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  1. That's cool; I don't really know any other Asian fans of WoT where I live...:)
  2. Lol, alarm clock issues. :) Thanks for your welcome, and Sirayn for your offer; I'll be sure to keep you in mind when I decide to start RPing. <3 :)
  3. I'm probably the newest member to Dragonmount currently. Thought I'd introduce myself before taking a look around the site. Well, my "name" is Serynsatina, which can be shortened to anything you like. In RL, I am a rising freshman to my high school, which is located in Chapel Hill, NC. I have lived in the USA for over a decade, but I was born in China, and the rest of my family-besides my parents and little brother-still reside there. I looove the Wheel of Time series. I first was introduced to it in sixth grade, and I read the series up to Crossroads. Back then, I was sort of a dork (well; I still am :D), so I really liked it. I decided to reread the series just this summer, because I have forgotten nearly everything. I've just finished A Crown of Swords. My favorite characters by far are Moiraine, Lanfear, and Birgitte. Oh, and Morgase, too. My least favorite characters include Elaida, Faolain, and Fain. Besides reading WoT, I also like running, volleyball, and role playing. I -sort of- like playing violin, which I have been studying for about five years. I cannot stand parsley, most seasoning herbs, bright pink clothing, and braces. Oh, and I hate alarm clocks, especially if they go off at 5:30 in the morning. Especially if I do not set them to go off at 5:30 in the morning. Especially if my little brother has been in my room before bedtime the night before. :evil: Anyway. I hope to become an active member on Dragonmount; though I must warn beforehand that I am going on a three week vacation to China and will not be back until August. Soooo...hello all. :) -waves-
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