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  1. Wow people are all so friendly here, im getting warmed up now and feel quite welcome. Thank you so much once again. xxx Gwen xxx
  2. Hello! i am also new. I saw these books in the library where i work and would very much like to be start reading them! my name is gwen by the way. love you sweetie xxx
  3. Hello all, my name is Gwen Dean and I am from Quebec in Canada. Im new to the wheel of time books and the whole forum thing is a scary place for me so im looking for some friends and generally nice people to show me round until I get on my feet! Well about me - I speak quiet a lot of French, I LOVE books and everything about them, especially The Harry Potter series. I Love British books but there aren't that many in Canada so maybe if you're british you could say hello to me? I would be glad to talk to anyone and everyone, love you all , and can't wait to make some lovely new friends! thank you so much for taking the time to read this darlings! xxx Gwen xxx
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