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Hi! Vem here. I'm a guy and I'm 19^^

I like pretty much all types of food.

I have a black belt in Taekwondo (ATA), I'm proficient with throwing knifes but Quarter staff will always be my bread an butter (guess who i picked up the throwing knifes from^^).

As far as music i like everything but pop, most hip-hop, and most country.

My hobbies include reading (massively), practicing with new martial art styles and weapons, swimming, and hunting^^



And my fav character is either Egwene or Nynaeve^^



Hope i get to meet all of you!

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Guest Egwene

Hello and welcome, Vem :)


Sounds like you are keeping yourself pretty busy. Glad you've managed to squeeze Dragonmount into that 8)

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:D Welcome to DM!!


If music and quarter staffs are your things, you should check out the Band of the Red Hand Org!! :D we can accomadate nicely as the Music and Travel Org of DM! And in the Infantry Regiment of the Band, once you reach a certain rank, you can try out to be a Blademaster! Or in your case with a staff... A Staffmaster! 8)


And for Swimming and Hunting, check out the Wolfkin! We have our own Tequilla Lake to swim in, and we're the nature Org of DM!! :wink: abd Yea, hunters are fine lol! I'm one myself! :D

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:D The user groups button is on the left! Under Forum options! :wink:


Top right you fool.


Look at your top right.


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Guest Barmacral

You can join as many as you want, be sure to check out all the Orgs to see which ones suit your interests the most!


And be sure to check out the Seanchan, we are the entertainment org, and we deal with movies, television, and gaming (mostly console gaming).

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Guest Barmacral

lol, WoW held my soul until about a month ago... which is about the time that I got over my withdrawal symptoms of not being able to afford the game. Now I've gotten into the LOTRO Beta... bad choice on my part, its really good so far.

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