Hi, There (From Team M'Hael)

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Hi, there!


I'm Jennifer K. Barry (Ayend'an over on Tumblr), a 29 year-old pro wrestling manager-in-training, metal music journalist, and proud member of Team M'Hael.


My favorite Wheel Of Time characters are Mazrim Taim, Logain Ablar, Moridin, Demandred, Asmodean, Mat, Birgitte, and Nynaeve (in that order). I would say that I'm part Birgitte and part Moridin (I act/speak like Birgitte and think/feel like Moridin - sans omnicidal impulses, of course); I'm also Nynaeve when I'm hangry, but that's besides the point. XD


I would probably belong to the Green Ajah (I participate in a lot of combat-related sports, so I like the idea of a Battle Ajah) if I had to choose, but my allegiance is really to the Black Tower; I just relate to the Asha'man better. 


Oh, I was wondering how everyone feels about thread resurrection? I've been lurking here on Dragonmount for a while, and there are several older topics I'd love to bring back, but I just thought I should check before pulling a Dark One on ya'll. XD








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Heya! I know a guy who's a heavy metal concert (and more) photographer. Metal music journalist sounds like a flaming fun job *grins*


Depends on which topic you want to resurrect, but usually it's fine. Just try to read through them to see that there's nothing overly contentious that people don't want to be brought to the light again. If in doubt, PM the moderator of that board or any other type of person in charge you can see.


Oh and you're welcome to join more than one Social Group, if you want. You can hang out on all of the main boards and see which one / ones attract you most.

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