from direct weaves of the one power, and he is travelling with three (?) Aes sedai currently. While he is still warey of aes sedai manipulations I do not see him being afraid of approaching the tower under egwene and he would most likely see it as his duty to try and persuade her to leave the tower completely, not forgetting he will most likely have moiriane in tow. If egwene is amrylin then suian will be in the tower anyway, the only other person who knows the location of the horn. It is possible for egwene to contact mat in his dreams and tell him to head to the white tower, an omen he will probably not ignore. he will also most likely head for the tower if and when it is attacked by the seanchen in order to attempt to save egwene etc. RAFO
  23. There is no reason to give mattin the crown back. Rand with the horn would be totally accepted as the one ruler of Illian which would be helpful in TG regardless of whether he has shown any inclination to become king or not. The forsaken might not consider the holding in tar worth attacking Bel'al would have removed anything of any use already and there could be wards around it. For similar reasons they might not waste time gong after the other ter'angreal and couold instead be searching for the other male Sa'angreal lanfear mentioned. The horn of valere however brings forth a hundred heroes, who cannot be killed or touched by the power, and who display supernatural properties. Removing this toy from the light would be worth a couple of forsaken to the DO at least and would warrant an all out attack on the horn and it's guardians. Something rand does not want to spare time and resources transporting and protecting. Judging from what is said of the hunters and what we've seen rand would be better off without them, sowing discord and spreading conflict through his camp is the last thing he'd want. I still don't see thta verin has a motive, as you say no one else knows where the horn is it's safest left there untill the last possible moment when rand can travell with verin to the WT and retrieve. Secrecy is the best armour, anonimity the greatest camoflauge (spell). Mat can be found by rans so that is no problem either.
  24. It is killing the forum I fear and is piss anoying. Do something someone. As for balefiring (sp) i just can't like Elayne so she goes, followed by most Aes Sedai who are replaced by more ogier. Thw whole Perrin faille thread is putting me off perrin and wasting time, like most people I see. Personally would like to see more of the borderlands and more of rodel.
  25. Elyas could well be Malkeiri, but I'm not sure how that connects, he also could have been warder to a friend of Moiraines so Lan travelled with him alot, but it does make some good sense, I've always assumed that Jain Charin (farstrider)/Noah was malkieri so perhaps those two will recognise each other and beg to be sent North when they hear Lan is raising the Golden crane.
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