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When the final book is published and done...


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You I was thinking...



I also agree that Harriet, if anyone, should finish the series and I as well would be dying to know the end. I've been reading this books for... I think 7 or 8 years myself.


Anyway, RJ always said even at the beginning of writing WoT he has had the last scene of the last book in his head.


Do you think he wrote it down in his own words, before he died? To preserve in perfection that last scene?

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umm, its already been said previously on the Robert Jordan blogs here on Dragonmount that RJ left drafts and notes, as well as audio tapes for Book 12.

I am very confident that his wife, Harriet, and his publisher, Tom Doughtery of Tor Books will make sure that AMOL will be just want RJ wanted it to be. :)


That would be a TG in real life lol everyone has so many differet opions that they would need to have his notes for sure lol. We can't even figure out who killed asmodan lol. But I would hate to not have the book concluded. Even if it was of lesser quality than Rj could complete. I still want it finished. even if they only published his notes and lets us connect the dots on our own. I still want an ending. I would be extremly disappointed to not get one.


There are both written notes and audio recordings of Jim saying what happened. (Wouldn’t it be cool to have that audio published with the final novel someday? Tor, are you listening?) How or when we’ll see A Memory of Light in published form needs to be worked out. Jim’s death is too recent and the wounds it left too raw to his family to say when the last volume will be completed. Time will provide us with the book we want, and the conclusion the series deserves. We just have to be patient.


There are several more simmilar quotes, I'm just too lazy to go find them all right now.


I pointed these out to show that I'm not the only one with this opinion:[glow=yellow,2,300] Tor needs to compile all the notes that RJ has written, and audio he has recorded since he started the series and publish them in one large tome[/glow], simmilar to the BWB, only put them in exactly as they are, or where, when they were created (or if he modified them, leave that in too).


I don't know of any other authors or series that this has been done for, but it would be awsome just the same.

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