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Newbie =) Hello


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Hello! My name would be Liz, and I'm here finally! You all can breathe again =).


I've been reading the WoT series for the past six ish years now and am anxiously awaiting the 12th book.


I'm more than likely not going to be posting a whole bunch of junk, but I will be waiting in the side lines for my chance to discuss some random WoT plots and what not. I'm looking forward to seeing other peoples points of view on the story, seeing how I know maybe two other people other than myself who have actually read the books.

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Welcome Sylvia,


You'll be knowing a whole trainload of WoT fanatics in no time now, don't worry :) And you'll have plenty and lots of opportunities in the different places around DM to discuss the books to your heart's content.


Enjoy your stay with us,


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Welcome, Sylvia, to the greatest WoT FanSite ever.  *is serious*


I must admit, I have been breathing quite normally before you arrived.  Therefore, to make-up for that, I shall be holding by breath until you say I can breathe again.  It is only fair penance.


Anyways, if you're going to be posting junk, why not do it in a creative and fun way?  "Where can I do this?" you ask?  Fiddlesticks.  Located in the General Discussions Board (Why?  We still don't know yet.)  Trust me, it will be an experience. :D


Wear a helmet, and be safe, and have fun. :)

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