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Welcome, welcome!!


First things first:


Rules are super important so:


Avatars Rules


1. You can choose from our many avatars in our gallery with out punity.

2. If you choose to link your avatar from your own site they must be no larger than 80x80.

3. Avatars should contain no copyrighted material with out express permission from the artist.


YOur avie is E N O R M O U S. After you size it down and read the rest of the board rules, come and visit as many places as possible. Sedai, eh? May as well sign up for The White Tower Organizaion then *G*

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Guest Egwene

Hello Gabriel, great to hear you like the books... I think we may have something in common :wink:


If you have read them all, try the book discussion boards. Lots of theories and polls to ponder. There are some threads on there dealing with the question of a movie... And if you haven't posted a great deal before... Fiddlesticks is a good way to get into it. It is just meant to be fun and you don't need any pre-knowledge to take part.


Like Cleo said... your Dragon is super, but get it changed before the Amyrlin sees it :wink:

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NIce avatar hahahahahaha


Nice to see you at DM.

I know it think there should be a good movie like lotr type thing, maybe even better, then we would have people flooding here. hahaha


But i dont think that there is a movie. Hope to see you at the blue ajah.

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