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Who killed Asmodean


spigots or caudrens  

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This might be slightly off topic but the OP mentioned that there have been 300 pages of topic on good old Asmo. Now thinking back to the old Dragonmount boards I'm inclined to say 300 pages is a very conservative estimate.:D So my question is... WHERE DO ALL THE OLD ASMO THREADS GO? IS there an elephant's graveyard for disused threads? Perhaps more importantly can we ever recover all the priceless debate that's practically gone down the proverbial tube?:-\

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I have always struggled with RJ's obvious quote. I have re-read about four times and have tried to be openminded but nothing has ever seemed obvious to me about it. I have always felt inclined to find a connection with the Aiel because of what they have said they would do if they discovered a dark friend. I thought maybe they overheard a coversation or saw Asmo send something flying and were trying to save Rand. Never saw a shread of evidence to back it up and all the other obvious solutions are to me more of an investigative elimination process. Perhaps when we know the answer and reason it will seem obvious.

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Guest adamld

I don't think it was always obvious, but in one of the last few books he made it so.


It's Graendal. Everyone else was only guessing at Asmodean's fate, but in Graendal's PoV she was certain that he was dead. Only her and the DO knew he was dead.

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And yes, I'll admit that the time factor is a huge problem with the Slayer theory.  The only reason I still maintain it is because Slayer is the only suspect who has any concrete clues pointing toward him, namely RJ's seemingly superfluous revelation that Ghengi is a portal to Finnland and that Slayer can enter it.  Graendal does have a very strong case against her, however, at the end of TFOH it is based totally on process of elimination and not on any concrete clues pointing toward her.  Don't get me wrong I won't be one bit suprised if she does turn out to be the murderer, I switch back and forth between Slayer and Graendal pretty much on a daily basis.  Today just happens to be a Slayer day.  I'm sure I'll wake up tomorrow convinced that Graendal done it.


We don't actually have any evidence that Slayer can enter the Tower of Ghenjei, or that he has any connection with it. All we know is that he allowed Perrin to see him go to the tower, and then disappear.


And even if he can enter, and if he stumbled upon Lanfear in there, and if she somehow knew Asmo was in Caemlyn, and if she was in a position where she could give him orders (Lots of Ifs there), that still leaves the question how Slayer could have known which door Asmo would pick at random. Not to mention that a channeler, even as weakenes as Asmo, would have little difficulty dealing with someone waving a knife around.


Had Asmo been stabbed to death while sleeping in his bed, I would have had Slayer on the top of my list.

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i  really dont think  it was Graendal  i  wont say  who i voted for  because this  debate went on ad nauseum  over at theoryland  and  this is one of the  highpoints i  look forward to  knowing in  AMOL.

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