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  1. Xephyra


    Hi Pat - Welcome to DM :D
  2. I've just gotta say my heart goes out to all associated - what a tragic thing! :cry: We in Oz woke up to this news today - and this kinda thing isn't too prevalent down under - but I really feel for all involved...I'm just so sorry...
  3. Hi DragynFli! :D Welcome to DM! Take it from a newb...this is the best WoT site!!!
  4. :D Hi Brynn! Welcome or welcome back!
  5. *waves hello to a fellow aussie* Hi Matjess! Welcome to the greatest WoT site there is!!! Hope you like it!
  6. Hi Sabre! :D Welcome back!
  7. Welcome Loranflame You'll love it here! :D
  8. Xephyra


    *hugs Sion* A big hello from Australia and welcome Sion - I join with the others in sending you love and well wishes! We are all bound together in this life - not only by our love of RJ and his works but our sense of humanity, caring and acceptance of others and I've found that to be the case on this site. Thank you for sharing with us your story - I truly hope it's not the last time you share with us - and I wish you strength, courage and love along the path you take.
  9. You gotta watch that split personality! I'm sure we'll get that sweeter side outta you yet :P
  10. :o :D Well I'll keep an eye out for that... *hugs Cleopatra* Thanks for the tip lol
  11. Hmmm - do I detect a hint of something slightly sinister... *looks around*
  12. *laughs hysterically* I can see I've really found a place to call home here :D *hugs Cleopatra* Thanks for your welcome! Oh what the heck - *tacklehugs* all round It's a never ending cycle of goodwill! :mrgreen:
  13. Welcome Drece Mekos! :D
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