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I'm probably the newest member to Dragonmount currently. Thought I'd introduce myself before taking a look around the site.


Well, my "name" is Serynsatina, which can be shortened to anything you like. In RL, I am a rising freshman to my high school, which is located in Chapel Hill, NC. I have lived in the USA for over a decade, but I was born in China, and the rest of my family-besides my parents and little brother-still reside there.


I looove the Wheel of Time series. I first was introduced to it in sixth grade, and I read the series up to Crossroads. Back then, I was sort of a dork (well; I still am :D), so I really liked it. I decided to reread the series just this summer, because I have forgotten nearly everything. I've just finished A Crown of Swords.

My favorite characters by far are Moiraine, Lanfear, and Birgitte. Oh, and Morgase, too. My least favorite characters include Elaida, Faolain, and Fain.


Besides reading WoT, I also like running, volleyball, and role playing. I -sort of- like playing violin, which I have been studying for about five years.

I cannot stand parsley, most seasoning herbs, bright pink clothing, and braces. Oh, and I hate alarm clocks, especially if they go off at 5:30 in the morning. Especially if I do not set them to go off at 5:30 in the morning. Especially if my little brother has been in my room before bedtime the night before.



Anyway. :wink:

I hope to become an active member on Dragonmount; though I must warn beforehand that I am going on a three week vacation to China and will not be back until August.


Soooo...hello all. :) -waves-

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Welcome to dragonmount! I recommend trying out fiddlesticks when you have the chance. Nothing serious, just lots of fun!! You should vote in the Asmo tread in the book decusion if you would like. (sorry Eg, I had to :D ) I just started re-reading the series too, almost done with the fires of heaven. I love to rp also, but haven't done any here yet. Anyway, have a good trip and look forward to seeing you when you get back. *waves*

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Guest Egwene

lol, why thanks SOB :D


Welcome Serynsatina :) If you want to get into the RP side, you'll find some info in the first thread on this board. The RPers are a great bunch of people and a lot of them are also active on the Community side.


Totally agree with your hate of alarm clocks!! My worst experience was visiting my parents and being woken up at some obscene time on a sunday morning by this really loud alarm. Strange thing was, I had no alarm in my room!!! So after waiting a minute or so, I went to investigate. The noise was coming from my brothers room accross the hallway. Knocking on the door brought no response, so I entered. There he was, fast asleep, head about 10 inches from an alarm that was ringing loud enough to wake the dead!!! I can only assume it was a mind over matter thing or maybe it had something to do with the flame and the void :shock:


Enjoy the trip to China (lucky you)... look forward to hearing some of your travel tales when you get back :P

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