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  1. You want to search intuitively obvious to find that quote. I think we can make the beard thing make sense, but only because we know the answers now :) Is there a KoD instance of Dem being less these cave-men are useless to us except for the most trivial things than the other Forsaken? That would help a lot. I guess that isn't fair because we have 4 Dem scenes (one not from his PoV and two very short with more important things on his mind like hanging with the DO). In other words, taking the result then looking for corroborating evidence, which is fine for a court of law, but I thought we were above that sophistry. Considering the amount of effort displayed here, thinking it would have been easier to just take everything Taim and Dem scene by scene--there really isn't that much :)
  2. Setelle: get people to the Bowl of Wind (Mat and the girls). She was pretty cool, and a good not all Aes Sedai are horrible character. Slayer: being cool :) Yes, seems a stretch to send Luc to the Blight given what we've seen him do (world in the balance or whatever). Granted that did pave the way for Morgase and her kids, but that seems a stretch too. Fain post-probably-before-WH: nothing. Was capable of doing a lot of damage so probably needed to be wrapped up. Earlier would have probably been better. Naeff: So BS wouldn't have to learn to write another RJ character.
  3. OP hasn't been around in 13 months, so no unless you make it or bribe a mod. I'd add an unintentional red herring option. I never liked Taim always being someone's impostor. I'm not saying impossible (because there's really nothing that's impossible except flying with the OP lol), but it would certainly would have been nice to have some kind of biographical info on Mazrim Taim so it could be :) We don't get much info on the created identities of the other Forsaken (Rahvin, Sammy, Belal). Messy replaced someone existing (off the top of my head), Arangar's alt was inserted into an existing AS' life. Not really sure who else is comparable to make those types of comparisons (and I don't see Keille and bard as directly comparable).
  4. You keep repeating viability of Cain/Olver and it isn't there in the text. Per Birgitte in several places, heroes are reborn into newborns, and I can't recall anything in the text that would suggest otherwise. Olver is years too old. Stand and try to deliver.
  5. The last post in that thread is you decrying the mess it'd become and suggesting people post anywhere else ;) While I do want to squeeze more out of Ares or Suttree about obviousness of Taim not being Dem or anyone else (and there are differences, but generally similar speech patterns with Taim being more likely to hulk smash isn't the type of standard I think WoT can stand)... Would Taim being Dem have made for a better plot?
  6. Olver wouldn't be a good example. Sure, descriptive things fit, but there's the big problem of him being years too old to be Gaidal (Birgitte says they leave TaR and enter an infant at birth, and lol at what that implies). Off the top of my head, Rahvin might. We know he's bad news in tDR, can guess he's a Forsaken maybe due to the Great Master moniker (Perrin sees him in TaR later in that book with Ishy and Belal--however that's interpretive, not spelled out). Not sure that we see or hear much in the next book on that, then there's FoH. How subtle are we talking here?
  7. It's worse, Dem had a lot less time than that, at best a little over a year :) Presumably there could have been groundwork done by Ishy, like with Seanchan (note that prophesy type things are absolute, but they may not be understood by the prophet and even if that, may not be recorded correctly or even if that can still plausibly be changed later). But don't forget the other Forsaken becoming absolute rulers of nations not empires admittedly (though Dem didn't control all of Shara per BS), and in a lot less time (winter 998/9), i.e. Belal, Sammy, Rahvin. But if someone with Dem's name as a handle can't be persuaded to care... ;)
  8. Dem's story as a whole is problematic, someone go find Ares' dark sheep theory. And of course we knew they were different people for sure after Kisman's PoV in WH. LoC is also problematic, because a lot of it (most of what's pertinent here) is Rand PoV. And that's a mess throughout the book, besides his refusing to think about Taim much on screen and besides many things happening around Rand being suspect (ta'aaavaren). Which is intentional and fine, but makes things frustrating here. Anyway, compare the physical descriptions and mannerisms in LoC Taim v Dem. In the physical it's different details that we get (i.e. say Dem's chin and Taim's cheekbones) but using similar adjectives. This is a writing problem, whether deliberate or not. The other thing lacking is much on Taim's background which should be known to the characters but isn't revealed to us at all (there's a lot of that throughout the series). He's a real renaissance man among cavemen in a lot of respects ;) Edit: Problematical -> problematic. I speak the english good :)
  9. It's understandable. Taim and Dem's descriptions and habits shown on screen are just too similar for too long. From hooked nose to merciless eyes :) Dem's compadre Semi and new best bud Graendal are an easy explanation for obtaining info besides seeing compulsion out of most of the FS thus far. Plus there's the Taim captured, freed, whatever stuff that's on top of all the rumor lists heard by so many of the mains. Add the lack of Dem stuff on screen and most of the post Ishy shadow scheming involve Sammy in one way or another usually in a lead or solo role, especially the things Rand worries about most. Whether Dem's the one to first destabilize Shara or he just puts his army together in the two months post KoD...
  10. RJ didn't do much with him either (he was vestigial by book 7 or 8--yes he should have still been able to be a threat, but meh). His PoVs sure were fun though, especially 4-6.
  11. I'm really not that clear on the a'dam myself. Sometimes it seems like the Suldams use the power, sometimes the Damane (tGH stuff seems to have a lot of early bookisms on this). I think you'd need to distinguish between the Oath Rod/etc... and compulsion since Aes Sedai have no problem entering TaR either. On a side note, we've seen Aes Sedai in stedding, have we seen a compelled subject do so (outside possibly Noal/Jain)?
  12. I think Thom says they're among the oldest tales he knows and that they predate the Age of Legends (fairly early in the series iirc). Depends on how big a reset the world gets going from age 7 to 1 and how accurate Thom and whover else's info is.
  13. The epilogue isn't entirely RJ, and BS quotes about Nakomi imply she's his invention (in this thread) as opposed to something RJ wrote into the end then BS used in ToM.
  14. I think it's a pretty safe assumption, just the content of the message could be practically anything. If RJ, it wouldn't be that safe, but he would have varied descriptions of the other notes we saw and so forth, but since BS, the fact that it's described at all or even mentioned means it's important.
  15. Depends on the book's version, try the Epilogue. It's likely SH grabbing her at the end, and there's at least two relevant bits: where she decides to hide (which doesn't answer the where + how quote well) and why SH thinks she needs to be punished. That may not be what the OP is talking about :)
  16. Live once more a part of once was = memories seems best to me. Nothing important was mentioned about Mat in the Caemlyn fight, and while it's a good assumption that Mat does something cool/important in any fight, it's still an assumption. Yah, die and live again or break the horn connection doesn't seem too likely from whatever first aid with nothing but the clothes on his back Rand can provide (at this point doubtful he'd channel without his knowledge). But this is still metaphysical world building stuff we don't know anything about, and we don't know how consistent this aspect of the horn is with any other mystical stuff we don't know anything about...
  17. It's subtle, and that's for the good. Reread the bits of them in the Stone in tSR, should be obvious. (If I were to marry (again in Thom's case), my spouse would...)
  18. A post on things/characters BT related went up on Nov 1. FYI, bbq, etc...
  19. Ishy died in TaR, and this probably should be discussed in another thread: there's just too many possible ways to read many different pieces of the books and info dribbled out over the years to come to some kind of consensus. I can fanwank where + how, but it involves speculation and at least two instances of characters that should know something being wrong (however plausible that is).
  20. New post on AMoL specific to Perrin (I've griped enough about him since LoC) and Egwene. So Merrilor largely as instructed, I really don't see how RJ could have made this plotting blunder. The different light factions have the same strategy, they just differ on tactics, so drama? Really something that should have been better seeded earlier, it's ok on the Rand side without the random month of added time post Dragonmount... Off the top of my head, let's say the tower comes up with a plan that obviously (to us) leads to disaster (like LTT's Strike). Add something on Rand's side too, it's not like he had that great of a plan after all, then maybe Mo as voice of reason saving the world...meh, still better off dead in FoH as a character :)
  21. You need some asterisks in there. Sure, complex and interwoven plots for an early 90s mass-release sword and sorcery series, but now there's much better newer and older books/series accessible. The effects of things happening elsewhere tend to be subtle, and could probably be dropped (there's more than a few story-lines that can be heaved from a pure plot perspective). Of course RJ threw in a lot of things to figure out as well, but mostly these aren't important to the plot either, just fun for us to argue. Anyway, WoT still stands alone in some respects, but enjoying EotW isn't the best litmus test. The story-telling changes a bit in tGH, tDR does some neat things but isn't really the type of thing you'll see in the rest of the series, tSR is much more that. If you have all the books, yes there's lots of scenes worth reading in each, and some of the best stuff is in the comparatively bad books :)
  22. Both of those could be true. TJ could have been impressed by his handling of chronology but us readers don't have the hints (moon phases, weather, etc) that RJ provided and BS doesn't (damn you forever cloudy skies).
  23. http://brandonsanderson.com/tag/the-wheel-of-time-retrospective/ (six parts as of now, the first two covering getting started on the project and two each for the first two books.) There's not too much we haven't already heard or could piece together (good god could they hire someone that knows anything about computers for an afternoon to do the 20 things they consider impossible but are really easy concerning the notes?) He finds RJ to be more of a gardener variety of writer than RJ had claimed to be in interviews to my knowledge (I've only seen a few mentions and in them RJ seems to come down more on the architect side). There were one or two other interesting bits, and there's some things BS considers actual mistakes now, so there's some progress there :)
  24. One part's easy: look up the actual how many books are left quotes, and you'll see where you're wrong DanFVLaw. Obviously RJ could have written as many more books as he felt like, it was his story to do with whatever he wanted (well maybe he had a you can't have flying saucers come down clause in his contracts). BS/TJ wanted to work with as much as his material as possible, probably to the detriment (although ridiculously early draft RJ is still probably better than what BS would do a lot of the time--judging by BS' WoT work only). Post-KoD, there's a few things to wrap up: the Towers, Perrin, rescue Moiraine. Rand and Logain's KoD parts are aimed at TG, and while that could span multiple books, RJ would happily skip cool scenes that didn't hit the story points he wanted (whether character or plot growth). The end was probably always going to be something along the lines of find the piece we're missing and do X at whatever cost and then it's ride off into the sunset (whether this is the best possible to be done with the story thus far is arguable). I think everyone gets too hung up on novel structure, yes you want some structure. We're at book 12 here, and no one is recommending reading a particular book as a stand-alone (and I think shoehorning in a structure that wasn't there was one of the biggest problems with tGS) :)
  25. So the only one that thought one more book were the authors and Mr Ares? Well, reading the books, wtf do they know :) RJ wanted an ambiguous ending to WoT (insofar as what his characters do after), he's said that a few times. There's more story in the world, but the extent of it and how coherent of a story is there isn't known (the IoH "trilogy"), and certainly isn't meant to be part of WoT.
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