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  1. It is. One of my favourites. I always like playing s bad guy!
  2. That reminds me of the Dark Mistress/Torture chamber from Dungeon Keeper...:look
  3. It's great! I think the movie got it pretty close which is always nice. The different pov that the book uses highlights the tension really well.
  4. Thank you for the welcome. I am really liking my time here so far. I was active maybe 8-10 years ago (eek!) so I remember a few of the names but it's fun getting to grips with the Tower again. Thank you, I wish I could say I made it myself but...I can't :D
  5. Hi Red! Last but not least on my field trip round is you guys :) I got you this tool box, I read something about a tool kit so thought you may need more storage ;)
  6. I love chilli! I was planning on making some this week, will take a look at your recipe and maybe have a go.
  7. Hey, Also doing my rounds of the field trip threads. I got you these chocolate souffle's in homage to your chocolate week.
  8. I began 'And the mountains echoed' by Khaled Hosseini today, I'm about 100 pages it and I am liking it so far. Characters seem more complex than first appears which I always like. My challenge for 2018 is to read at least one non-uni book a month, I am winning so far as I rad 'The Help' and 'Keep the aspidistra flying' in January.
  9. You won't get any judgement from me...:P
  10. As regards the sisters working vs. being in the Tower all of the time, Elaida made a summons for all sisters to return to the Tower when she was raised Amyrlin. I think this is an indication that an awful lot of them do work in the world. I think this is further shown when 1/3 of sisters are in the Tower, 1/3 with the rebels and the last third are still out there doing their jobs. I greatly dislike Egwene, I think she is self centered, acts like Elaida yet descries anything the other woman does. I think her plot line is written rather badly too, everything seems to fall nicely into place for her, even getting captured. I can't help but think that the attack on the Tower was written similarly, to show Egwene as an amazing leader whilst everyone else failed almost completely.
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