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Hello all!


My name is Charles and I live in St. Louis, MO. I am somewhat new to fantasy, having only read Tolkien in High School. I just finished  The Dragon Reborn and will start The Shadow Rising when school calms down. This series has been so good it's hard to put them down! Here's a few quick thoughts after finishing the 3rd book.


-Spoiler alert-

  • Perrin is my favorite character thus far, and I am glad we got to see more of him in book 3. Perrin entering  the Tal'rhian to save Zarine was beautiful!
  • I am SO GLAD Rand has finally accepted who he is. I cannot wait to see what's in store for him, especially now that he has Callandor.
  • I honestly thought Moraine was dead. To be honest, the book ended on such a high note I halfway expected it. After all the talk of how powerful the forsaken were, Be'lal went down like a chump. I'm curious to know how easily the rest will be taken out, especially since Moraine (and Nynaeve apparently) can summon  balefire. 
  • Matt has transformed into an absolute stud! But I am wondering how much his skills are owed to luck (Taveren) or actual skill. Manetheran blood? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • It's becoming increasingly obvious that many of the forsaken (including Lanfear?) do not hold Baalzamon in high esteem. If Rand did not truly kill the dark one, who is Baalzamon? Will the real Baalzamon please stand up?!
  • I really wanted to see Nynaeve and Liandrin go at it. But it makes sense for her to escape....the coward. ?


A little more about me: I have a wife, two little girls, and a son on the way! I enjoy reading (obviously), hiking/camping/fishing, writing and occasionally playing video games. Looking forward to meeting you all!



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Hi Charles! Welcome to DM. Glad to hear you're enjoying the books so far, still quite a ways to go. It's fun seeing all these new readers emerging and watching them go through the same rigmarole we all did the first time. I envy you having the whole set to read at once without the lengthy waits in between. :smile:

Check out the various Clubs, on the tab up there^^^ might find one that suits you. Other wise the TV and book discussions are below this board but beware spoilers everywhere! 

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Hi Charles and Welcome!


I liked reading your thoughts on Book 3, looking forward to what you think of #4. I'm with Tay on the envy for not having to wait between books, for years that was torture here - enjoy!


If you like writing you should also check out the roleplay side of things, where you can write your own WoT-style characters into the DM version of the WoTverse - it can be a lot of fun and isn't as scary as it looks, promise!


How old are your girls? I have a 7yo girl and a 4 yo boy (congrats on your one on the way!), looking forward to the days when I can introduce them to series like this!

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Welcome to DM, Charles!

Your thoughts on the story so far bring back fond memories of my first read through. I'm currently on read through number ... 40 something? LoL ... I've lost count. Anyhoo, the 1st time is fun, as is the 30th time. You always pick up things you missed before.

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