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Approved WT Bio for Senette Nadari - CC'd by Admin


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DM Handle: Lavinya

Character Name: Senette Nadari

State whether this is a Traditional or a Salidar character: Traditional

Age of this character * (Traditional = 14-19 / Salidar = 20-70): Main Timeline age – Mid to late 40s. Joined as a novice at 16, Accepted at 22, Aes Sedai at 30.

(* Returning / Full AS character: age in main time line)

Name of country where this character is from: Arafel


One Power Breakdown

Skill: 31 Strength: 29 Potency: 60

Air: 7  Earth: 5  Fire: 5  Spirit: 6  Water: 6



Hair: Her bistre-hued hair is long with a natural wave; almost black, her hair is very dark but the length cannot easily be determined as it is most often worn in braids and elaborate coifs, sometimes bearing the traditional bells of her homeland.

Eyes: Wide-set and framed with long dark lashes, her eyes are an icy blue.

Skin: Fair and blemish-free

Height: Senette stands at around 5’5”.

Voice: Her voice is melodious and sometimes betrays her emotions with its change in cadence. She still carries the lilt of her Arafellin accent though it has broadened somewhat in the years since joining the Tower.

Other: Senette is quite pretty with her symmetrical features, full pout, dimples and slender, feminine figure; however she is oblivious to her physical allure and is thus rather careless with her appearance. It’s not uncommon for her to have absent minded ink smudges on her skin or rumpled clothing or hair that has escaped its confines.



Special Skills: She has a sharp, analytical mind and is passing fair at logic puzzles and the like.

Knowledge Weakness: Senette can become very detail oriented and ignore the larger picture. She also has a tendency to be socially inept as a result.

Physical Weakness: She has no obvious physical weaknesses

Personality weakness: While she is slow to anger, she has a terrible, fiery temper when roused. 



Senette is generally a friendly, amiable sort of woman with an easy smile and calm, nurturing temperament. She is not easily incited to anger but does have a volatile temper when pushed to it, and grows quite animated when on some scholarly pursuit or in the midst of a good puzzle. While she is very intelligent and sharp, it is not always obvious as she will often concede to avoid conflict, or is very vague and dreamy while pondering some great mystery. Many sisters think she is a push-over; but she chooses to yield which is distinctly different to being cowed, despite many opinions of her. 

Scholarly pursuits are of great interest to Senette, and somewhat surprisingly so too are artistic endeavours, though she doesn’t always have the skill, she has enthusiasm and loves to admire the beauty to be found in the world around her. As such, she has become a collector of strange and lovely things that catch her interest; from a pretty flower to an unusual chunk of rock, it can likely be found in her study, along with artifacts from bygone eras when she can manage to find or borrow them. It is this whimsical love of ‘pretty’ things that often sees her adorn herself in unique and interesting pieces of jewellery, from hairpins and bells, to necklaces, brooches and numerous bracelets. 




At 16, Senette made her pilgrimage to the White Tower. It was tradition among her female relatives; when one of the young women came of age, they were sent to be tested in the hopes that one may find success and become Aes Sedai, a most noble calling among her Arafellin family. Even the royal family boasted an Aes Sedai among their ranks, so too would the Nadari family, if they could help it. There was always the possibility, of course; Senette’s great-grandfather’s Aunt had worn the shawl or so she was told. The Green Ajah, her mother told her often with mingled pride and embarrassment, for the great Delenei Sedai had four warders at once and it was quite scandalous, really, but that was of course forgiven for a woman who could wield the One Power. Still, there had been no other women who met with success since, and Senette was not filled with much anticipation. She expected to make the journey, thank the Aes Sedai for their time before returning home to her books and rocks but no, fate intervened and a spark of light had flared in the simple clear gem, much to her surprise, and her home was no longer a modest little farm on the outskirts of Shol Arbela but the novice quarters of the White Tower.


Amiable and bright, Senette made friends and progressed well on her studies, discovering with great joy just how comprehensive her education was to become and throwing herself wholeheartedly into her training. Avoiding most plots for mischief, Senette was far more interested in learning and mulling over the wonders being revealed to her and as such progressed at a steady pace.  After six years, she was raised to be Accepted.


Finding new freedom with the promotion, Senette spent many hours following many pursuits – from days lost in the library to lengthy sojourns to the gardens where she spent time on her rudimentary sketches and getting sunburned, as despite the varied focus of her many activities, each one would enrapture her for its time and she became oblivious to most everything else going on around her. Ever eager to be about one of her projects, Senette often calmly and gracefully bent her knee and complied with every whim of the Aes Sedai about her, believing that doing so would mean she would be sooner about her own business and not harassed quite so much. It worked for the most part, though there were some who took it upon themselves to banish her distracted manner or airy mien. It was those encounters that revealed the depth of a surprising temper that blazed like a maelstrom when correctly provoked and earned her a few sound switchings and degrading menial work – above that already expected – to teach her serenity and control. It worked as well as could be expected, for Senette did her best to avoid conflict and confrontation so as to keep her temper ever in check. 


The greys lost interest in her, seeing how readily she gave in. No great talent for healing, that turned away the yellows; her lingering affection for brothers left behind meant she found the reds far too cold for her taste. The browns followed her education and research with profound interest, where the white ajah seemed to find something interesting in the way she applied logic and reasoning. Senette was unsure for many years which ajah she should call home. The cause of the blues struck a satisfying chord within her, and there was the familial legend of her great-great aunt the scandalous green with a bevy of loyal gaidin. The notion did make her giggle and blush to think on, but ultimately she was uninterested in males, they were far less exciting than her collection of fossils, dried flowers and crystals. It seemed a given that she would join the Brown Ajah given her interests, but ultimately her decision was swayed by an unexpected discussion.


“Why do you flit from one project to another, Senette?” The older sister had asked, with amusement, Senette thought. “Because you lack direction,” the woman continued, “and you won’t find it among the brown ajah; they will just let you potter about with experiments and sketches and you may never achieve anything.” The woman scoffed, flicking at one of Senette’s half-drawn diagrams of a delightful orange orchid she had found in the market place and paid a pretty penny for. “Do you want to ever be reacting to the world around you, child, or do you want to shape it? That is the true question.” Surprise left Senette speechless as the woman left the library, blue shawl draped with negligent grace over her shoulders. The question had tugged at her attention for many days, invading no matter what activity she turned her mind or hands to, demanding satisfaction. What was the point in studying without purpose? Did she examine the world only for the joy of knowledge? Currently, yes, but is that why the creator had deemed she should wield the One Power? She did not believe so, surely she had been given what small gifts and interests she had for a greater purpose, and she could only truly know it if she joined the Blue Ajah. 


It was another year after that conversation that Senette at last completed her testing – almost eight years as accepted in total – and was officially welcomed into the Blue Ajah, the shawl placed upon her shoulders by the very same Aes Sedai who had so casually captured her interest so long ago. In that time she had begun to change her mindset, putting her energies into purposeful study, seeking answers and solving riddles – riddles of nature, of the one power, of humanity – all with the intention to in some way makes things, people, better. She still indulges in fanciful wonderings and artistic sketches from time to time, though such whimsy has become far less frequent since becoming an Aes Sedai. Now she wants to make the world a better place.


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