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Auctions - how they work


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Welcome, wondering how the auctions work?


well its fairly simple it doesnt cost anything rather its somewhat of a free lottery game type thing


basic gist, before an auction the auctioneer give all the sigs in the auction a secret number between 1-500


you post the name or number of the signature or signatures your interested in and a number guess (can not be something someone else guessed)


The person who is closest to the asigned number without going over wins the signature


Fun right? the sig can be for you or you can gift it to a friend, just hook up with the sig maker afterwards and let them know what you want put on the sig for name and/or text

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2 hours ago, Arie said:

Ooh, I like this plan! 

U didn't think I would bring up an artsy guild without bringing back the auctions...albeit in the begining we had them in fiddlesticks..when I was a mod there before they moved us to the old ACW guild..thankfully u got the W on its own and kin seem to cover the craft...cause all togheter is a huge area to cover

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