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  1. It's a shame; I've been looking for that "taps lips thoughtfully" for years, because it's so obviously sown as the seed of a clue to her identity. *SIGH* rethink time... AGAIN...
  2. No - I'm suggesting she's mobile... all the Forsaken can Travel...
  3. In KOD, "Masuri taps her lips thoughtfully" while talking to Perrin about Masema - could she be Mesaana? It's the one clue I have managed to spot since Mesaana was last seen in the White Tower.
  4. So how do you explain that he can survive a direct confrontation with a Lurk when trained blademasters have failed?
  5. Thom Merrilin is an enigma to me. He's "just a gleeman" and yet a former Court Bard. Even a Fade can't kill him. Someone killed Asmodean; probably as a punishment for failure. I'm not trying to be deliberately stupid here; but COULD Thom Merrilin be Forsaken? I've seen the "Thom as Darkfriend" discussion, but I've never seen anyone look at this particular possibility. Certain of the Forsaken are noted for their "self-concealment" abilities... and what better way than as The Dragon's friend? If this has already been discussed to death, or if I now look really stupid, please do let me know; but I'm now on book 2 for the second time (and a 5 year gap since I last read them all) and thoughts are occurring to me as I read... Thanks
  6. Thank you everyone I really appreciate it - although it's interesting to note that with one potential exception I am only welcomed by fellow brits... ;) I'm in the business of "reading around" at the moment; there's a lot to get through. I need to read the books again TBH to understand what the hell most of the discussion is about - there are nuances and little side-bits that I simply didn't notice the first time 'round, and whole chapters that I must have read while half asleep, that I have forgotten. p.s. I work in IT too - near Mansfield at Junction 27 of the M1.
  7. I think it could be Callandor but is that not too obvious? Maybe it's something about the way that Callandor is used? Maybe one edge has one effect and the other edge a quite different one - and Rand has to choose the right edge to use in The Battle?
  8. Hello all - Tom from Mansfield, England here... have all the books but read most of them in half-hour nightly chunks before I slept (starting about ten years ago); so basically knowledge is not detailed! I intend to read them all again closer to MoL coming out. Thanks for the forum, site, community, etc.
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