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Welcome to DM, Calvin ! We are glad to have you join us  :D


Do you like to wield The Power, to be bonded or to bond or maybe just have a big shiny sword?? Then the White Tower (Org) is the place for you!


We from the White Tower (Org) would like to invite you to visit us. We are a community forum: we talk, play, discuss serious matters, get totally silly - the WT has something for everyone.


You join as a Novice or an Algai, and can become either a Warder (Der'Manshima) or an Aes Sedai - we have female Warders and Ajah brothers! Each Ajah is themed (for example the Greens are the most social and the Whites like logic) and the warders are working on building new disciplines that look very exciting. You can bond, or not - whichever is your choice. Something interesting to note...the Ajahs are not always like the book ones. For instance...most of the reds love men!


So please make yourself comfortable and have fun around here!

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Firstly, welcome to DM!


Secondly, do you like music and travel? If so, come by the Band of the Red Hand ORG, DM's very own music and travel ORG. We are also expanding to include eating out at restaurants into our review system, so visit our Campfires if yo uare interested. We're a fun place to be, so do check us out!


But whatever you do here at DM, have fun! :)

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Hey! So now that you're more than four minutes new to Dragonmount how are you finding things? I know that when I first started here I found it to be quite daunting. SO it's good to join a couple of places first and get settled first and then branch out. I know that the Aiel Org would be very welcoming to you if you are interested in the Aiel! :)


I hope that you enjoy  your time here. If you need any help with anything please feel free to PM me. If you would like to have a fun time while enjoying learning bits and pieces about Aiel People and Culture you should come by the Aiel (Org)! Our Org Leader, Society Leaders and Head Wise Ones are always around to offer assistance as are all our other members! :)


Click the picture below to come and visit the Aiel of Dragonmount!



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