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  1. O.O Am I the only one who dies inside when a precious WoT book is burned? Oh the agony! But back on a sane note, i've never seen that movie so I wouldn't know. Haha, and now I don't think I will see it.
  2. I had another screen name here a while ago but i forgot what it was so i made a new one since i haven't been around for a while. Haha, so i don't know if i'm 'new' or not, but I don't know anyone here anyways so introductions would be nice. Hello :mrgreen:
  3. Personally, i would LOVE to see Wot as a live-action film, but it's just so massive that i don't think it would work. A good idea would probably be either an anime series since it's very popular at the moment and used to doing this sort of thing (although i know a lot of you probably would hate that), or a tv series which is actually quite reasonable. I mean, if A Song of Ice and Fire can be a tv series, WoT should be able to too (even though it's a bit longer). As for a video game, i've been dying for one! I'm thinking perhaps the best form of a game would be similar to the format of Fable. Several missions should be available such as whether to help rand (like moiraine) or hurt him (like elaida). Or you could go on quests with Mat and fight battles, or fight off trollocs to save your hometown...etc. Along with this, you would be able to choose the path of light or shadow. See what I mean? Very Fable-like, but completely wheel of time. What do you guys think?
  4. I'm just curious. I started reading the series at 11 years old as I got into sixth grade. My older brother bought me book 9 so i went to the store and bought the first. What about you guys? When did you stop by the store and say 'wow, i need to buy that?!/how did you get introduced to it?
  5. I think EotW-i've reread it so many times and still love it-was the best and CoT was the worst-almost fell asleep as i read that one-.
  6. it's really hard to pick a favorite, just because every character is awesome in their own way, but i guess i would say Perrin and Faile....though i rather like min...and lan...and mat...ha i can't decide
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