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  1. Well then, there goes my crack pot idea. On another note, is there any information on the first age at all? How long did the second age last?
  2. Hi all, An old member and roleplayer is back! I finally finished aMoL today and wanted to come back. Doubt anyone remembers me, I was not a very integral part of the community ha ha ha. How are my Aiel friends doing?
  3. I am not sure if this has been said before, but here's my take. I disagree with the 'creator' aspect, however, do we have any information on the first age? I have not seen any. I just finished aMoL today but here's my spin. Is there any indication that the dragon was a man in the first age? The way the meal tasted, every thing unspoiled that Avi ate.. what if she is the Dragon still roaming from the first? The same how possibly Rand is going to roam, as it seems he can manipulate the pattern now.
  4. Ex-RP staff member here comin' on back, good to see this place again. Hello.
  5. http://stopvirgin.movielol.org/ Down with Virgin.
  6. He knew that he would be lashed out the moment he said the words, but he stood his ground. The things had to be said, for the short amount of discomfort that he would have to uphold would be worth it for his people. She grieved for his husband, which was understandable; he was an honorable name. He thought of how he could help Ghaul, but he mostly dismissed the thoughts. If he wasn't dead by now, he'd be in the center of Shayol Ghul. One of the Forsaken knew what they were looking for; trying to weaken the Aiel by taking off the head. He grieved for his friend, aswell, but in a different way then most. He knew that it would be a loss cause to send a force into the heart of the Blight, but one day he would plan to do it. Not now, they were too weakened and demoralized. Cenn bowed his head as the Wise One effectively tongue lashed him; it was working well. He pondered the final words that came from the womans mouth, letting it sink in and adjust to himself; "For once a Clan Chief will know that the Wise Ones will not be brushed aside." In order to have their support, he would have to be obedient to the Wise Ones. He figured as much, Ghaul never listened to the Wise Ones, and that could be why she feel responsible. He accepted the defeat that the Wise One laid out to him, she had more experience in this type of thing then Cenn did. He was a warrior, not a politician. Though, despite the small loss, he looked up and stared into Eqwinas eyes; a fiery passion that very feel Aiel maintained throughout their age. He dared not stand up to her, but he had to show her that he was strong for his people; they both had to be. He couldn't be the Chief without them, but alas they couldn't rule without him. They both had to work together. "Do you wish me to wait 'till you are ready, Wise One?" His tone was sympathetic, but he offered no apology for his previous outburst; there was no room or time for apologies. "What do you wish to do?" The fiery passion returned as he stared defiantly into her eyes.
  7. --Character Name - Cenn --Email address – aielbios[at]hotmail.com --Division - Aiel --Aspiring Society - Hama N'dore, now Clan Chief --Physical Description – Cenn was your typical aiel in some eyes. Average height, 'round 6'4. Medium build, sitting at about 220 lbs. He had a black mustache and a black, thick fully grown beard. His short hair was slick and looked as if it was oiled; which obviously it wasn't. He had no noticible scars, all his limbs, and from what you could see; perfect working condition. Although that wasn't the case. He had a problem with his lungs; he only had one when he was born. --Age - 28 --Place of Birth/Raising : Three-Fold Lan --Weapon of Choice: Spear --Character History : Cenn was raised a normal Aiel. He always found it a bit harder then the others, though, not being able to run as far, not being able to fight as long. But gradually as he got older, he learned to cope with it. He started running as long as the other boys, and even longer then others. Some of the Wise Ones thought this was miraculous, for they thought he would be dead by the time he was ten. The dust from Three Fold Land didn't help, either. It clogged his lung sometimes, and he would have spazzing fits of coughing. What didn't kill you, made you stronger, right? As Cenn grew older, he began using more and more of the spear. But one thing that impressed his own parents was his balance. Sometimes he would just sit on the edge of a plank, and think. It was the most peculiar thing, that he would take his disadvantage of being able to train for long periods of time, into something that he could just sit; and basically sit any where, at that. As Cenn grew to his middle-teens, he began his training with his spear more vigorously then his other weapons. It took several years before he went to his first battle; and it wasn't even glorified to be called a battle. But, it was indeed a confrontation. Ten of his Aiel Men, including his brother and father; and himself, were all sent to The Blight. Needless to say, twenty or so Trollocs didn't last long against a few Aiel. It was his first real kill; and he loved the feeling. After that one raid, he began going on more and more. As much as he could, from his clan. His parents never died by trolloc hands, his brother was never murdered. No typical reason for leaving. He just up and.. left one day. He was raised right, he was never beaten, sexually harrassed. He decided that he would find a new place in the Spine. Yet he didn't exactly know where he would go. He wandered the spine for several days, and eventually came upon the camp of more Aiel. Hoping they weren't from Shaido, he approached them with caution. Suprisingly, they greeted him warmly and to share their shade. They called themselves the Dragonmount Clan. 6-8: Spear and Dagger Training - Complete 8-10 Unarmed Combat and Bow Training - Complete 10-14 Fighting in small groups - Complete 14-18 Raid/War Fighting - Complete 16-18 Leadership Training - Complete 18-20 Advanced Leadership - Complete OTHER Society Raising - Complete Rhuidean (Chief & Wise Ones) - Complete** Any you'd like to comment ** Note posted yet, waiting for the 'right time.' CURRENT WS: 20
  8. Cenn had arrived at the Hold maybe fifteen minutes before he settled. He walked casually across the scarce Hold. Many of his men were near Cairhien, or stationed in various parts of the Car'a'carns land. He had just arrived back from Cairhien, spending nearly a week there to reacquaint and tell the warriors that stationed there of Ghauls disappearance and his raising. The dragon tattoo that slid up his right arm still felt awkward, as he could feel the scales sickly attach themselves to the base to the shoulder of his arm. It was gold, yet had a tinge of green towards it. He closed his eyes for a moment to catch himself, trying to put what he say in Rhuidean in the back of his mind. He arrived at the tent he was looking for, and began to dismantle his cadin'sor. The two large spears on his back he took off, placing them in a neat pile ontop of his worn clothes. He breathed in deeply, closed his eyes, and opened the tent flap. It had been nearly a month since he had been raised, and the people were beginning to adjust. His friends that he had known before looked at him different though, and this left an unsettling aftertaste in Cenns mouth. Friends he had known before had left, or disappeared. Cor, his blood-brother from the Stone Dogs; he had not seen him for too long. He often missed the company of him and his pet, some sort of giant-like cat. He missed the companies of Sullyn, the only female Thunder Walker he had ever known. Ghaul, the Chief that had brought him in and offered him shade and water. Most had gone missing, some had died. He missed them, but his duty was to his people now. He must be strong if his Clan is to be strong. It is time for new, a time for change. He looked around the tent, the majority of the chatter had stopped or died down to mere whispers. He felt awkward. A month ago, he would be laughing and joking with these people; now they looked as if he was not one of them anymore. He sat down next to a lovely Maiden and a Hama N'Dore, which used to be his society. He belonged to no society now, he was in all but none. Some nodded at him in grimace, others frowned. Some were receptive, and smiled gleefully and hysterically like the old days to Cenn. He offered a weak smile back, and nodded to others. His head bowed down to admire the dirt below his feet. He looked underneath him and took a staera from the neat below him. He casually wiped away the dirt and grime from his thighs, working down to his ankles. Every once in a while, someone would open a small talk conversation with Cenn, but often to not he left the conversation dwindling in the air. "Congratulations, Cenn. We are yours to command!" Some were sincere, others mocked as if he was not a true Chief. It would pass, eventually, but it made Cenn feel uncomfortable. A young aiel, much younger than Cenn, looked at him and began to speak, "... Cenn Clan Chief
  9. Looked at Barm as he was staring at him, and began to wonder why Barm was glancing at a naked man in a tent. I know I'm good looking, Essy thought, but I think there's a line and Barm just crossed it. He then proceeded to read Barms mind, because he was a Male Aiel Warrior Wise One. A rare breed, really. "Empyyyyy," Essy moaned like a twelve year old, "Barm is making fun of yoooou." He winked at the two, then leaned across from his bench, whispering sweet nothings into Barms ear; "The name means he's overcompensating for something, friend." The sheer look of terror drawn across Barms face was enough pleasantries for Essy, as he sank back into his seat. He then proceeded to, once again, lose himself within the constant conversations throughout the large tent.
  10. The man glanced at the fallen Mydraal but seemingly paid no attention to it. He looked to Jodeen, "If by 'him' you mean your new 'partner', then yes. Who are you and where are we supposed to be going." Good, Jodeen thought, atleast he has a sense of humour. He would like working with this one, hopefully he wouldn't blowing himself up like his last partner. Jodeen grinned brightly, standing from the stool he had sat on and shook his pants to get the dust off. He was wearing a elegant white button shirt, half done up but not all the way so some of his chest hair was flopping out of the top. The strings were undone, and hung loose at the side of his chest. His pants were blackish blue, a soft velvet feel that hung down to his ankles. They fit in perfectly, hugging to him tightly to show off his posterior but not too much to be uncomfortable. "Jodeen Via. My name, that is. You must be Ti.. Ti something; I can't fully remember. The agent was a bit.. preoccupied." Jodeen quirked a smile as he cocked his head slightly to the right. "Right, right. Down to business. Godan, Tear. We're supposed to make sure that none of those damned Black Tower soldiers or the pesky Aes Sedai," he spat the conclusion of the syllable of 'Aes Sedai' as if he had ate a rotten apple, "..are occupying the area. Never know, might find a overzealous guard that wants to try his luck too." Jodeen grinned again, hoping at the chance to incinerate someone. It had been a couple weeks since he had gotten to kill anyone, and Mydraals and Trollocs just weren't keeping him content anymore. "Can you travel?" Jodeens grin had vanished, and it became it was time to leave. He drew on Saidin, feeling the power rush through him. It felt so good. He drew on just enough and cracked his right knuckles. "I can only skim, if you can travel it'll make it a bit easier." He hated not being able to travel, it was a pain in his ass. He grimaced again, making a promise that he'll try to open a rift when they got to Tear, to atleast try.
  11. The womans voice was as elegant as her soft body, as the sweat slowly dripped off the naked body. "I see you, Essy." She had said to him. Oh joy, she knew his name! Essy smiled and blushed, and began to scan around the room again. A tall aielman, even for an aiel, had entered the tent. He knew the face, he had seen him over along the Seanchan Hold before. He nodded in respect to Barm, and smiled obnoxiously to him. "Shade and water for you, friend! Come, sit and talk!" He prodded at Barm. He returned his gaze to the maiden, who seemed to be staring at Essys beautiful tanned, muscled, perfect body. He made his pectorals flex, just like he saw as a kid in the Aiel-Weightlifting-Shows. He always liked watching the naked men lift weights. "How does the hunt, Miss Tess? When are you going to lay down the spear and lay a wreath for me? It's been due too long, I say!" He grinned defiantly as he joked with the maiden. Or was he joking?
  12. Essy twirled his staera within the palm of his hand, staring subtly around the room as he glanced from person to person. A young maiden caught his eye, as he stared at her bewildered in excitement. He tried to make small talk, asking here how the dance went; but she only laughed and hand signed her other maidens, and then abruptly laughing hysterically again. He began to scrape and forcefully drag his staera across his hairy, bronze legs. Another maiden caught his eye, a young woman named Tess. He winked at her and laughed, asking her stupid dainty questions like "What tree did you shade under? The beautiful tree!?" He was so comical. He smiled to himself, and leaned back; drowning himself within the constant chatter of the sweat tent.
  13. Character Name: Synnove Email address: tessandra[a]gmail.com Aspiring Society: Far Dareis Mai Weapons of Choice: Spear Clan: Dragonmount Place of Birth/Raising: Three-Fold Land Physical Description: Synnove looks like a rather typical Aiel. She has short-cropped blonde hair streaked with white-blonde in the style of the Far Dareis Mai. She stands tall at 6’3” but this is only natural for Aiel. Her body is toned and lean from the rigors of the Three-Fold Land and her face, neck and hands are tanned by the harsh sun. Her eyes are a lovely shade of sea green and framed by long blonde eyelashes. Synnove’s laughter is truly rich and a smile from her is like a gem. Personality: She appears to be on the reserved side and her personality is somewhat concealed from the general public. She likes her privacy and does not wish to wear her heart on her sleeve. However, she is actually very fierce, wild and loyal underneath her distant exterior. Only those truly close to her see her inner core. Contrary to her appearance as reserved, when she is pushed she can lash out unexpectedly with a wicked sharp tongue. Most people do not know that she is a free spirit and will take personal risks for the joy of being free. Character History: One child out of five, Synnove was the oldest daughter and the second oldest child raised by Nalani, Roofmistress of the Dragonmount Hold. Being a roofmistress, Nalani found it important that she drilled all her children on the protocol of the Aiel ways more so than usual because her role in society demanded that she pass on her knowledge. Hence, from an early age Synnove felt the confines of traditions and laws that tempered her wild spirit. Besides this, however, Synnove was like any other child. She played childhood games that only existed in the Waste; games to improve balance, speed, accuracy, all the five senses and their bodies as well. These games were fun but also educational. What you learned as a child could save your life or someone else’s life in battle one day. Thus, it was at a young age, Synnove was found beyond proficient in the spear and coincidentally, it was during this stage in her life that her older second-sister joined the Far Dareis Mai society. Having admired her second-sister very much during her childhood, joining the Maidens became Synnove’s dream and she worked hard to reach it. As she grew older, she trained harder and harder and while her body became toned muscle, her personality grew more reclusive and precise. With the wildness of her childhood on a leash, Synnove was a weapon. Feeling a turning point in her life at the end of her teen years, Synnove went on a solitary mission into the Waste and spent many days and many nights out there cleansing herself of things she no longer wanted in her life and getting in touch with her self-awareness. This mission would confirm to herself that she was ready to become a Maiden. In this journey, she would eradicate any self-doubt or weakness she possessed and if she survived this undetermined amount of time in the desert, she knew she would be ready to enter the Far Dareis Mai society. Running through the Waste and pushing herself physically and mentally until she collapsed into whatever make-shift shelter she could find made up most of her days and her nights that were not spent in a deep slumber she spent reflecting. When she went back to her hold, she was worn but she felt an elated satisfaction. She had run the risk of killing herself but survived and she had been as free as she had ever been. The same day she went to the Far Dareis Mai society and petitioned for acceptance. Since then she has never looked back.
  14. Jodeen sat in a vacant inn of Ravinda, on the outskirts of Kandor. The city was pretty much vacant aswell, but the inn especially so. No one stirred, and even the mice lay dead to the corner of the stenched filled tavern. Jodeen felt some trollocs wandering outside, and even the occasional fade scattered throughout the city. The occasional scream was heard, but it was muffled out soon after. An agent had told him that he was to meet one of his Brothers here, in this light-forsaken city. It had been taken in the conquest for Kandor, and one of the easier to fell. He sat at the dusted table, slowly picking his fingernails and glancing at the door every few minutes. A fade would often come into the tavern every hour or so since he had been there, sensing someone inside the inn. Apparentally, it was that hour. The tall soul-sucking creature entered the room, and seemingly glanced at Jodeen; though it was quite apparent he didn't exactly have said tools to glance. He crooked his head, and began to speak without actually moving his mouth, or rather what appeared as a mouth. "What business does a Dreadlord have in Ravinda?" He had a coarse tone, and a raspy voice as if it had not tasted water in several weeks. Or whatever they drank. "Meeting someone." Jodeen said, and obviously in small frustration. He hated being bothered. "What business does a Mydraal have speaking to me?" The fade crooked his head to the otherside, staring lifelessly with those non-existing beady eyes; he could tell if they had eyes they'd be beady. The Mydraal made a 'Hmph'-like noise and left the room, the unmoving cloak behind him as he dissapated into the shadow of the door. Jodeen remained unnerved, and never seized Saidin. "Filthy creature." He said under his breath. Almost instatenously the Mydraal appeared from the shadows again, sword drawn. He flung himself at Jodeen, but Jodeen had already seized the source. Several strands of air were woven before the Mydraal took a step. Half a step later, not even fully inside the door, the Fade was frozen mid air. Jodeen stood, his eyes staring wildly at the disobedient Fade. He sympathized for the creature; stationed in a desolate city with nothing to converse with but trollocs. Jodeen pondered what to do, whether to let him go with a warning or to dispose of the unloyal creature. Worrying whether or not he could sit in peace with this thing lurking on the outside, waiting for him to let go of the source, Jodeen decided on the latter. A strand of fire was weaved and set the Mydraal on fire. The Fade let a shriek, a chilling sound to any man. One of the previous strands of air was bent to cover the mouth of the tortured Mydraal. "Wrong move." He drew a handful on the strands of air and pulled tightly, crushing the rest of the Fades body that was not charcoal. The creature fell to the floor, twitching; they seemingly never died. Stubborn, Jodeen thought. The door opened again, and Jodeen held the source. He looked up, and saw another man. "Are you him?" Jodeen said with a smirk as he broke the weaves he had placed on the twitching creature.
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