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Such a long time since I joined a forum. Feel like a dinosaur.


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Hi all, call me Dae.

First, I must confess. We recently moved and I had to cull my 3000+ book collection. I looked at my WoT series and decided to only keep the first book. Because of sentimental reasons: it has the awesomest cover and I really enjoyed reading it. But the rest of the series was mismatched and looked aweful: I had given the books to someone to read and they had ... cracked the spines! Every time I looked at them my heart broke. So ... I threw all of them away, because I had no time to donate them.


*cringes* Now you know me at my worst.


The good news is that now I have some space, not a lot, to get the whole series in a matching set! Which is great, because right now the books are all out in new covers. And though I still think the forst book is the absoluut best, the rest of the books hold a great story, but are not always written consistently well. I think, anyway.


So here I am. Ready to get ready with you all for a new influx of fans. You know they are coming. You know that. I want to welcome them 🙂

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5 hours ago, thehumantrashcan said:

Fresh me...I mean...Hello and welcome!


Glad to see you found us!  Sorry to hear about your books.  Cracked spines are the worst!  I am assuming the trailer led you to sniff around for a Fandom?  How did the trailer meet your head cannon?  When did you last read the series or at least "Eye of the World?"


Yes, the trailer 🙂 I realised that it would boost interest. And that would lead to more fresh me... new fans. And new fans lead to new theories, discussions on how the book/series will be different and what is good/bad about that. I can't resist that.


I last read the books, up to book 9, 12-15 years ago, I guess. I read the first three books multiple times. Last read of 1 must have been less than 10 years ago. So it is overdue. I'm Dutch and I did have the translation of book 1, but omg was that bad. I hope they got a new translator on the job, because otherwise not a lot of Dutch fans will be able to keep awake during reading it.


Thank you @Elgee! Books can certainly take someone out of the world they live in and inspire. I am gutted I didnt have time to bring mine to the charity shop. I did manage to get 20 off boxes full of books to them, so I like to think some of my books will be charished by other people.

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Welcome back to the fandom. We are glad it found you again. 


I do not know if you tried it before but I find reading the books in character order. 


So reading rand’s story first. then so on. It is a very enjoyable way to experience the wheel from everyone’s POV. 


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