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The most important part

Nelal Hurcran

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Let's count now. How many WoT movie threads are there on just the first three pages of this discussion? 4? 5? However many there are, they all seem to discuss the same thing: Who should potray whom?


Whilst all this is well and good, we seem to skip over the most important parts: Who all is behind the camera? Who should take on the highly chalenging tasks of...



...tearing WoT to shreads, figuring out the most pivotal parts, mixing them around, and putting it all back together again in a way pleasing to everyone, otherwise known as script-writing.


...take all the peices and part that you are given, story, tallent, technology, and combining them in the best possible way to please as many people as you are capable of, aka. directing.


...and many others that I can't bring to mind at midnight.



I haven't got any really good ideas, but that's why we have this community: to give eachother ideas.


So....gimmie, gimmie (yes, i'm being childish and selfish).

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I'd hate to say it, but the truth is the best adaptation would have to be someone COMPLETELY faithful to the story.. but that can pull it off and also remove the... ah.. boring... parts of the series and keep it interesting.


Props to everyone that worked on LotR because I thought those books SUCKED but the movies were awesome. Okay, not sucked.. I can't say that, I'll offend someone. But I found them boring to the nth degree. They took me three years to read while a typical WoT book took maybe a month. Or less, if it was especially good and I had enough free time.


Because I'm a film student, naturally I'd want to be the one to adapt WoT to the screen.. or at least to TV, where I think it would actually prosper. The problem would be getting it signed and able to run for the full series length. But, that would be the problem with movies, too.

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I have considered what it would be like to create a WoT movie, and I think it would be impossible to make it anything near greatness.


One hurdle, for example, would be the weaves produced by channeling saidar and saidin. Would they be shown? If so, how would you show it from different POVs? How would you differ saidin from saidar, earth from fire, and so on... The movie would have to explain that people cannot see the weaves if they cannot channel that certain one power.


The same goes for Min's ability, as well as such abilities as seeing Ta'veren, seeing the glow of saidar and other such things. How do you incorporate that when there are other characters in the scene, the audience would be confused, and explanation would be boring, if not plot braking.


Another thing, Tel'aran'rhiod, apparently light comes from everywhere, and nowhere. Would this not mean that there is not shadows? In this case, everything would be single colored, there would be no third dimension, and everything would look horrible.


Another thing, shielding, when a main character is shielded it describes them running their...conscience, along the walls of the shield....now, that could produce quite a problem.


Something else, channelers being able to detect people channeling....Rand's cleansing of saidin for example.... how will you explain why Aes Sedai are looking all over the place, especially when the cleansing of Saidin happened in the last movie. A flashback could work, but that only works for that certain instance. What about that thousands of other times Aes Sedai and Asha'man feel channeling.


Lastly, POVs. Most of the books are INSIDE the character's heads, are we going to have echoed people speaking the whole movie? This isn't a documentary....




I think the making of these movies would be a waste of time for any WoT fans, and big blockbusters for the rest of the world.

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So far as the Song of Fire 'n Ice goes, we'll see if it gets anywhere. I believe the Red Eagle guys picked up rights to a WoT series or something but they didn't do anything with it yet that I've seen or heard about.


As for what Papermache had to say, I think the weaves part is easy. Simply switch between not showing and showing. I have a few ideas for it, but you simply do a reveal pan on a dolly or something and you can glide between the two women, pass behind one, and when you come at them from the other side, voila. You see all the glowing and the weaves and stuff. It would look awesome and you'd get a feel for both sides.


Same for Min's ability. Lighting in tel'aran'rhiod is pretty simple... and it won't look so bad. Especially since things have a way of just.. moving... and not being where they should be. A lot of flickering and craziness associated with that. You can make the colors more vibrant, too, and give things a misty feel.. or a clostrophobic feel... it's definitely workable.


Now here's a tricky one. Shielding, the way I see it, would have to be done in an all black area with just the character shielded trying to get around say... some whispy whiteness or something. Say we go in through their eye and see aforementioned shot. I'm sure we could come up with other possibilities, too.


The channelers bit would have to be told through acting. Audiences are pretty smart, I think they'd pick up on it. Or you could just have a line early on that says what they can feel. I mean, look at the Force. It's doable.


And the POV stuff and the lines would have to be toned down a great deal.. but, for me, that won't really ruin the story. It'll just give the books an advantage over the movie. If you think about it, all books are like that.. and they still have a lot of really decent adaptations.


So, I disagree... I think the movies/tv show would rock and I would really like to see some of these scenes come to life. Even if the movies DID suck, I'd still enjoy them (like the WoT game, sadly) because there are so few Wot things out there it'd be great to get more notice of the series and, perhaps, get MORE stuff from it.. more comics, more games, more toys.. whatever.


But, hey, that's just my opinion.

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