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WoT First Time Read -= Eye Of The World =- Discussion Thread


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hey, i know its literally 15 years later but I got you. I just read the EOTW and its pretty crazy, but I know its only going to get better. I havent really looked at a bunch of these threads before because Im sure they all have spoilers but I wanted to read some theories or say some of my own. So I appreciate that.

So obviously the next step for the gang is to go to Tar Valon, they said that at the end of the book and it just makes sense to go back to "headquarters" after a long mission. But who's going to go? I think Rand will try to go back home, but Tar Valon is on the way so he goes with them because he knows nothing about the real world to be by himself really. I think Thom will meet them in Tar Valon as well, because he cant be deadThen somehow gets convinced to go to Illian? Doesn't the Great Hunt happen in Illian every five years or something, I believe they said that. 


And what the heck is going on with Morraine or however you spell it. Like, she wants Rand to be the Dragon? Doesnt the dragon destroy the world in every single age? Thats like the whole point of being the dragon and the wheel spinning because no matter what the same thing will happen. And in Tar Valon theres still black ajah waiting for them to get there. And Perrin is going to get a pet wolf at some point because he cant just leave the group. And whos going to train Rand to use the power or his sword if he leaves the group? I have no idea. But in one of the future books Lan better not die saving someone's life, he has to avenge the seven towers and get with Nynaeve. 

Anyways, sorry for ranting but its nice to write all my thoughts and questions to someone before reading the next book. Peace

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I love hearing your thoughts and would like to hear more as you go. I have to second Read And Find Out, too.


Some people may come and try to correct some of your thoughts with spoilers. I hope not. There are times when that's appropriate, but RAFO seems the best bet given where you are.

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I remember back when I had just finished the first book, and having the same kinds of questions and ideas.  All I can say without spoiling pretty much everything to come is "the best laid plans ..."


Regarding Tar Valon - there are some of the party that HAVE to go there reasonably soon.  For training, or for Healing.  Those people do so.  Reasonably soon. 

Others don't have to, but end up there anyway, even if only briefly.  Eventually. 

And still others don't ever go there at all.


But I will say something specific about one of your ideas, because I don't think it is actually a spoiler - if you just think through it:  There's no such thing as a "pet wolf."  To Perrin, wolves are equivalent to other people, not pets.

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My biggest beef with the earlier books in the series were the boys themselves. Their assumptions were always wrong, they were forever cowering or frightened of everything, they mistrusted everyone with important information, flippant with important decisions, always wanting to run away, just to name a few of the more irritating traits. I was getting frustrated with Rand forever claiming he was a simple herder and never wanted to be anything other than that. I almost gave up but was glad I didn’t. It did improve.

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