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Kinda new


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I had another screen name here a while ago but i forgot what it was so i made a new one since i haven't been around for a while. Haha, so i don't know if i'm 'new' or not, but I don't know anyone here anyways so introductions would be nice.


Hello :mrgreen:

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Guest Emperor

Oh maybe I should pretend I am new too to get some welcomes and feel special. *throws hands in the air* Well it won't work on me!!!! My new name will be Razor or something American Gladiator like. Maybe Ice.... oooo.....


Introductions? Well I am Emperor.... I like long walks on the beach, traveling and ice cream....




Welp my turn is up.


*puts a X on his speed dating card*


Visit the SEANCHAN! Yeahhhhh

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