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Something I never understood about Rand...

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Rand's connection to the land as the Dragon Reborn is almost identical to the Child Like Empress in the Neverending Story. This is different from the ta'veren nature that Rand showed, since that effect is the chance that occurrences that could happen, will almost always do occur, like getting information, or specific people or chain of events exactly when he needed it. Mat and Perrin both showed these in various ways. Rand's Dragon Reborn is the same as Perrin's Young Bull, and Mat's battle skill. All of these are essential to winning.   The difference with the Neverending Story, is the Dark One breaks the world if he breaks Rand, by making him uncaring and cruel. Basically making Rand consciously chose to do what he got Lews Therin to do without his knowing by sickness. The Dark One also wins if Perrin rejects his wolf side totally, and Mat rejects his battle skill completely, even if Rand still fights him. Because both will ultimately not be there to stop the two key threats to him from ending the fight in the Dark One's favor, since Lanfear and Fain both died in the exact same moment that Rand first held the Dark One.

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On 11/27/2019 at 1:26 AM, Dagon Thyne said:

In the prologue of TGS, when the farmer is discussing the coming Last Battle.  He notices that an apple tree which had died and had no fruit was suddently full of fresh, plump apples, unless I misread the entire prologue.


You can't really tell if a tree has died or not until it starts rotting away. The farmer probably assumed the tree was dead when it was just dormant.

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