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  1. Returning member. Handle: Taren Path: Aes Sedai Rank: Accepted...I think Affiliation: None, as far as I can remember
  2. I like a Boost bar. It's just the right amount of everything and so good with a cup of tea!
  3. As regards the sisters working vs. being in the Tower all of the time, Elaida made a summons for all sisters to return to the Tower when she was raised Amyrlin. I think this is an indication that an awful lot of them do work in the world. I think this is further shown when 1/3 of sisters are in the Tower, 1/3 with the rebels and the last third are still out there doing their jobs. I greatly dislike Egwene, I think she is self centered, acts like Elaida yet descries anything the other woman does. I think her plot line is written rather badly too, everything seems to fall nicely into place for her, even getting captured. I can't help but think that the attack on the Tower was written similarly, to show Egwene as an amazing leader whilst everyone else failed almost completely.
  4. Do we know how many mercenaries there are outside of the city? And are you suggesting that they're all Darkfriends? It doesn't make sense to me for Demandred to have one army inside Caemyln and one outside, all of the mercenaries can't be DF's - he would need to uncover, train them into soldiers and then hope that none of them were discovered as being DF's. So the mercenaries are likely to fight against the Trollocs which would mean both of Demandred's forces probably almost wiping each other out - chaos yes, but his rule wouldn't be secure anymore and he would have no personal troops of any kind to fight TG with.
  5. * Novice Quiz - [Complete] * Arrival: Meet MoN First Encounter [ 5 / 4 ] [Complete] * Novice Life - URL - [ - / 4 ] [incomplete] * One OP Related RP - URL - [ - / 4 ] [incomplete] * Choice RP: * URL / [ / 4 ] [Complete] * Three Arches - URL - Word Count - [incomplete]
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  7. HI Tarren! Just wanted to say I am glad you are still about! ^^

  8. 'Novice Alianor' seemed to ring in her ears. She knew that this was the end of the Lady Alianor. She was now a Novice, there was both a thrill of excitement within her and a flash of anger. She was giving up her life as a noble, her family, but in years to come she knew she would be something more worthy, an Aes Sedai. She knew a little of the White Tower, having met a number of Aes Sedai during her time in Cairhein, she knew that nobles were as nothing compared to the sisters. Did the power and grandeur of Tar Valon and the White Tower not prove this. She steeled herself and answered the question. "I have nothing to ask, Aes Sedai" She would find out all she needed to in time she was sure. She would do her best to reach the shawl, she knew not all women did. But a fire of determination was burning within her, she would give up her noble status in return for that of a sister of Tar Valon. It would not be easy she knew, it was not liking being born into a noble family, she wold have to earn her place. A look of determination settled on her face ans she said half to herself "I am ready." Her new life was about to begin. (OOC - very sorry this took so long, I forget about it, my bad!)
  9. Alianor could not read anything from the Aes Sedai’s face, but then that was the mark of a sister wasn’t it. It made her slightly nervous, she had thought she was good at hiding things but that smile seemed to give nothing away. She would have tread carefully here inside the White Tower for sure. She took another sip of tea, it really was very good. “"So you can learn to channel. The White Tower has a great need for suitable Novices. Have you any questions for me before we add your name to the Novice Book?" The Novice book! Her heart gave a little leap at those words, it was all very exciting. A smile crossed her face, it really was happening. She remained silent for a moment, wondering if she did have any questions. The ones that crossed her mind, how long before she would be an Aes Sedai, when would her lessons begin, she knew she would find out in due course. She was sure that there was no set time limit on when one became a full sister, she was facing years of work ahead of her. Oddly it did not scare her, she relished it, and wanted it more than anything. “There is nothing Valeri Sedai. Not that won’t be answered soon enough I am sure” she answered after a few moments pause in which she took another sip of the tea. Now it seemed all that was left was for her to be entered into the book and she would be on her way.
  10. Alianor sat down on the chair in front of the desk. She was slightly taken aback, she was being offered tea. She had expected some form of lecture on the rules of the Tower, but then maybe that was yet to come. She took the cup and sipped some before speaking, the sea folk porcelain was of course very fine. The woman sitting across from her was smiling, and Alianor felt even more at ease. “Now child, why don't you tell me your name and how you came to be tested by Kadeira Sedai." The Aes Sedai said and Alianor took another sip of tea before answering, she would have to tip toe a little here. “My name is Alianor Tarawindred, Aes Sedai. I come from Cairhein, as I said. Kadeira Sedai visited our home and tested me. She said she liked to test girls as often as possible, so that they could be sent for training here in the White Tower” She did not know what to add to that, she was sure that the Mistress of Novices would have more questions, or at least something else to say. She set down her drink and smoothed her hands on her dress once again, the silk really was very fine and she knew it would not be long before she was donning Novice white. All worth it, she told herself.
  11. (OOC - Alianor's meeting with the MoN) The woman with the dress banded in seven colours huffed as she drew closer to the office of Valeri Sedai, the Mistress of Novices. Waiting in the entrance hall of the White Tower and acting as a guide obviously did not sit well with this woman, but then Alianor thought that she would not like to do that either. The journey to Tar Valon had been uneventful for the most part, but her first sight of the fabled white city had literally taken her breath away. It was magnificent, the beautiful building of the city itself and the elegant White Tower rising above all. Surely a symbol of Aes Sedai power and influence, but then some people would not like to think like that at all. Alianor was different, she came from Cairhein where political power could be more dangerous than that of the sword. Her mother had caused a scene in the entrance hall of course, Alianor rolled her eyes remembering it, but she was alone now except for the woman in white with the bands of colour. Her hands brushed the fine dark gray silk of her gown, she would have to wear white soon, it was really not appropriate for a noble of Cairhein but she would have to endure it. Once I am Aes Sedai I will never have to wear white again! The woman stopped outside a door and Alianor was taken aback for a second, she had been lost in thought. Three taps and a voice from within called ‘Enter’. A fluttering in her stomach was quickly suppressed as the woman in white said ‘The Mistress of Novices will see you now’ before huffing again and going back the way she had come. Alianor paid her no mind as she opened the door and entered a small room, but with fine furniture and a woman unmistakably Aes Sedai within. Beside Kadeira Sedai who had found the ability to channel within her she had seen a few others, in the Sun Palace and a few on her way up here. This did not stop her being awed yet again by the surety within a sisters gaze. She curtsied slightly, something she was not used to doing herself and a slight frown wrinkled her brow for a moment. ‘May the Light shine on you Valeri Sedai’ she said, her voice soft and pleasant. ‘I have come to the Tower to be trained, Kadeira Sedai of the Gray Ajah she tested me at home, in Cairhein…I can channel you see and I have come to be trained’. She said the final words defiantly.
  12. Welcome to DM! I second Lessa, the WT is a great place to check out, as all the other Orgs are too I'm sure. Hope to see you around!
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