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Ashanté folks!

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Hello all - Tom from Mansfield, England here... have all the books but read most of them in half-hour nightly chunks before I slept (starting about ten years ago); so basically knowledge is not detailed!  I intend to read them all again closer to MoL coming out.


Thanks for the forum, site, community, etc.

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Hullo!  Always good to see someone from this tiny island country lurking around on these boards.  I'm an immigrant to the UK, myself (from America... married a Brit.  Anyways!)


Hope you take full advantage of all the fun things around the site - we've got social clubs (the orgs), dedicated discussion groups, fun columns, and of course - the roleplay (the divs).  I highly recommend checking it all out and seeing what feels most like home here.


Enjoy yourself, and be welcome!





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From one Brit to another, welcome to DM!


The place has a lot on offer, so have a good look around to see what tickles your fancy. And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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Well hello!


It seems a little over said now but i am a brit too.... Slough. Before annyone thinks it i know!!! i will move oneday!


Have a great time if you have any questions just ask. i always check my replied to posts thingy or you can find me at the wolfies org. we are loopy there but that helps! ( i work in IT so i am online most of the time to hee hee  ;)just dont tell anyone) :P

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Thank you everyone I really appreciate it - although it's interesting to note that with one potential exception I am only welcomed by fellow brits... ;)


I'm in the business of "reading around" at the moment; there's a lot to get through.  I need to read the books again TBH to understand what the hell most of the discussion is about - there are nuances and little side-bits that I simply didn't notice the first time 'round, and whole chapters that I must have read while half asleep, that I have forgotten.


p.s. I work in IT too - near Mansfield at Junction 27 of the M1.

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hey i am all positive for seteling in england eventualy if you guys can give me work in a few years time...just need to take a detour to US first to pic up a bf and get him done in school and whatnot :P, posible back to norway picking up some passports or whatnot, time will tell...ah the glory of an open world, to think of the horror of what if we lived a couple houndred years into the past ;)

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