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Well, i've been thinking about starting up a second character (no, not Jerinia's second cousin from her mother's side) in the WT to torment you people, and i'm kind of at a loss on what to do with the new reqs.


I could start her off as a full AS after Jerinia reaches her shawl, which would allow me to play her while still being a tad low on the character interaction and development.


On the other, i could start her off as an Accepted or even Novice, and gain a good amount of said interaction and development to get some good character depth, but with the risk of RPing the mandatories with a 'been there, done that' feeling dominating them.


So yeah, i seek advice from people that have got several characters in a Div, telling me about what it's like to do the same set of Reqs twice with another character. And even if you have one, feel free to reply and vote anyway. It's how stuff like this works ;)


Please post why as well, i'm not letting you off the hook that easy :P

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Not like I know anything, but you didn't say, "accept for cleo's advice" ;)


If you could give the rich background in an intro thread as an AS then, go AS. If its allowed to write something like that ... I sorta did in my intro. *ggls* But that would be helpful in getting the richness of your character from the get go for others to RP with or... link her bio at the beginning of her first thread?


Or do something similar with your Accepted but no so in-depth.






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It would depend on what kind of personality or history they would have. Someone with a strong personality or traumatic history would be easier to leap into as a higher lever than a meek-as-milk farm girl. My verdict: If you have a cool personality, go Accepted. If kinda normal, go novice. :D

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I'm all for going novice. :D  Other than the Saidar classes (which really can be fun if you don't have to wait long for each class section), I think each requirement is individual enough that you won't be bored with it.  With the choice RPs, you can go with different choices.  I think the novice reqs are a great way to build IC friendships and history with the other roleplayers and their characters.


I'll probably start each of my characters from Novice.  I find the opportunities to roleplay them to be much more plentiful than it is with Aes Sedai - which I'll get to rp eventually anyway.

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I'm one of those that jumps straight to full-rank whenever I can, because I cannot abide being in 'training', really.  But that's just me!  And anyways, you can always end up being surprised by your characters no matter what level - Lillith is a LOT nicer than I thought she would be, even if she's not the most personable or outgoing person :)

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Yes, i like Lillith as well ^^


Hmm... I think i'm leaning towards Novice atm. She'll be a bit closer to the norm than Jerinia is though, it's hard to top her in that area ^^;


The Warders and Wolfkin on the other hand... *grins mischieviously*

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i vote none of the listed, go AS and retro development, takes some planing, or much planing sometimes (depends on age group you place her in and how realistic you wanna keep things in ref to age groups), but its doable, and you do not get stuck with having to do mandatory reqs

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