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  1. Well then, there goes my crack pot idea. On another note, is there any information on the first age at all? How long did the second age last?
  2. Hi all, An old member and roleplayer is back! I finally finished aMoL today and wanted to come back. Doubt anyone remembers me, I was not a very integral part of the community ha ha ha. How are my Aiel friends doing?
  3. I am not sure if this has been said before, but here's my take. I disagree with the 'creator' aspect, however, do we have any information on the first age? I have not seen any. I just finished aMoL today but here's my spin. Is there any indication that the dragon was a man in the first age? The way the meal tasted, every thing unspoiled that Avi ate.. what if she is the Dragon still roaming from the first? The same how possibly Rand is going to roam, as it seems he can manipulate the pattern now.
  4. Ex-RP staff member here comin' on back, good to see this place again. Hello.
  5. He knew that he would be lashed out the moment he said the words, but he stood his ground. The things had to be said, for the short amount of discomfort that he would have to uphold would be worth it for his people. She grieved for his husband, which was understandable; he was an honorable name. He thought of how he could help Ghaul, but he mostly dismissed the thoughts. If he wasn't dead by now, he'd be in the center of Shayol Ghul. One of the Forsaken knew what they were looking for; trying to weaken the Aiel by taking off the head. He grieved for his friend, aswell, but in a diffe
  6. --Character Name - Cenn --Email address – aielbios[at]hotmail.com --Division - Aiel --Aspiring Society - Hama N'dore, now Clan Chief --Physical Description – Cenn was your typical aiel in some eyes. Average height, 'round 6'4. Medium build, sitting at about 220 lbs. He had a black mustache and a black, thick fully grown beard. His short hair was slick and looked as if it was oiled; which obviously it wasn't. He had no noticible scars, all his limbs, and from what you could see; perfect working condition. Although that wasn't the case. He had a pro
  7. Cenn had arrived at the Hold maybe fifteen minutes before he settled. He walked casually across the scarce Hold. Many of his men were near Cairhien, or stationed in various parts of the Car'a'carns land. He had just arrived back from Cairhien, spending nearly a week there to reacquaint and tell the warriors that stationed there of Ghauls disappearance and his raising. The dragon tattoo that slid up his right arm still felt awkward, as he could feel the scales sickly attach themselves to the base to the shoulder of his arm. It was gold, yet had a tinge of green towards it. He closed h
  8. Looked at Barm as he was staring at him, and began to wonder why Barm was glancing at a naked man in a tent. I know I'm good looking, Essy thought, but I think there's a line and Barm just crossed it. He then proceeded to read Barms mind, because he was a Male Aiel Warrior Wise One. A rare breed, really. "Empyyyyy," Essy moaned like a twelve year old, "Barm is making fun of yoooou." He winked at the two, then leaned across from his bench, whispering sweet nothings into Barms ear; "The name means he's overcompensating for something, friend." The sheer look of terror drawn across Barms
  9. The man glanced at the fallen Mydraal but seemingly paid no attention to it. He looked to Jodeen, "If by 'him' you mean your new 'partner', then yes. Who are you and where are we supposed to be going." Good, Jodeen thought, atleast he has a sense of humour. He would like working with this one, hopefully he wouldn't blowing himself up like his last partner. Jodeen grinned brightly, standing from the stool he had sat on and shook his pants to get the dust off. He was wearing a elegant white button shirt, half done up but not all the way so some of his chest hair was flopping out of the
  10. The womans voice was as elegant as her soft body, as the sweat slowly dripped off the naked body. "I see you, Essy." She had said to him. Oh joy, she knew his name! Essy smiled and blushed, and began to scan around the room again. A tall aielman, even for an aiel, had entered the tent. He knew the face, he had seen him over along the Seanchan Hold before. He nodded in respect to Barm, and smiled obnoxiously to him. "Shade and water for you, friend! Come, sit and talk!" He prodded at Barm. He returned his gaze to the maiden, who seemed to be staring at Essys beautiful tanned, muscled
  11. Essy twirled his staera within the palm of his hand, staring subtly around the room as he glanced from person to person. A young maiden caught his eye, as he stared at her bewildered in excitement. He tried to make small talk, asking here how the dance went; but she only laughed and hand signed her other maidens, and then abruptly laughing hysterically again. He began to scrape and forcefully drag his staera across his hairy, bronze legs. Another maiden caught his eye, a young woman named Tess. He winked at her and laughed, asking her stupid dainty questions like "What tree did you sh
  12. Character Name: Synnove Email address: tessandra[a]gmail.com Aspiring Society: Far Dareis Mai Weapons of Choice: Spear Clan: Dragonmount Place of Birth/Raising: Three-Fold Land Physical Description: Synnove looks like a rather typical Aiel. She has short-cropped blonde hair streaked with white-blonde in the style of the Far Dareis Mai. She stands tall at 6’3” but this is only natural for Aiel. Her body is toned and lean from the rigors of the Three-Fold Land and her face, neck and hands are tanned by the harsh sun. Her eyes are a lovely shade of sea green and fram
  13. Jodeen sat in a vacant inn of Ravinda, on the outskirts of Kandor. The city was pretty much vacant aswell, but the inn especially so. No one stirred, and even the mice lay dead to the corner of the stenched filled tavern. Jodeen felt some trollocs wandering outside, and even the occasional fade scattered throughout the city. The occasional scream was heard, but it was muffled out soon after. An agent had told him that he was to meet one of his Brothers here, in this light-forsaken city. It had been taken in the conquest for Kandor, and one of the easier to fell. He sat at the dusted
  14. Jodeen sat quietly in his dorm. Several years of his life he had spent here, quiet and brooding. He stirred not once unless called upon, he said not a word unless told to. But today he would forgo the subtle behavior he had to endure, and he would be himself once more; serving the Great Lord. Thom, who had been his mentor since he had arrived, walked down the cold corridor. The fortress was chilly this time of night, and he was worried that Jodeen, who had been but a son to him, wouldn’t make it past his final testing. He remembered his Judgement, and it was brutal; the most pa
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