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Let's speculate on what will be in season two!


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My impression from Rafe's comments was that at least the first four seasons would be a book a season. I def hope so


8. I mean let's all be honest, I'm gonna be condensing in the latter middle section of books ?

15. Not looking to cut major plot lines, more reshuffle/repurpose/etc. Again, will try to include as much as I can, but will always cut things that don’t tell us more about character

24. Question: Hello Rafe, Do you anticipate Season 1 taking up eye of the world and season 2 being The Great Hunt?
Rafe Judkins: Yes and no


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4 minutes ago, Timeofessence said:

What a lot of you are forgetting is that Rafe specifically said Logain has a lot of screen time in the series, a big change from the books. No one has fit him into their S2 theories anywhere.


i think more will be cut than you all think.


He may have a similar, more subdued role for S2 than he has in S1. Assuming he is brought back to the Tower, there is opportunity to give him some conversations. Maybe with Eg/El/Nyn, maybe with other Aes Sedai (Siuan?). I expect they want to expand the politics plot lines at the Tower. There is room for him even in a non-aggressive way.

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A logical next step for the expanded Logain storyline is to setup the tower politics leading up to the Tower split.   That's part of why I think they might bring the Tower split significantly forward in time.  Season 1 already sets up the Red/Blue factional split.  The first scene with Liandrin potentially sets up the "vileness" backstory which could give Thom a season two storyline. 


It is probably more helpful to look at the storylines and arcs more then the books themselves.  One of the ways to outline the series as a whole is to just get rid of the book distinctions, map out events in time, and adapt from there.




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Alright, just to living things up, I put together potential list of 64 (8x8) episodes, based on assumptions of which plot elements need to stay in order to get to where we're going. (easy example: the Bowl has to stay, since it's the Bowl that gets Mat to meet Tuon)


I will say it would certainly move at a breakneck pace through the series, and fix the slog really effectively, but you can forget about character growth and consideration through downtime



Spoiler for the whole book series



no seriously, spoilers....



S1E1 - Intro through Winter's Night

S1E2 - Journey to Shadar Logoth and Split

S1E3 - A place of safety

S1E4 - Captured by Whitecloaks, journey to TV

S1E5 - TV trial, intro Loial, Lews Therin Prologue

S1E6 - Travel the Ways, intro to Malkier, Blood Snow Prologue

S1E7 - Eye of the World, the Dragon revealed, Hello Min

S1E8 - The Flame and Mat comes to FD / Theft of the Horn


S2E1 - On the road from Fal Dara, portal stone split cliffhanger

S2E2 - Girls in TV, meet the Trakands, on the road with Selene and Ingtar. Learning to weave (colourization of Saidar?)

S2E3 - Murder in the WT, and the girls learn, Accepted Nynaeve. the Flame, the Void, and the Grolm

S2E4 - Cairhien part 1, Rand as a young Lord, Thom, the girls betrayed

S2E5 - Cairhien part 2, death of a king and a city burns...flicker, flicker, flicker….

S2E6 - Falme part 1, getting to know Damane, …5 will ride forth

S2E7 - Falme part 2, the Horn (?) , a man in the sky, Lanfear revealed, Maybe Tuon on screen?

S2E8 - The Camp of the Dragon, earthquake, Perrin / Min chats, Rand sets off for Callandor. "He's gone" cliffhanger


S3E1 - Mat and Girls back in TV; more healing of Mat (takes horn?), Siuan ordering the hunters

S3E2 - Mat and Thom leaves for Camelyn, the girls for Tear; Rand on the Road, Dreaming Egwene in the Tower

S3E3 - Perrin Frees Gaul, Noam the trapped wolf dude,  and meets Faile; Matt sees Rahvin and heads for Tear; tracking a Taveren

S3E4 - Girls captured in Tear, Mat and Thom arrive, Rand arrives, Simple Blacksmith

S3E5 - The Stone Falls, Mat frees the girls, the People of the Dragon

S3E6 - Berelain / Faile conflict intro, departing for Tanchico / Rhuidean / Two Rivers; the Twisted Portal

S3E7 - Rhuidean, Way of the Leaf, Arriving in Two Rivers, Tinker with a Sword, intro Lord Luc

S3E8 - Split of the Tower and escape of Siuan / Leane / Logain; Among the Wise Ones; Wonder Girls escape Tanchico


S4E1 - The Battle of the Two Rivers, intro Slayer, Whitecloak expulsion, Couladin as Caracarn

S4E2 - Rand and Aviendha, women in the Circus, Galad as a whitecloak. Birgitte?

S4E3 - Nyn / Elayne in Salidar, Battle with Couladin, Birth of the Band of the Red Hand

S4E4 - Siuan, Leane, Logain, Bryne in Salidar,  More Aiel time with Rand / Egwene; Moiraine at the Docks

S4E5 - Rand to Camelyn for Rahvin, Nyn capturing Moghedien in Salidar

S4E6 - Intro to Taim, Bashere, the Black Tower, the Tairen nobles

S4E7 - Nyn heals Logain, Rand captured

S4E8 - Dumai's Wells, Egwene raised in Salidar; parallel Aes Sedai kneeling


S5E1 - Off to Ebou Dar, the Bowl, and the Kin; intro Cadsuane with Rand

S5E2 - Nynaeve's Block, Lan's rescue, the Gholam part 1, Salidar politics

S5E3 - Find the bowl, Intro to Tuon; Morgase with  Valda, Mat with Tylin, Rand with Min. Parallels…

S5E4 - Seanchan attack, and women flee to Camelyn; Black in the White starts

S5E5 - Perrin finds Morgase,, Elayne to Camelyn, Mat meets Aludra (again)?

S5E6 - Egwene meets with Lords, and plans to beseige TV, Bowl is used and women settled, Death of Tylin

S5E7 - Seanchan vs Rand; it's a draw; Faile napping by the prophet;  Elayne with Rand

S5E8 - Perrin is told and begins his hunt, Mat kidnaps Tuon, the Cleansing of Saidin


S6E1 - Mat and Tuon on the road, Elayne settles in Camelyn, Perrin searching, the pattern starts rotting

S6E2 - Seige of TV begins; Black in the White Continues

S6E3 - Character building moments for Egwene, Rand, Mat

S6E4 - Semirhage chains Rand, the One Power; Egwene captured in the tower

S6E5 - Perrin rescues Faile, and eradicates Masema, Rand's Descent begins

S6E6 - Attempt on Graendal and cruelty; Egwene undercutting Elaida

S6E7 - Elayne settles the Camelyn political situation; Mat and the Gholam

S6E8 - Mat regathers the band and protects Tuon; Prince of the Ravens


S7E1 - Perrin meets the Whitecloaks, Rand executes Lords; Intro scenes for the BT. Androl / Pevara

S7E2 - More interpersonal conflict, violence and set up; Min, Cadsuane, the Aiel, Rand

S7E3 - Perrin's Trial, Black Tower corruption revealed, Mat and Thom leave for Ghenji

S7E4 - Seanchan attack the Tower; the White Embassasy and the Black Tower

S7E5 - Egwene drives off the Seachan and cleanses the White Tower; Elaida Exeunt

S7E6 - Androl and Pevara escape from the Black Tower, Aviendha's vision; Nynaeve sends Lan to the border

S7E7 - Perrin forges the hammer, and saves the Whitecloaks; Mat and Thom into the Tower

S7E8 - Mat and Thom free Moraine, Zen Rand sequence


S8E1 - Tarwin's Gap, and Rand with Tuon

S8E2 - Meeting at Merrilor; Positioning and 4 Battlefields

S8E3 - Devastation everywhere, Retreat

S8E4 - Compulsion discovered and Mats in charge; into the breech. Time to toss the dice

S8E5 - Tarmon Gaidon 1 - Death of Egwene / Gawyn, Shara = Black Tower?

S8E6 - Tarmon Gaidon 2 - Departure of Seanchan, choas and death. Siuan/ Bryne / Basheres

S8E7 - Tarmon Gaidon 3 - Desperation and death, Perrin with Slayer, Shayol Ghul, Lan with Demandred

S8E8 - Tarmon Gaidon 4 - Return of Seanchan, the Horn, Reseal, End, a Wind blows and stops




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8 hours ago, Ryan al'Thor said:

That's Coplin talk...or maybe Abell talk now.



This person hasn't replied to me yet so I can't tell them women is the plural for woman.

Also they cast someone born female. If Min was trans they would have cast a trans woman.

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On the one hand I feel like TGH being written as an ensemble piece from the start will make it easier to translate more directly to TV. On the other, I feel like they really need to get to the end of TDR in S2, so that will require a lot of condensing and adapting. So I'm very mixed... unfortunately.

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