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20 Questions - Movie Edition Round 1


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Game Rules:

  • Game runner picks a movie.
  • Everyone else asks a question.
  • Game runner answers with either Yes or No.
  • If you guess the movie name, you win! Now you're the game runner! Pick a movie, and answer 20 questions!
  • If no one guesses the movie within 20 questions, the game runner reveals the answer; Then they choose the next person to run the next round. If no one accepts, PM Me, or the Mod/s about running the next round.


As always, IMDB is the go-to source for all answers.

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Movie Picked!
1. Is it a comedy? (No)

2. Does it have a single star lead? (Yes)

3. Is it part of a franchise/series like X-Men or Fast Furious? (Yes)

4. Does the lead have a double identity? (No)

5. Is the lead a woman? (No)

6. Is the movie US based? Like produced by US company (Yes)

7. Does the lead have a super power? (No)

8. Is it a seasonal movie like one normally watched at a certain time of year? (Yes)

9. Is it an action movie? (Yes)

10. Is the lead actor a cop? (Yes)

11. Does he have an official partner? (No)

12. Is it Die Hard? (Yes) Taymist

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20 minutes ago, Taymist said:

Psst, that was question 10. You missed out the action movie question. 


Hmmm, dithering between two now. Does he have an official partner?



(Fixed the numbering... I'm beginning to wonder if DM isn't saving my posts!)

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