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The Hunt for Namandar - Part 5: Discovery of a Legend! [CLOSED]

Jagen Sedai

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This thread is being posted for archival purposes only, as the original RP link was long lost on the winds of time.

This is posted with permission from Jaydena, who also supplied the surviving copy.


IC Year: 996 NE

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The Hunt for Namandar #5: Discovery of a Legend!

Players- Sirayn Sedai, Lanfir Sedai, Lwena Sedai, Raisa Gaidin, Matalina Gaidin, Seiaman Gaidin, Nydylia Sedai (TPC PLAYED BY Seia), Jaydena Sedai, Jonathon- TG, Corbin Gaidin, Jehanine Sedai, Corwin Gaidin, Kardis-TG, Lukas Gaidin, Lyanna Sedai, Taya Sedai, Jerad Gaidin, Nikita- TG, Raeyn Sedai, Kaylan Sedai, Leilani Sedai (TPC PLAYED BY Kaylan), Coran Gaidin, Vira Sedai (TPC PLAYED BY Taya), Darealle Sedai (TPC PLAYED BY Taya), Alin Gaidin, Mercury Gaidin, Neroin- TG, Eleanor Sedai, Andular Gaidin, Jared Gaidin (TPC PLAYED BY Jaydena), Jozan-TG,

Posted on Jan. 28, 2004

Link: http://www.dragonmount.com/psw/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4175

OOC: Apologies for the wait. The #5 thread is stalled since we’re waiting on Eggy to play the King of Tarabon for us. We’ll assume Andrei Gornhald gave us the nod and we continued on. Everyone involved in the Hunt for Namandar may post here.

: : : : The day dawned clear and crisp. As waves of ashen clouds pulled back, pale sun slanted down across an expanse of lush grassland dotted here and there with stunted trees. Each blade of grass, each leaf and thorn sparkled with dew held transfixed and iridescent in the sunlight. In a small hollow protected from the biting wind that often scoured the heath lay a cluster of tents laid out in neat straight lines at Sirayn’s insistence with horses picketed and guards arranged in the style of the Borderlander army. The sleeping tents and provision tents were grouped round a tall peaked tent with a rigid structure which was kept bare of all but a few vital supplies until meetings were needed when it hosted the gathering in relative comfort. The big tent had sprouted an unsightly patch since last night. The sudden lashing storm had proven what Sirayn had dourly muttered, that a tent designed to be the focal point of a camp would always spring a leak.

: : : : Accidents had followed the party like a plague. Several horses had gone lame picking their way through scattered rocks and wiry grass as they passed through moor and dale, and Sirayn remembered with a wry grimace the fuss that had occurred when an Aes Sedai’s horse lost a shoe. The sister had adamantly refused to be parted from either her horse or the party, saying that the whole group should stop at a village so that her horse could be reshod. Sirayn had had to lean on the woman a bit harder than she like before the Aes Sedai caved in and allowed her horse to be taken away to be reshod while she took one of the spare horses. Only a couple of days ago a wagon had broken a wheel. It was at that point that a Warder doubling up as their resident wagonwright had confessed that he had left the nails behind – “Nails?” Sirayn had repeated incredulously, but the Warder assured her that the wheel could not be fixed without them – and yet another emissary had had to be sent in search of assistance. And that wasn’t counting the political currents in the party. Sirayn was beginning to think their mission was ill-starred or perhaps being sabotaged.

: : : : “Sirayn Sedai!” came a faint voice. Sirayn twisted and glanced up from where she sat between two gnarled roots with a tree’s bulk shielding her from the harsh northern wind. The breeze caught her hair and fluttered it round her face, causing her to wipe it away in annoyance with the back of her hand as Sirayn’s keen gaze picked out a scout ascending the steep slope toward her. She rose, clutching her long dark cloak round her slender shoulders, and walked toward him enjoying the clean feel of the wind sweeping against her. The scout jogged eagerly toward her and sank immediately to one knee bowing his head. “Peace be upon you, Aes Sedai.” Sirayn advised him briskly to speak now or forever hold his peace. A pale face was tilted toward her, an excited glitter in his eyes, and he spoke rapidly, “Sirayn Sedai, we’ve found it!”

: : : : Sirayn closed her eyes and drew a deep breath, forcing back the brilliant smile that crept onto her face. They had found it. The legendary city of Namandar beneath the ground had been built in the Age of Legends and survived by dint of its strong structure and internal supports holding up an enormous dome to hold the earth’s weight. It had remained untouched for centuries until the adventurous Tilana Sedai came across it at last after many years of searching. Tilana had gone down and never come back and the only record of her search was a book which was firmly in Sirayn’s keeping. After many trials and tribulations, the Tar Valon party had finally reached the rough coordinates of Tilana’s discovery and now at last the city had been found! Her mind whirled with thoughts of the treasures and wonders that awaited them but Sirayn forced her thoughts back on track. They could still lose everything. The city could be ruined. The dome could collapse as they entered. It could be infested with a particularly virulent strain of disease from the Age of Legends to which nobody had any resistance. Any number of things could happen.

: : : : Sirayn opened her eyes and nodded curtly to the scout. “My thanks. Tell your leader to put out guards in the immediate area.” The scout bowed once and departed hurriedly. Sirayn descended the slope with more speed than care and walked into camp. She grabbed the first two Tower Guards she came across, ascertained that life would go on if they didn’t fulfil their current duties, and sent them to wake up the Aes Sedai and arrange guards for the camp while they were underground. One of them asked if they had found the city. Sirayn’s affirmative was strong and clear and reached a few ears. As she passed deeper into the camp, the shock spread out in ripples, as the whisper that Namandar had been discovered went from person to person. And soon sisters began to emerge blinking from their tents, and weapons handed out as the Tar Valon party got ready to go.

OOC: So here’s the scene. It’s dawn, everyone is being woken up, you’ll hear that the city has been discovered. The camp will be left in place and guarded since it’s very close to Namandar and can serve as a base for us. Feel free to write yourself preparing for the journey down into the city and getting together into a large group on foot. Be excited people! This is the discovery of our Age!


~ Sirayn ~


Lanfir awoke because of excited voices outside her tent. She was up and about in the minute. The thin mattress she was sleeping on wasn't very inviting to stay in any longer, and she was curious if it had really happened. Had they really found the fabled city of Namandar?

It would be about time, she thought, while putting on breeches, a tight shirt and a vest. The road to here hadn't been very pleasant. Little accidents seemed to happen every time they turned around, there were tensions between some of the Sisters, Taya was acting strange, and Sirayn Sedai's mood seemed to darken with every day that passed. Lanfir would almost call her paranoid about the dangers, but being careful had never hurt anyone, she guessed. And their young Battle Leader was probably notoriously bad-tempered. She bound her numerous braids back. If Namandar had really been found and there was really as much danger to finding the city as Sirayn Sedai kept stressing, then it was best to gear up in battle tenue. She needed to be free to move around.

Exiting her tent, she nearly stumbled over Nydi Sedai while blinking against the bright sunlight. Nydi Sedai didn't seem to be bothered by their near-collision. Instead, she seemed almost ecstatic. "They found it!" The Aes Sedai said brightly. "Can you believe it? They found it!"

Lanfir returned Nydi's smile just as brightly. "That's wonderful!" she exclaimed, enjoying the sudden rush of adrenaline and excitement. She wondered what wonders they would find in the City.

Oh, to be a Green Aes Sedai again! To live again! She was so happy to be at the center of things again - this was the discovery of a lifetime, and she would be here to see it! It was unbelievable! Quickly, she set out to wake up Lyanna, Lukas and Taya.

~Lanfir Leah Marithsen
Greenie back in action
and lovin' it!


"Aes Sedai? Lwena Aes Sedai?" Lwena blinked against the early morning sunlight as she peered out of the tent. A young Tower Guard stood there, practically dancing on the spot he was so excited. Before she could open her mouth, he rushed out, "They've found it! The city has been found!" He rushed off towards the next tent, obviously acting as a messenger for all the Aes Sedai.

They had found it! Lwena felt a broad grin spreading across her features; the journey was almost over! The road had been wrought with dangers and disasters-it was almost as though the Creator was playing a magnificent joke on the Aes Sedai-but they were finally there! She quickly suppressed her excitement; now was not the time to lose her head. With a clear purpose in mind, she quickly dressed and readied herself to go. This certainly wasn't something she was going to miss! The discovery of the century; the city could be full of treasures from that age, things she had never even dreamed of before this day. Slinging a bag over her shoulder, she hurried out of her tent into the excited crowd that was the party.



Raisa couldn't help but curse as a Tower Guard stumbled over her half sleeping form in his haste to get into Nydi's tent.

"What under the Light has gotten into you man?" She snapped; she wasn't a morning person. He backed up a step or so, but the excited and eager set of his features made Raisa relax a little. In a calmer, more polite tone, she continued. "I'm sorry-you startled me. What brings you to the tent of Nydi Sedai? (ooc: I can't remember her full name!) " He grinned.

"They've found the city-the Age of Legends city!" His excitement was poorly contained, and if his collision with her Warder hadn't woken Nydi up, the Tower Guards loud voice would have.

"Namandar..." Raisa's voice trailed off as Nydi came out of the tent, excitment seeping through the bond and making Raisa want to see the city, and to see the city at that very moment.

"It has been discovered, has it?" Raisa nodded and realised the Tower Guard had vanished, probably to pass the message on. "Well, what are we waiting for?" She disappeared back into the tent, and the sound of her going through her bags could be heard. Feeling Nydi's eagerness, Raisa changed almost as fast, struggling to strap her swords on as Nydi came back out.

Nydi set a fast pace through the camp, pausing every so often to tell a confused or lost looking Sister what had happened. The excitment in the air was making Raisa want to bounce up and down like a small child-and she'd never done that as a young girl either! She trailed after her Aes Sedai, sharing grins with the fellow Warders while keeping an eye on the Blue Sister. Suddenly, a Green- Lanfir Sedai- stumbled over Nydi, not something that was particularily difficult.

"They've found it!" Raisa stood back a few paces descretely listening. "Can you believe it? They found it!" They both shared bright smiles.

"That's wonderful!" Nydi hurried on, spreading the news while Raisa followed. Light, this was the most exciting thing of the Age, and she couldn't help but think something bad was going to happen! What was wrong with her?

Lwena Sedai
Yellow Sister
Promised to Alriand

Warder to the Doomed Nydi Sedai


Matalina slouched in the chair she'd set outside of Raeyn's tent. She didn't trust anyone to sit watch over her Aes Sedai, nor did she have faith in the Tower Guards present to watch her Aes Sedai, particularly since they were all Light Loving and ready to serve the Creator.

Everyday was a challenge for Matalina. Tensions were building in the Tower, and they always carried through to the Warders and Tower Guards. Things were happening that Matalina did not like. The day would come when her true alignment would be found out. When the Dark Lord's plans were finally out in the open and the White Tower found out about the Black Ajah the loyalities of her facade would change. She was dedicated to one thing and one thing alone, and that was protecting Raeyn with her life.

They lived among the Light, but they walked the Shadows in secret. Matalina smirked at the people she'd deceived, and those she cared for would never know until that one day when they were found out. And here the Head of the Brown Ajah slept, waiting for the time when this accursed city would be found. Matalina was only here for Raeyn's protection, and only here because the Browns loved to learn about history. This city from ages past would leave Raeyn in an almost state of glee. Matalina wondered if the Dark Lord had given any thought to this event and wondered if that was the reason they had come to this place in the foulest of weathers. The cold was beginning to drive Matalina insane, more so than she already was. Though that had gotten better with time and acceptace, Kayla and Marosa still flourished in Matalina's mind, but they were all one now, living the same life, caring for the same things. It'd been work to do, but Matalina had accepted her others and they her.

At dawn the rumors began, the hush of the camp was no longer there, mummurs and hustling women and men woke most of the camp. The city had been found. Matalina felt on the bond that Raeyn was awake now. "Raeyn, they seemed to have found the city. It looks as though they are preparing to enter."

Matalina left it at that and waited for her Aes Sedai, she would go where she went, a silent shadow following her around. Matalina would not let Raeyn come to any harm.



ooc: raisa, even I can't spell my Sedai's name *g*

ic: Nydi jolted awake from her light sleep at Raisa's annoyance through the bond. But the Tower Guard's voice shot through the thin fabric of the tent. "They've found the city-the Age of Legends city!" She instantly perked, jumping out of the bed and walked out of the tent. Raisa's astonishment came through the bond and Nydi looked up at her, "It has been discovered, has it?" Her Warder nodded and Nydi couldn't contain her excitement. "Well, what are we waiting for?"

She ducked back into her tent and headed straight for her bags, gathering the items needed for the journey into Namander. Coming back out of the tent, Raisa had changed and took up the walk towards the gathering group of Aes Sedai. She felt the infectious excitement, doubled by Raisa's feelings. She looked up at her Gaidin and smiled at her. This would be a day heralded of all time.

A Green Sister, Lanfir Sedai, nearly stumbled over Nydi and Raisa had to grab her to prevent her from falling to the ground. Light, when will people realize that short Aes Sedai are there?! But it was soon forgotten when she shared her excitement with the Green Sister. Nydi continued on to the growing group of participants when hesitation came through the bond. She looked up at Raisa, a small frown creasing her brow.

In the chaos, she had to wait until the party was finally organized for the trek into the lost city. Stepping closer, she whispered. "You need not fret, my Gaidin." She smiled with excitement. "There is nothing that could ruin this discovery." Cupping the tall woman's cheek, she sent reassurances through the bond. "Besides, with you by my side, all will be well." She truly believed that Raisa would be the only Warder in her life that had made her feel special. "I cherish you, Raisa." She giggled, "Nothing will happen, my Gaidin. Just you watch."

Excitement shot through the bond from Sirayn but Seiaman could not help but feel cautious. All this excitement was bound to cause confusion and something just did not sit right with her. Sirayn gave a fierce tug of the bond, as if to tell her to stop fretting! She let out a soft sigh and rose to her feet as the clamour of Aes Sedai, Gaidins, and Guards swarmed around her.

A dark frown creased her brow, the excitement sliding off of her. Just like oil sliding off of water. Exasperation came through the bond as Sirayn turned towards Seiaman and walked towards her. Her voice was a low whisper, "What is the matter with you?" Seia shook her head, unable to voice it. The petite woman growled softly, "I will not let you ruin my day, Seiaman Kera."

Guilt came up in the Spring, she knew how excited Sirayn was about this. The woman felt this would be the day where she would be heralded and named a Legend of the Greens after such a successful discovery. But all she could do was nod, "I won't, m'Aes Sedai." But the nagging feeling just wouldn't go away. She actually felt afraid that this may be the day she'd lose the woman who had given her purpose.

~ Seiaman Kera
Bonded to Sirayn Simeone

Nydylia Sedai of the Blue
Bonded to Raisa, poor woman *g*


ooc- this post was edited to reflect Jaydena's new warders place her her life. *G*

Jaydena glanced over at the mattress in her tent, where Jared lay sleeping on the bed, his body twisted in the sheets. Corbin's cot lay nearby as did Jared and Coran's, her warder had climbed into bed with her in the middle of the night. Corbin had left the tent over an hour ago to take guard duty. Her newest Gaidin had left the tent to run some errands for her, but she suspected he just wanted to give her and Jared some time alone. She looked back down at her book and continued to take notes in her travel journal. When Tilana's journal had been found, Jaydena had quickly went about scribing the book into five copies. One for each of the sitters on the journey with Sirayn having the original. The task just could not be trust with any of the tower scribes, for the could easily be agents of the shadow. As she finished the section she was working on a warning came through the bond, followed by an intense excitement. That could mean only one thing, the scouts had found the city and Corbin and Coran had both found out.

She closed her travel journal and set aside the book from Tilana. Jade glanced down at the journal and thought back to when she had started receiving these journal. Black leather with a thick flower scented pages. On the covers of each were Green raised dragons, their bodies twisting across he covers. Her once lover Seia had given them to her once a month on the day of their anniversary. Jaydena would give her a leather pouch full of the best tabac, Two Rivers of course. A stock pile of these journals sat like an abandoned shrine in her room in the tower. Yet for some reason Jade had decided to bring several along on the trip, maybe the pain had finally eased.

She stood up and prepared the things she would need for the trip into the city. Pulling her dressing gown off she slipped an undershirt on and then she grabbed the woman lightweight chainmail that Seia had given them before they left for Ebou Dar. Ebou Dar I even shudder when I hear the name. The bane of my love and life. She slid her shirt over the green chainmail. The billowing green shirt with ties at the neck was light and allowed for movement. Jade pulled on a pair of tight black britches of a stretching fabric. A Green leather vest was pulled over the top of the shirt. Knee high Green leather boots followed.

Jade headed over to the small table and picked her green dragon belt that Seia gave her at the bonding party. She slid the dragon dagger onto the belt and then hooked her saber across the other hip. Her cloak flew across her shoulders and she turned to see Jared watching her with a smile. "Later Jared I'm to busy right now. They have found the city, I suggest you prepare yourself. Corbin is on guard duty and he will be in shortly. Coran is running some errands and he will come get ready shortly I assume." She nodded and stepped out of the tent, on her way to find the sitters...

Jaydena Sedai


Jonathan had spent most of the night tossing and turning in his tent. He kept trying to convince himself it was just his imagination, but this feeling that something bad was going to happen just wouldn't leave. He told himself he had just read too many stories, but it didn't help. It was probably just the fact that so much had already gone wrong with this trip messing with his head, but something just didn't... feel right. Exasperated with himself, he went ahead and got dressed then headed out into the night.

He didn't travel far, just to a small hilltop a short distance away. Sitting there cross-legged, he compared where he was now to his life before Tar Valon. That boy he had been back in Caemlyn no longer existed. So much had changed about him... Physically, he could do things now he hadn't thought were posssible back then, but the most astounding changes were those within himself. Spending years training your mind and body and no one would be quite the same. He knew himself now. Unfortunately, some of the things he had discovered in himself bothered him...

He didn't have a chance to continue along that line of thought because there was a stirring back in the camp. The fact that the sun had risen so much startled him. Apparently he had been even deeper in thought than he had realized. Hurrying back, he grabbed a young man by the arm, "What's happening?" He was startled at suddenly being grabbed and Jonathan had to ask again before he got an answer, in an excited voice he said, "They found it! The city! Namandar!" Jonathan let go and hurried to his tent to grab his sword and a few other things. Before they had left, Jonathan had been told he was to meet up with Andular when they found the city. Even though the sense of foreboding was still there, he couldn't help but feel excited as he set out to find Andular. This journey of theirs would go down in the history books.



Corbin trotted the horse he'd chosen from the stables for this journey, back and forthover the span of about 200 yards, staying just within site of the others on gaurd duty at the time. In the light of the new day he could just make out the shape of a scout galloping his horse towards the camp. Being himself, he eased his sword in it's harness, and watched as he spoke to another Gaidin. By the body language Corbin could tell what the news was. Immediately he sent a warning through his Bond and set off towards the tent he shared with his Jade and Jared to get the rest of the gear he would need.
After he was prepared himself with the neccesary compliment of arms and armor, he et off in search of the two people that weren't in the tent. He located Jade through the Bond and set off at a brisk walk.

Corbin LaGosse
Bonded to Jade
Student of Cuen'd'Eren



Jehanine had been awake an hour before the day dawned and the moon made its escape from the sky. Her tent was illuminated within by a glowing sphere of light, allowing her to see the small journal before her and pen her thoughts into it. It was a temptation she gave into rarely these days, as most of her entries diverged from their original purpose into angry scratched recordings of Sirayn's abuses of their friendship.

She had become silently obsessive, an unhealthy attitude that would only cause further damage to an already fractured friendship. She knew it, but there was little she could do to turn her behaviour away from its present course. She avoided Sirayn where she could, and avoided writing when she was able, but this morning she had been unable to resist the call of her quill. Namandar was so close, so soon to be realized. What wonders would the city hold? What dangers?

A murmur drew her from her tent and she straightened to study the scene with faint interest. Perhaps there had been another accident - it had seemed the journey was fated to be filled with them, and Jehanine knew the Aes Sedai who did not think Sirayn fit to lead only considered the incidents proof of that. She had heard mutterings which angered her even as she agreed with them. Her duty to the friendship had been done, however, with her response to Sirayn's call for volunteers on the first day of the mission, and that was as far as she would go.

A bustle to her left drew her attention, and her sharp gaze noted Lwena Sedai hurrying by and towards the center of the camp. "They have found it!" The words finally arrived at her tent in whispers and excited murmurs, and explained why Lwena was dressed and packed as if ready for the expedition to the city. Today was the day, then. Jehanine allowed her glance to follow the Yellow sister who had inspired such friendship in Sirayn for a few moments longer, her lips compressed into a thin line of discontent. When the woman disappeared from view Jehanine turned briskly towards her tent and tugged on her Bond with Jerad as she did so.

She would be leaving all of her weapons in the camp except for the thin dagger she wore at her ankle and relying on Jerad's sword for her protection. The less she carried into the city, the more she could carry out of it. She wondered again what items they would find - scrolls of ancient knowledge, perhaps, or artifacts from the age long past. Perhaps even a cache of angreal.

The excitement in the air was palpable when Jehanine exited her tent, a thin gown of boned ruby silk startling against her pale skin and the single dagger strapped comfortably at her ankle. She carried nothing and wore no jewelry but the pins in her hair, and only the Creator himself would keep her from rescuing something from the city.

She joined the throng of Aes Sedai and Warders making ready near Sirayn, glancing behind her to smile at Jerad. "Are you ready for a day of discovery, Gaidin?"


:Jehanine DeGavriele:
:Bonded to Jerad Gaidin:
:Sister of the Battle Ajah:


Corwin woke up well before dawn. The city was somewhere close. Corwin was chosen to be the head of the scouts since he had done the same in the Arafel army. Corwin didn't like leaving Elle around here, she had other warders, but Corwin didn't have a choice, someone experienced needed to lead the scouts. Just as the first rays of light were comming, one of the scouts let out a yell and seemed to be absorbed into the ground. Thinking that it was something with the Power, Corwin dashed to a tree and began looking around for the source. When he found nothing, he and the other scouts investigated the area. The first few barely jumped back before the ground gave out under them. Corwin sent a few Tower Gaurds to go back to the camp and let Sirayn Sedai know. Corwin then took the rope that was given to them and tied it to a nearby tree. Sending about 15 Tower Gaurds down to scout out the city, Corwin waited to hear any fighting. After a Finch call Corwin knew the area was secure. Corwin then set the rest of the Gaurds to gaurd the entering area. After word came back from Sirayn Sedai, Corwin sent the majority of his party back to the camp, called all but 5 Gaurds up from the city, and waited for the others to come. It was barely dawn, but Corwin knew the camp would be buzzing with activity.



Kardis slowly stepped back into consciousness from the light sleep that he had been able to find. The first part of the previous night had seen him standing guard over the camp as most slept. It had been slightly cold in the dead of night, but nothing like what he had felt at Tar Valon. The night had gone by slowly, Kardis’s only companion being his own thoughts. At first optimistic, he had grown slightly bored as the group had moved to their present location. In the beginning, he had hoped that they would simply walk right into the ancient city. The days of searching coupled with the unfortunate accidents that had followed the assembly had begun destroying his hopes.

As he slipped out of his tent which he had only been in for a few hours, his long legs accidentally caught another Tower Guard’s ankles. Helping the man to his feet, he began to turn to continue running when Kardis again stopped him. “Goodness, man, where are you off to in such a hurry?”

Without missing a beat, the man quickly said, “They’ve found it! Namandar, they’ve found it!”

The man took off running again, back to spreading the news. Kardis regretted not apologizing, but the man didn’t seem to notice so he pushed it from his mind. So they had found it. It was about time. Back down into his tent, he grabbed his sword and quickly buckled it to his belt. The weight was a normal part of his life now and he found himself feeling almost incomplete if he did not have it at his side. He quickly gathered a few other things, then regarded his axe and bow. He decided to leave them behind. How much danger could come from a long-dead city anyway?

Again rising, he looked a bit before selecting a direction to travel. He was to meet with Andular, the leader of the group he had been assigned to at the beginning of the journey. Walking around in the camp renewed his spirits. This was great! They had finally found the lost city of Namandar! He tried to keep a reserved look upon his face, but he couldn’t help but give a small smile to other, less calm Tower Guards. This was looking to become a very good day.



Lukas could not believe it, they had found Namander! Since first hearing about it back in the King's Palace in Tanchico he had lived the tale of the lost city, his dreams were plaqued by old treasures and buildings from the Age of Legends and even when he ate he was thinking about Namander or listening to others speculate on the city. But for the whole trip a part of his brain had also been sceptical about the prospect of finding a lost city buried under the surface. That kind of idea was too abstract even for a gleeman's table and yet with the scouts reporting back with proof of the city that part of Lukas was forced to concede that it was wrong. His chance for glory and riches was finally here.

Moving over to the small travel chest that he had been assigned when he, Lyanna and Lanfir had joined this mission, Lukas popped open the lid and started to withdraw all of his weapons and armour. It was not expected that they would face any resistance in this shell of a city but it never hurt to be cauitous and if they could find the city so could others. His armour consisted of a set of hard leather arm bracers, black with a lining of faint silver, then there where his leather gloves also blackand minus fingers, so that he had moreflexibility in his fingers. On top of that he had a leather vest that was studded with metal studs, the suit was strong enough to deflect blows from swords and staffs and could prevent an arrow from digging too deep but against an axe or broadsword it was scant protection. Lukas had bought the armour because it provided him with basic protection without encumbering him or making too much noise. The final touches to his armour were sturdy black leather boots that were steel capped so that if he needed to kick anyone it would have an extra bite to it.

Lukas' weapons consisted of his dueling dagger which was placed in a loop on leather shirt, his katana which was sheathed across his shoulder, this was not normal procedure for the Warder but by leaving it at his waist it hindered his movement. Other than that he had a few daggers on his person, two at his belt, one more on his leather shirt and one placed in a sheath atop his arm bracer.

With all his assorted armour and weaponry it took him close to ten minutes to get prepared but when he was he strapped his Tower Guard cloak over his shoulders and went to meet Lyanna. He knew his Aes Sedai was excited about the discovery as he was and through the bond he could feel a nervous energy building up in her as the wait to descend into the city grew shorter.

Entering through the flap of her tent he bowed to her gently whilst sending a lighthearted feeling of humour through the bond.

"So are we ready to go make a name for ourselves in history?"

Lukas Talinko
Most Attractive and Greatest Green Gaidin


Lyanna watched from a distance as the scout came running over the hill and conversed quietly with Sirayn for a while. As he ran off again, undoubtedly in preparation for the protection of the city, word spread like wildfire through the camp. Namandar had been found!

Lyanna pulled the cloak tighter over the dress she wore. Both were of stout wool, and still she felt the harsh cold penetrate the fabric. She concentrated, and shut the cold out. Her heart was beating fast as she watched over the entire camp from the slightly elevated hill where she stood. Aes Sedai were leaving their tents, Tower Guards and Warders walked around with purpose in their steps, and she felt Lukas's excitement as he learnt of the discovery. She tugged the bond back, showing her excitement too as she slowly descended the hill and made her way to her tent. She'd dressed in skirts this morning, not believing they would find anything today. Somehow, this mission seemed to have embarked under ill stars. The mishaps along the way had been numerous. A little too numerous in Lyanna's mind. She wondered whether someone was trying to make Sirayn look like a bad party leader. Up until now the woman had been curt, and strict, but she lead the party well even though she had the odds against her.

She entered the tent and quickly rid herself of the dress and dressed herself in clothes more suited for the occasion. Again, the soft leather breeches, and a snowy white cotton shirt that was soft to the touch. She buckled on her daggers, and laced up the knee-high leather boots before donning the leather vest and throwing the dark green cloak over it all. Almost without a thought she added the quarterstaff to the case on her back. The weapon had almost become second nature now for her, after her training with Lukas. Absentmindedly, she pulled back her hair and braided it into a fist thick dark braid, binding the end with a leather strap and keeping the loose strands around her face back with another leather strap which she bound low across her forehead and which ends went under the braid. She had done this so many times before it felt like a routine. A hundred years old routine, at that.

What would they find? The Browns would have a frenzy, she was sure of it. Lyanna hoped that the city would be intact, and that they would be in time to salvage it. Maybe it had been plundered by shadow spawn already. You never knew. She shuddered at the thought. There was a high possibility that if the city had remained unscathed, they would find several stasis boxes. They would have to be careful. Gholam were known to be able to survive long and she knew that sometimes they had been locked in stasis boxes before the Breaking. If this truly was an Age of Legends, their hunger for knowledge might make the Browns careless. She resolved to speak to Sirayn about it.

Just then, Lukas brushed aside the tentflaps and shot her his best grin. "So are we ready to go make a name for ourselves in history?"

She smiled back at him. “I think we are, Lukas, I think we are. Let’s go and find Lanfir and Taya.”

Lyanna al’Ellisande
Battle Sister
Bonded to Lukas Talinko


Lyanna watched from a distance as the scout came running over the hill and conversed quietly with Sirayn for a while. As he ran off again, undoubtedly in preparation for the protection of the city, word spread like wildfire through the camp. Namandar had been found!

Lyanna pulled the cloak tighter over the dress she wore. Both were of stout wool, and still she felt the harsh cold penetrate the fabric. She concentrated, and shut the cold out. Her heart was beating fast as she watched over the entire camp from the slightly elevated hill where she stood. Aes Sedai were leaving their tents, Tower Guards and Warders walked around with purpose in their steps, and she felt Lukas's excitement as he learnt of the discovery. She tugged the bond back, showing her excitement too as she slowly descended the hill and made her way to her tent. She'd dressed in skirts this morning, not believing they would find anything today. Somehow, this mission seemed to have embarked under ill stars. The mishaps along the way had been numerous. A little too numerous in Lyanna's mind. She wondered whether someone was trying to make Sirayn look like a bad party leader. Up until now the woman had been curt, and strict, but she lead the party well even though she had the odds against her.

She entered the tent and quickly rid herself of the dress and dressed herself in clothes more suited for the occasion. Again, the soft leather breeches, and a snowy white cotton shirt that was soft to the touch. She buckled on her daggers, and laced up the knee-high leather boots before donning the leather vest and throwing the dark green cloak over it all. Almost without a thought she added the quarterstaff to the case on her back. The weapon had almost become second nature now for her, after her training with Lukas. Absentmindedly, she pulled back her hair and braided it into a fist thick dark braid, binding the end with a leather strap and keeping the loose strands around her face back with another leather strap which she bound low across her forehead and which ends went under the braid. She had done this so many times before it felt like a routine. A hundred years old routine, at that.

What would they find? The Browns would have a frenzy, she was sure of it. Lyanna hoped that the city would be intact, and that they would be in time to salvage it. Maybe it had been plundered by shadow spawn already. You never knew. She shuddered at the thought. There was a high possibility that if the city had remained unscathed, they would find several stasis boxes. They would have to be careful. Gholam were known to be able to survive long and she knew that sometimes they had been locked in stasis boxes before the Breaking. If this truly was an Age of Legends, their hunger for knowledge might make the Browns careless. She resolved to speak to Sirayn about it.

Just then, Lukas brushed aside the tentflaps and shot her his best grin. "So are we ready to go make a name for ourselves in history?"

She smiled back at him. “I think we are, Lukas, I think we are. Let’s go and find Lanfir and Taya.”

Lyanna al’Ellisande
Battle Sister
Bonded to Lukas Talinko


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IC: Taya had been awake half an hour and was now dressed and ready to face another day. Her sleep had been plagued by strange dreams, and while she couldn't quite remember what her subconscious had been showing her, she knew that it wasn't anything pleasant. She still had that edgy feeling, the sense that something was wrong, but she couldn't say what. Forget about your dreams, woman - you are facing reality now.

She was not sure what to expect when she exited her tent, but slowly the realisation came to her that she suspected the worst. She suspected that she would find that she'd imagined the whole thing - that Lanfir and Lyanna were not back after all. It had been extremely difficult last night to part with the two of them and retire to her tent - she'd had to act calm, as if nothing at all were amiss, and she knew she had failed at least to some degree. She did not understand why she was reacting the way she was, and Eos didn't have much of a clue either - at least not that she had let him theorise on. But the fact was she had lost some of the control she so prided herself on - the reapparance of Lanfir and Lyanna had really thrown her. She was still reeling now, days later.

She breathed to calm herself, and felt a warm, strong hand on the small of her back. She didn't turn to Eos, merely continued to work at composing herself so that she could face the outside world. Then her efforts were rudely interrupted by another Gaidin popping his head into the tent.

"Aes Sedai," he said, and bowed - it was an awkward movement even for a Warder, while crouching in the entrance to a tent that way. The man nodded to Eos too, before continuing to speak. "I have been sent to report that the city has been found. Preparations are underway for departure."

"Thank you," Taya said, and nodded slightly, indicating that the man was dismissed. He went on his way and Taya turned to look at Eos, able to now that she had something else to focus on. "Well," she said softly, "I suppose this is it." And when she smiled at him she saw her face reflected in his shocking blue eyes.



Ten minutes later she walked out into the cold morning air with her hiking boots on and a heavy coat around her. Eos was beside her, less heavily cloaked but still dressed to withstand the cold.

Taya went immediately to locate someone she could talk to. Oh, who am I kidding? she asked herself. I am desperate to see if it really was real.

She immediately set to scanning the area for Lyanna or Lanfir, but didn't see either of them. She fought the sinking feeling as more and more faces turned out not to be either of the veteran Greens.

She spotted Sirayn, and headed over to the younger woman. When she arrived she nodded in greeting. "Greetings on this crisp morning," she said. "I heard the good news, of course. When do you expect we will head out?"

She forced her rising despair down, distracting herself by focusing on Sirayn's unreadable face and trying to read it thoroughly.

Taya Sedai


Andular sat in his tent looking at maps with a scowl on his face. He had agreed to lead the Tower Guard on this trip as a favor to Con who was busy with other matters and he was quickly regretting it. The Thunder on the Ocean master stared at the maps studying them for a few minuets more then rose.

The news that the city had been found spread through the encampment swiftly but had reached his ears several minuets ago. Standing he secured his longsword to his back and attached his fan cloak. The camp was awash with excitement but in his experience excitement often led to mistakes. Leaving his tent he squinted at the morning light and strode to the rally point where he had instructed his regiment of guard to meet him. He would be sure these men knew what they were about and did not falter in their resolve to stay alert of dangers. At the first sign of complacency from any of his charges he intended to set an example.

A few men stood in the clearing and they came to attention as the tall Warder’s gaze fell on them. Pulling some hard cheese from his pocked Andular ate as he studied his massing troops.

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"I believe we both know the answer to that question."

Jerad smiled, letting that finish his answer. It wasn't going to be a boring day.

She had been up early, and Jerad had felt her anger across the bond. Not that anger was uncommon for Jehanine. Today was different, as well, and Jehanine was apparantly very pleased to hear of the latest development. Still, the bitter aftertaste of malcontent remained. Jerad frowned.

"Is something troubling you?"

Perhaps her former friendship with Sirayn Sedai. Jerad had been a student and friend to Los, but lately, he had been too busy to see his old friend. Or was it that he simply hadn't MADE the time to see him. He made a mental note to catch up later, after Namandar.

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Nikita strolled the camp like a cat on the prowl. The news had spread quickly, but she had been up and about, and ready for the day long before the sun rose. Her thick blonde braid hung on her back, and thinking of it she chuckled in her low breathy voice. Some people had sometimes compared her to Birgitte Silverbow come alive. Without the bow of course. Nikita brushed that away. She was a woman. Nothing more. And a Tower Guard of course.

The camp seemed in order. Nik couldn't really resist keeping an eye out for the younger Tower Guards. It was a habit, not born out of jealousy with Matalina, but simply a habit. She had been Mistress of Novices for a long time, and some of the aura still clung to her.

Mat was apparently lounging outside Raeyn Sedai's tent, looking very loose and relaxed, but tensed to the bone and ready to strike at whatever could hurt her Sedai. It was odd to see Mat this way. She even had a kid now. Nik nodded to her and flashed a grin and then moved on with her inspection. The whole camp had been awestruck a few days ago with the arrival of two long lost sisters, one of them being the illustrious Lanfir Leah Marithsen, whom everyone thought to have vanished out of the Tower forever. Nik had never met her, but she did know the woman by face from the portraits in the Green quarters. It must have come as quite a shock to the Sisters to learn that these women were still alive.

Nik eyed Sirayn Sedai from a distance. She was talking to one of the Green Sitters, Taya Sedai. It seemed apparent they would head out to the lost city soon. Nikita walked over to the both of them and bowed deep.

"Sirayn Sedai, Taya Sedai, may the light illumine your paths today and all days. Can I be of service?"

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Nikita Locksley
Tower Guard
Master of Me'Arearth


It didn't take long to find Andular. He was the tall guy eating cheese and glaring at everything. Whereas everyone else in the camp seemed excited at the discovery, Andular looked like he expected an attack. Made sense, though. If there wasn't a threat of attack why would the Tower Guards be here.

As he approached he saluted Andular but refrained from striking up a conversation with him. That hadn't seen each other in awhile, but he didn't think now was the time. Instead, he began speaking with another man named Kardis that had showed up about the same time as him. He said to Kardis, "I don't know about you, but just a short while back I would've called you crazy if you'd told me I would be exploring a lost Age of Legends city. And one underground to boot!"

He glanced around at some of the other Guards showing up. Several were wearing armor. Jonathan, on the other hand, simply wore a leather jerkin over his shirt. Armor always felt to... restrictive to him. Besides, he thought with a grin, as long as I don't let 'em hit me I'll be fine.



Raeyn found herself stirring from another restless night of quasi-sleep in the semi-light of dawn. A breeze twitched at the tent-flaps, enough to show Matalina sitting outside in the miserable torridly windy weather.

She smiled, a quick twitch of her lips. In failing to protect her two former Aes Sedai from harm, Matalina seemed to have unseemly dedication to her duties since her fall into the Shadow. It was rare to find anyone loyal to anyone else who served the Shadow, yet the Great Lord had smiled upon Raeyn in finding Mat. And the dedication that Raeyn felt towards Matalina was returned in spades; she had saved this woman from her own death, and she would do her best to protect her dear Warder, one of her dearest friends as well as she could.

Dressing quickly, she pulled on a thick velvet dress in a deep hue of brown over her warm woolen shift. The chill in the air was so terribly reminiscent of home, but her time spent in the Tower had caused her to become unaccustomed to the joyful briskness of a proper winter. Channeling, she relight the brazier that still contained some remaining wood from the night before, at which time Matalina poked her head into the tent.

"Raeyn, they seemed to have found the city. It looks as though they are preparing to enter."

Raeyn blinked. That would explain the rising noise levels outside, louder than could be accounted for by those in camp simply getting up and heading for some breakfast. "A fine day for discovery," she murmured ruefully as another breeze ripped open the tent flap to show people milling about outside, running for this and that.

She put on her belt, checking the pouches attached to make sure she had everything she needed: ink, notebook, pens, and a random assortement of other things that she had found useful to have onhand over the years. A small, unadorned dagger tucked into the belt completed her arrainment.

Stepping out of the tent with Matalina shadowing, she let the wind rush over her for a minute before starting towards the direction that people seemed to be exicitedly pointing at. A day of destiny for some, a day of doom for others. What would come of today, in the histories, in personal lives?

Raeyn Sedai
Head of the Brown Ajah
Sitter in the Hall
Bonded to Matalina Gaidin


Walking up to Andular, Kardis quickly signaled his presence to the man before sending his gaze about the group already assembled. Most were very excited, a few were nervous, and Andular himself appeared cautious. His mood, in turn, affected Kardis. He pushed some of his excitement aside, assuming a similar attitude. He was here to protect and serve the Aes Sedai.

Turning around a bit, he noticed Jonathan, another Tower Guard than he hadn’t seen in a while. Jonathan was the first to speak. , "I don't know about you, but just a short while back I would've called you crazy if you'd told me I would be exploring a lost Age of Legends city. And a city underground to boot!"

“I know exactly what you mean. Not too long ago I had been sweating outside of the Tower trying to survive my time as a trainee, simply hoping to make it to the next day. Now look at us. Tarabon. I could never imagine even being this far from the Tower, let alone searching for an Age of Legends city, like you said. This is going to be very…interesting.” His voice trailed off as he rested his hand on the hilt of his sword. His thoughts of a relaxing day walking through an old city were quickly vanishing.



Kaylan brushed her hair back and up, securing it with a net of Air. She had no idea what she would be encountering today and had donned her leather armour, her sword on her hip. It was likely that when they found the city it would be completely empty, but she had been armoured the whole time they had been travelling just in case. Her skirts were packed away, and she was sure that some of the odd looks she was getting was from the fact that her cleavage was actually hidden underneath her armour.
I do know what armour is for, I am practical. She growled inside her head at the tower guard who had entered the tent and was looking at her chest as if something was wrong.
"A hem. Can I help you, child?" The man had to be at least 25 years old, but that was still a baby compared to her.
"I... my apologies, Aes Sedai." He bowed to her, almost berating her for calling him a child but realising quickly who he was speaking to.
She merely raised an eyebrow at him, wondering exactly what it was that hewas wanting.
"I... er, the forward scouts have found the city, Aes Sedai." Kaylan eyes widened in shock at his words, and the brush slipped from her hand to bounce on the floor of the tent.
"Namandar is found." It was almost a whisper.
"Thank you, gaidin." She straightened up, leaving everything exactly how it was, and walking out into the air. She gave her bonds an urgent summons and was unsurprised to see all three arriving quickly.
"The city has been found." She grabbed a small bag quickly, leather with a long strap that was designed to break if pulled, so that it wouldnt be a hindrance in battle. It was almost empty, holding only a water flask, but was ready to be filled up with whatever they might find in the first trip into the city.
She wandered over to where the other Aes Sedai seemed to be gathering and waited to see what would happen.

Kaylan Sedai
Battle Sister
Bonded to three


Leilani looked up at the Warder who came in to her tent unannounced. She had been just getting dressed, and shot him a dirty look as his eyes lingered over her body.
"Yes, child?" She pulled the shirt over her head hurriedly. The material was sturdy but not as restrictive as some of the armour the other women had been wearing, but Leilani had taken to wearing battleclothes, too. Her longsword gleamed on her hip as she did up the belt, and she looked at the Warder in such a way that he knew she would use it if provoked. It had been Gyrrid's sword, and he had taught her how to use it. The shirt she was wearing had been Astin's, and she mourned the loss of her two warders.
"Er, the city has been located, Leilani... Aes Sedai." His pause was a little too long to be an accident, and she had embraced the Source before she knew it.
"I thank you for alerting me. Now, go back to your owner and ask her to teach you a lesson in proper behaviour before I do." She could see the panicked movement of his eyes, shifting from side to side, as he bowed.
"Yes Aes Sedai." He scurried off as quickly as he could without looking rude, and she let go of the Source.
What is wrong with me? She had been so emotional since Astin had died, so touchy.
With a sigh, she wandered out of the tent, looking for her Sisters. Breifly, she wondered which of the Browns she would be getting a tongue lashing frm this time.
Looking around, Leilani wondered where Vira was. The other Green was one of the only women she counted an ally, since Sirayn had been raised.

Leilani Sedai
Battle Sister
Twice Bonded, twice lost...


Coran made is way around the Camp, letting the Aes Sedai and other Warders know about the find. He had been running an errand for Jaydena when Sirayn stopped him and a few others, telling them to spread the word.

Coran waited to see if Sirayn wanted anything more...since the other day, they had talked a bit, but He knew also that she was really busy with Namandar to have much time to spare for him. And for some reason, this bothered him.

He shook his head as he left and completed his first erreand, then started going from tent to tent. It was early, and not many of the inhabitants of the camp were quite awake, but shortly after he had made his way through the tents, people were buzzing around the Camp like a disturbed Hive.

Through the bond he shared with Jaydena, he felt her awake and the excitement that surely indicated that she had heard. He made his way back to the tent that she was sharing with Jared, Corbin and himself (now).

Nodding to Corbin and Jared, they made preparations for what would soon turn to the trip of a lifetime.

Coran was excited, he had done much reading since he first was picked to go on this trip...a trip that had already turned out to be life changing for him. But now, to actually be about to see what would be found in a city thought lost long ago...He could not wait to be there.

He walked around the others, helping to prepare quickly.

I wonder how Sirayn is doing with the news? he thought to himself...She seemed excited this morning.

Jared bumped him. "Focus, man. We need to finish." the man said. Coran nodded and continued to pack...

Coran Gaidin
Jaydena's (Newest) Warder


Before Sirayn could answer Taya's comment, Taya noticed movement at the corner of her vision and turned to find its source. She found that one of the most experienced Gaidin in the party - and in the world - had joined them. Nikita Locksley, a woman who moved with the usual deadly grace of Gaidin, but with an extra dose of it. Nikita was renowned amongst Greens for her hard work and talent, and everyone speculated on which lucky sister would finally snag her in a bond.

I wonder if Kaylan is sizing her up, Taya thought with the faintest of smiles, but then became sombre again at the reminder of Kaylan's current predicament. Her dear friend really was facing a tough situation where her Gaidin Jumael was concerned. Taya had the distinct feeling that situation wouldn't end happily.

Taya's thoughts returned to her present company as Nikita bowed to both Taya and Sirayn and addressed them both also. "Sirayn Sedai, Taya Sedai, may the Light illumine your paths today and all days. Can I be of service?"

Taya nodded to the woman. "Your eyes and reflexes must be sharp this day - from what I have heard of you, Nikita Gaidin, you will not have any trouble there. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintence."

Taya Sedai
Sitter of the Green
Bonded to Eos

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IC: Vira stalked into the centre of the camp from the outskirts where her tent was pitched, looking left and right for someone to take out her foul mood out on. She only ever aimed her wrath at those who were perfectly deserving, but sometimes she couldn't find a single worthy target. Now was one such time.

In spite of a certain person's presence. Vira's eyes settled on Sirayn in the distance. She reminded herself with consternation that even that most worthy target wasn't an option today. Nor any day. Sirayn had too many friends now - insane as that notion seemed. The Sitters treated her like a princess, as if they'd forgotten her apalling behaviour of not long ago. It irked Vira to the core, but now with Sirayn as leader of a major expedition headed by Greens - no matter what the Browns thought, it was obvious who was and should be in charge - Vira was helpless to do anything but sit by and watch the girl wield her newfound power.

Vira walked around for a while to calm herself - walking brisk-paced seemed to do that for her. She didn't have time to fit in a bit of training, which would be the ultimate way of clearing her mind. She'd received the summons not a moment ago. But she did have to take some time to calm down or she'd rip someone to shreds.

During her rounds she spotted Leilani in the distance and veered over to her, stretching her legs one at a time in front of her as she spoke. "Good morning, sister. Ready to discover what lies beneath?"

Vira Demarcias
All she sees is Green


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Leilani nodded to Vira as she approached.
"Good morning, sister. Ready to discover what lies beneath?"
"Indeed, I hope so. I can only hope that the battle regalia is an unneccesary precaution." She pointed to the sword, that she was well practiced with.
"It is... incredible to be finally finding Namandar, though. I can only imagine what it will be like inside." Leilani walked along with Vira. The other Green seemed to be agitated, and in Leilani's emotional state, if they were both not calm chaos could result. An no amount of negotiating would be able to fix that up... But she had finally given up on trying to be Gray Ajah.
You forsook that path years ago, it is not the one for you. Your passions do not have to be placed behind your desire to seal rifts, not all the time. Leilani though to herself of Bandar Eban, of some of the horrors she had seen there. Of the horrors two other Aes Sedai had suffered there, and probably more that she did not know about.
No, negotiation was not always possible, that Bandar Eban had taught her. And in her state of having lost another Warder, she would not have been able to had she tried.
So, she simply walked along with Vira, avoiding Sirayn carefully. No matter what they thought about her, the rest of the Green seemed to be absolutely simpering over her. No, today was not the day to express her true opinion of the girl chosen to lead this Battle Party - if it became one. She nearly laughed at the thought of Sirayn's Great Glory being leading a pack of Browns into a mouldy old city and seeing no action at all.

Leilani Sedai
Battle Ajah
Twice Bonded, twice lost...


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: : : : As a babble of excited voices rose around her Sirayn ducked into her tent and merciful peace. She pulled off her coat and reached for a set of fine silvery ringmail which she slithered into with much cursing and yanking. Shouldering into her coat, she slung a couple of crossed sword-belts round her waist and knotted a scabbarded longsword on either hip. She always wore three daggers up her sleeve, in her boot and dangling at the back of her neck and with a pair of thin leather gloves resting snugly on her hands, leaving her fingers bare but palms pebbled for better grip, Sirayn ducked out of her tent braiding her hair with a single red thread. Excitement flowed and eddied as a palpable current throughout the camp. She strode toward the gathering and nodded to Seiaman as her Gaidin appeared. Losyn was close by, shadowing her like the loyal protector he was. Seiaman was in a dark mood and Sirayn exchanged a few harsh words with her but even though Seiaman agreed to lighten up protective anxiety still flowed through the bond. Turning away Sirayn scanned the crowd noting all the familiar faces. She’d give the camp another ten minutes to rouse itself before they set out.

: : : : The crowd parted and Taya approached with a brief nod. Sirayn studied her warily. Taya hadn’t been herself lately and Sirayn suspected it was something to do with Lyanna and Lanfir’s appearance. Hold up, Taya. We need you. “Ten minutes,” Sirayn said crisply in answer to Taya’s question. The city had waited two thousand years for their arrival but Sirayn didn’t plan to wait another moment before she let her sisters loose on its treasures. “Take care in the city, Taya.” She spoke almost without thinking and regretted it immediately. Damn. Sirayn looked up to Taya though she fiercely denied it and she hadn’t planned to make it so obvious. The awkward moment was broken as a Tower Guard made her appearance; “Can I be of service?” Sirayn inclined her head to the woman in response. “The Light illumine you. Keep a sharp eye out in the city, please. There’s no telling what may be down there.” She held the woman’s gaze a moment longer before returning to scanning the crowd. She saw Jehanine close by and quickly averted her gaze. Lwena was at her side, Jade near by, and their Warders scattered throughout the crowd. It looked as though everyone was up and ready to leave.

: : : : “Quiet please!” Sirayn pitched her voice to carry across the hubbub. The others quieted down rapidly. “Namandar has been located,” Sirayn confirmed. “The city is in that direction,” she pointed to the north, “two minutes’ walk. We’ll go on foot; no point in taking horses underground. The scouts will guard the camp and the way down to the city while we’re inside. Everybody be alert! Anything could be down there. If you must split from the party while in Namandar, please do not go alone. Get into groups for your own safety. Thank you.” And the party started toward the north and the underground city of Namandar in the fresh sparkling light of early morning. Sirayn with her dislike of crowds went sideways to the outskirts of the party, where she found herself close to none other than her friend Lwena. Linking arms casually with the Yellow sister, Sirayn said with a wry smile, “Excited?”

: : : : Lwena grinned back, though the expression was shadowed with a tinge of dark nervousness. “Of course! This is the discovery of our Age, after all. But I can't help but feel a little nervous.” She shook her head; this wasn't the time to bring up her unfounded fears. She was probably jumping at shadows. “I have no reason to though, so don't mind me. Maybe it's because I don't like being underground.” She shivered slightly at the thought; trapped, alone, in the dark, the dank, musty earth pressing closer and closer on all sides, until she had been crushed into oblivion. She turned to Sirayn. “Do you think anything will go wrong?” She avoided mentioning the problems that had plagued them almost the entire journey, hoping that it was just bad luck, not sabatoge.

: : : : Sirayn’s smile deepened as Lwena confessed how excited she was. In truth Sirayn could barely contain her own excitement. Not only was this the journey that would make or break her career but the treasures they might find were truly awe-inspiring. A weapon to defeat the Dark One? A way to stop all poverty and starvation? A vicious and fatal disease? That last thought was rather worrying but Sirayn pushed it aside. They had no defence against disease but their Yellows. “I hope not, but I think it likely.” Sirayn dropped her voice to a low murmur so that none of those crowding around could hear. “I suspect that all the bad luck we’ve had isn’t so much bad luck as deliberate sabotage,” she confided in a too-casual tone. “And why would they be trying to delay us except to get their own forces in place before we arrive? And did they succeed?” With a brief shrug, “Maybe we’re walking into an ambush. Maybe something worse. I don’t know, I just know that I’m not going to sit up here for months to see if anything moves.” Sirayn glanced sideways at Lwena, a sharp critical gaze. “If the Shadow waits as I suspect, this will be your first battle against them, hmm? How do you feel?”

: : : : Lwena bit her lip as she thought; Sirayn’s words had evoked a fear she was hard pressed to contain. Battle? Against the Shadow? Suddenly, memories surfaced... Suddenly, a Myrddraal flowed from the trees, heading straight for Lwena. The young Aes Sedai stood, paralyzed with fear, her mind bouncing from thought to thought. Why are there shadowspawn this far south from the Blight? was her last thought before her Warder lunged into battle, ducking and weaving between the Myrddraal's blade with a grace Lwena envied. She could tell through the bond that he was using the void- a good explanation for his skill. She watched proudly as he beheaded the shadowspawn in one smooth stroke, but the pride soon turned to agony as the blade slashed him across the chest. Lwena cried out wordlessly and rushed for her fallen companion as the Mydraal collapsed in a boneless heap... She shuddered and shook her head, then looked at Sirayn. “I feel nervous, but it isn’t something I can’t handle. I hope.” She gave Sirayn a weak smile. “Who am I kidding- I’m afraid for my life, and the lives of those I should be defending. I’m a healer, not a fighter, no matter how much I pretend to be; what if I lose my nerve?” She looked down at her hands. “But I can’t, so I won’t.” She gave a grim smile. “I’ll fight if the occasion calls for it, but I won’t enjoy it.”

: : : : Sirayn watched Lwena’s face closely as her sister talked. Determination and resolution were reflected in her ageless face, the anxiety but a shadow on her features and Sirayn felt a sudden sharp pride in her friend. “I’m sure you’ll do fine.” Sirayn reflected briefly on how she had come to have such a fierce faith and conviction in the young Yellow, and put the thought aside. Lwena had more than earned it. It was Sirayn herself who had changed. She kept up her cold exterior but inside, she thought the ice had begun to melt ever since Seiaman had broken through to her. For a woman with a mean attitude she had more trusted friends than she had ever envisioned. Her gaze fell briefly upon Coran Thalier, Jade’s newest Gaidin, and she quirked a smile despite herself and the dark circumstances of their meeting. Therein lay a major difference to her fractured relationship with Losyn. When thinking of Losyn she felt angry and guilty for the events that had passed between them; Coran made her smile. She felt like a traitor for even thinking about Coran in the same sentence as Losyn. Why was it always the unbearably sweet ones whose hearts she broke?

: : : : It was a shade under two minutes before the party arrived at the scene. Corwin’s scouts popped out from the undergrowth surrounding a wide clearing marked by a couple of trees and warned them not to go into the clearing. There was a hole in the ground and the drop was deep enough to kill. The scouts had put down a rope, gone down, had a look around and sensibly scurried back up except for a handful of luckless victims who’d been delegated to stay. Here Sirayn was confronted with her first problem. Standing with Taya, Jade, Corwin and a few others; “The hole may or may not be the original way down into the city. The ground may or may not be remotely stable. If the dome has fallen in to cause this hole, I can’t in conscience order a big party to walk right over it. And I don’t know where the dome extends to. Corwin, please have one of your people make an estimate of the size of the cavern.” Corwin Gaidin did so efficiently and reported the estimated size of the dome. It was a sketchy figure at best but Sirayn would have to take it as read. The young Aes Sedai fell quiet for a moment as she figured out what to do next.

: : : : Strangely enough, given the problems that were piling up on her, Sirayn felt more relaxed and in control of the situation than she had been for months. Bizarre accidents, suspicious coincidences and bickering weren’t so much her sphere of interest. The assessment and exploration of an ancient site with all the inherent dangers and considerations was. Sirayn felt qualified to deal with this for the first time in a while. She could handle this with the right resources. And fortunately enough, the party contained two of the Tower’s resident experts in the element of Earth: Jade and Sirayn herself. “Jade. I need your Delving Talent.” Sirayn offered a quick smile for her friend; “Delve the ground for me and tell me how deep the earth is, and whether the dome underneath is stable?”

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~ Sirayn ~


Jaydena walked toward the crowd and felt Coran approaching quickly, turning to him she gave him a smile. He grinned at her and handed her some things she had forgotten in her haste. Shaking her head in amusement she wondered when she had become so forgetful. Pulling the think green leather gloves over her hands and hooking the beltpouch around her waist she turned back to him and took the backpack he handed her. She put her arms through it and then secured everything inside the belt pouch. Nodding as she was secured she checked her weapons to make sure they were easily accessible.

When she was done Coran turned her around and checked her swords sharpness and such. She grinned at him and wondered when he had become so protective. Squeezing his hand as he slid the sword back in the scabbard at her side. Jade sent thankfulness through the bond and then turned back around. She listened as Sirayn began to speak and saw her sisters eyes lock with hers for a moment. Jade nodded at her friend as if to say, "I'm Ready," she could feel Coran beside her, Corbin was somewhere off to her left and Jared was a few feet behind her. She knew that he was glaring at Coran's back, the man was intensely jealous and for some reason took the easy affection that she and Coran shared as them being intimate.

Shaking her head at his actions she focused back on the front of the crowd, Sirayn had finished speaking and they were starting to walk toward the city. It was a quick walk before they reached the scouts and Sirayn called her to the front of the crowd. As she reached the front of the group her friend said, "Jade. I need your Delving Talent. Delve the ground for me and tell me how deep the earth is, and whether the dome underneath is stable?” Jaydena nodded and approached the ground. Embracing the source she reached down into the ground and felt the hollowness not that far below them, touching the dome she nodded her head and finished her task quickly.

Turning back around to Sirayn she said, "There is a large emptiness about 20 feet below us, I'm assuming it's the city. The dome itself is very secure, it would take a major earthshake to cause any damage to it." She sent her friend a rueful smile for they both knew that their strength in earth could very well bring the dome down if they saw fit. Stepping closer she said, "It looks safe for us to proceed Sirayn Sedai." Nodding her head she stepped back next to her friend and sent a quick smile to her other friend Lwena Sedai. The two woman had become friends quickly and Jade was beyond thankful to be part of such a wonderful group of women. She took a deep breath and waited to see what would happen next...

Jaydena Sedai


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: : : : Sirayn smiled in thanks as her sister spoke. Twenty feet of solid earth before the dome itself, and the structure of the dome still stable, so it was safe to walk over and with the aid of ropes and saidar they could rig up a platform to lower their party down. Approaching the hole with caution Sirayn asked Jade to keep Delving and warn them if the ground became unstable and also if the gap was man-made or an accidental break in the dome’s smooth surface. Jade was able to report that the dome was fine right up to the very edge and that the hole, of a suspiciously right-angled and square appearance, was ridged with thicker stones. A ventilation outlet, Sirayn surmised. At least she had no reason to worry about the dome caving in under their feet although it was always possible that something about the properties of the dome’s stone confused Jade’s Delving Talent and, indeed, the whole thing was ready to go. Sirayn considered this prospect sourly. In this instance her pessimism was unwarranted. Summoning the scouts and Tower Guards, Sirayn requested that Andular and Corwin and their people work together to set up a safe platform that could bear the weight of a large group of people, and rig it up within the ventilation outlet so that they could descend.

: : : : The job was accomplished in remarkably quick time. A tree had been felled and logged by capable warriors and formed into a platform bound tightly and securely with a weave of saidar. It was suspended from a pulley mechanism operated by a crank and handle. The technology was sound and the platform appeared safe enough. Sirayn tested its strength briefly before stepping boldly on and summoning a few of her sisters leaving orders that the party file onto the platform in turn while many of the scouts remained at the top. The pulley was operated with great care. And with an unholy grinding sound, the platform began to vanish inch by inch into the earth.

: : : : As darkness closed in upon them from all sides Sirayn drew a long breath of relief. Here amidst a great pressing weight of earth she felt more at home, more in tune. She tried to sense the mood as she had done with more success earlier but the earth was so old and still it barely knew. The air became musty and thick with dust as they descended; Sirayn distracted herself from the endless fall by counting the depth in feet and at precisely twenty the air changed to become cold and hard from the surrounding stone. A few moments and they were passing into the cavern itself. The atmosphere had that strange echoing quality that comes from a vast enclosed space. Someone knocked their hand against the dome as they passed down and the sound reverberated throughout the entire cavern. Sirayn bit her tongue since she hadn’t actually advocated complete silence and there were already scouts down there. Falling still, Sirayn’s earth sense detected that the floor wasn’t far below and a harsh whisper ordered any nearby scouts to move well away as the platform sank and then gently impacted on the stone floor.

: : : : Sirayn stepped off the platform and onto dirt untouched for the last two thousand years. She took a breath of air laden with history, released it slowly. She shut her eyes and for a moment pretended that she was the only person alive in this ancient place. Then with a snap of her fingers she called a globe of light to illuminate their place and looked around. The cavern was enormous. Any city she knew could have fit into the space twice over. The dome reached so far over their heads that Sirayn couldn’t see it through the gloom. The only bright spot was a tiny square of light leading up to the surface. They stood on the edge of the dome, where the ground rose gently to meet the walls, and before them lying in a gentle depression was the Age of Legends city of Namandar.

: : : : It was truly spectacular. Light from Sirayn’s globe sparkled and gleamed on every surface. The houses had an oddly organic look as though they had grown there in huddles and groups, their surfaces smoothly formed and flowing into one another. Sirayn could only liken it to bubbles clustered on liquid. The city was crafted in the most part from some kind of white stone that gleamed dazzingly; here and there was a splash of vivid colour under a thick layer of dust, bands of iridescent blue or green stone, a red roof or shiny golden door. A single wall encircled the city in a wide unbroken circle. Two high gates were placed in the exact centre. With the clean graceful lines of the dome and the city’s gentle outline came a sense of tranquility. Namandar beneath the ground had survived the Breaking and two thousand years of turbulent history; it barely noticed the presence of these mortals who dared to trespass upon its hallowed ground.

: : : : As the platform began to serenely rise once more behind them Sirayn stood with her hands clasped behind her back, staring with awe and wonder at the most fabulous discovery of their Age.


~ Sirayn~


Lyanna and Lukas were with the second batch who slowly descended the ventilationshaft by means of the platform that had been built so quickly. As the descent proceeded, the air became increasingly musty and dank, and the earthen walls surrounding them looked old. Lyanna could see various layers of soil, in different colors, piled atop one another and once again she marvelled at the fact that something so old, so ancient would be completely intact beneath her feet and waiting to be discovered.

Light, I sound like a Brown, she muttered under her breath and felt a dart of amusement from the bond. Lukas had heard after all. It was very reassuring to have him here. It wasn't just the notion of protection. It was the sense of companionship and complete trust which she cherished also.

The platform passed the outer wall of the dome and within seconds they hung suspended, freely in what looked like an immense space stretching to all sides. Up here, it was still dark, but below them, light poured from multiple globes of light, undoubtedly cast by Sirayn and company. The light illumined a maze of streets, buildings, squares, all of which were covered in a glimmery layer of dust, all of which were still intact. On the far end, Lyanna could see a vast square, inlaid with mosaic tiles which made up the ancient Aes Sedai symbol, in a dark color against the twinkling light stones surrounding it. The buildings surrounding the square were huge, and Lyanna knew that would be the place they eventually had to get to. The place where most likely most wonders would be stored.

The city was surrounded by a wall, which was unscathed by the looks of it. Hell, everything was unscathed. How this city could have survived something as devastating as the Breaking would remain a mystery, but Lyanna thanked the stars that it had. It would be much easier to defend when push came to shove. Her battle-hardened mind went over all the vantagepoints in the area, her trained eye scanned the city for any weak spots they'd have to take in mind. "We will have to set up a defensive line over there by the gates." she whispered to Lukas. "And I think it would be wise to send scouts and Tower Guards patrolling the area. From up here we can never know what comes at us from behind the city. Who knows, there might be other ways into this cave. There must be other ventilation shafts, and the amount of mishaps we've had on the way over here disturb me. If someone is trying to slow us down, prevent us from getting here in time, there might already be others present in the vicinity. Maybe we are watched by the Dark even now."

The platform touched the floor gently, and they braced themselves as it settled down evenly. Lyanna summoned Fire and Air and formed her own globe which illuminated the path before them. Their footsteps left traces in the sparkling dust. No one had come this way, that was for sure. As they moved closer to Sirayn, Lyanna could see the excitement in the younger Sedai's eyes, even though her face was calm. She was learning quickly.

"We really found it Sirayn, we really did. Before we lead the Browns in, we'd better make sure we have the place secured. That gate over there must be guarded, and so must the rest of the wall. What would you have me do?"

Lyanna al'Ellisande
Battle Ajah
Bonded to Lukas Talinko


Lanfir was glad she was with the second batch of people that descended down the shaft. She wasn’t too fond of closed spaces and knowing that others had made the journey safely calmed her fluttering heart considerably. While the platform descended, she kept her eyes fixed on the light above her and tried very hard not to think of the darkness below. It had been very long ago since she had truly felt claustrophobic, but right now definitely was such a moment.

The tension was instantly forgotten as soon as she stepped off the platform and she saw the legendary City of Namandar by the light of a handful of globes of saidar.

Yveva, you would have loved this, was her first thought, as she hungrily drank in the city. It was in tact. Perfectly in tact. “Unbelievable,” she whispered, embracing saidar to create her own lightglobe. She took a few steps forward and found herself closely behind Lyanna and Sirayn. The other Greens were watching the Namandar with as much awe as Lanfir did.

What a sight to behold – the light of their globes reflecting on white stone that still managed to shimmer under all those layer of dust – the brilliant, beautiful architecture of the city that she instantly fell in love with – the sheer history that this city seemed to breathe… it was so easy to imagine this City bustling with life and activity. Even after aeons of being buried under the dust, it still did not feel dead. It felt just tranquil, as if it was waiting for something. Waiting to be discovered, perhaps?

Battle instinct, hardened and never truly asleep since her years in Kandor, whispered something entirely else. Something felt wrong. Houses that were left deserted always seemed to radiate that they were empty and desolate. This city did not, not really. And she was rather sure that it wasn’t the beautiful architecture that was causing this feeling, peaceful as the city might look right now. They would have to be on guard.

She was just about to raise the issue with Sirayn when she saw Lyanna bow her dark head into the direction of Sirayn’s. Holding saidar, her senses were heightened enough to pick up Lyanna’s whispered words: "We really found it Sirayn, we really did. Before we lead the Browns in, we'd better make sure we have the place secured. That gate over there must be guarded, and so must the rest of the wall. What would you have me do?"

Lanfir joined them and waited for Sirayn’s answer. She was the mission leader after all, bad-tempered and young as she was. They had to comply to her wishes, all they could give was advice.

~Lanfir Leah Marithsen
Battle Sister


Taya watched in growing anticipation as the preparations for made to enter the city. A platform was constructed expertly and yet hastily, which would bear the weight of a large group of people. Of course they would need to be lowered down in groups, and instinctively people around Taya began organising themselves, lining up in a sense.

Taya was in the recovery party as one of the highest-ranking members, though she was not heading it. That was a Brown's job. The party contained other Browns some of whom Taya got along with perfectly well - others in light of recently arising tensions were not so warm towards her. She could not really bring herself to care at this particular moment in time - a moment that would go down in history as one of the all-time greats.

The old Green was one of the first summoned by Sirayn, and she moved forward with Eos close behind her, not bothering to be ginger about stepping onto the platform when she'd seen a few others step safely onto it already. Once on the platform Taya watched and waited with growing impatience - carefully hidden beneath her Aes Sedai mask, of course - as the rest of those in the second group stepped aboard. Then the pulley was set into action and a loud grinding sound marked their descent into the unknown. Taya took a moment to recognise just how priveleged she was to be here at this moment in time.

She was on edge, ready for whatever awaited her beneath. The fine hairs rose on the back of her neck and she tingled. She did not look at Eos, merely examined the nature of the bond and sent her gentle reassurance back through it - he sent his own to her constantly. She watched the earthen walls so close to her face as the platform was lowered at an excruciatingly slow rate into the earth.

Taya inhaled the faint mustiness in the air that grew stronger as they descended. More pleasant was the coolness generated by the earth all around them. She craned her neck to look at the dwindling hole of light above. But then her attention was seized by the noticeable change in her surroundings. They had entered the dome itself.

It didn't take long before they had touched down. Taya immediately looked left and right for scouts, but could not see a thing. The darkness was at this time complete, and she took care when stepping off the platform and onto cool, firm ground in this ancient place. She inhaled and blinked as a ball of light appeared, illuminating all of her immediate surroundings. The light was of hardly any use in trying to explore all their surroundings, but it was better than complete darkness.

Taya stared around her, in her awe forgetting that she had been feeling rather ill at ease most days of late since Tanchico. The sight that greeted her eyes filled her heart with wonder and took her breath away. She thought she could well drop dead right there on the spot from what she was seeing.

High above, directly overhead, Taya made out the tiny square of light from whence they had come. But Taya's attention didn't stay there for long. The view of the ancient city, almost perfectly preserved for two millenia here beneath the earth, was far too dazzling.

She saw gleaming white stone of some kind, looking as if it were polished daily to maintain its splendis sheen - but seeing that seemed to contradict what she had sensed and smelt since entering the dome proper. A staleness in the air, mustiness of a place long abandoned - another smell too, faint but clear. The scent of decay. Taya looked around suddenly wondering if Tilana lay somewhere close. And she will be more than just a pile of bones, Taya thought as she stared beyond the city's outer wall, down one of the main thoroughfares in the city ahead, a road once no doubt extensively travelled. She has not been gone long. She will still be flesh and bone... Not living, though. Tilana was not a spectacle Taya looked forward to seeing.

A sound behind her made her start faintly and turn around. The platform was rising once more. The next group awaited aboveground, eager for their first look at the legend that was Namandar. But Taya's thoughts quickly returned to Tilana, and she whispered, "I will do as you bid me, Captain General. I will bring her home."

Taya Sedai
Green Sitter


Daeralle Verimal had sat at camp for a day and a half after finally catching up with the party that had moved so fast to outrun her. Not that they even knew it. But it almost seemed to her like one more slight against her in her twilight years. Twilight days, more like it, Daeralle thought as she replaced her leather-bound book in her pack and clasped her hands together. And if that little chit hadn't informed me of this grand mission of theirs, I'd have been left to rot in the Tower, rather than on the battle field. Sirayn had come through for her in the only way Daeralle would have expected - the way a friend and comrade would.

Daeralle still called her a chit, but it had taken on more of an affectionate tone these days. Their friendship had had somewhat of an awkward beginning, but it had endured all the tensions and troubles and had become one of the strongest Daeralle had ever known. And one of the strangest. To think that Sirayn was so very young, and yet understood her better than any other Green in the Tower...well, it was just strange.

She would be sad to leave Sirayn behind. It might be nice to see where the young thing ended up. But I am confident she'll end up somewhere good. She's made of stern stuff, that girl. Already moving up in the ranks, proving herself...she's doing her Ajah proud.

Not that they'd ever notice. Daeralle had come to believe they were walking around blind, these women who were supposed to be some of the quickest-witted and sharp members of the human race. She couldn't help but compare the current situation to the olden days, when she'd had more influence with her iron fist. Why hadn't the countless protégés she'd trained in the ways of the armour-clad Green taken up her staff and carried on her legacy? Why had they all let her down?

She had no answer, and asking the questions only depressed her. She just abhorred the idea of leaving the Green Ajah in the hands of weakling saps.

After a moment of furious contemplation in which her anger reached its peak and then immediately began to cool, Daeralle sighed softly and conceded to reality. I am not leaving it to any such people, she admitted, in spite of feeling bitter over the whole matter. Those women may have lost respect for me, may have treated me unforgiveably...but they are not fools. Not all of them, anyway. The Green Ajah will survive my demise. If only that were a comforting thought.

Daeralle looked up as something dark blurred at the edge of her vision, to see her Warder friend gliding out of the surrounding bushland. The man moved with hardly a sound, and when he reached her he dropped effortlessly into a crouch before her and looked penetratingly into her old eyes. "They are moving about - I believe they've found the city."

Daeralle raised an eyebrow and nodded. "Very well."

"I will follow them to the location, then return for you. You may slip into the city somewhere in the middle groups."

Darealle nodded again. "Thank you, good man."

And he rose and loped off again without a further word. It was rather a pity she hadn't asked the services of a Warder who actually smiled once in a while - but Lomas was really the best suited to her needs, and the most trustworthy of those she knew. The only way to really trust a Warder was to bond him, but Daeralle wouldn't ever put a man - or herself - through that again. Particularly knowing that her death was near.

So then, it was settled. They were heading for the city, and Daeralle would follow in their footsteps. Lomas had a good disguise for her - she'd not look particularly regal in her rough woodsmans' garb, but she didn't much care about that. She wanted to surprise them all when she finally appeared. They'll see what I'm worth, and it will be too late by the time they realise, Daeralle vowed, though she had long since given up feeling happily vengeful about it. It was merely a matter of fact to her now. She was going to die shortly, and they'd say goodbye to her in her moment of greatest glory.

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Taya Sedai and Darealle Sedai


Coran had put Jaydena's pack along with her weapons and gloves, He grabbed his shoulder pack and put it on before donning his fan cloak. He had resisted wearing it around, like most new Warders tended to do,…but only just. Now, though, he clasped it around his shoulders, scooped up Jaydena's Things and walked out of the tent toward where he knew she would be.

Jared watched him and somehow Coran knew that he was not happy that he was taking Jaydena's equipment to her. But at this point, Coran was not overly concerned with that. Jared had taken a standoffish attitude with him since the bonding and no matter what Coran did, their relations did not improve. This morning, Coran decided that it was time Jared got over it. He figured that they would work this out once they returned to the Tower, but for today, his focus (as it had been since the Bonding) was to keep Jaydena safe...and be there for whatever she needed.

They walked over, With Coran and Corbin talking about Namandar and Jared stalking in front of them. As they found Jaydena and Coran held up her equipment. He laughed as she said something about forgetful people. And he quipped back as that being the reason she needed three Warders. She raised an eyebrow at him and he laughed some more as amusement flowed from her. Coran watched as she donned her gloves and weapons, then asked for the Blades one by one, inspecting them to be sure they were in good condition. He put the blades in their sheathes, satisfied with their condition. Jaydena gave his hand a squeeze and sent thanks through the bond. He smiled and moved as she walked forward through the crowds.

Sirayn was calling for her. He watched Jaydena move forward, but this time he was watching Sirayn. She looked at home in front of the group, giving instructions. She looked beautiful…

What are you thinking? He scolded himself. But he knew the feeling was true…when he saw her, he saw an amazing woman, the powerful Aes Sedai poise fit her well and added to her slight beautiful body. In the few moments that Coran had been with her, he had been captivated.

A jarring shove from Jared brought Coran out of his reverie. "Wake up! Be alert…or you will be left to guard the entrance. We are going down with the first run." Jared kept moving forward without looking back. Corbin followed him just shaking his head, but staying out of the middle of them.

Coran glared momentarily, then he decided that he would have done much the same if one of his trainees had been daydreaming when attention was called for. Chiding himself, he followed with the thought that working things out with Jared may involve more than just words…

Stepping on the landing that had been built, they descended into the dark. At once each of the AS had a ball glowing in front of them. Light fought to fill the cavern, but there was just not enough. Ther was enough to give them a sight of what they had found. In Awe, Coran looked around at the perfectly preserved buildings, walkways, the Ancient Symbol in front of the Massive building at the back of the Cavern.

He brought himself back and expanded his awareness, looking for signs of trouble…they had plagued them on this trip, and the "present" that Sirayn had received was proof enough that they were not wanted here. He was prepared for what could happen and he did not need to be Aes Sedai to feel the other Warders around him were ready as well…then they landed.

Coran walked in front of Jaydena while the other two were on the side and back. She had room enough to talk to Sirayn as they made their way through the ancient Cavern.

Coran in Awe
Jaydena's Warder
Jared's Rival


Jaydena nodded and continued to probe the dome, looking for any weaknesses in the structure. As the platform was rigged up she kept her attention on the dome. When the platform was tested she stepped up onto it and walked closer to her friend. Explaining to her that the dome appeared to be solid stone all the way across it and should hold. Dropping the delving weave she instead formed a ball of light and waited for them to descend down into the shaft. As the platform started to sink slowly down into the shaft, Jade gazed around her in wonder, so much earth. She could smell the sent of decades and decades of sitting dirt. She shivered at the though of so much history beneath her feet and then quickly wove several attack weaves, for you never knew what might be down there.

As the passed through the shaft she gasped in wonder at the site below them. White shining building sat in perfect state, covered in a thick layer of dust yet still shining. She wondered at the beauty of the building and what they would have looked like when they were clean, would they have lite the city up by themselves or had they used other forms of light. A tile mosaic of the Aes Sedai symbol could be seen at the far end, a full symbol, containing both the men and women's side. With gentle bump the platform touched bottom and she realized that during her musing that had reached the cavern floor. Stepping off with Sirayn she took a look around, her mind checking for spots of attack. The wall around the city appeared to be unbroken and she couldn't see any skeletons in sight.

Had they perished in the city or had they gotten out in time, had their bones become the dust on these buildings through the mists of time. Shaking her head she approached her sister and stood with her, gazing at the city in front of them. Jade heard a rattle behind her and glanced back to see the platform rising into the ceiling once more. With a quick nod she turned back and motioned her warders forward. Nodding at them she said, "Keep your eyes open, you never know what kind of booby traps they set up in the city, or where attack could come from. We've been having far to many accidents on this trip as I'm sure you've noticed and they may have found it before us." Shivering at the quick thought that one of their party members might be the quickly denied Black Ajah she refocused her attention on the sight in front of her.

The platform once more began to make it's way down into the Cavern and she watched as more of the Green and their warders came down into the city. The Browns would come down later once they had the city secured. A quick glance at Sirayn showed that she was looking the city's defenses over and making plans. The gentle noise of the platform touching down reached her and she saw Lyanna come up on Sirayn's other side. The Green sister offered her help and Jade looked at Sirayn to see what she would do...

Jaydena Sedai


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: : : : The perfect moment passed with aching slowness. Sirayn was content to gaze upon the wonder of the city, taste air that had known no movement for centuries past, look over an expanse of glittering dust unmarked by footstep since the Age of Legends. As time eased by Sirayn became aware of the steady rise and fall of the platform, the gathering of people around her, and dragged herself unwilling from the perfect vista. She found herself flanked by Lyanna and Lanfir. The intimidating influence of approximately five hundred years’ experience assailed her. It had a sobering effect. She couldn’t afford to behave like an awestruck researcher who’d struck gold when the safety of the party rested on her shoulders and Sirayn shouldered her burdens resignedly as she applied herself to Lyanna’s words. The senior Aes Sedai was correct; the wall and gates had to be guarded, although they didn’t have so many spare men that they could afford to place guards on every inch of the wall. “Thanks, Lyanna.” Turning, she espied a group of Tower Guards, and levelled a finger at them; “I want the gate guarded and the wall manned at ten-foot intervals. Keep a runner with you and if there’s any trouble, send him to me for reinforcements.” Filing the orders in the back of her mind Sirayn glanced round to find her sisters of the Green Ajah gathered around her. The rest of the party was already down and clustered in a tight knot or coming down with the platform. Sirayn glanced among the crowd and picked out Lwena, beckoned her with a jerk of her head. “Take care in the city. And watch your back.” Lwena probably didn’t even need the warning but it made Sirayn feel better that she’d done something at least. She was desperately worried that the people who’d sent her horse’s foot would pick Lwena to maim. Lwena wasn’t a nails-chewing iron-hard killer by any stretch of the imagination and maybe she would be the easiest to attack. It knotted her up inside having this new worry on top of everything else. She could do this. She had to.

: : : : By this time, the party had assembled once more except for those unlucky scouts who had been delegated to guard the camp and entrance. Sirayn thought about implementing some more complex orders such as a formation but since half the Aes Sedai weren’t trained and drilled with formation, it would only cause trouble. So she advised everyone to keep a close eye out, repeated the instructions not to wander alone, and without further ado ordered that the party proceed onward into the city.

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~ Sirayn



Corwin waitied for Elle, Teslan, and Dayne to catch up. Corwin didn't like either of them. In a way Corwin wished something would happen, and one, or better ye both, of them wouldn't be bonded to Elle. Corwin tried his best to not show it, but he knew some hard feelings came through. When she came, Corwin quickly told her what happened. Others were already going down the ropes. After she told him what had happened and she told him she wanted to get down there as soon as she could, Corwin had his group get the next rope that was clear. Corwin then quickly slid down, followed by Elle, Dayne, and Teslan. Corwin talked to the Gaurds down there to make sure nothing else had happened. He didn't feel the taint of any Shadowspawn, but there were some Shadowspawn that couldn't be sensed. Elle seemed to be ready for anything to come. As they came to the city, Elle seemed to relax some.

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Seiaman remained close by Sirayn's side, the sheer enormousity of the city being registered but not acknowledged. The smooth white walls graced Namander and the scent of decay and staleness hung in the air but her eyes scanned their surroundings, seeking for hidden spots for attack. Many places were small enough for an archer to hide and the thought of a poisoned arrow targeted at her Sedai was enough for Seiaman to take a protective stance around Sirayn as several Aes Sedai came to her, seeking orders. Her scimitar was drawn and settled in a guard stance, an eerie feeling stirring in her.

The others left, having received their orders and Sirayn turned once more to look at the hidden city only to nearly collide with Seiaman. She glanced up at her, irritation zapping through the bond but it was ignored. When it came to the life of the woman, Seiaman would do anything necessary to ensure her safety. A longing cried out inside, to explore the city and admire the tantalizing art that spoke of legends ... but Seiaman had a duty. She would not sacrifice Sirayn's heartbeat in exchange for the satisfaction of her curiousity.

Suddenly, Sirayn dodged between her and Losyn, taking a few steps as pride and admiration came through. Guilt weighed heavily on her, Seiaman had no right to rain on the woman's moment. You rather feel guilty of that? Or of not being able to protect her?? Stepping closer to the woman, she stayed close, watching the party behind her while Losyn watched the city for threats. Jaydena was close by, flanked by her three Warders. Word of her bonding with Coran had came to her ears accidentally, and it sent a wildfire of pain through her heart upon the discovery. A soft whisper shook her out of her thoughts. "Seiaman, will you stop it?" She looked down at her Sedai, whispering softly, "Never, m'Sedai. You are my life. You do what you need to do and let me do what I need to do."

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As the platform descended into the unknown Lukas was filled with conflicting feelings, excitement and anxiety, fear and wariness, dread and familiarity. Something about this ancient city buried beneath the soil reminded him of the Rahad in odd ways, both places had a dank, musty smell to them, both hid the unknown within their depths and as far as Lukas knew both were extremely dangerous. Here within this buried city anything could be waiting for them, the earth could come crashing down on them, traps over three thousand years could be sprung, even the Shadow’s minions could be hiding within the murky darkness. As the platform creaked and lowered towards the ground Lukas found that it was exactly like coming home again except this time he had friends at his side.

Light, I sound like a Brown

Lyanna’s words caused a grin to spread across his face and he felt a little of the tension drain out of him, even as they entered the unknown his Sedai was able to make him smile. Since the bonding Lukas had become closer to the Green as they both came to understand each other on an emotional level. For the first time in his life he had been able to open himself up fully without fear of mockery or guilt, he was able to explain his sorry past, his enlightened present and his hopes for the future. In Lyanna he had found someone that could accept him for who he was and because of that he had sworn to protect her with his life and soul, at the moment though he hoped that wasn’t necessary for to die down here would be a fate not worth contemplating.

When Lyanna started to whisper her defensive perimeter Lukas took a closer look at his Sedai. He had known that she had been an Aes long before his grandparents had even laid eyes on each other but he had not come to appreciate that her knowledge of warfare and strategy might be so advanced. Looking down over the city once more Lukas was forced to look at it in a new way, no longer did he just see the buildings that made him think of the Ogier for some reason now he also potential dangers. Sites of possible ambush, rooftops that could hide archers or crossbowmen and weak points in the defensive wall that could be exploited by an attacking force. As the platform came to rest on the cavern’s floor Lukas felt his hand wander to his sword sheathed over his back and even as Lyanna created a ball of light from nothing he found his katana in his right hand, his knuckles white from squeezing the hilt too tightly. Loosening his grip slightly he still kept the blade in his hand, its familiar weight calmed his nerves slightly and this way he felt that he was actually taking some steps to protect his Sedai.

“If we don’t keep careful tabs on those Browns they are going to cause trouble, Lya. They are either going to absent mindedly wander off on their own or they will uncover something that we don’t want them to.”

Lukas Talinko
Bonded to Lyanna Sedai
Soon to face near death


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Wrapped securely within the Void, Alin was acutely aware of his surroundings. Sitting crosslegged on a large boulder that overlooked a small valley, the Master of Arms breathed in the cool crisp air and exhaled slowly, letting the relative peace of the morning wash over him. The camp had been a sea of turmoil during their trip that had set him on edge and he had taken to finding refuge from the tumult where he could find it. Amber, his Aes Sedai, was secure within her tent amidst those of so many others. Watching as the horizon slowly turned from a deep, almost angry looking red to a more soothing orange, he hoped it was an omen. Perhaps they would find this lost city soon....and mayhaps the Aes Sedai would have something else to focus on besides Tower politics and personal recriminations. ne could only hope.

He let his mind drift a bit although he never lost focus on his surroundings.......that was so ingrained in him that it did not require conscious thought. He and Mercia had spent little time together, each focused on attending to their respective Aes Sedai's, and he missed her company. His duty was paramount yet he was still a man and even the Master of Arms needed comfort sometimes, although many a Tower Guard or Warder might not think so. Perhaps Amber would give him leave to see her today, if only for a little while. He hoped so.

A slight disturbance behind him, inaudible to any but the most well-trained of ears, snapped him from his reverie and he immediately was on his guard. Not moving a muscle, Alin extended his senses outward, trying to identify who or what was approaching him. It was certainly not any sort of Shadowspawn......his nose would have been filled with it's stench.....but instead he caught whiff of another stench, although it was still far enough off that it was not overpowering.

"What is it Laral", he said gruffly, without bothering to look behind him.

A short barking laugh greeted his prnouncemant. "Light Alin, how do you do that", the older Tower said.

Rising smoithly Alin turned and faced the man. "Really, Laral, that awful cologne your woman gave you might as well be a band of trumpets heralding your arrival. I know you love her man but I fear the woman has no sense of smell." He finished with a smile for one of his older friends who responded with another laugh.

"Aye Alin, you may be right.....but it reminds me of her."

Alin nodded, a small twinge in his gut reminding him of how much he missed his own woman, made even worse by her relative proximity. Setting the emotion aside, he spoke. "What is it that caused you to seek me out?" Before the Tower Guard had a chance to respond, Alin felt a surge of emotion through the bond that caused his hand to slide towards his sword hilt unconsciously. Laras raised an eyebrow but answered.

"It appears that they have found what they seek, Alin. It seems that we may have something to do soon besides trying to keep the Aes Sedai from tearing each others' hair out." A baleful glance from Alin made Laras cringe slightly. He knew how touchy the Warder could be when it came to the blessed Aes Sedai. "Now now man you know I tease."

Letting out a soft snort, Alin let his hand fall back to his side. "I know old friend. Thank you for bringing me the news, I shall be attending to my Aes Sedai now, try not to get trampled underfoot....I would hate to have to explain it to your dear wife." With a quick wink, Alin strode past Laral and made his way quickly back to the Aes Sedai encampment.


To his eyes it was as if someone had kicked over a hornet's nest or perhaps an anthill. Everywhere he looked people with excited faces moved to and fro with seemingly little purpose, although he was sure there was some sort of order underneath the seeming chaos. Approaching Amber's tent he saw his Aes Sedai talking animatedly with another Aes Sedai, her shawl swiging wildly from all her gesticulations. It was the most excited he had ever seen her he was sure and it brought a smile to his face. His Aes Sedai had always been the serious sort and had so rarely let her hair down so to speak. Sensing his approach, she flashed him a quick smile before diving back into whatever animated discussion she had been having with her Battle Ajah sister. Laughing softly, Alin headed into the tent and began packing some of her things, feeling certain that in the excitement Amber would forget about it until much later.


Alin and Amber watched with the rest of the assembled throng as the first group of Aes Sedai and their guardians descended through the hole in the ground and into the inky blackness below. Alin felt trepidation at descending under the ground......he was not a fan of confined spaces and the thought of all those tons of rock and soil that would be suspended over his head, held back only by a dome of unknown strength. It was not fear exactly, more of an unease because all of his years of training and honing his skills would mean nothing if the dome collapsed. But then again, the Wheel had a will of it's own and nothing he did would prevent his fate from happening.

When the platform returned to the surface he and Amber joined with the second group and soon they were making the descent themselves. His Aes Sedai had been somewhat abashed at her loss of control but it had not tempered her enthusiasm in the least. She was convinced that they were on the brink of amazing discoveries and in Alin's mind her giddiness was understandable. Of course, she was now a rock of self-control, at least outwardly. Alin felt a surge of pride rise inside him. He had been truly blessed by the Light to have been bonded by such a worthy soul and he had no reservtions about laying his life on the line for her.

By the time they reached the bottom the cavern was awash with light from a myriad of globes woven by the assembled Aes Sedai. What lay before him was both breathtaking and awe-inspiring, yet Alin barely gave it a glance. Instead his eyes continued to scan the area, and nestled deeply within the Void Alin let his senses reach out, searching for any indication that Amber or any of the other Aes Sedai might be in danger. Amber sent a feeling of reassurance through the bond but he could also sense a glow of pride at his dedication to his profession. There would be time enough to drink in the view but that time was not at hand, not until he felt sure that the area was safe.

As the Aes Sedai began to group up Alin exchanged glances with the other Warders, silently probing for any hint of trouble that the others might have observed. He knew them all, some of them very well, and trusted them implicitly. After all, he had trained with some and overseen the training of many of the others. He could not think of a better group of men and women with whom to associate himself with. He hoped that they would all return to the Shining Walls when this little escapade was completed.

Master of Arms
Bonded to Amber Sedai of the Green Ajah (who's clock is ticking)


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ic: Lwena descended the the platform, not the first but by no means the last either. She shivered slightly, a barely perceptible movement, as they were lowered deeper and deeper in the ground. She knew Jaydena had said the dome was sturdy, and that it would take a powerful earthquake to crack it, but she wasn't so assured now that they were underground. You're parinoia is getting to you Lwena, stop being so pessimistic, She chastised herself, glancing down over the edge of the platform. She could see power-wrought light globes bobbing in the air below, but she couldn't see the city. Namandar...it was amazing. She couldn't help but pinch herself to see if she was dreaming or not. Then they reached the bottom. It was amazing! She couldn't help but let out a small gasp as the sight of Namandar rose up before her.

It was grand, something she would never have imagined. The houses all seemed to almost grow into one another, little bubbles in a bowl of dirt. The dome above was invisible in the dim light despite the globes of light many of the Aes Sedai had conjured up, a spot of light being the only sign of their exit. The city was made of some white stone, that glimmered even in the gloom, though spots of colour were visible under the dust. Briefly, Lwena wondered what it would have been like to see Namanadar above ground. She shook off the thought as she caught Sirayn's jerk of her head. She squeezed her way through the crowd until she reached Sirayn.

"Take care in the city. And watch your back." Lwena nodded shortly. She would, for sure. After the problems on the journey, she seriously doubted that they would be safe in the city, even if there were guards on the way in and out.

"I will, Sirayn. Good luck." She gave her a small smile, excitement shining in her eyes though Sirayn's warning was held in her thoughts. She stood with the party as Sirayn advised everyone to keep an eye out, and followed her into the city of Namandar.

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As Sirayn Sedai had gone down with the first batch on the platform, Nikita had followed her and the other sister, Taya Sedai closely. She'd offered her services, and she would live up to her word. As the second platform came down, she saw Alin with his Sedai, Alin tense like all the Warders and Tower Guards were. She flashed him a quick smile. They went back a long way, even though they didn't see much of eachother during normal days.

As she examined the city, she of course saw the beauty of it all, but also the danger. It was dark. It was unknown. And too large to oversee in one glance. Shadows everywhere, and no easy way out. If there were Darkfriends around, the party would be trapped down here without a quick way up to the surface. She saw some of the Sedai whisper to eachother, and soon Sirayn gave out the order that the gates needed to be protected, and the walls manned. Good. The woman showed some strategic sense and at least didn't go running off like a headless chicken to fetch whatever treasures might be hidden within Namandar.

Nikita resolved to stay with the recovering party. There would be more than enough Guards and Warders, and Green Ajah for that matter, to guard the walls and gates, and it was by far not safe to let the rest of the Sedai venture into the city on it's own. And so, when the party made their way into the city, gingerly, avoiding obstacles and layers of dust, Nikita followed closely.

Nikita Locksley
Tower Guard
Master of Me'Arearth


If not for duty, Merc would have long ago curled up with lonliness. It had been a very long time since she'd been without him, not by his side at least in the mornings. She wore her own clothing for the days of travel, unable to steal one of his shirts, his duty busying him every bit as much as herself. If not for the other Warders and Kaylan, she would've become openly depressed and introverted. But as it was, she could still smile every day, and manage to lock eyes with him every so often, giving a nod to let him know she was doing fine. Long ago she had drawn a fine line between duty and normality. She would perform her job, even in death if necessary, and her personal life was of no consequence.

It was how they both lived. For their Sedai.

Whenever the Tower women began their charades of verbal battles and politics, Merc fuzzed her bond, just in case Kals was swept in. The woman had simply nodded and excused her from the tent, understanding perfectly that her barely educated Warder had no desire to have her mind beaten about with terms meant for Sedai ears only. It wasn't that Mercia Sansiria was stupid, she just hated the Great Game and any cheap copy of it.

The tension in the camp had increased every day as the journey moved further and further along. At many points, she wasn't shre if they'd find this city at all. What if it ended up being a hoax? A trap laid by the Shadow? Gritting her teeth, she sucked at the thumb she'd cut on her akateyama blade, cursing herself mentally for getting so worked up. At that moment, Kaylan's emotions nearly exploded with a mixture of relief, energy, and excitement. Blinking, Merc made her way to the tent and poked her head inside. Kaylan was busily preparing herself, and as she turned, she spoke the three words Merc had been expecting.

"We found it."


Ancient frames and gaping maws of windows screamed in the darkness from every side and angle. It was like being tapped in a nightmare, frozen at a single moment as every being within writhed in unison. Dirt, dust, and crumbled stonework lay haphazardly across the roadways, and the roof overheard loomed down from above. The amazing amount of weight promised in those shadows was staggering. All of this she registered, but disallowed a single reaction. Fear and worry presently could cost many lives with but a single error.

Sticking to Kaylan's side, Merc scanned the Warders, eyes meeting with Alin's. She gave him a warm smile, then checked to make sure her weapon was ready. Part of her strict personal training included carrying the thing with her everywhere, adjusting her body not only to the weight, but enhancing her stamina. Alin had used that as a joke over the years, saying she was as vigorous as a horse. Completely inappropriate, but it was funny, and he never said it in public. But her endurance was never enough, not in her eyes.

Waiting in silence for orders, she kept close to the Green, her friend, and silently searched the shadows . . .

Mercury Gaidin


Kaylan stood with her headheld high, all three of her Warders next to her on the platform. She had chosen to be in the Rear Guard, one of the last lot to come down, and thankfully there had been no problems on the outside. Thus, the rear guard was slowly following the others into the city.
She stepped off the platform as it touched down and loosened her sword in it's scabbard. Seeing globes of light everywhere, and Merc squinting into the shadows, she decided to make one considerably bigger than many of the others. She had the strength in Fire to make quite a large and bright globe, and took full advantage of it in the darkness of the city.
What was revealed almost made her gasp out loud.
The city, which she had seen small pockets of on the way down, was huge. The light from her globe reached only back about two streets, and the splendour of the buildings had not diminished, even through the centuries of dust that lay upon them.
She was embracing the Source, listening out, when she decided to go into one of the buildings. Motioning to her Warders, they all spread out, senses alert and ready. Nothing seemed to be moving, and Kaylan wondered what they would find within.

Kaylan Morin
Battle Ajah
Bonded to Mercury, Calya and Jumael


It was finally time for Jonathan to descend into the city, but just before he reached the platform, Andular grabbed his arm. He looked longingly at the platform for a moment before turning, hoping that whatever Andular's reason for holding him up wasn't going to keep him from going down.

It turned out to be quite the opposite. "Jonathan, I'm going to have to stay up here for now to make some arrangements. It shouldn't take too long, but I need you to..." He went on to explain the orders he wanted passed along to the rest of the Tower Guards under his command.

Jonathan nodded his understanding and said, "Yes, sir." Turning back towards the platform, he made his way quickly and got on just before it made it's descent. At that point, it was time to leave the excitement to the Aes Sedai. Assuming the Spring, Jonathan was all soldier.

Even within the Spring, however, he couldn't help but be amazed at what he saw unfolding before him. The city that appeared out of the darkness was unlike anything he had ever seen before, or even imagined.

As he reached the bottom, he cursed inwardly upon seeing that some of the Aes Sedai had already set out. He quickly gathered together the Tower Guards assigned to Andular. "OK, Andular is having to stay up above for the time being. He wants us to check the area for any threats." Jonathan divided them into groups and gave each of them a certain area to search. He then asked for a few fast volunteers. These were to scout out the perimeter of the cave to make sure the area was secure. The balls of light the Aes Sedai had conjured wouldn't do the Tower Guards any good unless one was nearby, so he procured torches for them.

Before sending them off, he said, "Keep your eyes open for anything. The Aes Sedai are so enthralled with the city, I'm not sure they'll notice there's danger until too late. Report back here to me or to Andular if he's down here yet."

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Jaydena nodded at her sisters instructions and then took a group of Brown sisters into the city, along with her warders. Coran stepped into the first house ahead of her and Corbin and Jared kept watch in the street outside as each of the sisters began to look over the houses for any angreals, documents, scrolls, or anything that would shed light on how these people had lived so long ago. The houses looked much the same as they did today only the seemed to be made of strange stone. Jade walked slowly through the house keeping her globe of light high, watching for anything unusual. The houses were eerily empty, she figured that most things had faded in the recesses of time.

She finished searching the house and moved to the next one in her line. As she kept her eyes on the Brown sisters she saw two of them studying something held in their hands, she chuckled and headed into the next house with Coran leading the way again. Jade went like this from house to house, keeping her eyes on the surrounding and the brown sisters in her care. The section that they were working in seemed to be larger houses and she figured that the wealthy owners had lived in these houses. It was at the tenth house that Jaydena found something worth while, on the floor sat the pieces of some kind of box, she assumed that it must have been wood when it was new. On top of the box lay a large amount of jewelry, some of the jewelry was made up of the Aes Sedai sign and she shivered at the thought that it might be an Angreal. She carefully stowed it inside her pouch and headed out into the city.

Jade didn't want to slow the party down by showing her discovery to the Brown sisters. The jewelry didn't seem to be like any angreals she had ever seen and she was considered to be the expert on Angreal within the Green Ajah. Her feeling was that it was just jewelry once owned by an Aes Sedai much like herself and would be an interesting piece of history. She headed out of the houses and began to move onto the next house, midway she stopped and took a gaze around the city, her senses straining to feel what was strange to her. Yet she didn't know what it was and her warders would have known if it was anything to endanger her from the deeper shadow. Jade walked into the next house and wondered what this say would bring...

Jaydena Sedai


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IC: It was a nice crisp day, and for the first time in a long time Neroin found it easy to get out of his pallet. He dressed quickly and left the tent to walk about the camp. He stopped by a few fires to catch bits of both beef stew and conversation.
:::: He found out that the city they were searching for had been found, but he searched for more people to tell him this before believing it. Rumors were sometimes unfounded and it would not have been the first time this rumor had spread. As it turned out it was true. Immediately he hurried to prepare. He had no armor because he always felt confined but he did replace his shirt with a special leather patched shirt to be worn under his coat. It was thin protection but something was better than nothing. He would have to try and get some better protection some time in the future. He buckled his sword and skinning knife to his waist and began wrapping his fists for Kandori boxing. He walked out of the tent just in time to follow the crowd to hear an announcement from the excavation leader.
:::: Not being bonded to any of the aes sedai had it’s upside and downside. Upside: He had his freedom. Downside: He had to wait for everyone else to go down before being allowed to join a group being lowered down. He was with a group of tower guards. He recognized Jonathan immediately, when the man began to give orders. Neroin understood that there could very well be danger here, but he too was enthralled with the city. He received his orders and prepared to move off with his group. He promised himself that he would take time to enjoy the sights, but, sadly enough, business came first.

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As the party moved deeper into the city, Taya's senses were alert and she wondered if she should have joined the defending party instead. It was after all what she had trained for long ago, and what she'd been doing almost all of her life. But somebody had to do the recovering. Secure whatever treasures might be found down here... Her eyes swept the street they moved down, such a large body of people unable to stay as silent as she might have hoped no matter how hard they tried, but she didn't see anything. All she knew was that her skin prickled with a mixture of apprehension and exhilaration. That same feeling a woman gets whenever battle is nigh.

But battle wasn't nigh, was it? Who was to say there was anything down here? Taya wasn't sure quite what it was - it just seemed a little arrogant of them, somehow, to think maybe nobody else had found this wonder of the world before them; to think that they really were the first, the most ingenious...

Nikita Locksley walked beside her, the epitome of a graceful Gaidin on edge - but when weren't Gaidin on edge? Taya found herself studying the woman with interest, at those times when the party had been brought to a halt and scouts sent out on ginger feet to clear the way ahead. Nikita spoke to her in very low tones sometimes, and Taya spoke back, explaining some of her theories on how the city had been so perfectly preserved, theories on what might have brought it to this strange fate...theories on everything. Nikita had some interesting thoughts herself, but most of the time they stayed silent, as the majority did - it felt like too much of a risk to run off at the mouth for too long.

The glimpses she had caught of the woman beneath Nikita's outward shell were compelling, though. If Kaylan doesn't snap this one up, I might just have to bond her myself, Taya thought as she recalled all the stories she'd heard told of Nikita. A woman of such renown, who commanded such respect, would do wonders for a sister's reputation. Not to mention being an extremely valuable addition to her Warder ranks. Yes...certainly a matter worthy of further thought. But she'd have to leave that until later - she couldn't afford to have her concentration divided.

Taya Sedai


Kaylan looked at the table in front of her, which seemed as if it would fall to dust if she touched it. Not wanting to destory anything that she didn't have to, she pulled the box out from under it with the most delicate threads of Air that she could, being extremely careful not to touch any of the legs.
She opened up the box, which left a big dusty smudge on her hand, and gasped as she saw what was within. Opening up her bag, she placed the objects in it carefully.
A hand length white tube, which was completely hollow, was the first thing out.
A brooch shaped like a raven was the next thing, and there was a book, that unfortunately crumbled to dust as she touched it. Underneath it, though, she found a small black dagger, obviously tarnished with time. It may have been able to be polished, though, and she put it into her bag so that she could add it to her collection of weapons back in the Tower. The leather was disintegrating on the hilt, but perhaps it could be replaced back in the Tower, and she would be able to carry a weapon from the Age of Legends itself!
With a broad grin, Kaylan called out to her Warders.
"Have you found anything?"
She waited to see what they would bring her, if anything at all.



When Jozan had come down to the bottom of the whole where the city were he scanned the area close by to see if the area were clear of any danger to the group and it was clear. So he decided to scan futher forward into the city and to secure the area further in the city.

He knew he kill shoot quite well with his longbow but he was still better with the quarter staff in his hand. Jozan suddenly felt unease that it had been to easy to get down here without any major problems. He told the young towerguard that was with him to keep his weapon close and to stay close to Jozan if something would happen they be two instead of one fighting for their lives.



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IC:Eleanor lay in her bed, her eyes closed, but not asleep. With her in her tent were two of her Warders, Teslan and Dayne. Corwin was outside, scouting. Elle could feel him, alert and always on his guard. Teslan was asleep; he had been keeping watch earlier that night. Ever since Eleanor bonded her third Warder, her other two could sleep more peacefully, knowing that there was always one on guard. And that was exactly what Dayne was now doing, he was fully awake and on his qui vive. Elle gave an affectionate tug on the bond, and was rewarded by him returning the favour.

Eleanor smiled and started getting up. She was greeted by the smile of her newest Gaidin, “Good morning my Sedai. I hope you slept well.” Dayne said. Eleanor grinned, was this the boy who was so uncomfortable around Aes Sedai, only a year ago. From the look on Dayne’s face he had guessed what she was thinking, as he started blushing.

“Yes, my Gaidin. I have slept well.” Eleanor said, but not as well as I could have she thought. She missed Teslan’s company in her bed, not many Sisters outside her Ajah knew about her still ongoing relationship with Teslan. But Elle knew that it was something strongly disapproved of by the Tower. So that was why they never slept in one bed during a mission.

Just as Eleanor was about to get dressed, she felt excitement coming through the Bond with Corwin. They’ve found it! Elle thought. With an open mound Elle turned to Dayne, “I think they’ve found it.” She said. The news was quickly confirmed when Coran, Jaydena’s Warder entered the tent. Eleanor looked at Teslan, who had woken up from all the excitement, and Dayne. “Today, my Gaidin, is going to be one of the most important ones of our lifetime.” Elle said.

Quickly Eleanor donned the clothes she had prepared for this day. Today was no day of skirts and dresses. They could only be in the way, if a fight would come on her path. Today Elle would wear the clothes she would wear in battle. It was no armour, but it resembled it. The breeches she wore had several hidden pockets in which a knife could be put without chances of hurting herself. From a chest in the back of her tent, Elle took a short sword. It was given to her by the Captain General on the day she had bonded her first Warder, Corwin.

When Eleanor exited her tent she was greeted by a group of Greens already up and ready for battle. Elle smiled at her Sisters and joined the group. She glanced sidewards to Lanfir and Lynna. The two Greens had joined the group just recently. Eleanor still felt a bit akward around those two. Lanfir had already been out of the Tower when Elle was an ickly Novice, and the Legendary Green was one of the reasons why Elle had chosen the Green. Lyanna had been present at Eleanor’s Raising, but dissappeared shortly after that. It was strange to see them, and it was hard for most of the Greens to act normally around them.

Taya and Kaylan seemed overjoyed by their return, but most younger Greens didn’t know how to look upon them. They were legendary Greens, but they had been out of the Tower for years too. Eleanor felt that Sirayn was slightly loosing control over the whole situation, but she hadn’t had the time to bring it up with the other Sitters yet. Elle shrugged now was not the time for these thoughts, now it was time for them to make a giant discovery. One that could very well make the difference in the time to come. Even though the Dragon had not been born, or not discovered yet, all signs were pointing into the direction that the Last Battle was nearing. And they needed all possible advantages they could get.

Eleanor sighed, thinking about Tarmon Gai’don always made her sad, and nowadays even more, since the changes that it would happen in her lifetime were increasing every day. The she felt a hand resting on her shoulder, and a soft, gentle voice spoke; “Don’t be so sad, my Aes Sedai. Today is going to be a day of splendour and discovery. We will make history today, Eleanor.”

Elle couldn’t help but smile, Dayne had a habbit of always saying the right things at the right time. Corwin and Teslan were on her side now too, and Elle turned to them. “We will make history today, my Gaidin. But we must also still be carefull, no one knows what lies beneath us in Namendar.”

Together they went on their way to the city, and Eleanor thought on how blessed she was with her three Gaidin. Corwin, her first Warder, he was her protector and her friend. In a way, Elle thought, he resembled a father figure to her. And in that way she loved him. Teslan on the other hand, he was her lover, and had she not been Aes Sedai, would have probably been her husband. Elle gave a soft tug on the bond, and when Teslan looked to her, she winked. He smiled and Eleanor felt love well up in her. Her third Warder, Dayne, Eleanor cared for him like he was the son she never would have.

After a short walk they reached the city. Jaydena Delved to see if the dome of earth was safe. Once that was pronounced Eleanor walked towards Sirayn. “I am one of the stronger Sisters with Air in this party, let me help with the platforms.”

Once the platforms were formed, and the Sisters chosen to maintain them, Eleanor joined her fellow Sitters on the platform. With her and Jaydena’s three Warders, the platform was pretty crowded, and Eleanor was silently glad that Taya didn’t have three Gaidin too. She smiled at Jade and Taya, excitement shining in her eyes. But underneeth there was a feeling of doom, as they entered through the dark hole into the desolate city. Eleanor was not clautrophobic, but she did shuffled slightly more to the middle of the platform during their decent.

Down in to city Elle followed her Sisters by making her own globe of light. She gazed up to the hole they had come through and was amazed by the size of the dome. Then she turned her gaze to the city and amazement changed into pure wonder. It was simple too much too believe. It was beautiful.

Eleanor Sedai


Andular made a quick patrol of the campsite having already sent his tower guard ahead to scout for anything that might be considered trouble. The camp was quiet with the majority of people down at the city so finishing his circuit with no incident he decided to join them.

Descending down the hole he watched dispassionately as the city came into view. Many people would be awed by such a sight but at the moment his only concern was to make sure no surprises were in store for them. Upon reaching the floor of the cavern he loosened his long sword in its scabbard for easy use if it became necessary.

Sedai’s, Warders and Tower Guard were scattered about the ruins all eagerly inspecting the find. Brushing past a pair of Warders he nodded looking for some of his tower guard he had sent ahead anxious to hear what they had to report.



Impatience and other negative emotions fled from Raeyn as she entered the cavernous space that the city was in.

"So, this is Namandar," she thought to herself as the clean white lines of the city shone through to her. It was ethereal and ghostly; the area of the pit lit only by crude torches and glowing balls of Saidar, bobbing along and casting cruel shadows in the depths of the darkness.

She permitted herself a small smile.. this was a good place to be; better than so many others. Here they would most certainly find the treasures of a grander Age, and perhaps leave behind a few "accidents", if the Great Lord deemed it so. Her eyes locked for a second with one of the Green sisters. The child went far enough to start to smile back before starting and ripping away from Raeyn's baleful gaze. A sharp feeling of warning from the bond jolted her back to attention, and her face back to stillness.

"Thank you, Mat," Raeyn murmured quietly to her Warder, "Sometimes I think you are the only thing that is keeping sane amidst all these... Green.... sisters." The last came with a slight sneer, quickly covered again. Her nerves were still too fragile, and no good could come of it.

Still, she had a job to do, for whatever may come of it. She noted several of the sisters assigned to her recovery party already running around with baubles and grinning. Stopping those that she could, she took careful notes on their findings.

Eventually, her wanderings took her and Matalina deeper in the city. The small globe of light perched on her shoulder, she wandered in and out of houses, picking things up as she felt fit, notating all that she saw. Raeyn cursed herself for her minute ability in drawing.. so much here needed to be copied as best possible for posterity.

She put up her nib for a moment and leaned against a building, shaking out her wrists. Mat stood guard on her moment of rest, looking as relaxed as an arrow nocked and drawn. Raeyn smiled... the rediscovery of knowledge, the shadows and her friend, her Warder... this day was turning out to be more bearable than she had thought it would be. Only the cave collapsing and killing all of the Green sisters within could make it any better.

Through the bond, Raeyn could feel Matalina draw herself up tighter, if humanly possible. Pushing away from the building, she peered in the direction that Matalina was staring.. was someone coming towards them?

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Raeyn Sedai


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I must be paranoid, Lanfir thought as she entered the beautiful city. The light of saidar glowed warmly on the beautiful architecture of the buried city. Because she was holding the tied off weave as she moved, the shadows in the city were moving with her. It gave her an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. The sound of their footsteps echoed softly on the ground. It made their breathing sound unnaturally loud.

Lyanna, who was walking next to her, was silent as well, taking in her surroundings. Lukas was covering their backs as they explored the city. Namandar was gorgeous, simply gorgeous. I would have loved to live here, Lanfir thought idly, studying the bridge between two high buildings arching over their heads.

After rounding a few corners, they found themselves looking at a slender tower that featured the ancient sign for the Aes Sedai above its doorway. It was strange to see the Flame of Tar Valon joined with the Dragonfang like this, but it was a sight Lanfir could get used to, she thought. It spoke of idyllic times when men and woman studied the One Power together, and there was no taint or madness in the world yet. Lanfir observed the Tower. It wasn’t exactly a University like most of their sisters were exploring, she judged. A studyhouse or a school, perhaps. “Will you check downstairs?” she asked Lyanna. “I’ll take care of upstairs.”

Climbing the darkblack stones to the second story, Lanfir found herself in a true student apartment. It was a complete mess. Most of the food and fabrics had all rotted away over the millennia, but the decoration spoke of young inhabitants. And lots of them. There were rooms that reminded her much of the quarters she had inhabited as a novice. And they had been inhabited by women, as well. In every room she found a vanity stand. One of them had a small marble box upon it. Lanfir opened it and was greeting by a soft metallic sound, followed by a few stray notes of a song she almost knew. A music box, she thought with a smile. A music box from the bloody Age of Legends. I can’t believe I am looking at this!

That was when she found the jewellery. Jade earrings shone softly in the light of her globe. A golden ring with a matching jade stone looked just as brilliant, but it was the crystal bracelet that caught Lanfir’s attention. It was brilliantly crafted with a myriad of tiny facets so that it seemed to sparkle and shimmer in the light of saidar. She could help it, she slipped the bracelet around her wrist. The crystal felt cool around her skin. The sight of it was elegant and beautiful. For one moment she felt guilty that she was robbing the jewellery of a young woman dead and gone for the past two aeons, but the next moment she shrugged it away. She could not use it anymore, and she had been studying the One Power, most likely. She would not mind if her beautiful bracelet would grace the wrist of another Aes Sedai. Rather like this, than lying buried for another two millennia. And so hung the bracelet around her necklace, hidden under her vest. It would be safe there.

The books she found crumbled under her touch. “Oh, blood and ashes,” she muttered. What a pity! There was so much knowledge hidden in there, and it had all gone to dust. Frustrated that she could not mind much but deserted, empty rooms that were hardly able to be used. “Are you done here?” she asked Lyanna, who looked equally flustered.

~Lanfir Leah Marithsen
Looting Greenie


Calya stayed close to Kaylan’s side, almost so close she was pressing against the woman. Then she took herself in hand and left a short space between them, knowing that it was necessary if she were to properly protect her bondholder. And she had no other thing in mind. Kaylan was her one and only priority.

She was awestruck by what she saw all around her, but at the same time extremely wary. She had been trained to be wary at all times, of course, but she felt that this time she had very good cause. They had no idea what awaited them down here, and extremely cautiously was the only way to proceed. Calya kept her hands ready to swing round and unsheathe her sword, and her eyes continuously darted left, right, up and down. At the same time she stayed finely attuned to the bond and its intricacies. It was the best way of knowing what was going on with Kaylan.

Calya waited.


Daeralle rode down on the platform with the fifth group to descend - that was according to what Lomas had told her. She was in her disguise but did not try too hard to hide her face. She merely blended in, as diminutive as she was. It was a bonus that nobody expected to see her here. They wouldn’t be looking for her, so they’d fail to see her.

She felt tears spring into her eyes as the platform descended into the gaping space of the dome, for the sight that greeted her eyes was sufficient to take her breath away. In all her long years she had seen a great many things, countless wonders that could never be chronicled no matter how long she sat at her desk writing...but this...this was a wonder to rival all others. She blinked to rid her eyes of the stinging and drew herself together with one brief, soft inhalation. She readied herself.

The platform touched down on ancient soil with a shudder, and Daeralle waited her turn to step off. When she had done so she moved at a suitably sedate pace to the edge of the crowd already gathered, and walked around it to a more shadowy area. She eyed her surroundings now with a firmer handle on her emotions and gained a new appreciation for what an incredible place this was. And I cannot wait to walk in that city, she thought as she eyed the gleaming white structures ahead. Even if I do not find my death here, at least I will be seeing a wonderful sight before I do pass on.

She looked around for Lomas, but was careful not to make too much of a show of it. She couldn’t find the man, and turned her focus entirely onto blending in and remaining unnoticed. The surprise was hers to spring, and she couldn’t let anyone spoil it.

As her gaze swept across the crowds, Daeralle Verimal saw a face that nearly stopped her heart.

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Calya sensed Kaylan’s wonder, but found that it was largely drowned out by her own. The streets she walked were ancient and grand, and she felt like a trespasser, stepping on sacred ground. Her instincts were screaming at her to get out, not because there was any sign of danger but because it was not her place to be here. It was not her place - or anyone’s - to disturb the fragile peace that had cloaked this old city for so long.
The Warder found that she grew far more emotional than she could ever account for. She did not know why Namandar affected her this way, only that she felt intensely uncomfortable here, and wanted to get out. Overriding all that by a noticeable margin, of course, was her duty to Kaylan, and her Aes Sedai’s joy at the treasures she was discovering should have been entirely sufficient to quell Calya’s disquiet. But it wasn’t. And the further Calya and the others ventured into this marvel of a place, the higher her hackles rose.

Kaylan called out, wonder in her voice. “Have you found anything?” She was addressing all her Warders and seemed oblivious to the discomfort - relatively mild when it came down to it, but still there - Calya was experiencing. Calya went to call out in response, but her voice was croaky. She heard a muffled response from Mercury and then Kaylan’s answer to that, which wasn’t audible either.

Tearing her eyes from the white walls around her, Calya sought Kaylan and made her slow way towards her, taking the extra time to pull herself together. Kaylan was alone, and Calya approached her and smiled. “It is certainly the most amazing sight I’ve ever laid eyes upon. But…I haven’t found anything yet. I’ll keep looking. She smiled at her bondholder and turned away, inhaling as quietly but as deeply as she could. She strode out into the street and headed to the other side, deciding to explore the nearest building to her – perhaps it had been a shop of some kind, once upon a time.


Vira walked as if in a dream, overcome by much more than mere awe. She was moved, so deeply moved that tears sprang to her eyes as she carefully trod the streets and breathed in age-old air. Salty water trickled down her cheeks as she laid eyes upon ancient houses that had once housed human beings. Yes, it was a wondrous thing they were all saying, but Vira couldn’t help wondering how the city had come to be so perfectly deserted. Where had all the people gone? They hadn’t seen a single sign of life – or, more appropriately, of death – so far. While a great part of the mystery had been solved, still more remained behind the veil, and Vira didn’t like to think of what price might need to be paid to learn more.

She wandered alone, her Warders forgotten even as they walked right on her heels. She saw many things, hardly daring to breathe on the treasures lest they crumble. Some did anyway, as if her mere nearness had been the final straw that broke them. She mouthed silent words of dismay each time this happened. We should never have come here, one voice inside her head said stoutly, while the other said, What is the point of such a place as this existing, if nobody knows it’s there? She was confused, exhilarated, saddened – so many emotions, yet they all amounted to the same thing: she was well and truly moved.

She never touched anything. Others were looting the city of its contents, but Vira could not do it. She recoiled at the very notion of it. When she came upon the armoury she very nearly collapsed into a gibbering mess. She heard gasps and sighs from behind her, and knew that her Warders were still right there. Yet she only had eyes for the ancient scabbards, decaying blades that must once have been so beautiful – blade designs that had her Gaidin companions slavering. And she wondered who had commissioned these blades in the days of Namandar’s livelihood – who had paid for them, and who had made them? Who had looked at them longingly through the shop window and lamented the fact that she had too little gold to purchase them?

What people had lived here in Namandar? Did they deserve the fate they had evidently suffered, or were they good people, well-meaning and hard-working, just like the people of modern-day cities?

Oh, Vira wondered about all of that, and she longed for the answer she knew she’d probably never get. She felt a warm hand on her shoulder and a familiar, deep voice speak, full of emotion. “This is…wonderful.” She nodded wordlessly, agreeing with that sentiment with all of her heart.

Vira Demarcias
Blinded by the Green
Thrice Bonded To Gaidin Whose Names I can’t Recall (*g*)


As Lanfir strode up the stairs to the upper rooms of the building they were exploring, Lyanna slowly turned around, a full circle, taking in her surroundings. The idea that she was here, in a city which had been deserted even before the Breaking of the World, was uninmaginable, yet here they were. Lukas lingered in the hall, watching over both of them, as Lyanna strode further through the building.

The marble glistened just as it must have, all those decennia ago, but there was the dust of ages everywhere and things that had been of less sturdy material had started to rot. She walked through and archway with chambers to every side, most of which consisted out of dining rooms, a kitchen, and what looked like classrooms. This had to have been a dependance of sorts, and she wondered what Lanfir was looking at upstairs.

Everywhere she looked, the double Aes Sedai symbol was crafted: on walls, on tiled floors, carved in wooden doors that had already started to decay. On the far end of the hallway she walked through, another arch gave way to a large room filled with wooden cabinets, which spanned the walls from floor to top. The cabinets were laden with books...

Lyanna shivered. This was a tome of knowledge! A library of some sorts. She walked over to one of the cabinets, tilting her head, reading the backs of the books, but they were so laden with dust that she couldn't make out anything. As she stretched her hand, and touched the books to brush away the dust, they crumbled to her touch in a soft whisper. Nothing remained, but a swirl of particles. She started to cough and swore under her breath at the same time. Her breath on the books caused yet another pile to disintegrate. Nothing. They had found NOTHING!

Frustrated, she was about to turn and look for Lanfir, when an anomaly in the cabinet's texture caught her attention. Behind where the books had stood, carved in the back of the cabinet, was what looked like a lighter patch of wood, perfectly square and 50 centimeters in diameter. It couldn't have been a natural deformation in the wood, it was too perfectly shaped for that. Lyanna reached out inside the cabinet, and felt her way across the wood's surface, until she found a slight elevation under her hand. When she pressed it, the panel became more pronounced, and then slid away and inside, revealing a safe of some sorts.

Lyanna held her breath. Within the opened space, a waxleather pouch lay. There was no sign of a spun ward, and so she extendedh her hand and took the pouch out of it's hiding place. The leather had been well preserved somehow, and she felt several - three - items within the little sac. One of them felt rather large, the size of a handpalm, and round and flat. A disc of some sorts. Lyanna's heart started to pound as she peered into the pouch and saw a flash of black and white. This couldn't be. If this was what she suspected it was, then...

Reaching into the pouch, she uncovered a flat disc of black and white stone. But it wasn't really stone. It was Cuendillar. Carved unto the disc was again the ancient Aes Sedai symbol, black and white, good and evil, male and female. It was one of the Seals. One of the Seals on the Dark One's prison.
She almost dropped it. Not that that would have mattered, because Cuendillar was unbreakable, but the thought of it made Lyanna's heart spin. You simply didnt drop a Seal!

And then she heard footsteps above her. Lanfir, who apparently came back downstairs from her inspection. Lyanna didn't know what made her do it, but she hastily fumbled the Seal into the pocket of her cloak. Best to keep this safe for a while....

Who's got a secret


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"You look flustered, Lyanna. What's up?" Lanfir asked curiously, when she saw her friend frown and look distracted.

Lyanna tucked her dark hair behind her ear and gestured impatiently at what seemed to be collapsed bookstands. "All that knowledge... it just dissolved under my hands. I can't stand it," she spat in an uncharacteristic display of frustration. "Let's go, there's nothing here for us," she added.

Lanfir shot her a quizzical look and then followed. She had been cursing about the crumbling books as well, but Lyanna usually didn't let things like these get to her. She was one to take things calmly and wasn't very quick to anger. Oh well. Lanfir shrugged it off and went outside, following her friend and beckoning Lukas to join them.

The crystal bracelet under her vest remained cool to her skin. Lanfir wondered if this was an ordinary bracelet. It had been a University dorm after all, perhaps there was something more to this jewellery as she originally thought. Or it was just wishful thinking. She smirked at herself, walking several paces behind Lyanna and Lukas. Lyanna was walking briskly, as if she wanted to have this exploration over and done with.

Lanfir could relate to that. Even though the city of Namandar was breathtaking and exotic and the possibility of hidden treasures made her heart beat faster, the eerie shadows and the feeling that the city wasn't dead and uninhabited at all had not lessened since she had passed its gates. It had even grown worse, until the point where she felt her muscles tense and she realized she was only a heartbeat away from embracing saidar.

"Did you hear that?" Lyanna suddenly said, cocking her dark head to listen.


Lyanna raised her indexfinger to her lips. Her green eyes shifted from one side of the street to the other.

Next to her, Lukas had drawn his weapon and scanned the street, instinctively walking towards a wall to cover his back.

He was the one who discovered the Fade. "You're mine," the Myrdraal hissed.

Lanfir's heart skipped a beat when her gaze locked onto that eyeless face. That eyeless, white face. As white as fly larvae or the body of a dead man. She wanted to convulse or puke, but all she could do was stare while he lifted his face to meet her eyes. "Hello," it said, slithering into Lukas' direction.

Lyanna and Lanfir embraced saidar at exactly the same moment. The glow seemed to burn on Lanfir's retina, as Lyanna charged into Lukas' direction. Her friend ignored her fear and went to save her gaidin - Lyanna had always been very brave.

Lanfir herself did some quick thinking. She added Fire and Air to the weave she was holding and released it into the air above her. The weave swooshed upwards like fireworks, leaving a trail of fire behind. It lit the roofs of Namandar briefly and brightly, before it burnt up only moments before it would have touched the dome.

A flare, used as a warning signal, saying The Shadow is here!

She hoped her Sisters would recognize this ancient warning sign that she had been taught by Daeralle almost two centuries ago. Not sparing any moment to look at her fireworks in the sky, she drew deeper onto saidar and went to help Lukas and Lyanna out.

~Lanfir Leah Marithsen
Battling Greenie


: : : : Step by deliberate step the party advanced toward Namandar. The glittering sand crunched and shifted underfoot, hung in the air in shining clouds where it had been kicked up, drifted gently to earth. Ponderously they passed through the gates and into the city of Namandar beneath the ground. There, almost by common consent all paused for a moment that stretched into eternity as they admired a vista of unsurpassed beauty upon which none before them had laid eyes until the Age of Legends! Up close, its grace and elegance was even more breathtaking with sculpted curves and flowing lines tempting the eye round flawlessly preserved boulevards. And as the mass shivered and broke apart into many smaller pairs and threes which filtered eagerly throughout the network of serene streets Sirayn wandered away heedlessly disregarding even her own rule with eyes only for the marvellous scenery. Her eyes were dazzled by sight after sight with the extraordinary architecture as compelling as the sudden bright brilliance of coloured stones set amid the sparkling white. She just couldn’t believe that she was truly here. Standing upon soil deposited two thousand years ago, each step leading her further into ancient history which months ago she had not even dreamed of discovering, she found herself entwined in a net of glorious dreams wondering what prizes they might bring home to the Tower. Seiaman tweaked the bond not unkindly startling her from the deeper maze of her thoughts and Sirayn grimaced ruefully at how easily even she had been distracted. Drawing a deep breath, she anchored herself firmly to the present and went on ahead. She reached out cautiously with what she was coming to call her earth sense, the fine attunement that came of being so gifted in one element, and found only a peaceful sense of stillness lying deep within the earth. Seiaman ghosted at her side and Losyn followed closely, determination overlaying the amazement reverberating through each bond. Together, they walked through a web of interlinking streets, sometimes passing people they knew, as they penetrated further into the city.

: : : : Soon Sirayn couldn’t satisfy her burning curiosity any more by just examining the exterior of these beautifully crafted houses so she approached the nearest house warily. The street had been paved with smooth white stones, completely flat for of course there was no rainfall here to drain away, and the short path to the front door cut through a wide swathe of brilliantly coloured pebbles forming a decorated stone garden in front of the house. Many of the buildings seemed to be based around a circular or gently rounded triangular shape and this dwelling was no exception being was shaped like a simple bubble with a rounded roof. It would almost be described as squat except for the overwhelming grace of its construction. Placing her fingertips lightly to the smooth, slightly warm door Sirayn pushed but the hinges abruptly parted company and the door fell inward. The crash of door on floor was muffled when Sirayn’s lightning reflexes seized the door moments before impact. She cursed herself as soon as she’d done it and propping the door gingerly to one side, abruptly released the One Power. She had tied off the weave that supported her light globe a while back and she didn’t like to think of what might happen when she channelled within the city itself. She was hoping very much that fresh angreal were contained within Namandar’s confines and if any ter’angreal were attuned to female channelling close by, well, Sirayn winced and paled quite sharply to think of a huge explosion obliterating this wondrous find. The little light globe bounced merrily ahead of them as Sirayn ducked under the low threshold and stepped with mounting excitement into a genuine Age of Legends living room. From the central hearth, filled with not the ashes of a fire but a strange looking metal contraption, to the wide seats that looked mobile enough to move fitting the sitter’s body it closely resembled a normal living room. Yet an air of alien mystery clung to it, and that which was jarringly out of place was all the more bizarre for its almost comfortable surroundings.

: : : : Outside, Sirayn passed Lwena Sedai on the street and nodded to her quietly with a whispered word of excitement as though the hushed atmosphere descending over the city had stolen her voice. And turning a corner Sirayn stepped into a great square. The grand building looming overhead was simply breathtaking and not only because of its stately, pristine appearance but for the enormous symbol it bore denoting the ancient Aes Sedai emblem – Flame and Dragon’s Fang joined together harmoniously. Sirayn ducked her head and fidgeted with her katana as she struggled to bring her awe and excitement under control. This was fabulous. A university! Where male and female Aes Sedai had once studied together to produce the most fantastic feats of the One Power anyone had yet been privileged to see. The most brilliant finds would probably be contained within its majestic walls. Sirayn approached the splendid building reverently and as she raised hand to open one of the twin arched doors, she had a stealing sense of what it must be like for the children of her own generation to stand before the White Tower and drink in the glory of a better Age. She pulled the door open without ceremony. A waft of musty air issued out and Sirayn hearkened back to her earlier thoughts about infectious diseases then shook her head ruefully and with a bit of cursing and struggling, pulled open both doors. She could have asked her guardians to do it but it was important to her that she do it herself. Standing there, framed in the enormous archway with her light globe seeming very small compared to the regal interior of the university, the young sister drew in another breath of two thousand-year-old air and steeled herself. Then she stepped boldly ahead and into the university.

: : : : Some time later Sirayn hadn’t even begun her exploration of the building. The very first room had proven to be a depository of books. Even opening the door had caused air currents to stir and many books had simply crumbled to dust before she could even go near her. It was a dreadful shame considering what knowledge they might have contained. Other items contained within glass boxes Sirayn couldn’t even guess at their purpose or intention. Walking absently down the central aisle, a hundred wonders surrounding her, Sirayn simply enjoyed the sensation of knowing the true worth of everything around her and having no time limit in which to explore to her heart’s content. She meandered through the boxes for a time not knowing entirely what she was looking for until she found herself standing before one particular glass case much like any other. She blew away the dust and glanced down through the glass. A small ring was contained therein, ivory yet banded with a centre of copper. Intrigued, Sirayn put a hand on the glass case and it retracted there and then with a silent glide into the plinth! The sudden movement shocked her and Sirayn stood stock still gazing in horror until she was sure that nothing had been damaged and relaxed once more. She picked up the ring. She still didn’t know why she had picked it out but she just knew it was special. Slipping it into her pocket, Sirayn continued, taking out a few more things that looked durable enough and secreting them about her person, before going on into another room.

: : : : In that split second Sirayn heard a familiar swoosh that stole her breath. She flashed back briefly to her first battle. That swoosh had heralded the charge of a hundred Trollocs upon her unguarded and unsuspecting position and afterward, when her people had been conveniently rescued by another sister, she had been told condescendingly that it was an old signal for the approach of the Shadow. Sirayn had snarled at her that in that case why in the hells hadn’t she been told beforehand? So many lives could have been saved. All that passed through her mind in the space of an instant and Sirayn shot out of the room and through the central hall out into the square at a sharp pace. She arrived just in time to see the red flare disappear. The Shadow! For a moment her mind just simply locked down in reeling horror of what the Shadow could perpetrate with the marvels inside Namandar. Then Sirayn rallied. Someone had to stop the Light-forsaken mother lovers taking every single thing of worth and twisting it against the Light. Preparing a rapid weave Sirayn fired it up into the air; a brilliantly green flare that signalled that the red flare had been noted and assistance was on its way. She waited for ten seconds counting them under her breath and then, a shower of green flares went up into the air. A couple of red flares as well and one from behind her. Her breath choked in her throat. Light, but they were in trouble. Without a word to her Gaidin Sirayn started to jog toward the position of the first red flare. Dodging through the same streets she had recently walked through with such joy Sirayn dashed into another road just in time to see the triad of Lyanna, Lanfir and Lukas efficiently dispatch a Myrddraal. Sirayn glanced up and down to make sure that none others were waiting and nodded curtly to the trio. Then a sudden sense of wrong assailed her. Confident that Seiaman and Losyn were on her heels Sirayn jogged back toward the gate … and stopped dead in her tracks. Her heart skipped a beat. Her eyes widened in horror.

: : : : The Shadow was advancing upon Namandar.

: : : : There was only one course left open to her. Channelling an entirely different kind of weave Sirayn’s voice boomed throughout the city at ear-shattering pitch. “Recovering party to arms! Protect the angreal!” She knew that others inside the university had discovered a startling cache of angreal. It had to be protected at all cost for who knew what the Shadow might manage if they got their hands on the loot? Sirayn took a deep breath and thundered one crucial command. “Battle party to the gates! Namandar is under attack!” Folding her arms across her chest Sirayn waited in the square before the gates, watching the dark line of Trollocs creep across the vast intervening space. And she prayed that her sisters would arrive shortly – or they were surely all doomed.

OOC: Lannie came up with the idea of flares. Red flare = Shadow. Green flare = we have seen, coming to provide assistance. Battle party arrive please. Recovering party, there is Shadow throughout the city, Fades Trollocs Dreadies the works. Just don't get ambushed by thousands, let's keep it well within double figures. -hugs-

DO NOT START WRITING THE BATTLE. The next thread begins with the dramatic Battle for Namandar!

~ Sirayn ~


While going through the city, Elle seemed to have turned into a little girl again. He and Elle's other two Gaidin followed, Corwin to the right, Teslan to the left, and Dayne behind. Corwin then felt something that he hadn't felt since leaving the Blight. Pulling out his other sword, Corwin went into the Void trying to find where they were while he leaned in and told Elle, "Elle, ye need to get out of here, we have Shadowspawn comming." With that Corwin set to gaurd Elle himself, she may have other Gaidin, but he didn't care, he would defend her until the end.



Jaydena moved to the next house and stepped inside the bubble shaped home. She walked silently through the rooms and came to the upstairs floor. She headed into the bedroom and glanced around. Moving toward the bed she saw an absolutely stunning jade vase with rose buds and some strange flower she didn't recognize all over it. She picked it up carefully and saw that it was intact and seemed to be sound. Weaving a keeping around it she slid it into her backpack and moved around the room. On the vanity she found a brush made of the same jade with a matching mirror, comb, and compact. The bristles on the brush were gone but she figured that they could be replaced.

She slide the finds into her bags and kept moving through the room. She came upon a small jewelry box of the same jade. Why so much jade, in all the houses there are jade, maybe there is a vein of the stone around her somewhere or maybe this stone had some special use that we know nothing of now. She smiled at the thought and opened the jade box with the ancient Aes Sedai carved on the top and sides. Inside lay several items, a pair of ivory hair combs with roses across them, a pair of jade with the strange flower, a dangling pair of ivory earrings, a carnelian necklace on a golden chain, and a small pouch, the pouch crumbled as she touched it and she growled.

Reaching into the pile of dust she found a ring ivory with a strange metal of the deepest green banded in the middle. It had a small green stone on the top and appeared to be her size. She smiled at the thought of wearing the ring and slide it into her beltpouch. A quick glance at the stone vanity showed that something was pushed back against the vanity in the very back. The item looked like it was about to fall off the top, she reached back carefully and extracted the item. A dagger with a jade handle fell to the ground as the sheath broke apart in her hands. She winced and carefully picked the dagger up.

Jade reached into her pack and wrapped it in a piece of leather that she had brought along for such things. She wondered at the woman who had owned it so long ago and stepped to the window in her second floor room. Leaning carefully on the windowsill she stared at the university so close to the house she stood in. The research party would be there and hopefully they had found a great cache of Angreal. I certainly haven't found anything, several different ivory and jade brushes with the same designs and bunches of jewels. The thought that such works of art as the brushes would have been mass produced was a shock to her but how else could it be explained.

Jaydena looked the room over once more and wondered if the tower would let her keep one of the brush sets for her collection. Shaking her head she walked out of the room and headed into the next bedroom. Inside she found a room that resembled a bathroom, on the marble countertop she found several glass bottles and even some stone ones. She picked them carefully up and stored them in her beltpouch with a keeping around them. As she walked out of the room she heard a strong whooshing noise. Light the shadow has found us, we are doomed within these walls, a nightmare fight. Running to the next room she saw a red flare still in the sky.

The shadow is here. She remembered the ancient flare from her year at green training. Although it was rarely used these days, it had been used much during Lanfir's time as Head. With a fleeting though she wondered if one of the older sisters was under attack. Running down the stairs with Corbin at her heels, she found Jared and Coran about to enter the house. Pushing then out of the doorway she growled, "The shadow has found us, we need to find the red flair." Jade embraced the source and sent a green flare up into the air, letting the person with a red flair know that she had seen it. Green flares just like her own were already shooting up and several close to the university like she was.

Walking toward the red flair she started with Sirayn's voice boomed out over the cavern. “Recovering party to arms! Protect the Angreal! Battle party to the gates! Namandar is under attack!” Jade nodded even though she knew that Sirayn couldn't see her and began to advance carefully with her three warders flanking her, their weapons drawn. She passed streets carefully, some of which she could see Trollocs searching the houses, she ignored them and headed steadily toward the gate, praying to the light that the sister with the red flare had managed to fight them off. For she had to go to the gates, when your battle leader commanded you followed, especially if that battle leader also happened to be your best friend. Reaching the gates without incident she saw her friend standing in the square and approached her. "I am here sister. Shoulder to shoulder." Nodding her head she kept watch and waited for Sirayn's commands...

Jaydena Sedai

ooc- I like the idea of the city having large amount of mineral deposits such as jade, crystal, carnelian, and gold. Because they were underground I'm assuming that this was a possibility and have written my finds to reflect this as others seem to have done. If that's not OK Sirayn, let me know.


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Jerad managed to keep his mouth shut during the long descent, but it was difficult. He was truly amazed at the city, a fantastic sight to behold from the top of the dome. He could feel Jehanine, right beside him, filled with similar awe. He barely noticed as the platform reached the ground, but managed to snap out of his trance long enough to glance around and get his bearings.

"Shall we take a closer look, Jehanine? Perhaps if we go into one of the houses..."

A moot point, as Jehanine was already calling for him to hurry up. A chuckled and a shrug later, the pair sped off for new discoveries.

OOC: Jehanine, you can RP the actual searching of the city that I skipped. Now, for the next section:

Jerad glanced up in shock as the feeling, the sense of shadowspawn first reached him. His hands instinctively grasped the two swords at his waist as he called over to Jehanine.

"Jehanine, we have company...a lot of company!"

Then Sirayn's voice rang out over the city.

"We'd best move. Speed is of the essence!"

Jerad Gaidin


Lwena picked her way through the streets, lifting her skirts out of the way so that she could move faster. To either side buildings rose up, and she went into each one to look through; her bag was getting full, 'useless' items that she had found in each of the houses. The city was unusually quiet, the dome above seeming to press in at all sides. Lwena shivered; so long as she didn't think about the fact that they were deep underground, she was fine, but as soon as she looked up and saw the inky blackness of the dome instead of the sky, her stomach clenched and she was struck with claustrophobia.

Shaking off the latest of her fear, she nodded to Sirayn and shared a whispered word of excitment, not daring to speak louder; even with the assurances from Jadeyna, she didn't want to speak to loud lest the vibrations send something tumbling to the ground. This city was Ages old, after all. She split off with Sirayn when they reached the largest building Lwena had seen yet. It loomed above them, the ancient Aes Sedai symbol shining in the darkness and making Lwena smile; there had been a time when Saidin had been un-Tainted, when men and women had channeled together in harmounious workings. Some said that together, things hardly imaginable could be created. A pity male channelers went mad, really; Lwena wished that there was some way to Heal madness, but unfortunately, it was one of the three things that couldn't be Healed-the other two were Stilling and death. Pulling herself from the depressing thoughts, she turned into the next building over, leaving Sirayn to explore the larger one.

It seemed that it was a small library, books with cracked bindings lining the walls and shelves running up the middle. Tables, dusty but still in fairly good condition, rested in the middle of the room, chairs pushed neatly in. As she walked past, Lwena dragged a finger in the dust, suppressing another shiver, though this time it was from excitement. She was the first person to enter this room for thousands of years! She avoided touching the books, however, when the first one she touched crumbled under the merest brush of her finger, instead contenting herself with reading the bindings. Neatly printed words titled each book, which ranged in topics from Saidin and Saidar to names which must have been powerful political leaders...or at least important people. Oh, how she wished she could read them!

Suddenly though, there was a loud swooshing sort of noise from outside, and she jumped; she didn't know what it was, but it had to be important. Running outside, she arrived just in time to see red sparks fading from around her, green flares also flying up from the sisters around her. It must have been some Green secret, for Lwena had no idea what it meant; instead, she waited for Sirayn's instructions, embracing Saidar in an instant. Sirayn's voice boomed from all around: "Battle party to the gates! Namandar is under attack! She heaved up her skirts again, cursing the bloody things, and ran, keeping Aes Sedai dignity only by a thread and shoving all things from her mind.

"I am here, Sirayn," She said, smiling grimly as she walked up. Inside, she was almost hysterical. I'm a bloody Yellow-not a Green! If I was a fighter I would have chosen that Ajah! Why am I here? She forced the thought aside as more arrived.

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Jonathan strode over to Andular to relay the Guards' reports. He couldn't keep his eyes from darting into the shadows as if expecting something to jump out at him. That feeling that something bad was going to happen just would not go away. To the contrary, it kept getting stronger.

As he approached, he noticed Andular loosening his sword and Jonathan's own hand went to the katana on his back as if to assure him that it was there. Ignoring formalities, Jonathan said, "No one's found anything, but EVERYONE mentions feeling... odd. Like something's not quite right."

Suddenly the cavern was lit up by something akin to fireworks shooting up into the air somewhere within the city. Before he had even realized what was happening, his sword was drawn and he had dropped into a combative stance. Straightening, he saw that Andular's sword was drawn as well. Green flares were shooting up all over the city. Jonathan had no idea what they meant, but it couldn't be good. He felt the urge to rush into the city, but instead waited for orders from Andular.

He immersed himself in the Spring, but the need to rush off to help the Aes Sedai was still there. Soon, Jonathan, soon... Then, he heard Sirayn voice reverberating through the massive cavern, "Recovering party to arms! Protect the angreal! Battle party to the gates! Namandar is under attack!"

At this point, he couldn't hold back any longer and ran for the gates. Damn any punishment he might get for not waiting for orders, he had to help!!



A mixture of training, instinct and luck was all that saved Lukas from being slain within the first few seconds of his encounter with the Myrdrraal. He had been assuming a simple guard position shielding his back with the protection of a structural wall when he heard a voice that sounded reminiscent of a snakes. Pivoting on his right foot he had been instantly confronted with the terrifying image of a Fade flowing towards him, for there was no onther way to describe its movements, looking over the pasty creature cloaked in black his eyes had been drawn towards its empty face almost against its will and as he did so he felt the numbing terror of the Halfman's gaze. Trapped by its terrifying gaze Lukas was unable to move or even think but then providence smiled on him, Lannie's flare broke his gaze for the briefest of moments but that was all it took for his training to take over. He channeled his fear into the Spring and this time when he looked back at the Myrdrraal he only felt a numbing presence beffeting against the calm of the Spring.

Knowing that unless he acted fast he, Lannie and Lya would be doomed Lukas tightened his grip on his katana and jumping forward he engaged the Fade in battle. Never before had he faced an opponent that could move so fluidly, attack so swiftly or defend so gracefully but Lukas had an edge that this Myrdrraal did not, he had numbers. As each moment passed in his deadly duel with the Shadowspawn he knew that the two Green Sisters behind him were preparing to strike. And so he felt no need to strike forward with forms such as Parting the Silk or Boar Rushes Down the Mountain, instead he simply stalled for time allowing his Bonded to strike. The Myrdrraal growing confident by his opponents lack of offense intensified its attacks once more and so it was that as it drew its sword upwards for a killing blow it was struck in the chest by two seperate attacks, one form Lyanna to the left and one from Lanfir to the right.

The flaming carcass of the Fade slumped to the ground and from nearby Lukas was haunted by the pained, bestial screams of what he could only assume where Trollocs. Stepping back from the Halfman he turned to Lyanna and Lanfir and after seeing they were safe he signalled them forward with hand signals, the Green Sisters seemed to understand what he was signalling and followed carefully their eyes filled with concentration and power. With a shake of his hand and a point to the left the trio headed off into a main street and prepared themselves to encounter any other minions of the Shadow that might be lurking in the now dread city of Namander.

So that is what a Myrdrraal is like...

Lukas Talinko
Bonded to Lyanna Sedai
No longer a Shadowspawn slaying virgin


As the red flare broke into shimmers above her, Lyanna shivered in anticipation. Somewhere deep down in her gut she was afraid, and she welcomed that fear because she knew it gave her an edge. But on the upper surface of her mind, the red haze began to creep up already. Battle fever, they called it, and it gave you courage, and stamina and drive. Especially now that it was Lukas who was threatened, Lyanna didn't hesitate a second.

They had known that they might be subject to Shadowspawn here at Namandar, and yet the look the Myrddraal shot her rooted her to the floor momentarily. Memories of the battle outside the Gates of Fal Dara flooded back to mind. She had encountered her first Fade there, and if it hadn't been for Kaylan, she would have perished on the spot. A Myrddraal's gaze caught you as bright light could catch a deer. She saw the same effects on Lukas's face, but luckily his gaze was distracted by the flares that Lanfir had let up. Flares which were now answered by other flares, this time in a green color. We have seen you! We are coming! The ancient custom spurred her even more on to throw herself headfirst into this.

She felt Lanfir's strenght next to her and it was amazing. She was so much stronger than she, Lyanna, was, but that didn't matter. Lyanna's strength might not be so high, but her skill was good, especially with Fire. Drawing on Saidar, she wove Spirit and Fire, using it to knit it together in an intricate Combust weave, then placed it over the Myrddraal. She felt Lanfir beside her weave something equally deadly, while Lukas kept the Fade at bay by distracting it with blows and parries. As soon as her Weave fell into place on the Myrddraal, it bursted into flames, charring the maggotlike face.

It writhed in agony, uttering piercing cries she felt more than heard. Fade's never died quickly, and it struggled for long moments, ablaze and shrieking before it finally collapsed to the floor. The stench was almost unbearable.

Without speaking, Lukas motioned them to follow. Lyanna did, filled to the brim with Saidar, checking the bond to see if Lukas was alright. This was his seasoning battle, and it would really put him to the test. Fighting mock battles in a Warder's Yard was fine, and taking on human opponents was good training, but your first encounter with Shadowspawn could not be rehearsed. Everyone handled that differently, and some not as well as others. But, Lukas seemed fine. There was a complicated mixture of anticipation, stealth, confidence and a tinge of fear in the back of her mind, where his emotions were knotted into her head, and she nodded approvingly. Good. Not too overconfident it seemed, and the fear was good. It tought you respect for what might come up against you.

They moved on, the three of them, and while they walked off into one of the main streets, Lyanna felt her coat pocket. The pouch was still there, and intact. She only needed to hold on to this and make it out alive.

Battling her lil' butt off


OOC: Isn't this a bit soon? We still have things to find, and half the ter'angreal haven't even been claimed yet *sighs*

IC: Kaylan was in her third house, picking up the bits and pieces that were in the house. She had found in the second a full ceramic tea set, with two cups and a teapot, as far as she could tell, but any tea that had been in it was long since dust, and she sneezed when she tried to smell any residues, nearly dropping the thing. Hurriedly, she wrapped it in some material and put it back into her bag. There had not been much else that was still whole, and it was disappointing. She had found a cuendillar bracelet under the dust that had been, she supposed, a dressing table, and the pure white circle now sat on her wrist.
She was in the fourth house when she found the other bracelet. The silver seemed to be braided out of hair width bits, intricately twisting to form a somewhat flexible circle that she placed over her wrist. In the half light she could see that it was glowing pink, and she smiled.
The smile faded when it started to warm up on her wrist. It was growing hotter, and she was hoping that it was not going to do anything bad, when she heard Sirayn's voice.
She picked up the last object she had been looking at, a simple platter of coloured glass, and wrapped it up, shoving it into her bag. She wished that she would be able to come back, the house seemed to be full of things that would interest her, including several more weapons, but she would make do with the one that she had for now. She summoned her Warders, waiting to hear Sirayn's message.
The words that Sirayn spoke were disturbing.
The Shadow had come to Namandar.
Why hadn't the Warders commented? They all had experience with the feeling of Shadowspawn, but it had not been brought up. Perhaps, though, the Aes Sedai had been so busy with their treasures that they would not have listened anyway.

Kaylan Sedai
Bonded to Mercury, Calya and Jumael


OOC: Yes, it is going a bit fast...but aren't we meant to get the ter'angreal thingies while we are under attack? e.g. scrambling around trying to pick stuff up. Also, Taya and Eos have to find Tilana & her Warder. But from what I remember that was meant to be while we were under attack too.

I so totally need to read that updated outline *G*

IC: Taya's eyes fixated on the spot in the air where the red flare had just fizzled out. She went cold, for that sight was confirmation of what she'd known the moment she felt that familiar stirring in the air, the hissing of movement that wasn't their own - the sound of an opposition's advance. Her pulse began to race but she drew herself up and inhaled deeply. Then she saw the answering flare, green to symbolise that the call had been answered. But who had made the first call?

"Not what I had hoped to see," Eos said from beside her, and she reached out to his hand. He had reached out simultaneously to her so their hands met in the middle. She squeezed and relished the warm dryness of his palm against hers. When she needed it, he leant her a special kind of strength.

"We must rejoin the party. It looks as if we are in trouble." He nodded and released her hand, waiting expectantly for her to lead the way.

Taya took three steps forward and halted again when more flares rose into the air. Oh, Light, she whispered inwardly, and glanced again at Eos. His eyes met hers briefly and then they both began to jog. They looked left and right, on guard and ready for whatever came their way. Finally Taya spotted some of the recovery party, and strode swiftly over to them, Eos guarding her back.

The group had already organised itself so that it was ready for an onslaught by the enemy, as yet unseen in this part of the city. As Taya advanced upon them she opened her mouth, preparing to speak. Before she could, a familiar voice boomed through the buzzing silence, filling it completely. “Recovering party to arms! Protect the angreal!”

That was meant for them - Taya and all these people here, plus any still in the university...and recovery party members located elsewhere. They'd all be heading back to the University now, if they knew what was good for them and their comrades.

Sirayn wasn't finished. “Battle party to the gates! Namandar is under attack!”

In the ensuing silence a few glances were exchanged, and then someone in the group said, "The University. Let us return."

"We just came from there!" another piped up irritably.

Taya drew herself up and adopted a frosty expression. "Did you not hear our leader's orders? Do not be a dimwit at this of all times, if you do not mind?"

And she took charge of the group, wondering where Raeyn had got to - she was the leader of the recovery party.

"We must find Raeyn," another of the older sisters in the company said as they all walked in an orderly fashion towards the university nearby. This Brown was one of the more friendly of the lot, but still had what seemed at times to be a blind devotion to her leader. At least she isn't one of those who hates us on Arette's behalf, Taya mused in annoyance as they climbed the steps to one of the university's entrance and scanned about for Raeyn and other members of their party.

Taya was acutely aware that somewhere outside, a battle party was gathering, preparing to meet with the Shadow face-on. She felt strange not being there with them, organising them, but she had volunteered for this task - some Greens had to, after all - and it was now her duty to bear. She had to keep these over-eager Browns in check - and make sure some of the younger and more headstrong Greens didn't make fools of their Ajah as well - so that they all lived to see another day.

Thankfully she wasn't alone. She was with her Warder, and others of her Ajah who were equally as experienced and honed as her.


Taya and Eos had separated from the group, to explore some of the more distant catacombs of this ethereal building. They could hear echoes in the distance, in several directions - the group had separated to cover as much ground as they could, in spite of the risks that separation entailed. They had figured the sacrifice was worth it if they could have a chance at preserving some of the treasures this place housed.

Taya had collected several artifacts of the Power so far, whose uses she had no clue about. Some looked familiar, and details from texts she had scoured over her long years of study rose from the depths of her memory, tantalizing and distracting. She tried at length to fix her mind on the task at hand - collecting, preserving, not contemplating the nature of the items she was taking - and finally succeeded. She peered into the darkness, only pushed back so far ahead of them by her light sphere, and set her mind completely on her task.

As she and Eos turned another corner, by now deep in the university, she noted a slight change in the smell of the air around them. She frowned and paused, Eos also coming to a stop beside her. For a moment she listened, noting a faint trickling sound - water somewhere near. She also noted that the sounds of the other party members had by now retreated so far that they were barely discernible. She continued forward, and her light sphere revealed a grand archway ahead, leading into a small antechamber of sorts. Her nose wrinkled as the smell grew stronger. It wasn't exactly unpleasant...just wrong somehow. It reflected the fact that things were amiss here.

As she and Eos moved forward, the light moved also, and came soon to illuminate the room beyond. Taya's heart climbed into her throat as an out-of-place shape came into sight. She grabbed for Eos's hand and hesitated. He tugged gently on her hand, prompting her to keep going. But she didn't have to go much further before the pieces of the puzzle fell together in her mind, drawing her up short with a painful jab. They had found two bodies...fully clothed, both decomposing, almost completely rotted - so much so that the smell that must once have been terrible was now only wrong.

Even before she saw the shawl, bloodied and torn, in fact quite literally defaced, she knew who the fallen individuals were. Even before she noticed the green fringing that denoted her old friend's hard-earned rank, she knew that she had found Tilana Sedai and her poor Warder.

"Oh, Light," she muttered, and turned around with her eyes closed, releasing the Source for safety's sake. Eos's arms went around her, but the words he spoke a moment later, his voice deep and strong, didn't allow her a moment too lengthy. "My love, being upset is for later. Now we must complete our task and get out of this place alive."

And she sucked in her breath and looked him in the eyes, confirming with her gaze that she knew he was right. But how could she just leave Tilana here, to be forever forgotten? She had made Mandi a promise... Could she keep it?

OOC: I will probably have her bring home one of Til's daggers or something...the shawl would be a bit too icky, and besides it's really damaged...but whaddiyou dudes think? *G*

*sniffles and mourns the dead and never-really-existant Tilana*



Leilani bent down to pick up a loose tile from the mosaic on the floor of the building she was in. Namandar was absolutely beautiful, and she was in awe of the whole place, but she could not help shedding a tear for both of her fallen Warders. She was not strong like her Sisters, she could not deal with the loss of them in a quick amount of time... She picked up a wooden box that crumbled to dust as she touched it, and she stroked the earrings that came out of it lovingly. They contained moonstone, the same stone that was in the necklace she wore - the necklace that Gyrrid had given to her.

"I would give you the moon, my love, if I could pull it down."
Leilani laughed.
"You romantic fool. I do not want the moon - I only want you to love me for the rest of your life."
He pulled something out of his pocket, a delicate silver chain with a single moonstone, tear drop shaped and shining in the moonlight above them.
"This was the best I could find... I love you Leilani Aes Sedai, and I will for as long as I live." He meant it, too, she could feel it.

A tear rolled down her cheek as she tucked them into the pocket of her pants. Her sword was drawn and ready, as she had no Warder accompanying her, and she had shunned the offer of protection from the Tower Guards.
She picked up the small glass rod, gasping as she realised that it was an angreal. And a strong one.
Then, the sound of Sirayn's voice intruded into her thoughts, and she dropped the precious relic, crying out as if physically hurt when it shattered into a thousand pieces on the tiled floor under her feet.
Closing her eyes, she saw the largest piece and thought how easy it would be... How easy it would be to end it all.
But she was Green Ajah. She was a fighter, and she was a survivor. She would live through this, even if it meant that she had to take and lose twenty Warders on the way out.

Battle Sister
Twice Bonded, twice lost...
Mortality looming *g*


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Nydi was in the second party, following others in their wake into Namander. The Age of Legends city beckoned to her, as if whispering to them to enter. Finally, the party began to move closer and Nydi glanced at Raisa, excitement welling up in her. She held the exterior cool of an Aes Sedai except for the twinkle in her eye. "It's time, my Gaidin."
Walking through the entrance, she held back a gasp as the enormous city revealed itself. Aes Sedai and their Gaidin started to spread out,exploring cautiously. Concentration ebbed from the bond and she walked slowly into the city. Pulling out a sketch book, her eyes took in the fine detail of what she saw. Several times, Raisa had to grab Nydi's arm to stop her from tripping the clutter on the streets.

"Light, this is beautiful." She whispered ever so softly, not wanting to disrupt the peace around her. It felt like... home. Catching a statue at the middle of an intersection, she sketched it to every line. "I could be here for ages. And yet we would not have fully explored Namandar." Then a hiss slithered through the air, as a large red flame shot through the air. Nydi literally jumped, "No. Not now!" She knew it was a warning, but for what?"We have to go, Nydi!" nodding, she put her sketch book away before returning to the gathering party.

~nydi sedi
Blue tpc
About to be murdered


Jozan and his young towerguard walked around the streets looking for something valuable to take with them. He knew had to search for it in the houses but he also knew the risk of it so he decided to keep him self outside the houses for a while.

Suddenly after turned around a street they were standing close to a great house of some sort with the acient symbol of the aes sedai. The two towerguards walked towards the house but suddenly Jozan stopped in front of an acient house that was quite small but had two floors. Something drawed the two towerguards towards the acient house but they didn´t know what. Jozan opened the door and walked into the old house and saw all the dust and the smell of tea.

The tables and chairs were all carved beautifuly and paintings still hanging on the wall with pictures of now long dead kings and queens from the age of legends. He couldn´t help but smile at the sight he had in front of him and he looked to the other towerguard and saw the same look in the young mans face. Jozan saw the stair and put his foot gently on the first foot stair and when he saw that the stair would hold for now he began to walk up to the second floor with his friend on his side all the way up.

The first room he saw on the second floor were filled with books and boxes but one of the boxes drawed Jozan´s attention to it. The box a small oval made of light tree were hidden behind a pill of books and small boxes and when Jozan took the small oval box in his hand he fealt the surface were completely smooth and that the box wasn´t that very tall and that the lid came off as it hadn´t any hinges. He placed it in his pounch and walked out of the room without telling his frind about what he had found in the room.

"Ok, my friend we are done here we can rejoin with the others" Jozan said with a calm voice to his friend. The other towerguard nodded and they were just about to walk down the stairs when they heard a voice outside the house.

“Recovering party to arms! Protect the angreal!” the voice paused and began again “Battle party to the gates! Namandar is under attack!” Jozan suddenly smelled something was burned and when he looked down towards the door he saw the house was on fire so he said to the other towerguard to find a window fast or their lifes would be in danger. They were lucky and found a window just in time when they were surrounded by the flames outside the room with the only escape route.

Jozan opened the window and looked down to see if there were any enemies on the ground below them but it was clear and so he jumped out and hit the ground and made a fast roll to get up from the ground. But he saw in the other towerguards face that he were to scared too late and were just about to jump out when cought by the flames. He heard his friend scream in pain and the flames burning his body.

Jozan couldn´t stand his friends pain so he took his longbow and strained it and put an arrow and aimed towards the chest and pulled the arrow of death and heard the arrow hit his friend in the chest and stop his misery. The body hit the ground and Jozan pulled him up and with his friend dead body he walked to the gates and when he arrived he shouted out. "The blood of my friend has been spilled" Jozan shouted and embraced the void and spoke with a cold voice, "I will honor his death by the blood of victory."



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IC:Coran followed Jaydena through the houses of the City. He smiled as he watched her, thoroughly entranced at everything she was seeing. He turned his attention outward, looking for what might be waiting for them, using all his skill to make sure that Jaydena...and his fellow bondmates, would be safe.

Thoughts of the horses foot kept drifting into his mind. Who was responsible?

Coran entered some of the houses and was looking around as well. He saw some books along with other items you would expect to find. There were also some items that he could not think of what they would be used for.

"Coran." He turned knowing that Jared had been watching the front.


The man paused, which, for a warder, was as close to opening up emotionally as one might expect. "Just...be careful in here."

Coran gave a slight smile and Jared laughed and shook his head as he walked back outside.

Maybe he'll be ok with this after all. Coran thought.

He picked up on of the sturdier looking books...and though it was a bit brittle, It held. He stuck the largish book in his pouch next to a few items that he found made of a sturdy jade(OOC:hope this is OK...it being just a few trinkets, nothing special. Let me know if I have to put it back.) and walked out to the front of the house, leaving Corbin inside with Jaydena.

Jared was looking around the home then turned to Coran with a grimacing look on his face. That is when it hit Coran...the feeling of...Wrongness. He could not understand what it was, just that things were not right and..and there was danger.

Then there was a flash of red flowing over head to the roof.


At the same time Coran and Jared ran inside the house just as Jaydena and Corbin were running down the Stairs.

They surrounded her as she strode purposefully to join the other Aes Sedai.

And through the Cavern Sirayn's booming voice could be heard...

Coran gripped his sword, watching...ready.



Eleanor lost track of the time while she and her Gaidin were wandering through the city of Namendar. Every once in a while they met up with other Sisters searching the desolate town. Sometimes they halted a bit longer to compare and discuss their findings. According to the plan Taya had taken most of the Browns in to the centre of Namendar, where they expected to find most angreal, sa’angreal, ter’angreal and other power wrought objects.

Every corner Elle, Corwin, Teslan and Dayne rounded, gave them another surprise. The style in which Namendar was built, was simple but yet amazingly beautiful. All the houses were still in a good shape, the construction looked like it was made by Ogier. Eleanor’s thoughts lingered for a moment on how live would have been, had she been a Servant of All in Namendar all those years past. But she regained her usual alertness quickly; there was no time for dreams. She had work to do. They could never expect to completely investigate the city in one day, but she, the other Sitters and Sirayn had agreed that they should go as fast as possible. They could never know what would happen.

Elle shivered as a soft breeze touched her, Corwin was extremely on his guard. And his nervousness made Eleanor slightly nervous too, although she would never admit it. So she tried to reassure Corwin by telling him that no one would be so stupid to attack a town full of Aes Sedai and their Warders. Little did she know that the Shadow was already present in the city and planning its attack.

They had already visited several houses, quickly searching them for interesting objects. Elle had taken a small dagger from one of them, and her Warders carried some books with them. But they had not found anything which could be connected to the One Power or in another way could aid them in the constant struggle against the Dark Forces. Most books which looked interesting crumbled into dust once Eleanor touched them, but she had managed to find two which didn’t fall apart immediately. They’re titles were vague, but even if it was a simple cooking book, it might contain something useful anyhow.

Suddenly Eleanor’s eye fell on a small symbol carved above the door of one of the more simple houses. She narrowed her eyes for a moment, and then determinedly went for that house.
“What are you looking for in that house, Eleanor. It is so small, and it looks like no one of importance has lived there. Shouldn’t we be looking in one of the bigger houses?” One of her Warders said.

Elle silently pointed up to the door, it was not very good visible, but once you looked more closely it was clearly the ancient symbol of the Aes Sedai. She had to point a second time before all three could see it, but then they nodded and followed her inside. The house was sparsely decorated, but Eleanor could see from the difference in colouring of the walls that once they must have been hanging several pictures and drawings. Upstairs the same picture was visible; the furniture was sparse, except for the writing table. That one was simply beautiful. Elle walked up to it and studied it more closely; she increased the strength of her Saidar created ball of light slightly. Softly she formed the words of the back of the book, The One Power and it uses for Healing. Eleanor picked up the book very carefully, but it crumbled into pieces at her first touch. “Blood and bloody ashes…” The three men with her looked surprised; normally their Aes Sedai didn’t have such a foul tongue.

There were more books lying on the writing desk, but all were in such a bad condition that Eleanor couldn’t rescue them. So they continued their search in the other rooms. In what seemed to be the bedroom, it had a large space in the wall where some remains of bedding could still be seen; they finally found something very interesting. Next to the bed was a small stone table covered with dust, Elle gently removed the dust with a small weave of Air. And there it was… A small white ring, it was ingeniously carved so that if you followed the line of the ring you ended up on the inside. Eleanor picked it up and examined it closely, there were symbols engraved in the ring, but they were hardly visible anymore. The owner of the ring had probably worn it daily. A smile bloomed up on Elle’s face as she recognised one of the symbols. It seemed like every second symbol was the ancient sign of the Aes Sedai.

Elle slipped the ring in her pocket, she would examine it in to more detail later. They went outside again and resumed their search through the town. Elle was just about to enter another house, which looked like a place where the Aes Sedai of old could have lived, when Corwin was the first to give a signal of alarm. Shadowspawn!

“We must leave immediately, Eleanor Sedai.” He said.

Eleanor nodded; yes they should leave their current position, and try to find another Sister, or preferably a group of Sisters. She knew that it was not what Corwin had meant; he wanted her to be save and leave the city. But that was not what she had trained for; Elle had prepared all her live, ever since coming to the Tower, for battle. And since she had obtained the Shawl, she had faced several battles. She would not turn back, and leave the others to do the dirty work. Suddenly a flare of red sparks coloured the sky, there were Sisters under attack already. With a nod of determination Eleanor went in the direction of the red sparks, she was about to send a signal of green sparks in to the sky when they rounded the corner and faced a myrdraal and his group of Trollocs.

Corwin had seen myrdraal before, so he was the first of the three Warders to recover. As he advanced and started a deadly dance with the Eyeless, Eleanor send sparks of red flying in the air. She saw that there were more red sparks colouring the sky above Namendar, but also some green. Suddenly Sirayn’s voice boomed out of nowhere, giving them commands.

Even through the concentration Eleanor needed to form the battle weaves she had learned long ago Elle managed to form a smile. She is turning into a true leader.



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"It's time, my Gaidin." Nydi's excitement was plainly visible through the bond, though the only sign of it was her sparkling eyes. Raisa grinned, unable to contain her own anticipation, but even so her hand kept straying towards her blades; something didn't feel right, but she couldn't place what. Instead of pondering it, she followed her Aes Sedai into the city, marvling at the wonders that surrounded her.

It was like the first time she had come to Tar Valon, only a few years ago. The White Tower had been rising up into the pale morning sky, imposing and grand, making the younger Raisa gape at it despite the fact that she'd grown up in a city; imagine if she'd been a country child, who'd never seen a city, much less one so grand as Tar Valon! Tar Valon seemed to be a mere reflection of the grandeur of Ages past, however, when compared to Namandar. The buildings seemed like soap bubbles resting on the surface of a pool, almost like a single delicate touch could break them. Despite the amazement coursing through her, Raisa concentrated on watching her and Nydi's back-anything, even her life, would go to protect her Aes Sedai-instead of gaping at her surroundings.

It was a good thing she turned her attention back to the Blue sister, too, because she'd pulled out her sketch book was was about to trip over some rubble. Raisa pulled her aside with a quick grin, and then went back to watching their surroundings. Each shadow behind the buildings, cast by the Aes Sedai light globes, seemed to hide some shadowspawn, though Raisa doubted any would be in a city such as this. They were the first ones this deep in the ground within the city for Ages, since the city had been destroyed, and there was no way for the shadowspawn to enter. Raisa knew that Jonathan was guarding the entrance, and she very much doubted that a shadowspawn would get past him, or any of the Guards stationed up there.

"Light, this is beautiful." Nydi's words couldn't have described the city better; Raisa caught her arm before she walked into a building. She stopped and sketched down a large statue that was in the middle of an intersection, giving Raisa a bit of time to admire it. "I could be here for ages. And yet we would not have fully explored Namandar." Raisa nodded in agreement and was about to speak when a loud hiss made her partially draw both blades, and a shower of red sparks from above made her seize her Aes Sedai's arm. She knew that signal-an Aes Sedai had spotted shadowspawn. But here?

"We have to go, Nydi!" Raisa barely gave Nydi time to put her sketch pad away before hurrying her towards where the battle party was meeting. It took longer than she had hoped to arrive, and she stood with the other Gaidin, the Spring pulsing through her, waiting for their orders. Once they were recieved, she trailed Nydi, staying close and keeping her eyes out for anything dangerous...


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