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  2. One point which I may have missed but find highly ironic is that Harry Potter (particularly in book 7) emulates Jesus to an amazing degree. He sacrifices himself out of love for those around him. He allows himself to be killed by Death incarnate(Voldemort). In allowing himself to be killed he breaks the power of Death, by destroying Voldemort's ability to cast and maintain strong magics. He died and came back(or something close to it). Love was the only power central to his life and death, the rest was more or less trivial.
  3. QFT! I will though say that my ego(or something) was satiated by the three quasi-mentions that I got. I think thats a first for me in a spymaster. This upstart is making his way up in the world. :P
  4. So I used to chalk my meteoric rise rise to power up to my daunting intellect and huge ambition, but now. Oy. I got nothin'. Rodelle, did you say you read the books in a week and a half?! Like all 10000 pages?! Thats insane, fun, but a little nuts. ;)
  5. Wow. Empy, you better watch out, if even I the traitorous sicilian keep getting more mentions than you, you might have a coup on your hands. We'd call it the purge of course, and it'd be led by some crazy bearded one eyed dude, but it be coup all the same. ;)
  6. Holy Damn but I've got to give mad props to JD over this masterpiece. If he doesn't get his high-larious butt back here in time to write another, I'm gonna cry. After that, I'm gonna hike down to the DNC next week, and memorize half of DM just so I can make an idiot of myself and make with the fake sugar.
  7. I was always a fan of Fat Bastard's method of describing them. Two eggs in a hankie. ;) JD who? :D
  8. Howdy folks. I just stopped by to invite you all to come discuss this topic in the Seanchan Org, home to DM's movie fanatics. We've got a thread running already, even if it's a bit dusty. Linky
  9. If you liked Army of Darkness and not just for Campbell's cheekiness, check out Dead Alive. Its got a similar feel. Plus a guy eats an ear in a bowl of custard by accident. ;)
  10. Tenshin_Xo

    True Love

    I've bounced around a bit over the years on this. I don't believe in soulmates, or True Love. I believe that a major component of Love is commitment, and that we all have the choice whether or not to stand by a person we love or loved. That choice is a measure of our character. Steinberg's Love Triangle is I believe a good tool for recognizing and understanding romantic love.
  11. I thought He took care of it. Someone ought to call the doctor to fix it again. I suppose we'd need to bait the rift with a rather attractive young lady first. :P
  12. *hands Alys a shoehorn and turtle wax* My hat is stuck, would you help me get it off?
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