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  2. So I used to chalk my meteoric rise rise to power up to my daunting intellect and huge ambition, but now. Oy. I got nothin'. Rodelle, did you say you read the books in a week and a half?! Like all 10000 pages?! Thats insane, fun, but a little nuts. ;)
  3. I was always a fan of Fat Bastard's method of describing them. Two eggs in a hankie. ;) JD who? :D
  4. As long as you can rationalize it well enough you can do whatever you want with the OP, look at what the AS did with the oath to speak no untrue word. Why do you think they wouldn't do any less with this one? Rationalizations may include definitions of a weapon, just how far you are being threatened, and whether or not you believe someone to be a darkfriend. Would Elaida's sisters consider Dragonsworn to be DF's? I suspect so, and that gives them carte blanch. Also lets say a sister sees a man kill her armed warder bare handed after having been locked in a trunk. I suspect she wo
  5. Excepting that we have internal Points of View from that time, which show that the Aiel thought of themselves as serving their specific Aes Sedai they were bound to. (ie Charn, Coumin) Even in the chapter Dedicated, we see that the title was external and not internal, and that they were subject to much prejudice because people believed they served the Dragon and no other Aes Sedai. In Jonai's PoV in the chapter "Dedicated" he speaks to Someshta, that is the passage which you are looking for which will explain the Da'shain's service as being not to the Dragon specifically, but to the Aes
  6. Yet again I misspoke, I think its time for another re-read. LTT's plan was to use the 7 seals with both male and female Aes Sedai. In either case the original point stands, LTT was hardly the served by all Aes Sedai, and by extension the Dashain Aiel. Now we have the opposition of the Fateful Concord, AND the coments made by Charn who served Lanfear to support that idea. Not to mention those Aiel who appear to serve Solinda.
  7. There is one rule, above all others, for a man. Whatever comes, face it on your feet. Lan in tGH A slow horse does not always reach the end of the journey. Lini in LoC
  8. I've been duped! CUBAREY, where did you get that quote? I'd challenge it's authenticity, since in the Attack on Shayol Ghul short story we see that there was rather a lot of division in the hall of the servants. Even so much so that the female channelers were able to block LTT's plan to use the Choedan Kal.
  9. I can't remember anything from RJ, but there are a few good ones that Tolkien wrote in. Mostly delivered by Gandalf to Bilbo and Frodo.
  10. Ahh yeah, I had forgotten that. They lost nearly a quarter of their numbers at that point, not accounting for disease and maurauding. I had to go reread that chapter, I think it's one of my favorites now. :D BTW, Cads used you as bait to lure me into being one of her 'pretties'. Thanks. ;)
  11. Actually it wasn't uncommon at least from what we know for a group of Aiel to serve a specific Aes Sedai. For example we know of Charn/Charin who was the subject of a lynching for having served Lanfear before she turned. It is possible that the bulk of the Aiel were LTT's serving in the HQ for his military. I'm going to differ very slightly from Luckers on the creation of the Tinkers and their being called the Lost Ones. The Jenn Aiel were the closest thing to the original Aiel that could be found. The Aiel we know today are a splinter group which obviously prospered more than the Jen
  12. I've been spending entirely too much time in D&D so I'm a bit defensive. ;) I'm trying to think of any times balefire has actually struck a weave, and not just an effect of a weave, or the channeler. Can you think of any?
  13. It could be his thoughts are modeled after the adage of "Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em." Not necessarily homosexual, but certainly crotchety. ;)
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