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Fantasy Football Week 1 Preview (Review and Week 2 preview Page 3)


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This is where Empy looks at the matchups and picks his favorites... and talks a little trash at the same time. Please feel free to respond.


Empy's Guaranteed Pick:


Karana defeats Seggie - Why?  Because the Cowboys suck and Seggie broke Fantasy Rule #1 and tried to draft the entire Cowboy roster in devotion to his team.  However, Dallas is playing the Giants this week and this could work in his favor.  Karana has a pretty well rounded team though.


Tenshin loses to Saldaean Farmgirls (I forget who you are)


Nothing tickles me more than to see a girl beat up guys in Fantasy Football.  This will be the case this week as Ten seems to have made the same mistake Seggie did, but to a more extreme case.  Every player but two are on the Denver team... including both his RB's.  That and Saldea has Frank Gore and Reggie Bush.


Wooly loses to Boyo


This one is too close to call.  If I had to pick, I would go with Boyo because I would choose Rivers any day over Tony "Butterfingers" Romo.


Paityr barely takes Ibleedorange (who is this again?)


I always want to route against Paityr but it is hard to do when he has such a solid team.  Peyton Manning, Willie Parker and Edge James equals lots of fantasy points.  Of course, Ibleedorange really bleeds orange as his key players play for the Bengals.  Palmer, C Johnson and Whoseyourmama could mean big points as well, but not against the Baltamore defense....


Empy's Bro defeats Kynwric


Two elite backs LT and LJ make this a match up worth watching... however Empy's Bro gets the edge in the QB slot with McNabb vs. McNair.


Empy pummels Hax


My team may be the most well rounded of any team in the league, if it can stay healthy that is.  I have a few top receivers, Steve Jackson and a reliable QB.  Hax has Sean Alexander and some reliable people.  To bad John Kitna will probably produce negative points in Detroit.





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Oooh, my WR doubled his projected points. Looks like the... *checks manuscript* Colts did well. This fantasy football thing is making my head hurt. I've been hoping the Seattle something loses they're game, because Empy's QB is there, untill I noticed my RB is on the same team. *scratches head* Empy is still gonna lose, though. *nods*

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It is all about your players, not about a specific team... well unless you are one of those people that drafted an entire team...


Oh Hax.... want to place a bet on our game then?  You even have better odds as your player did better than projected. 

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Actually I was really surprised Steven Jackson did so poorly... but did not mind in the least as I am a big Panthers fan.  I would have taken a fantasy loss to ensure the Panthers won.  Anyway.... starting RB on Monday night football... I have high hopes.

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Well if have read the preceeding posts, you may have picked up on a few winners so far.  But let me put the Empy spin on it...


Empy over Hax - Probably the best game of the week as both teams outscored all other people.  However, in the end it came down to MNF and McGahee scored just enough points to give Empy the win by less than one point.  Caddy was so disappointed in Hax, she moved over to being Empy's cheerleader. 


Farmgirls tickle Tenshin - For some reason Tenshin never put in his new RB after trading his active back for a free agent.  I am not sure if this would have cost him the game, but it sure would have helped.  The might of Tom Brady took the Farmgirls to a week 1 victory.


Wooly whops Boyo - Romo with 44 points!!!  It was basically over for Boyo after Sunday night.  Especially when his QB (Rivers) only got him 5 points. 


F-Horn pickles Paityr - Ewwww, he did what?  Even with Mannings 31 points, the rest of Paityr's team decided not to show up.  All Paityr needed to win was two points.  Hmmm maybe next time you play Drew Carter (13.9 points) over Lee Evans (0.5 points).  Go PANTHERS!


Seggie loses to the girl Karana - It was all about Baltimore's defense during MNF that rocked Karana to the top.  Otherwise both teams had a bad outting for week 1 in the lowest scoring game of the week.


Empy's Bro puts the hurt on Kynwric - LT can rush for TDs and throw for TDs.  He probably goes home and dreams about TDs and the fantasy owner gets points.  The rest of the team put up a solid performance and Kynwric must have cried when Brandon Jacobs left the game so early, dashing his only hopes of coming close.  Empy's Bro blows out Kynwric.


[glow=red,2,300]Best trash talking:  "Farmgirls. You're being beaten by Farmgirls ..." by Saldean Farmgirls[/glow]


Week 2 Matchups


Empy vs. Tenshin:  Ummm... I really shouldn't be so nice but PUT IN ANOTHER RB!  Otherwise, Empy hopes that Steven Jackson puts up some better numbers than last week or he could be in trouble. Projection: Empy


Seggie vs. Wooly: Wooly is projected to win this game by about 12 points.  That is a pretty big swing in the Fantasy world  but anything can happen, especially if Marion Barber blows up. Projection: Wooly


Kynwric vs. Hax: Hax looks to have the stronger team this week... and I have to pull for him since he is fielding DeAngelo Williams.  Projection: Hax


Boyo vs. Paityr: This could be a pretty close game.  I am actually picking against the favorite as I think Boyo will win.  Projection: Boyo


Saldean vs. Karana:  Karana has a team that has potentional to put up a great many points.  But keep in mind she only got 88 last week, which is pretty dismal.  Projection: Karana


F Horn vs. Empy's Bro:  Marvin Harrison, LT, Randel El, Andre Johnson, Portis = gulp for F Horn.  Again if the Bengals do REALLY well, F Horn may benefit from this.  Talk about putting your eggs in one basket.  Projection: Empy's Bro



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