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Sign up: dELFcember


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Ok so everyone got good time to plan...who is up for doing the dELFcember event of drawing/doing an elf each day of December.


You can also sign up for the official event somewhere here:



But if you just want to participate in the guild and post on the boards here that's ok too, also the official event is for drawing but I am extending the guild part to any picture medium, so paint one, take a picture of one in your house, or make a manipulation containing one or....well you get the drifts



Sign ups







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I don't think it is canceled seems to be up for anyone wanting to join, although soon over?

However as a general heads up to everyone. Critique of people joining, or rallying to boycotts is not welcomed. Anyone is innocent until proven guilty by court's, wheter the end ressult will be plagarism or defamation.

A discussion of copyrights in general are highly welcomed although not in the delftember thread. 

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To clarify intentions
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Deviantart cancelled it, and it was that cancellation I had in mind ?

(because that's where I would have participated to it and the whole event looked lovely and dynamic)


And I was not slandering ?


Now I beg to differ, but that''s probably because I studied copyright laws. I found it interesting to debate with people of different opinions about what is or can be seen as plagiarism. I made my opinion based on my experience and what I studied but I respect the opinion of people who wouldn't think like me.


And I don't see why I should wait for a court decision to debate with friends - (also I didn't want to debate that case here ... just in case you were wondering).



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1 hour ago, Nargbert said:

I might do a few.... not sure my drawing is up to snuff, but I have a few silly ideas for a few of the items.

Hey, firstly you (and most people) always sell yourself short, wich is kinda strange since you claim to be a tall troloc? secondly here it's high under the roof and the only person you are competing with is yourself. I for one can't wait to see both yours and everyone else's elves?

On 10/29/2020 at 5:19 AM, StarRisk said:

I am gonna have fun with this. I do that crazy E on the shelf every year, kids still love it, so why not. Maybe I can work this in, double the reward for half the work! ? jk jk i work hard for the kiddos

We must have a meeting (aka brainstorming)! I've set the bar so high I don't know how to top it soon lol?

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