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The Hunt for Namandar - Part 2: Mother! [CLOSED]

Jagen Sedai

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This thread is being posted for archival purposes only, as the original RP link was long lost on the winds of time.

This is posted with permission from Jaydena, who also supplied the surviving copy.


IC Year: 996 NE

Hunt for Namandar RP: [Green, Brown Ajahs] A text is found detailing the ruins of a city from the Age of Legends; the Green Sitters (Sirayn, Eleanor, Taya) seek Amyrlin Karana's permission to go investigate it and a missing sister, Tilana Sedai, tied to it. The mission is lead by Sirayn, who is variously accompanied by Kaylan, Jehanine, Lwena, Egwainne, and Raeyn Sedai (Sitter), as well as a few other Browns (TPC AS included: Leilani, Ellvara, Nydylia, Vira, Darealle Sedai). The Aes Sedai are accompanied by their Gaidin and some Tower Guards.


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The Hunt for Namandar #2: Mother!

Players- Karana: Ammy, Arette: Keeper, Sira Sedai, Taya Sedai, Elle Sedai, and Jaydena Sedai

Dec. 19, 2003

Plot: The Green Sitters go before the Amyrlin and Keeper to show them what has happened, a party is to be sent after the city and the sister.


OOC: Only Karana, Arette and the Green Sitters should be posting in this thread. If you want to post here and aren’t on that list, contact me to make sure. Sorry about the bad posts, people; I have some better ones planned for the parts where I’m actually involved. –smiles- Mandi has handed the business over to Sitters since she mustn’t be marked out to others as Ajah head.

: : : : The novice had been chattering for some time but she was finally winding down. She was a pretty little thing, flushed and bright-eyed, and completely in awe of Sirayn. Sirayn bit her lip with amusement at the rapt look on the little novice’s face. Do I truly seem so overwhelming? Sirayn supposed with the tiniest of smiles that she did. In a short space of time Jehanine and Sirayn had caused their names to be whispered in horror through the novice quarters and Sirayn had never lost that reputation as someone to be avoided by novices. Since Sirayn had started going armed and armoured in the Tower itself that standing had redoubled. Today Sirayn wore a billowing white shirt and black breeches, unarmed save for the knives up her sleeve, in her boot and dangling at the back of her neck, but with Losyn at her side and a panther at her feet, Sirayn didn’t doubt that the novice was quaking in her shoes. “You’ve done well, child,” Sirayn told her with just the edge of a fearsome grin. The novice took a step back and quivered. “I hope you choose the Green some day,” Sirayn added out of habit, and dismissed the novice with a wave of her hand. She paused a moment, biting her lip. Her mild concern about the pigeon and its message intensified into a gnawing worry as she put all reports together and realized that Mandi had sent on the three Sitters to talk to Arette and Karana. Something serious had happened. Sirayn flexed her scarred left hand and knew with grim certainty that she would soon be called on once more to honour the oath she had made.

: : : : “Anything to worry about?” Losyn murmured, drifting to her side. Sirayn glanced at him uneasily, though her concern was directed into other matters. “Plenty to worry about. As always.” Sirayn’s relationship with Losyn was an open secret, seldom spoken of, though most had a vague idea that they were closer than the average Aes Sedai and Warder. In return for the Tower’s tolerance Sirayn kept a reasonably cool front in public. No point in antagonizing more staid sisters by draping herself all over Losyn, after all, even had she wanted to make a spectacle of herself. “I can do nothing here.” Sirayn came to an abrupt decision. “I’ll head back to my quarters. You can come or go as you please.” Losyn nodded and started to walk away. At the end of the hallway he turned and gave her a straight stare, the bond still and hard with determination. “Don’t leave us behind again, Sirayn.” Sirayn looked back at him calmly. She had left both Seiaman and Losyn in the Tower a few months ago when she went south to Andor. It had been a routine trip to check on her family in Heartswood and deal with her Eyes and Ears based in Caemlyn, and Sirayn had wound up bringing a novice-to-be back as well, but her Gaidin had not appreciated being left behind. They seemed to find it hard to understand that Sirayn needed some time alone sometimes. And more to the point, that journey down to Heartswood and back had proven to her that she would not fall apart without her Warders, she could deal with a crisis on her own, she was capable and competent without Losyn and Seiaman to draw strength from. And that, perhaps, was partly why her Gaidin didn’t like it. “I’ll do what I have to, Losyn.” It was the direct truth and Sirayn sensed an edge of hurt through the bond before Losyn turned away and went out of her sight.

: : : : Sirayn returned to her quarters and slipped inside. She’d been planning to make a tour of her Eyes and Ears in Tar Valon today, to pick up reports that came in from Caemlyn and other cities all over the world, but it looked like she’d be too busy wondering and preparing. There were many things to do before she would be ready to go on a journey.

OOC: Karana and Arette now have three Greens and a book on their hands. D…ebate. –winks at Kar- This thread ends when Kar gives the go-ahead for the Greens and Browns to get together to solve the puzzle. If anyone isn’t sure what they should be doing, contact me.


~ Sirayn ~


Jaydena walked silently next to her sisters, they had stopped in the green quarters and picked some things up. A green bag to put the box in so it didn't look so obvious and Jade had picked up her writing kit for taking notes. Mandi had stayed in the quarters and waited to find out what happened after they met with Karana. They reached the Keepers study and Taya knocked, waiting quietly for Arette to let them in.

Several moments later Arette came to the door and ushered them in. Taya explained the situation and they all took seats in the room waiting for Karana to grant them entrance. Soon the way had been cleared and the sitters walked into the study, each kissing their mothers ring in turn. She motioned for them to take a seat and Jade sat still once more while Taya explained what they had found...

Jaydena Sedai


Arette was sorting out the papers on her desk. She had just given Karana the monthly reports of all aspects of the Tower's life and prepared to leave for her daily dinner with Calvin. Today she would eat fish. She didn't really like fish because it reminded her of Con and because it still, after hundred years, made her quesy like it had on the week after her Acceptance. It didn't have to be even rotting fish, smell of any fish was enough. But she had set herself a diet and she would stick to it. It was almost Trine so she was well in time in the strict routine she had developed for herself.

Then came the unexpected in form of three Green Sitters. Of course even if she set herself a schedule, other people might not follow it but Arette was still slightly dismayed that her planned timeline for the day would change. She quickly assumed the role of an efficient Keeper, though and greeted the Sitters with a polite nod. She didn't believe that this was a warning that the Hall had been called together again because always before they had sent an initiate to bring the word. But since she couldn't comprehend from their smooth composure whether they were excited or worried, she thought it best to ask instead of speculating anything and wasting the time of them all. She eyed curiously the bag they had with them. And Jaydena had writing tools with her. Most strange.

"If you'll tell me what you are here to discuss with Mother, I'll announce you right away."




ooc: I am going to assume they told you what they were here for.

IC: Karana looked up as Arette entered and felt a slight puzzlement as followed close on her heels the three Sitters of the Green Ajah. All three Sitters here, together, could only mean trouble of one sort or another. Karana only hoped it wasn't more trouble for the Tower. Personal troubles were fine, but the Tower was above all.

She asked them to please be seated and then looked at Arette for answers. Arette made a face and shrugged her shoulders. Karana sighed inwardly and turned to face the Sitters. The had all sat down, adjusted their skirts, and fiddled with the items that they had brought. They were turned and looking at Karana with eager faces and she began to hope that just maybe this wasn't a bad thing after all.

"Sitters," Karana started, "Does this need to be made private?" They looked startled, but finally Taya nodded and said "Yes, Mother, I think that would be best." Karana nodded to Arette, who skillfully Wove the Wards that were often required in this room.

Karana steepled her fingers in front of her, tapping them against her lips. Finally, she arched an eyebrow and said, "Well? What is it?"

Karana Majin
The Watcher of the Seals
The Flame of Tar Valon
The Amyrlin Seat


Once Taya had explained their purpose to Arette, they were ushered into the Amyrlin’s study and greeted with a polite nod from the Mother. Taya noticed her eyeing the green bag that Jaydena clutched in her hands. Shortly afterward Karana asked them to seat themselves and they did so. Taya waited expectantly for leave to speak.

Karana glanced once at Arette, then back at the Greens. After a moment more she spoke. "Sitters, does this need to be made private?"

Taya blinked, but nodded and said, "Yes, Mother, I think that would be best.”

It was Arette’s task to create the Wards against listening, and once she had done so with efficiency steepled her fingers, tapped her lips, arched an eyebrow and said, "Well? What is it?"

Taya cleared her throat and began with her explanation. “We discovered a text that details the location of a hidden and forgotten city…a city from the Age of Legends.” The silence that ensued was profound. Taya continued, “We ask the Mother’s permission to venture out and explore this city.”

And find out what happened to our dear departed sister, Taya thought, but didn’t feel the need to speak this part aloud as yet.

OOC: I figured Taya’d start by giving a little info and keeping some to herself. Don’t AS do that? *g*



OOC: Since you did not specify what exactly you told Arette, I assume that it was something about important found that could turn the tide against the Shadow.

IC: Arette waited patiently the Sitters to get at it. She doubted that the Greens who were the experts in White Tower's plans to keep the Shadow at bay would come to Mother with frivolous information. At the wake of the Tarmon Gai'don this kind of discoveries were what could lead to one side winning. She was almost frigtened to hear what the Greens had found. She stiffened when she came to think of something. What if they had found about the Dragon?

It wasn't really a surprise when they asked the room to be warded and Arette took care of it quickly. She was absolutely stunned when she heard what the Greens had to tell. This was the found of the Age. A whole city from Age of Legends would be a treasure trove without comparison. But in middle of her excitement she was slightly annoyed that the Greens had made a discovery like this instead of the Browns. Lost weaves, lost Talents, lost Cities... would the Brown Ajah be even needed soon anymore with the more numerous Greens filling their role? The annoyment was quickly fanned to outright anger when the Greens asked permission to go studying it without even a word about Browns or co-operation. How dared they?

She kept her silence, though and waited Karana to speak.



Everyone situated themselves and soon the room had been warded by the keeper as was her right and duty. Taya began to explain what had happened and Jade tried not to chuckle at the looks that quickly crossed the faces of the woman with them. It mirrored the shock she had felt when she saw the journal.

As soon as Taya finished speaking Jaydena nodded at Eleanor to indicate that she was going to speak and then began. "We need to put together a search party for not only or lost sister with hopes that she still survives, but also for the city itself. In my opinion the party should be composed of greens, a few yellows, blues, and of course brown sisters. The purpose of each ajah is of course self explanatory."

She nodded her head and then waited for Karana to speak, hoping that the Amyrlin would allow all of them to go on this journey of unheard of proportions in the tower. A journey as such would be talked of for many years to come and it would be a coup to say that she had been on it...

Jaydena Sedai


*ggls at Lyanna* Well, they went and started the next phase without me answering this anyway! *g* Sorry it took so long, just got back from vacation, house is in a mess, today is my SO's birthday, etc etc. Not to mention I have been mulling over how to reply. Everything sounds so lame!


"We need to put together a search party for not only our lost sister with hopes that she still survives, but also for the city itself. In my opinion the party should be composed of greens, a few yellows, blues, and of course brown sisters. The purpose of each ajah is of course self explanatory." She then nodded and sat back, waiting for Karana to speak.

The truth was, Karana was vexed. How had a flighty Green found such an amazing discovery? An entire city from the Age of Legends? And how had it been hidden until now? Was it buried? Deep in the woods somewhere? It seemed incredible that an entire city existed in the world that was not known about! She longed to go herself and see such a thing. But she knew it could never be. The Amyrlin Seat did NOT flit off for adventures and exploring as the average Sister did, and could.

However, there was no question of giving permission. Such a find was beyond worth. A large team needed to be assembled, practically from every Ajah. And even... could the Ogier be interested? Could they be contacted and convinced to come and lend their apt hands to the recovery and exploration of this city?

"There is no question of permission, Daughters. You have my permission, and my envy. A team should be assembled posthaste and leave at once. If there is any chance of recovering a lost Sister, we must be on it. And not to mention the find that she speaks of. Gather as many Browns and Greens as you can, and any other interested Sisters. Perhaps a contingent of Tower Guards can assist as well?"

"And something else... have you considered involving the Ogier? Their assistance and knowledge could prove invaluable, if they could be convinced to accompany you."

She stood up and made her way around the desk as the others hastily stood as well. "Go with my blessing and know that if I could, I would go with you. May the Light shine on this endeavor, and grace the Tower with much knowledge and untold treasures. Arette, please assist in any way possible as to recruiting and equipping the Sisters for their journey."

Recognizing their dismissal, the others curtseyed and followed Arette out the door.

Karana Majin
The Watcher of the Seals
The Flame of Tar Valon
The Amyrlin Seat
Stuck here and envious



Taya left the room feeling businesslike. She and her fellow Sitters exchanged words with one another about the Mother's suggestions as they headed down towards the Green quarters. They discussed the possibility of involving the Ogier and decided that if it were possible, it was a wise idea. They agreed to discuss it further with Mandi.

Upon arriving at Mandi's quarters they entered and described what had gone on in the meeting. Mandi seemed pleased and the four women immediately got down to work. Mandi startled them all by stating that Sirayn would lead the party. Moments later the explanation came, and the Sitters' pulses returned to a somewhat normal speed. It was reassuring knowing their Ajah Head had not, after all, completely lost her marbles.

Taya Sedai




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