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The Hunt for Namandar - Part 3: Rounding up the Troops [CLOSED]

Jagen Sedai

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This thread is being posted for archival purposes only, as the original RP link was long lost on the winds of time.

This is posted with permission from Jaydena, who also supplied the surviving copy.


IC Year: 996 NE

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The Hunt for Namandar #3: Rounding up the Troops ~all~

Players- Sirayn Sedai, Seia Gaidin, Lwena Sedai, Raisa Gaidin, Jaydena Sedai, Jehanine Sedai, Neroin- TG, Kaylan Sedai, Leilani Sedai, Taya Sedai, Vira Sedai, (TPC), Raeyn Sedai, Jozan- TG, Arette Sedai, Jared Gaidin, Calya Gaidin, Nikita TG, Dylan- TG, Kardis- TG, Nydylia Sedai (TPC), Jumael Gaidin, Corbin Gaidin, Matalina Gaidin, Raeyn Sedai, Coran TG, Neroin-TG, Alin Gaidin, Daeralle Sedai( TPC), Eleanor Sedai, Kit Sedai, Sarita Sedai (TPC) Teslan Gadin, Corwin Gaidin

Posted- Jan. 2, 2004


OOC: Since Mandi has pulled out I have NPCed her briefly at the start of this post. I made it as impersonal as possible since I know very little about Mandi. I’ve also NPCed the Sitters but again, trying to keep it impersonal. Seia, I did put you in.

: : : : A sharp tap at the door knocked Sirayn out of fretting thoughts. She rose, dropping the wards on her room, and crossed the polished wooden floorboards. Hesitating briefly with a hand on the door, it crossed her mind that she might be better advised to pretend she had never heard the knock; or indeed, to leave entirely. Sirayn sensed the coming storm with the same irrevocable certainty that she had known in Aringill before the ambush. The tap was repeated, even sharper this time, and Sirayn cracked open the door and looked coolly out at her visitor. Her eyes narrowed. Her face hardened. Despite the time that had passed, Sirayn could not look at Mandi without a spark of anger, an immediate and savage reaction to what Mandi meant to her. Sirayn kept her silence and waited for Mandi to speak. “I have much to tell you, Sirayn, and little time.” Sirayn gave a brief, sharp nod and stepped aside to let Mandi pass into her quarters. The door shut, Sirayn wove a ward against eavesdropping, and turned to face Mandi with a set expression on her face. “Tell me, Mandi.”

: : : : So Mandi did. She told Sirayn about the pigeon’s message, which Sirayn had had in her hands without even realising the true import of the words, about the Sitters’ discussion and finding the chest under Rashima’s statue, and about the outcome of the meeting between the Sitters for the Green Ajah and the Amyrlin. Sirayn sank down onto her sofa and stared at the wall while Mandi spoke. A city hidden underground from the Age of Legends? It was unbelievable. Tremendous! What treasures might be recovered from Namandar? What great discoveries might they make? It was the breakthrough of the century! Their names would be written in history as the Aes Sedai who uncovered a city of wonders. They could find weapons to defeat the Shadow, technology perhaps to help their own people, there could be miracles such as they could never dream of. The possibilities were endless. The potential to reclaim old marvels was awe-inspiring! Sirayn pulled her gaze back from the wealth of promise the future held and focused once more on Mandi. “Tell me what you want me to do,” Sirayn said, quiet but resolute. Mandi nodded as though she had expected Sirayn’s unquestioning compliance. “To lead,” Mandi replied immediately.

: : : : Mandi continued to speak, explaining and informing, but to file away the knowledge for future reference was all Sirayn could manage at the moment. She was shocked, staggered. This was as astounding as the Namandar discovery itself. Sirayn was still shy of one hundred years old and thought herself hated by everyone in the Ajah; why under the Light would they choose her? A treacherous whisper provided the answers. She was not hated. Nor was she so distrusted as she believed. She had fought long and hard, seized every opportunity that came her way, flung herself headlong into battle or led the side as the situation demanded. She had proven herself. It was a thought so alien to her, so jarringly unfamiliar, that Sirayn shook her head slightly, unable to countenance such an upheaval. She wanted this badly. She dreaded slipping up, especially on a mission as high-profile and unique as this one, but she would take the chance. Sirayn knew in her heart that she had to do it or curse her cowardice ever after. She did not trust herself, and she would continue to measure herself scathingly against the old and great Greens of the past, but she would put her heart and soul into this and seize the moment.

: : : : A last, sneaking realization came to Sirayn as Mandi stopped talking and looked at her with a cool stare. This was a great gift. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a name for herself forever, a gamble for a brief glimpse of the Age of Legends, and the immense prestige of commanding this mission. Yet the deepest and most unsettling gift of all was the trust they had placed in her. The conviction that Sirayn could complete the job and do it better than anyone else. She had never seriously considered that the Battle Ajah would trust her so. Yet she had dreamed; her dreams were always there. Sirayn stared blindly at her twisted, scarred hands, and said softly, “Yes. Yes, I’ll do it.”

: : : : Sirayn barely heard Mandi leave her rooms. Her mind whirled. There was so much to be done. The Brown Ajah had to be alerted; as for those of other Ajahs who should come, and Tower Guards, and the count to be provisioned and prepared for the journey- Sirayn gave a sharp shake of her head. Juggling numbers wasn’t her forte; she was a killer, not a quarter-master. She needed to find someone who was. Sirayn shook her head despite herself and her face tightened. She couldn’t do all this herself. She had to. She was fated to failure from the beginning if she did not ask for help. They would think her weak and worthless if she asked. Looking down at her hands Sirayn forced a grim smile as she realised her predicament. This journey could change the face of the world and alter history and she had been chosen to command it; but she still believed that her sisters despised her, schemed against her, would judge her harshly if she even asked for their help. But I can’t do this alone, Sirayn tried to reason with herself. The answer was as quick and cruel and unwavering as the others would treat her: Then you should not be in command. Sirayn shut her eyes tight and resorted to the simplest logic. Mandi had picked her. Her sisters would help, though they would scorn her for it. She needed their aid. Had to have it. Sirayn rested her head in her hands, trapped between necessity and her own pride, and tried to think her way through this muddle.

: : : : The next moment Sirayn swore and dropped the quill she’d been fiddling with as one of the bonds was sharply tweaked. The quill split when it hit the wooden floor, leaking ink which soaked into the wood. Sirayn scooped up the quill and scrubbed unsuccessfully at the darkening stain on the floor. “Trust bloody Seiaman to do that while I’m trying to think!” Sirayn shook her head ruefully. Losyn wouldn’t have startled her when she was concentrating so intensely but Seiaman seemed to take a gleeful satisfaction out of causing havoc. Her bond thrummed with amusement and, underneath it, a thread of concern; she’d felt Sirayn’s despair and anger. Sirayn pelted Seiaman with vengeful annoyance but she couldn’t stay irritated at Seiaman for long. Sirayn turned her mind back to the problems before her. It all seemed very simple now. It had to be done. She would have to embrace the lessons she had done her best to forget. She could not allow herself to fail now.

: : : : Sirayn’s first move was to summon the three Sitters. The occasion deserved a visit rather than an impersonal note so Sirayn went round to their quarters in person and asked each Sitter to go to Sirayn’s quarters with writing materials. The four were closeted together for some time. During the course of the discussion Sirayn appreciated for perhaps the first time that however harshly she judged in peace-time, all three were invaluable during times of war. Sirayn wished she hadn’t realised that. Inevitably her competitive streak came out, and she found it hard to accept that Taya, Jade and Eleanor were trying to help her and not serve their own purposes. It didn’t help that Sirayn had to choke down her pride every time one of them suggested something she hadn’t thought of. The final straw came when Taya demonstrated an encyclopaedic knowledge of how the Warders were organised. Sirayn looked at her blankly. It was one of those moments when things could have turned ugly- and Sirayn realised then that all three of them honestly wanted to help. And Sirayn laughed, and shook her head, and let go of a bit more of her anger.

: : : : Sirayn dealt with the deluge of information as well as she could. She asked each Sitter to take up certain duties, as fitted the woman’s strengths and preferences, and they worked together on raising a small force to move out to Tarabon. A note was written: All Greens are to report to the Small Hall immediately with their respective Warders. Sirayn wrote another one alike to it for the Brown sisters. She hauled a novice out of the corridor and set her to copying out the notes repeatedly and ferrying one to each Green and Brown sister in the Tower. Sirayn conferred with the Sitters and they picked a handful of individuals from other Ajahs who were given a generic note summoning them to the Small Hall. Finally, Sirayn wrote a longer letter to Con Stavros, informing him of the mission, and asking him to report the relevant details to the Master at Arms. Sirayn put an end to the meeting as the final notes went out. “Let’s go to the hall.” She stood and stretched her tired muscles. I made my first mistake within minutes of Mandi’s visit. I can’t slip up again. I can’t. “Thank you, sisters.” Sirayn wondered if they heard the note in her voice, if they realised that Sirayn was genuinely grateful for their help. It was not like her to accept help from anyone.

: : : : Sirayn sat and watched as the three Sitters left her quarters. Already she felt very tired. Her mind was clinging to every scrap of information despite the logical knowledge that she couldn’t possibly remember it all. I am going to fail, Sirayn knew with a chilling certainty. And when I fail, it will be terrible. But until she did she had to stand strong and do her best. Sirayn pulled on a high-collared black coat which bore a simple pattern of thorns around the cuffs and collar and checked her knives while her mind whirled elsewhere. Would this be Lwena’s first major battle? Sirayn didn’t think Lwena had fought the Shadow before, although Sirayn had seen at first hand that the Yellow could fight. Lwena had saved her life after Sirayn stopped a crossbow bolt and again during the rioting in Aringill. The others invited were mostly older and more experienced than Lwena. But Sirayn knew well who else would come along on this mission. Jehanine. Sirayn’s face darkened with reflexive anger at the thought of her once-dear friend, the trials they had shared, and the cataclysmic row that had broken them apart. Jehanine still didn’t think Sirayn deserved to be Aes Sedai. And Sirayn still agreed with her.

: : : : Sirayn shook her head softly. She still watched Jehanine from afar. She couldn’t shake the habit of keeping an eye out for her ex-friend, smoothing her way as much as Sirayn could without causing trouble. Sirayn would still place her life in Jehanine’s hands without hesitation. It shamed her, but Sirayn avoided Jehanine now, tried to keep out of her way; Sirayn had developed a hard-earned respect for Jehanine’s fury. But still Sirayn watched and grieved and wished things could have been different. Jehanine had bonded her first Warder, Sirayn knew, but Sirayn had never met the man, never been introduced to him as a sister – as she should have been. Can you justify your sisterhood? Sirayn could never do that, and Jehanine knew it. Seiaman, Jehanine, everyone who thought Sirayn unfit to be Aes Sedai had her beat before she even opened her mouth. What was she after all but a prostitute’s daughter raised above her station?

: : : : A woman who believed herself to be utterly alone and yet fought on. A woman who walked on the biting edge of shadow and would not let herself fall. A woman who dreamed of home, longed for death, and fought with every breath to survive and strike another blow against the Shadow.

: : : : Sirayn let go a bitter breath and tugged at the bonds, sharper than was necessary, adding a sense of urgency. She stalked out of her quarters alone, allowing the wards to spring up anew after her passing, and left the Ajah chambers without a backward glance. If I am as great as Mandi seems to think, as Jehanine hated me for, why do I not see it? Why do I see only the shadows? Where is the light they speak of? Sirayn paused for a moment in the midst of the white corridor, allowing a sense of the stone to soak into her. Above and below and around her, through layers of stone and fabric, the White Tower stirred to life as the notes found their targets. She could almost taste the excitement, the anticipation on the air. And the urgency. Warriors, healers and politicians answered the summons as Sirayn called the first great meeting of the Hunt for Namandar.

OOC: All sisters of the Green and Brown Ajahs [if they’re in the Tower] have received one of the notes Sirayn writes, and select others have been invited, including Lwena and Egwainne. Bring along your Warders if they’re coming. I’ll have to get in touch with Andular and ask him to NPC Con for us. –frowns- In a while I’ll post again to open the meeting and explain about the journey. Eggy, if you could step up and tell us about the situation in Tarabon and politics with Andrei when you get back, that’d be great. If anyone isn’t sure what they should be doing, contact me.


~ Sirayn ~


Seiaman closed the door to her quarters, sending a thread of assurance through the bond after it was so sharply tugged. Sirayn almost never tugged the bond that hard as of late but with the moods that ebbed through the bond, Seiaman felt a increasingly dark cloud hovering over herself and her Sedai. The past few days, a series of events have been happening and as much as Seiaman wanted to go and find out what was troubling Sirayn, but the bloody woman kept her at bay. For good reason, I hope. And today proved to be no relief from the torrent of emotions going through Sirayn.

As she strode through the hallways towards her Aes Sedai, her black cloak swirled behind her as the silver linings in her outfit sparkled in the lights. Emotions flowed through the bond, amplifying her own until she finally gave the bond a sharp tweak, as if telling her Sedai to take a deep breath. It quieted momentarily before she came out of a hallway and almost instantly came up to Sirayn's side. Pride and strength welled up in Seiaman as she took her place behind Sirayn, her eyes cold and unwavering. Losyn stood on the other side and Seia became more alert, keeping a keen eye on those around her. She did not trust anyone except Losyn and Bandit with Sirayn's life, even in the sanctuary of the White Tower.



ooc: Sirayn, I'm assuming I should be posting as both? If not, tell me!

ic:Another herb that eases queasy stomachs is Marshwhite in the form of a tea, though many find the taste too much... All was silent, save for the scratching of Lwena's quill and the rumbling purr of the cat curled up on her lap. She had promised herself a while back that she would compile her herb knowledge into a journal, and now she was finally starting it. It was a painfully slow progress, especially since she was constantly being interrupted. She really shouldn't have been surprised then, when a knock came at the door suddenly, causing her to jerk her hand and blot the ink.

"Light!" She snapped, throwing her quill down and standing up abruptly. Nita looked at her reproachfully and then jumped up onto Lwena's vacated seat. The Yellow stalked over to the door and flung it open, letting the poor Novice who stood there know that she wasn't in a good mood.

"A note for you, Lwena Sedai." She squeaked and thrust the note down to the Yellow sister; the Novice was a good five inches taller than Lwena's 5'2". The girl hurried away at Lwena's absently said thanks; it was from Sirayn, and when the Green sister wanted to talk to her, she usually just came over herself. Lwena pushed the door shut with one foot and unfolded the note.

Lwena, will you please to report to the Small Hall immediately. Short, and very vague. Lwena didn't bother to change, but she did glance into the mirror long enough to smooth her hair and use Saidar to pull the cat hair from her dress. It didn't take long to get to the Small Hall, and only a few other Aes Sedai were there besides Sirayn. Seiaman and Losyn, Sirayn's Gaidin were there, as were many of the other Aes Sedai. Lwena shot a confused glance to Sirayn, and a second after noticing that she was the only Yellow among a sea of Greens and Browns. An odd Blue stood here or there as well. This would certainly prove to be interesting.



The Spring filled Raisa with a pulsing energy, filling her with energy that demanded to be used. And using it she was. Boar Rushes down the Mountain was paired with Tower of Morning. She went through form after form, perfecting each before moving on. She was thankful she wouldn't be disturbed; she loved a good forms practice. Suddenly, there was a slightly annoyed feeling through the bond, and then Nydi tweaked it, probably a little harder than she had meant to. Raisa nearly dropped both of her practice lathes, muttering colourful curses as she banged her knee with one. A trainee gaped at her and she scowled at him until he backed away. What is it now? She put the lathes away and was tempted to run up to her room to change her shirt when Nydi tweaked the bond again, though thankfully not as hard as before.

Raisa broke into a light jog, slowing herself to a quick walk when she entered the Tower Halls. So many Aes Sedai all packed together made her nervous, even though she had grown comfortable enough in their presence to not make a fool of herself. After losing her way several times and nearly wandering into the library, Raisa found Nydi among several other Aes Sedai and their Warders. A Green sister stood near the front, the focus of Nydi's attention, and with a start Raisa recognized her as Sirayn. Sirayn Sedai, it seemed she was now. Raisa ducked her head with an embarrassed grin; she wasn't sure how much Sirayn remembered of that night, but she most certainly would remember being dunked in the river. The two Warders beside Sirayn surprised Raisa even more-she could have sworn she thought both Losyn and Seiaman hated Sirayn!

With another uneasy and wary glance around, Raisa placed most of her attention on Sirayn, waiting to see what this was all about.

Lwena Sedai
Yellow Sister

Temp. Bonded to Nydi Sedai


Jaydena left her ajah heads quarters and headed back to her own. Mandi had made it clear to all of them that Sira was to lead this search party. All three sitters were to go along as well, and it appeared that this chose of leader was not as it seemed. Her dear friend Sirayn was to be tested, many still believed that she hated the Greens and this was her chance to prove herself. The sitters were going along not just because it was an experience to rival any other but also so they would have a second in command if Sirayn should fail.

Moving to her desk she began to write in her journal, documenting the events that had occurred on that day. Several minutes into her writing she heard a knock at the door. Giving her journal one last wistful glance she wove a ward around the book and then dropped the wards on her quarters. She opened the door to see the one woman she wasn't prepared to face yet. She gave her friend a quick smile and then nodded her head at her requests.

Several minutes later she left her quarters with her writing case and headed down the hall to Sira's room. Her sisters had already arrived and were waiting for her. Grabbing one of the chairs she took a seat and began to take notes, listening to others suggestions and giving her own. When the session had ended she felt much better about her sisters role as leader and was looking forward to leaving.

Jade headed back to her quarters and gave a sharp tug to both of her bonds. Her warders arrived shortly after that and she explained the situation to them in detail. They both agreed that they wanted to go on the trip and waited as she prepared for the meeting in the hall. She pulled on one of her combat outfits, a deep green with gold roses on the labels. The matching britches clung tight and the material allowed for range of movement. A white vest with roses climbing up it fit her curves and black leather boots completed the outfit. She strapped her sword around her waist and headed out into the hallway with her gaidin in tow. Dressed like a warrior that she needed to be for this trip she stepped into the hall and waited for the meeting to begin...

Jaydena Sedai


OOC: Sira, if what I posted is a problem, let me know. Just wanted to keep your character a bit on edge. ^.^


It was late afternoon, the time of day during which the sun was hurrying from the sky, painting the scudding clouds golden in her wake. Jehanine's latticed windows were thrust open, allowing in the breeze that carried the perfumes from the garden, the breeze that stirred a faint hope in Jehanine that everything would return to normalcy on the morrow. She had sat at the small escritoire by her wide windows thus for many evenings, always inspired by the beauty of a crimson-painted Tar Valon. And every morning she had awoken to the realization that still things were broken, horribly and utterly broken, between her and the one friend she had truly taken to heart. It had been so many years, she should have come to terms with it by now. But she was not so resilient, to shrug off an argument and the loss of a friendship that had been so deep.

Unlike, apparently, Sirayn. Jehanine had noticed the woman's new habit of conversing animatedly and in a friendly manner with Jaydena, and the sight had ground the remaining pieces of her heart into dust. It was better when she could think of Sirayn and know that the woman was still as hurt as she was. But to be replaced - that inspired a feeling worse than despair.

With a quiet sigh that released the pent-up feelings of abandonment, Jehanine bent her head to the task of answering one of her many missives. Her network of eyes and ears had grown great in the past few decades: nothing to rival that of Kaylan's, but large nonetheless. She was devoted to the politics of the various lands, and while she didn't often interfere she had an ever-present desire to remain informed about what was going on. Far Madding in particular was a place of interest, due to her origins, and she wrote regularly to her informants there.

A sharp rap on the door commanded her attention, and with a frown Jehanine stood and made her way to answer it. She paused with her hand upon the burnished gold handle of her door, thinking whatever was on the other side could only be bad news at this time in the afternoon. A moment passed before Jehanine eased open her door and raised her eyebrows at the novice she found waiting there. Her height was intimidating, she knew, and she waited in complete and cold silence for the girl to present her offering and be on her way.

With a yelp and a shaky curtsey, the child held out a scrap of paper in trembling fingers, waited just long enough for Jehanine to take it, and scurried away. With a faint smile, the Green turned and closed her door with her hip, opening the note as she did so.

Sirayn's writing. What has she to say? Apparently nothing directed explicitly at Jehanine, she noted with both relief and disappointment. Not once had Sirayn approached her voluntarily after their row, and seemed to be actively avoiding her these days. Shrugging off the thoughts of her former friend, she consulted the note and was surprised to see that it was a summons. And what is the purpose of this? she wondered, knowing that Aes Sedai were deliberately brief and mysterious, but despising the tactic when it was employed against her.

She voiced a summons over her bond to Jerad, knowing he would find his way to the Small Hall unerringly. They had settled into a comfortable relationship, and she had appreciated his help and his dry humour on many harrowing occasions. Perhaps this would prove to be another one of them. She had no idea what Sirayn was planning, although indeed it seemed as if the woman were drawn to adventure and disaster.

A few moments spent before her polished glass mirror corrected all mistakes of her appearance, and soon her heavy black skirts were rustling along the corridors of the Tower. She had donned her shawl for the occasion, knowing it would irk those less formal than she and those who considered it boasting.

The Hall loomed before her, and she entered unceremoniously, pausing on the threshold to study the women and men assembled there. The sisters seemed to be drawn mainly from the Green and Brown Ajahs, and their wolf-like Warders lurked dangerously in the background. Again, Jehanine was mired in confusion and unable to unravel the mystery before her. Better to just stand patiently and wait for Sirayn to present her piece, she finally decided, unsurprised to see the woman near the front of the room with the Sitters of the Ajah - one of whom was Jade. For someone who had so dearly hated the Ajah and who had claimed to be so dearly hated by them in turn, she certainly rubbed elbows with those of rank and power within it. With a surreptitious shake of her head, Jehanine felt the age-old jealousy rear its head again and squashed it down.

However, she did deliberately stride in Sirayn's direction, keeping a sharp and narrow and very dark gaze on the woman's face for the first time in decades. She hadn't looked at Sirayn in years, refusing to meet her eyes, always glancing past her or above her head in an act of superiority. It was her defense, and allowed her to feel a small measure of victory in the woman's presence. But this time, she forced herself to look upon Sirayn's face. This time, she forced her steps towards the woman who was the object of her jealousy.

Without preamble, she stopped directly in front of her. "I see your friends are hastily replaced. My blessings of luck upon your friendship with Jade, may it not turn sour like ours." It was quiet, pitched for Sirayn's ears alone, although that wasn't to say the surrounding Sitters didn't hear it.

Her pronouncement made, she moved gracefully away before Sirayn could respond and took a place in the depths of the crowd where she could not be easily found, intending to apologize to Jerad upon his arrival for the anger coursing over the Bond.


Jehanine Aes Sedai
of the Battle Ajah
Bonded to Jerad Gaidin


OOC: Well I signed up so I might as well post now.

IC: With a bit of uncertainty in his step Neroin made his way to the Tower hall. He had joined in on a whim, though now that he was on his way he felt as though he may have bitten off more than he could chew.
:::: With his father’s heron marked blade belted at his waist, his skinning knife in its sheath at his side, his hands wrapped and ready to box, and his trademark grin pasted on his face he walked through the Tower hallways. He received many an odd glance mostly from the servants who had been on the receiving end of his mischief. Neroin bent his knees whenever he noticed an Aes Sedai looking at him. With so many channeling women about it was best to be courteous.
:::: He turned various corners and arrived at where he needed to be. Letting himself in he gasped at the number of people, many of who were ageless faced women. ‘Oh light on a bloody stick, what have I gotten myself into?’
:::: Neroin pushed his way through the throng trying his best not to get in the way of an Aes Sedai. When he came to a place where he could stand comfortably he turned his attention to where everyone else seemed to be keeping theirs: At an Aes Sedai who looked as though she was ready to speak.

OOC: Neroin’s here. I look forward to Rping with you all.

--Neroin Al’Ranach--
King of Pranksters, The Master of Practical Jokes
Tower Guard And Student of Path of Water.
The Amateur With a Heron-Marked Blade!
A.K.A. Argono and Sosumo Raying
“Conversations tend to be so much more civil when there’s a chance the other person might snap and kill you.”
--Errant Story


Kaylan looked up as the Ward on her door was tweaked, and the note was slipped under her door.
She read it quickly, then headed down to the Warders Yards, giving an urgent tweak on all three Bonds.
Calya was, as usual it seemed these days, the first to arrive, owing to the urgency of Kaylan's summons.
"There is an urgent matter for all Sisters. As soon as the others arrive we'll head up to the Small Hall." As she spoke, Jumael and Mercury arrived almost on top of each other, and she repeated herself.
"There is an urgent matter for all Sisters and their Warders. We must head to the Small Hall." She set off at a quick walk, her blonde hair flying out behind her.
She arrived fairly quickly, though she was not the first, and watched curiously as a small crowd began to gather - not just Greens but Browns, and a few others, too, slowly pouring into the Hall.
"What is this about?" She asked one of her Sisters, but no-one seemed to know yet, and she raised an eyebrow slowly as someone whispered that the notes had come from Sirayn.
Still, there was nothing for it but to wait. She took a seat and spoke to her Warders, apologising for taking them away from what they had been doing.
"Perhaps we will see some action again soon, hey?" She grinned at that, wondering whether the others in the room would feel the same excitement for Battle.

Kaylan Morin
Battle Ajah
Thrice Bonded


Leilani sat up, her eyes still wet with tears, and looked at the note in curiosity. Who is sending me a note? She was trying to deal with the loss of her second Warder, and had not left the Tower grounds since her return from the West.
She readthe note, then re-read it, and again once more just to be sure. Her blue eyes threatened to overflow again, but she pushed all thoughts out of her mind and straightened her grey skirts, heading down to the small Hall. It seemed that Greens were not the only ones summoned, and she took a seat next to a Brown Sister she did not know.
"Sister, are you alright?" She heard one of the Greens speak to her, and she nodded almost imperceptibly and mumbled something about surviving.
She was not fine, she was simply existing, not living, but she would be ok one day. One day she would be ready to take another Bond, but she did not know how some of the women did it. Like Taya. She had been Bonded and lost many times, and she still went on. Leilani resolved to speak to her about it sometime, and looked up curiously to see who would be taking the meeting.

Leilani Sedai
Battle Sister
Twice Bonded, twice lost.


Taya had been briefly alarmed when Mandi named Sirayn as the leader of the party. But almost instantly she had read deeper into Mandi’s words, perceived the true purpose of her intentions, and nodded in quiet agreement. Sirayn was to be tested, and there would be not one but several back-up plans to fall upon if the young Green should fail. Not so young anymore, Taya mused idly as she took notes in her head of all that Mandi was saying. Not so young in years, nor in experiences. But this is something she has never done before. She almost smiled contemplating how Sirayn might fall over in shock when she learned that she had been chosen for the task.

The follow-up meeting with Mandi and the Sitters didn’t last long. They had business to be about – such as retiring to their Quarters and waiting for Sirayn’s summons. Mandi nodded to each of them and headed off to Sirayn’s room. The Sitters exchanged a few murmured words and headed off to their respective rooms. Then it was time to sit and wait.

The moment came sooner than Taya had expected. She opened the door to see Sirayn peering in at her. The woman summoned her and she answered immediately. Sirayn walked in the opposite direction, heading for Jaydena’s room. Taya went instead to Sirayn’s quarters and didn’t wait long before Eleanor arrived. Sirayn came next and showed them into her room. A moment later another knock sounded, and Sirayn let Jaydena in. With all three Sitters facing Sirayn the meeting began.

A lot of briefing was done. The Sitters were Sirayn’s advisors, at least until all four of them were in public. Then it would all be up to Sirayn. Sirayn seemed reluctant to take advice at times, but she didn’t once complain aloud. She finally seemed to accept that all they wanted was to help her by preparing her as well as they could. Taya felt almost sorry for Sirayn knowing that she wasn’t the only one in command for this mission. Perhaps a few of the other Greens, more senior in age, would recognise the true nature of this action on the Captain General’s part, but overall it was a secret, kept even from Sirayn herself.

The meeting ended with summonses sent out to all the relevant parties. Taya tugged on her bond and brought Eos striding from the Warder’s Yard. No doubt he wasn’t the only one heading in that general direction. When he and others realised it they’d know that something major was afoot.

Taya headed early to the Small Hall and joined the few of her fellows who had arrived already. Some Browns were there too, and Taya spent some time conversing with them. She did not let any details out about the nature of the mission that faced them, for that was Sirayn’s job.

Speaking of Sirayn, the woman arrived rather early on and greeted everybody who had already arrived. For her part Taya nodded at her and let encouragement show in her eyes. Other than that she kept her attention elsewhere, allowing Sirayn to go about the business of leading. Each time a new sister entered, Sirayn greeted them but refused to let too much information out. When everybody was here, she would let them know why they had been summoned.

More and more sisters arrived, and their lethal-looking Gaidin. Every Green who came in passed by Taya and the other Sitters, bowing their heads, smiling, even doing the ludicrous likes of bowing. “Greetings, Vira,” Taya said with a smile as the fierce young woman righted herself and nodded.

Jehanine arrived, and Taya watched her, wondering what she would do. To Taya’s surprise the young sister headed right for Sirayn, something she had refrained from doing for what appeared to be years. Jehanine came to a halt right in front of Sirayn and said, “I see your friends are hastily replaced. My blessings of luck upon your friendship with Jade, may it not turn sour like ours.”

She spoke softly, but not softly enough to prevent the Sitters from hearing. Taya was fairly sure the other two had at least. She looked briefly at Jaydena and then back at Jehanine, feeling a sense of disappointment that the woman couldn’t conduct herself more maturely than that. If Sirayn was behaving badly, then Jehanine should accept it and move on. If Sirayn was innocent and Jehanine’s accusations groundless, then Jehanine should feel ashamed. If it was more complicated than that, then it wasn’t worth dwelling on for as long as these two had.

Finally everybody was present, and it was time for the meeting to begin.

Taya Sedai
Green Sitter
Geared Up ‘N Ready To Go


Vira threw glares left and right, and showed respect to the relevant parties. It seemed today that there were fewer such parties than usual. Various Greens had done things to annoy her lately, and she was getting tired from the effort of despising them all for their behaviour. Why didn’t they just grow up and give her less things to be disgusted about?

Foremost amongst the grievances she dwelt on today was the fact that Sirayn was in command. She couldn’t understand what the Captain General had been thinking giving that brat the lead. Vira thought back to how she had nearly managed to attack Mandi when she was refused entry into the Green Ajah years ago, and wondered if she shouldn’t have tried a bit harder. Perhaps a good smack around would have knocked more sense into Mandi and boded fairer on a day like this.

And yet she always has good reason, Vira thought, and only felt more angry. Mandi always thinks large, large enough to see the details the rest of us miss. She is always looking out for t he future. So what was Vira missing? What on earth could warrant putting Sirayn Símeone at the head of this important mission? She isn’t fit to core apples for the Green Ajah banquet, Vira thought cruelly.

Vira was, of course, ignoring some of the facts. She was ignoring the fact that Sirayn had fought many fights in the years since her raising. Sirayn had proven herself and had won even some of her worst enemies to her side. She had earned back some of the respect she had formerly lost before she was even a full ranking Green.

Not from Vira, of course. How could Vira ever respect that woman? Some things were unforgivable, and one such thing was Sirayn’s ridiculous behaviour in her younger years. But just because the chit had won a few fights did not mean she was worthy of THIS honour! Vira had tried to think of explanations, but such was her indignation that she was unable to think logically enough. I’m not a bloody White, now am I? she thought sourly as her gaze followed the newest arrival across the floor of the Small Hall.

She watched with growing interest as Jehanine DeGavriele made a beeline for Sirayn. Vira had never had a reason to be fond of Jehanine, for she didn’t really know the woman very well, but she knew they had one thing in common – a dislike of Sirayn. Jehanine’s dislike was different, though. She and Sirayn had once been friends. The best of friends, in fact. Vira could say no such thing about herself and Sirayn.

“Those two are incorrigible,” Laryés Sedai, a middle-aged Green whose accent was at times thick with the sounds of Kandor, said from beside Vira.

Vira looked at her. “You know their story?”

Laryés shrugged. “I know enough from just seeing how they so blatantly avoid one another all the time. You know they used to be very close?”

Vira nodded.

Laryés said, “Well here is how I see it. Losing friends is hard, we all know that, but at least those two fools haven’t lost one another to the grave. If they cannot see how fortunate they are for that, then they deserved to be miserable!”

Vira raised her eyebrows at Laryés’s vehemence, and contemplated the sentiment thoughtfully. Perhaps Laryés is right. And perhaps these two whelps will learn a lesson one day soon. Here is hoping, for their sakes, that it isn’t too late by then.

Though why Vira should care about their good fortune, when they behaved so like children, she could not fathom.

Vira sighed irritably and crossed her arms under her breasts, waiting for the proceedings to begin officially.

Vira Demarcias
Blindly Green

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"Nothing ever seems to be where I left it last!", Raeyn dispaired to herself mentally as she pushed her way through a stack of folders balanced precariously on the edge of a table. A knocking at her door burst through her riflings, and the folders fell and scattered across the floor.

"Light!", she muttered to herself as she strode to answer the door. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door to find a novice dropping into a curstey while holding forth a note.

"F-f-from Sirayn Sedai, Aes Sedai." the child squeaked as Raeyn grabbed the note. "From a Green sister that I barely know?" she thought to herself as she scanned the missive. "Report to the Small Hall? This better be of interest..."

Grabbing the novice before she could flee, Raeyn pointed out the stack of folders that had become scattered and strode out calling out instructions for cleaning and sorting as she exited.

She mused to herself as she made her way from her chambers above the library into the Tower proper.. the Greens seemed to have been bustling about quite a bit lately over.. something.. For what reason could they want to include Brown Sisters?

A babble of quiet voices could be heard before the Hall, and the inclusion of yet another sister, even if she was a Sitter for another Ajah, made no difference in the crowd. Some of the younger sisters nodded their heads deferentially, but otherwise... Picking out a corner at random, Raeyn grabbed a chair and sat.. hopefully the proceedings would begin shortly.

Raeyn Sedai
Head of the Brown Ajah
Brown Sitter
Slightly Impatient


Jozan was in his room taking on his towerguard uniform and boots. He was a little tence about this journey because he knew he might have to fight his life and others against shadow spawn. He took up his quaerter staff in his hand and loked into the mirror one last time before going out the room.

He walked out and into the hall of the towerguards barracks and out of the barracks and on his way to the white tower and the begining of a exciting journey. He walked in and walked down the tower hall and smiled when someone looked at him.

When he arrived to the place where they would meet he bowed and said, "I´m Jozan and i´m ready to come along on this journey and i´m very glad to be among so many great people on this journey". Jozan said with a softness in his voice. Jozan looked around to see if he reconiced anyone among the people in the room.

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OOC: I'm really sorry for NPCing Sarita and Fianna but I think that this would have been what Arette would have done first. If you think I didn't do your character justice, let me know and I'll edit my post.

IC: After Karana had dismissed the Green Sitters, Arette had been nearly bursting of desire to hear more about the Age of Legends city but she knew that the other Browns would never forgive her if she tarried in letting them know because the Greens had explained her first. Sighing she had suggested that the Green Sitters would gather their own sisters to some place and she would bring the Browns there. The Greens suggested their Small Hall and she agreed, amused by the pompous name that so clearly aped that of the Great Hall where the Sitters gathered to decide of the Tower's future.

Arette didn't waste time after they parted. She approached all three Sitters starting from Raeyn. She wasn't at her rooms in the Tower but obviously at the secondary quarters they all had above the Library. Maybe she was studying Angela. It was a shame but Arette wasn't going to go tell her herself. The two other Sitters were at the Tower and
ss could be expected they both were thrilled of the news and tried to squeeze extra information out of her. Despite the Oaths, it took some explaining before they believed that she really didn't know any more than she told and that they should head to Green quarters for more information. A newly raised Brown Else happened to pass them and she was entrusted with task of finding all the other Browns she could and tell them to spread the word. If they came late, the explanation wouldn't be started anew sounded the grave warning.

The three women all spoke over each others as they speculated about the city and how a Green sister could have found it instead of them on their way to the meeting place. Such enthusiasm and in general the appearance of two Brown Sitters and the Keeper was met by some wonderment from the Greens who happened to be in the room as the Browns arrived but when it was evident that they didn't know anything, the focus shifted back on the most important thing. More Browns joined them as the time passed, most were panting slightly as no one wanted to be late.

Arette was growing quite irritated as the Green Sitters failed to arrive within the half an hour after they had came. She stopped the first novice she saw to fetch them immediately but the girl squeaked that she had been given a mission to summon all Browns and their warders by Sirayn Sedai but that she would drop it if the Keeper wished so. Arette was most surprised. Why was it Sirayn who was summoning them instead of the Sitters? She had spoken with the sister for the first time not so long ago after she had arrived from Aringill but this was most puzzling. Arette even considered for a brief second that Sirayn could be the Ajah Head of the Green Ajah, but she was too young and unexperienced when compared to women like Taya and Mandi. The novice must have been simply mistaken. The Sitters had propably just given the task of sending messages to Sirayn and she had delegated it to the girl. Yes, it had to be so.

Arette told the girl that the Browns were already been taken care of and told her to get the Green Sitters instead. The girl started to look like a grape who was being pressed dry but she curtsied and dashed toward the Green living quarters with satisfying speed. Then the first Sitter, Jaydena, saw fit to arrive. Arette pursed her lips slightly. She didn't know the woman personally at all but rumours before Telcia had left to Caemlyn said that these two had become fast friends and Jaydena had stood in the Hall for Iussi's Gentling like a loyal friend. Arette had found herself oddly hurt by that. Telcia believed that she was the one who had turned her back on their friendship but couldn't she understand what a horrible choice she had made her to do? Arette had wished that the Tower would have studied only willing male channelers but she had had serious doubts whether anyone would actually be that unselfish and in the end she had agreed with Karana about the final wording of the Law. But after Torlong and Caladesh, Light burn him where ever her was, had shown that male channelers wanted to cling on saidin as hard as Aes Sedai to saidar, she had changed her mind and believed that Iussi should be Gentled immediately and the Law changed. And more importantly, she had promised to Telcia. If Arette had been Sitter, she would have stood too.

She recovered quickly from her thoughts, though and hounded the Green immediately. "Jaydena, we have waited enough and most Browns should already be here... and if not, only the fastest live", she flashed a wolfish grun. "Please tell us now everything about this city." It wasn't really a plea. She had indeed been patient enough and when it came to matters of knowledge, she had no desire what so ever to wait when she could learn immediately.



Jared sat in his room reading when he felt a sharp tug on the bond that made him drop the book on his own face from the shock of it. Rubbing his nose with a groan,Jared picked the book up off the ground and sat it on his stand next to the bed. Rising from his bed,Jared grabbed his Warder's cloak and his staff before walking out of his room. Hurrying through the halls of the Tower,Jared reached Jade's room just as Corbin did as well. Nodding to him,Jared entered Jade's room and sat down as Jade began to explain why she had pulled them to her like that. After Jared had heard everything he nodded at the oppurtunity and let Jade know that he would be more then willing to come along. After both him and Corbin had agreed to go along,as if there was any other choice, Jade left the room and went to get dressed. Jared sat and waited,thinking of Jade and all the time they had been spending together as of late. The past years since shortly after the Ebou Dar disaster had been years that Jared never wanted to forget. Jade and Seia had broken off their relationship and in the end Jade had realized that she loved him and they had gotten together. But Jade had made him sit down with her and their were certain promises both had made so that their love did not cost them both their lives. Jared had to admit,though he had not liked the promises at the time,that they had indeed helped saved both their necks in the long run. Jared was soon snapped out of his reverie as Jade came out of her room in warrior garb. Jared took the sight of her in those tight breeches in as they headed for the door. Once they hit the Little Hall though all thought of their relationship went to the back of his mind as he followed Jade to the place where Sira and the other Sitters were waiting.



Jaydena watched as each green head into the room, their warders at their sides. The Browns seemed to all be in attendance, and Jade wondered what Sirayn was about having the browns waiting for so long before the Greens were summoned. Shrugging her shoulders she saw her fellow Green Sister, Jeha step into the hall with her one warder at her heels. She was surprised when the sisters eyes locked on Sirayn's who stood near them and headed directly their way. From the intense look on the woman's face Jade wondered if she was up to no good in regard to Sirayn.

Jeha approached Sirayn and spoke in a low pitched voice, "I see your friends are hastily replaced. My blessings of luck upon your friendship with Jade, may it not turn sour like ours." Apparently the sister thought she had spoken low enough but from the look of irritation that flashed over Taya's face, the sitter had heard as well. Watching Jeha walk away, Jade wondered what Sirayn was feeling but was soon deterred for approaching her when Arette stepped up to her and began to speak.

"Jaydena, we have waited enough and most Browns should already be here... and if not, only the fastest live, Please tell us now everything about this city." Jade shook her head at the impatient keeper, for a woman her age she sure was in a hurry. Smiling at her sister she spoke in a commanding voice, "I'm sorry Arette, I am not in charge of this journey, you need to speak to Sirayn Sedai if you want to learn more. However she seems to be busy at the moment so you may have to wait." Folding her hands at her waist she waited for the reaction to her words...

Jaydena Sedai
Green Sitter


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: : : : Sirayn closed her eyes briefly and examined the bonds. She felt Seiaman’s silent reassurance, underlaid by a quiet, troubled preoccupation. Seiaman was worried about her. Sirayn grinned without humour, a bleak smile mirrored by winter eyes, and waited as the two Gaidin approached from opposite angles and took up mirroring positions behind her. The bond dulled to a hard, focused knot as Seiaman set her mind to protecting Sirayn. Sirayn’s grimace slid away. Seiaman and Losyn would be as startled by this news as everyone else present. She shifted slightly, uncomfortable with the stares upon her, as she waited for people to arrive. It was clear that most believed one of the Sitters was in charge and Sirayn was content to let that lie for the minute. Sirayn greeted each one who passed her with a few words, aware of a small trickle of Tower Guards arriving, and smiled with quick delight to see Lwena arrive. Sirayn glanced up and saw Jehanine bearing down on her like a battleship. She winced and her perception narrowed sharply to focus entirely on the woman approaching her. Any hope that a more tender heart had been implanted in Jehanine’s breast since their last meeting was dashed by the look in those narrow dark eyes and the quick, harsh words she unleashed. My life for yours, Jehanine, Sirayn thought sadly. A numb sense of shock froze her tongue while Jehanine spun on her heel and walked away.

: : : : Had she been right? Was Sirayn truly a traitor to the wreck of their friendship to befriend other sisters? Sirayn was only grateful that Jehanine seemingly hadn’t heard about her and Lwena, because anyone was more like to tackle the young Yellow than the Green Sitter. The thought that Jehanine might strike against one of Sirayn’s friends simply because they were her friends- Sirayn closed her eyes briefly, her face tightening as sharp-edged thoughts lanced through her. Jehanine and she had been closer than sisters. Sirayn owed Jehanine a debt that could not be erased. Jehanine hated her, envied her, and was jealous of her friendships with other sisters. Did she have that right? Sirayn cast her gaze to the roof of the hall, and sighed softly. Yes. Jehanine did. Sirayn owed her yet more for these friendships she had been so casually making. She should grieve alone for the loss of Jehanine, rather than seek replacement that could never be found for one so unique and terrible as her. Sirayn lowered her head, and her gaze rested on Jehanine’s back with a sense of lingering sorrow. “I love you still, sister. I am sorry.” Her words were too quiet for Jehanine to hear, too soft for many to catch, but Sirayn voiced them out of duty and obligation, unable to remain silent on this subject even with so many watching her. And perhaps whispers would bear her words to Jehanine, and Jehanine would know that Sirayn still loved her, and grieved for the loss of her better half.

: : : : A whispered warning from Seiaman dragged her from dark thoughts. Sirayn looked around, and was startled to see a great wave of Browns arrive all together. Arette walked at their head. Sirayn arched a brow, somewhat coolly, as Arette approached Jade and demanded for her to get on with it. It was clear that Arette expected that one of the three Sitters was in charge. Fianna looked round the small circle with a measure of disdain, greeted the Sitters with a small courteous nod, and eyed Sirayn coolly. The grim look on her face challenged Sirayn to speak. She was the one out of place at such a gathering of Sitters and officials. A dozen other Browns flanked her, their impatient gazes resting on Taya, Jade and Eleanor. They stared back with perfect calm. The serene silence made it clear that no-one was prepared to make a move. Sirayn stared at Fianna’s bleak visage as she felt the cold heavy hands of duty settle on her shoulders. In this august gathering of some of the most powerful women of the Tower, Sirayn felt distinctly unwelcome, like the initiate whose worth had never been tested or proven. Most of the sisters in this small circle had barely even noticed her presence although Sirayn had spoken with enough in the larger crowd that ripples were swaying back and forth and incautious fingers pointed and heads nodded. Worse, Fianna seemed to have singled her out as a potential trouble-maker, and her auguring stare challenged Sirayn to step up now or back out.

: : : : Sirayn spent one more moment choking down her nerves. To lead, Mandi’s voice whispered in her memory, and Sirayn made her move. She folded her arms, which caused some sisters to move away from her unconsciously to give her room, the movement also drawing most eyes, and smiled at Arette. “I fear your question is directed to the wrong person, Arette.” Surprised gazes wandered over her and Sirayn met their eyes in turn with confident calm. Fianna’s face had stilled and the hawkish Sitter regarded her now with a measure of concentration. “We have waited long enough.” Sirayn spoke decisively, no hesitation showing in her face or voice. Her doubts lurked inside, waiting their turn to plague her once more. “I will begin the meeting immediately.” Turning on her heel, Sirayn left the small circle, and moved with assurance through the close crowd. Seiaman and Losyn ghosted behind her. As Sirayn walked toward the raised dais, sisters having overheard the conversation made way for her, and Warders stepped aside with respectful nods of their heads. A small murmur came from behind her as someone questioned one of the Green Sitters as to whether Sirayn was in a position of command or whether she was just irrationally bold. Sirayn was glad to hear the sharp tones of someone informing the woman that the former was true. The crowd was drawing apart for her now, pulling back to give her a free path, and Sirayn experienced a heady feeling of power for the first time since her disastrous raising. What would it be like to command this respect all the time? Might she one day fulfil her dream? A sense of despair came over her as she contemplated it and Sirayn’s shoulders dropped slightly. It was never like to happen since Sirayn screwed up everything she put her hand to. Still, she could dream, couldn’t she? Her dreams were always with her. Taunting her with images of what could never be!

: : : : Sirayn ascended the dais with measured steps. The high-collared black coat and black breeches gave her diminutive form a bleak solemnity, and the pulling back of her hair into a braid only accented her high sharp cheekbones, emphasizing the grim expression she wore. Her steel-grey eyes roamed, and noted, and remembered. Sirayn paused a moment atop the dais, Losyn and Seiaman flanking her but several paces back into the shadows, and allowed the murmuring to still. Quiet followed. A sense of expectation and anticipation clung to the air like perfume. A few faces wore open shock that she should presume to behave like the leader, but Sirayn saw Fianna’s severity soften into a slight, satisfied smile. The hush lasted for one more long, dragging moment. Then Sirayn lifted her head, pitched her voice to carry throughout the hall, and began to speak. “Greetings to you, Aes Sedai and Gaidin. I am Sirayn of the Battle Ajah and I called this meeting to inform you of a dramatic and startling event that could carry great consequences for us all. I speak with the authority the Green Ajah has vested in me.” Sirayn bowed her head for a moment as a startled mutter shifted through the crowd. They had seen, but not truly believed, until that final moment when she spoke the irreversible truth of the situation. Warriors and healers, old and young, strong and weak, they would follow her now or rot in Shayol Ghul for their disloyalty!

: : : : “This morning Mandi Sedai received a message from Tilana Sedai, a Green Aes Sedai we had long thought lost.” Sirayn began the tale with a stark simplicity. “The message contained a riddle. It was untangled and a book discovered buried in Rashima’s Garden. It is entitled Tilana Sedai’s Record of the Hunt for Namandar.” The others returned uncomprehending stares. Sirayn took a deep breath, and spoke perhaps the most important words of this meeting. “Namandar is a city from the Age of Legends.”

: : : : Pandemonium erupted. A babble of voices rushed to fill the silence. One young Brown jumped to her feet and almost fell over as she glared at Sirayn for some reason. Fianna was smirking. Everyone looked stunned. The bonds radiated shock. Only the Green Sitters were smugly immune to the general startlement. It was utter chaos. Sirayn lifted her voice to thunder through the gabble; “Silence!” Amazingly, they quieted almost immediately. Sirayn continued in a ringing voice, “This is the most tremendous breakthrough of our Age. If we can find this intact city we might find great discoveries to revolutionise our times! We could find weapons against the Shadow, technology to help our own people, miracles such as we could never dream of. The possibilities are awe-inspiring! This is the discovery of our time!” As a welter of shouts sprung up again, Sirayn’s voice rose, borne on the emotion of the moment. Excitement, anticipation, determination was reflected in the small yet resolutely commanding figure on the dais. “Aes Sedai, Gaidin, I will be leading a select party out of Tar Valon. We will travel to Tarabon with the permission of King Andrei Gornhald and uncover this Age of Legends city. With the gracious aid of the Brown Ajah we will study what can be studied, preserve what can be preserved, and if the situation permits, take some treasures back to the Tower for further research. This could herald the beginning of a new Age… the recovery of the marvels of the Age of Legends!”

: : : : A crashing wave of joyful shouts ran through the hall. The exuberance was completely out of character for the normally restrained Aes Sedai but this news – this was extraordinary, unbelievable, tremendous. It was everything Sirayn had said and more. And if some sisters blinked away tears at the vast range of treasures that could be retrieved from this legendary find, if the characteristically cool and unruffled sisters let go of their composure a little at the shattering news, who could blame them? Sirayn spoke into the din, trusting her thundering voice to reach to all ears. “Now. Who will come along? Who else would stand on ground two thousand years old, and glimpse a city built at the height of the Age of Legends?” It was only a moment before the first voice called out…

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~ Sirayn ~



Jehanine smiled faintly at Jerad as he suddenly appeared at her side, outfitted as if for an expedition. Was that what this was going to turn into? Noting the smallest flicker of …something in his eyes, Jehanine immediately apologized. Some day the situation would be explained to him. If there was anyone she could speak to on a personal level besides Sirayn, it was Jerad. But not yet. She wasn’t ready to share this with him yet. It was a burden that was heavy to bear, and she didn’t want to drive him away with her confidences. Instead, she stubbornly tried to bury her emotions beneath a film of bored serenity, observing the growing crowd in her effort to be busy.

An entourage of Browns had arrived, Arette at their head. Jehanine nodded to her former mentor respectfully and watched as they approached the Sitters of the Green Ajah. It was a fascinating tableau they presented: the esteemed Sitters of the Green in intense conversation with some of the strongest sisters of the Brown and the Keeper of the Chronicles. And there in the middle stood Sirayn.

Already Jehanine heard murmurs about her, remarks whispered casually to Gaidin or acquaintances. It was obvious many were questioning Sirayn’s presence, and some went so far as to voice comments of criticism. When her former friend took to the dais and faced the gathering as a warrior queen would her army, the murmurs grew louder.

“What is that upstart doing?”

“Why isn’t Taya…?”

The ropes with which she had bound back her anger unraveled, and Jehanine knew her cheeks had reddened with anger. How dare they? Riore Sedai had never set foot in the same room with Sirayn, and Idaline Sedai knew her hardly better. They hadn’t seen the strength in her eyes, hadn’t experienced her passion and conviction. And here they were, disparaging her. They were saved from Jehanine’s sharp comments only by the object of their insults, who had begun to weave the glorious tale of Namandar. Jehanine was suitably impressed and could feel the excitement humming in the air around her: a city from another Age, its exact location known. What wonders could be found there? And Sirayn had called them all to the hunt.

In her clear voice, pitched to carry over the exuberant crowd, Sirayn concluded her speech: “Now. Who will come along? Who else would stand on ground two thousand years old, and glimpse a city built at the height of the Age of Legends?”

A silence enveloped the room for a moment as Sirayn’s position on the hunt was once again considered in the minds of the older sisters and Sitters. She was headstrong, too young, too troublesome – all of these whispers Jehanine heard voiced again, many in pity and many in anger that they would be forced to submit to Sirayn’s rule in order to participate in the excursion.

Your loyalty may have died and gone, Sirayn of my heart, but mine has not nor will it ever. In a voice as clear as Sirayn’s and loud in the silence, Jehanine spoke. “I will follow you, Sirayn Sedai, Battle sister.”


Jehanine Sedai
of the Green Ajah
Bonded to Jerad


Lwena watched carefully as Sirayn went to the dias, flanked by both of her Warders. She looked grim, her clothes and hair accenting her features. The gathered Aes Sedai, and their Warders to a lesser extent, murmured when they saw her walking the steps, and Lwena couldn't help but scowl at the nearest doubters. If they believed that she was unfit to lead, Lwena would have more than a few 'polite' words with them...Lwena quelled the thought as silence decended like a shroud upon the gathering. Everyone watched Sirayn, although some still looked like they didn't want to believe that she could be their leader, and anticipation was apparent even in the air. Finally, Sirayn spoke.

"Greetings to you, Aes Sedai and Gaidin." Lwena paid close attention, not speaking when Sirayn openly declared herself the leader of...of whatever this was. Sirayn's explanation continued on, finishing with the title of a book. Lwena stared uncomprehendingly at Sirayn. Namandar? What under the Light was that? "Namandar is a city from the Age of Legends."

Lwena felt her mouth dropping open as the Aes Sedai around her began to speak, shouting something to their fellow sisters or asking questions of Sirayn. An Age of Legends city? That had to be a gift from the Creator himself! Sirayn's voice cut through the meaningless babble, stunning everyone back into silence. Lwena tried to wrap her mind around what she had been told-she had the chance to be with a party to discover one of the most important finds of the Age?

"Now. Who will come along? Who else would stand on ground two thousand years old, and glimpse a city built at the height of the Age of Legends?" The silence filled the room, as though almost everyone was afraid to speak. Sirayn was looking around, and Lwena was about to speak when another Green-Jehanine, Lwena thought-spoke.

"I will follow you, Sirayn Sedai, Battle sister." Lwena took a deep breath as the silence continued even after Jehanine's proclaimation, and then she stood.

"I, too will follow, Sirayn Sedai." She felt a slight smile curving her lips and let it remain.



Raisa stood behind Nydi, shifting uncomfortably and exchanging confused glances with the other Warders and Tower Guards. Nydi seemed to be more...calm... about the situation, though she felt a little suprised and annoyed when Sirayn ascended the dias. Raisa watched her and her Gaidin stand there for a moment until she spoke.

A babble broke out as Sirayn declared herself leader, but Raisa stayed silent. Siryan had changed from the depressed Accepted Raisa had thrown in the river, that was for certain. Nydi was angry-was it because Sirayn was a young sister? Nydi certainly wasn't old, as far as Raisa could tell, so that could be it. The Green sister quieted the room as she spoke again, Raisa listening with anticipation, echoing Nydi's interest. A moment later pandimonium errupted again, as the Age of Legends city was declared. Raisa wasn't given much time to thought, as one sister began to shout at Nydi, or so it seemed, and Raisa pulled Nydi away before the Blue could get too angry.

Sirayn spoke again. "Now. Who will come along? Who else will stand on ground two thousand years old, and glimpse a city built at the height of the Age of Legends?" Silence. And then one Green sister, followed closely by the sole Yellow. Raisa might have seen her one; Lwena Sedai, that was it. She hadn't met the Green though. With a blank face, she watched Nydi, hoping for the Blue to stand and speak.

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Lwena Sedai
Yellow Sister

Temp. Bonded to Nydi Sedai


Arette's eyes shot daggers and flames at Jaydena's condescending words delivered with an open sneer. How dared she? How dared the Greens? They had not as much as even mentioned word Namandar yet to the Browns and now they had one of their youngings imagining that she was running the whole thing. And now she was too busy to start her bloody speech after keeping the Browns waiting for almost an hour! The girl - who was only slightly younger than she herself - was propably so drunken of her power already that she thought that she could do anything. Well she would see soon. Arette's voice was so cold when she spoke that she was surprised her breath wasn't frosting.

"Mark my words, the Greens will be sorry for scorning the Brown Ajah." After that she ignored Jaydena as if she had become air to her and waved to the closest Brown gliding graciously to her. She listened her chatter absent-mindedly as her mind raced on how she could pull through a vote in a Hall that could be traced back to her but not be be laid on Karana or the Browns for it could endanger the male channeler case. It would have to be called either by the Blues or the Whites... no, they had traditionally always stood by Greens in the Hall. The Yellows were an option and they were allies of the Browns. Grays and Reds? She shivered at the thought of asking their help.

She was startled to hear one voice rise above the suddenly hushed room and speak to her. It was Sirayn finally. Well, she couldn't be propably accused too much of this, except maybe for being overly ambitious and jumping eagerly to the spot before even telling the Browns. But the Green Sitters should have known better, they were the ones responsible. Unchairing? No, Karana should not be bothered. She would be upset also but she was enough politician to understand the repercussions. Arette did too but she had given a promise of retribution and she wasn't a woman who ate her word. She did not answer Sirayn's smile but merely looked at her impassive. Had she really expected her to jump of joy because a Green would lead this expedition? Hardly. Then she understood. The girl was the bait, a target where the Sitters wished that Browns would guide their anger. Was she even really the leader or would she see her candy stolen on the first day of the trip? Arettea started feeling better already. Maybe Mother should merely nominate a Brown to lead. Though she had already given the reigns to Greens AND Browns together. But after hearing of the arbitrariness of the Greens, she might summon them again for a Motherly lecture.

Arette shook her head wryly when she heard the questions whether Sirayn had the authority to speak. She would save her piece for later. She could wait for long enough to finally hear everything about Namandar. And Karana was expecting her to relate every word as soon as possible. She rolled her eyes at Sirayn introducing herself so gradly. Enjoy your moment poor girl, she thought little sadly if also with tinge of malicious pleasure. It will be over soon in a way or another. Arette couldn't help a cold shiver running through her spine when she thought what all they could find from Namandar. She had seen a city of Age of Legeds in her Arches and if her imagination had created even half of what a real thing was, it would be a treasure trove without comparison indeed. It was time in a long time she had thought her Last Arch. She didn't believe it true and the image had started fading but it was still disturbing experience to remember how the whole world had laid on her shoulders for a one moment. With experience she shifted her focus back on Sirayn again.

Gracious aid my arse, she snorted at the end of the speech. Jealousy wasn't very pleasent feeling and for the first time in her life she found herself envying another Ajah.Why had it had to have been the Greens who made this discovery? Arette also envied all the eager shouters who announced that they would be going. She and Calvin could have got an adventure like this too if she hadn't become the Keeper... If, if if. The Tower had started feeling even more a gilded cage since Telcia had left. Even Con, the bloody Commander of the Tower Guard had been able to leave but she was tied here by loyalty and sense of duty. Sighing she remembered Karana who was waiting.

But first, she would give a few words to Sirayn. She had seemed like a quite fine sister when they had spoken and if the Greens were truly as treacherous as Arette believed, she would need a level head. She navigated through the jubilant crowd and when she was close enough to Sirayn, she wove an intricate net of Air and Spirit to form a tube between her mouth and Sirayn's ear. The weave was called Ventriloquism and as she moved her lips as she whispered, only she heard her words.

"In the traditional crowning ceremony of rulers of Illian, a servant lays the Laurel Crown on their head and whispers "Remeber that you are mortal" to remind them of the realities of the life. Sometimes sisters can be each others' most bitter enemies. Mother made this a project of Browns AND Greens but we haven't been given any say in choosing the party leader or anything. And you'll be the scape goat, not the true movers and shakers", Arette's voice whispered to Sirayn's ear. There, her work was done here. It might help Sirayn to steel her will and be sure not to fail like she surely would if she didn't take the Browns in consideration on the trip. She headed off the room after shrugging off politely few attempts for conversation by the exhilarated Browns without even a glance at the Green Sitters. Their time would come.



Kaylan's eyes widened as she listened to Sirayn's words, but wondered at the choice of party leader. She could see the Keeper was seething, but it seemed that usually when Kaylan saw Arette she was seething, usually from something Kaylan had done or said.
She watched as the first few women stood to join, and was surprised to see Leilani and Vira in their number, well aware, even after all this time, of how the two felt about Sirayn. She was still waiting - battles or no battles Sirayn was still scornful to her Ajah, and still had the attitude of a child, in Kaylan's eyes. But she was so old that it seemed everyone was a child to her. She smiled at that.
Looking at her Warders, Kaylan did not hesitate. She stood.
"I will join." And she resolved to ask Taya about the choice of leader.

Battle Sister
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Calya listened with growing interest to the proceedings. She was confused as to why the Greens would appoint a relatively young sister like Sirayn as battle leader, rather than one of the older, more experienced Greens. And it was not just because of her bias stemming from the fact that she was bonded to one of those experienced ones. No, it was just a curiosity mixed with surprise. She sensed similar thoughts floating through the Bond, though Kaylan reined herself in and didn't reveal much. From what Calya could tell, Kaylan seemed to figure that there must be some explanation, even if she was slightly irked.

Women stood all around them, pledging themselves to the exploration party, and Calya watched Kaylan for a sign that she would join them. The messages being sent through the bond were ones of deliberation. But finally they settled, and Kaylan turned her face up and around to smile at each of her Gaidin in turn. She stood and said, "I will join." Calya nodded back and felt a certain pride.

Calya Gille
Cuen'd'eren Master
Maybe gonna have a surname change one of these days due to changed familial and generational status *lol*


Nik stood at the end of the hall, her back casually against one of the pillars, listening to everything that was commencing in front of her. She had been training in the Yards, but had noticed that one by one, most Warders had put aside whatever it was they had been doing, and had headed towards the Tower. Something was up, and Nik's natural curiosity had urged her to see what was going on. She saw some of the Tower Guards do the same.

It had been a while since she'd been here. After Mat took the position of Mistress of Training, Nik had been content with doing her own training, and overseeing some of the Guards and Warders from the sidelines. As a veteran, she was respected muchly, but in these last months she had come to ponder much on her decision to make a step back. Things were quiet. Too quiet to her taste actually. She longed for some good action again.

One of the younger Green Sisters, Sirayn Sedai if she was not mistaken approached the dais and left a trail of whispers and indignant headshakes in her wake. Apparently most of the Sedai gathered here - and they were mostly Browns and Greens - did not understand why such a young woman would be leading this gathering. Well, young...as far as Aes Sedai were young, that was. Nikita couldn't say how old Sirayn really was, not with the agelessness creeping up on her features, but she estimated her somewhere between 60 and 90. Not old enough to be really important, but old enough to matter. And the sharp features and fiery eyes of the woman now up on the dais told Nikita that this probably was someone to reckon with.

The tale of Namandar was told, and it made Nikita's heart pound. A quest. And from the looks on the different faces, many of the Sedai present here would be wanting to go. Some had Warders, some had not. In any case, they would need protection. After a few of the Sedai had volunteered to come along, she made her decision. It was an easy one, and inspired by her pledge to the Tower.

With her large strides, and clad in black velvet trousers and her cloak streaming behind her she turned some heads. Most of the younger Sedais would not know her, she was positive. Neither would Sirayn. But that didn't matter.

She halted at the dais and saw the Sedai looking down upon her. With a flourish of her cloak she knelt and laid her scimitar at the woman's feet.

"I will follow your party and offer them all protection I can give, and this I swear by the Light and my hope of rebirth."

Nikita Locksley
Master of Me'Arearth
Tower Veteran


With long sword at his waist and Tower Guard uniform donned, Kardis quickly made his way to the White Tower. He was to attend a meeting of some sort, but as for what it pertained to, he wasn’t exactly sure. As he walked down the halls, he was slightly apprehensive being among so many Aes Sedai. Strangely as he reflected on this, he realized that, while he had been here at the Tower for some time, he had never really been around too many Aes Sedai. Most of his day consisted of training when he was not fulfilling his duties as a guard.

As he began to pick his way through the corridors, he noticed an increase in the amount of people. I must be getting close. He turned a corner and came right into the back of a large group of people, mainly Aes Sedai and their Warders, by the look of it. He noticed a few Tower Guards, but not many. He didn’t have much time to ponder such things, as an Aes Sedai stood talking to the group. As he intently listened, it became shocking clear what was going to be asked of him. Hunting for an Age of Legends city! He could hardly believe it. He had barely traveled from Tar Valon since he first came to be trained, and now his first real trip would be all the way to Tarabon!

Sirayn Sedai, as he now knew her as, proceeded to ask for volunteers for the excursion. While he was practically jumping for an opportunity to go, he calmed himself, put a reserved look upon his face and waited to see what would first happen. No need to be the first, as he saw it.

After a few Aes Sedai volunteered, Kardis couldn't hold himself any longer. With a solemn step forward, he proclaimed himself. "I offer my services, Aes Sedai, to your company." He felt that more should be said, some procedure followed, but he could come up with nothing else. His offer seemed accepted, none the less, so he let it drop. His excitement overshadowed everything else as he anxiously waited to see who else would be going.



A flow of emotions surged through Seiaman, after hearing Jehanine Sedai's words pain of past memories came through the bond and Seia sent a thread of reassurance. No matter how often she tried to find out what exactly happened, her Sedai avoided the subject completely. Then the approach of Brown Sisters, she kept her face cold and judgemental, letting Sirayn's emotions feed on her protectiveness. Her Sedai spoke and Seia kept an open ear while listening to those around her, her critical eye gazing over those close. Too many people. Even though it was highly unlikely, it would be too easy for Sirayn's life to be lost on this day. Seia knew she was being over protective and over paranoid but she also knew that Sirayn was not particularly a favorite.

Following Sirayn to the dais, she and Losyn stood a few paces behind in the shadows, watching the crowds as they both listened to the voice echoing through the hall. When Sirayn completed her announcement and petitioned for who would accompany on the trip, Seia held down a burst of excitement and anticipation. To get out of the Tower! Finally! And this time, Sirayn would not bloody leave them behind! And yet her exterior did not betray what she felt.


Nydylia stood with her fellow Blues, having arrived to the Small Hall with Raisa close behind. Her choice in a Warder had proved to be fruitful as Raisa was a dedicated fighter and a good companion. She kept back, watching the bustle of the crowd as the Browns arrived and seeing the strong displeasure on the Keeper's face. She frowned, wondering just what was going on and when Sirayn finally ascended on the dais with her two Warders in close tow, Nydi gave a small sigh of annoyance and surprise. Something of this enormosity handed to a young Green? Although she reprimanded herself for being so judgemental on a woman she only heard about.

Sirayn Sedai's words rang through the Hall and Nydi found her interest and excitement rising by each word. The Age of Legends. "Finally, a chance." She whispered softly as those around her erupted. "What a ridiculous notion!" Nydi glanced at the Sister who spoke with a frown, "Who are you to say it's ridiculous, Sister?" Anger rose up in her, unbelieving that the woman would so willingly discount the facts as simple fabrications. Raisa pulled her back gently and Nydi scoffed slightly at the Sister while sending her reassurance through the bond. Her Warder seemed to know the right moments to be her pillar of support and taps of warning.

When petitions opened, others voiced out their interests. When a brief lull of silence came, Nydi rose her voice, "I, Nydylia Sedai of the Blue Ajah would be honored to be a party of this expedition, Sirayn Sedai, and I offer my services and goodwill." Giving a bow to the woman as her storm grey eyes made contact through the crowds, Nydi could barely contain the excitement bubbling up inside of her. Finally, our chance to redeem ourselves. She glanced over at Raisa and shared a small smile with her Gaidin.



Pulling on his boot, Dylan stamped it down, and stood, slinging his sword over his shoulder. This would have disrupted the crimson cloak of the Tower Guards, had he been wearing it, but in a choice between looking like a Guard, or having his weapon with him, he chose the sword.
Walking out of the barracks, he turned toward the large, gleaming pillar of the White Tower, where he had been summoned. He wasnt sure why, but the message had been passed to him by another guard, so there would be several others there.
Walking down the corridors, he met hardly anyone walking past him, only the occasional servant, but when he reached an intersection, he hesitated. He had only rarely been into the White Tower itself, and never in this area. Luckily, he heard footsteps coming down the corridor, and a Guard passed him without stopping. Following the man, Dylan soon found himself in a large room, filled with people. Aes Sedai, Greens and Browns mainly, with their Warders close at hand, and some Guards, though not as many as he had hoped.
Just then, a voice raised at the front of the hall, and Dylan's attention returned to the Green sister who now addressed the group. The meeting had started.
As he listened, Dylan gradually felt the surprise built up inside him. A city from the Age of Legends! There was no way of telling what wonders would lie within. Looking around at the people surrounding him, Dylan saw that most of the faces were intrigued or determined. Over half of the people in this room would be going to Tarabon, if those expressions were anything to judge by.
Dylan turned it over in his mind as some of the sisters accepted this quest. Making up his mind, Dylan strode forward, reaching the dias seconds later than another guard. Waiting for the man to finish, he then stepped forward. "I also wish to travel with you, Aes Sedai," he said, bowing his head slightly, before going to join the other guard.

Dylan Karero
Tower Guard, Student of TotO
Promised to Emily


As usual, Jumael had been practicing his forms before the familiar twinge in the bond compelled him to go to Kaylan. He sheathed his sword smoothly, sparing barely a thought to pick up his shirt and throw it on hastily, Kaylan's summons had been urgent. Trying to readjust his belt while walking quickly to where he could feel Kaylan wasn't as easy as he thought. He stumbled several times before he reached Kaylan, bumping into Mercury, the two of them arriving at the same time. Calya was already there.

He followed after Kaylan quickly along with the other two warders until they reached the small hall. He stood near Kaylan, folding his arms and leaning against a wooden table. He eyed the gathering crowd, he recognised a few faces, mostly warders, though he recognised Jehanine and suppressed a shudder and hoped there would be no more fool errands for him to chase after. A shiver went down his spine, he shrugged it off and tried to focus his thoughts, he had been troubled of late.

Kaylan seemed a little bothered about something, but he couldn't put his finger on it, he had disregarded it as jittery nonsense, telling himself he had been cooped up in the tower for too long. Well, if this gathering was anything to go by, whatever the Aes Sedai were going to announce, it was going to be something big. A tingle of anticipation moved through him, he shared Kaylan's grin.

"Perhaps we will see some action again soon, hey?"

his hand traced down the hilt of his bastard sword unconsciously, he hadn't had need to use it on anything more deadly than a straw dummy, and although he felt a little excited, he hoped he wouldn't have to sue it anything else any time soon. He listened carefully, when the announcement finally came. And then, the coup de grace.

"Namandar is a city from the Age of Legends."

The hall erupted in a gibbering wave of elation and excitement, most unbecoming for Aes Sedai. It unsettled him, he'd never seen Aes Sedai so outwardly emotional, apart from Kaylan. He looked about, clearly uncomfortable surrounded by delirious Aes Sedai, but the crowd slowly settled to a constant hub of chattering and exclamation. As Kaylan staked her claim, Jumael smiled to himself, a little of the giddiness of the others rubbing off on him, though he spared a serious look for both Calya and Mercury, all three of them recalling with perfect clarity their duty to Kaylan. He eased the sword his sheathe without a thought, it was ridiculous really, nothing would happen here, and yet, he still found himself doing it. He looked at Kaylan, and smiled, more reassuring than happy, he knew she could feel his protectiveness for her through the bond, as she could likely feel from Calya and Mercury as well.

"I've been cooped up in this blasted Tower for too long anyway."

Jumael Tallanor
Walking the path of Cuen'd'eren
Bonded to Kaylan Sedai


Jaydena tried hard to hide the smirk inside as Arette spoke, "Mark my words, the Greens will be sorry for scorning the Brown Ajah." The woman acted as thought she had insulted her in some way, which she did not think she had. Not only that but she had acted as though the Brown ajah was something to be scared of, something to look out for. Snorting quietly she turned her body toward the dais and waited for her battle sister to speak.

In the shadow behind the platform she saw her once lover Seia standing guard over Sirayn with her fellow gaidin. Turning her head away she pushed away the ever present pain at that love lost. As Sirayn began to speak she paid attention but also kept her focus on the people in the room. As she had been one of the one's to find the journal that detailed the journey she knew what was going on. The emotions of the people in the room varied, from anger, excitement, anticipation, and horror from most of the browns.

Jaydena chuckled over their reactions at the coup of the Greens find and then turned as the people began to stand declaring for the trip. Once several of those in attendance had gained their feet, she stood up as well. Giving her sister an approving nod she began to speak, "I in attendance with my warders will be going on this trip, my sister." Taking her seat once more she waited for the meeting to end...

Jaydena Sedai
Green Sitter


Corbin sat in his room, sharpening his claymore when he felt a tug at the inside of his head. Dropping his stone, and sheathing the sword in the everpresent scabard on his back, he strode purposefully to Jades' room, his shirt's laced neck flaring open in his haste.
Arriving at JAde's door the same time as Jared, dressed formally in his fancloak and carrying his staff. Corbin opened the door for him and followed behind into Jade's rooms, where they were told about the new trip. Both Gaidin agreed to go, as if they'd let her go on such a journey unprotected.
Jade withdrew into her bedroom and changed, when she reemerged they all went to a larger meeting, witha full compliment of Brown Sisters, and many Greens were just showing up with them.

Corbin LaGosse
Bonded to Jaydena Sedai
Student of Cuen'd'Eren


Taya gauged the varying reactions to the news as Sirayn delivered it. She saw the looks of consternation, anger, confusion drain away from many of the faces as wonder or shock or a calm acceptance of what they were hearing took over. She was impressed by how some of the women kept their heads, but refrained from judging the others too harshly, recalling the various expressions that had surely registered on her own face upon reading Tilana's note, and later reading the book. It was a momentous development, and it would go down in the history books. We are seeking glory, she thought as she studied some of the greedy-faced Browns and naïvely valiant-looking Greens. But we may well find nothing but heartache.

The Greens had already found some. Their sister-in-arms was gone, most likely dead. In setting out for Tarabon, a place Taya hadn't visited in countless years, they were not only thinking of adventure. They were preparing themselves for devastation. Losing a single sister might seem a minor thing in comparison, but the fact was it never got any easier. Those Greens who let wonder, excitement and greed drown their compassion should be ashamed of themselves. Those who thought only of reaping fame for themselves ought to be subjected to one of Daeralle's one-armed head-ringing slaps, or a flooring punch from Vira.

And as for the Browns... Taya for the most part avoided looking at the Keeper of the Chronicles, but whenever she did, she grew uneasy. The woman had looked positively livid after Jaydena spoke so frankly with her, and Taya admitted it had been a risky move insulting the Keeper so. Arette had spoken on behalf of the Browns, the entire Ajah, seemingly under the impression that the Greens had slighted them terribly and they would reap their just desserts for it. But what can she do to us? Taya wondered with an uneasy feeling. The woman was Keeper. That counted for a lot. Up until this moment Taya had thought of Arette as a well-liked but not well-known associate. Now she thought Arette had become her enemy. And what for? Because Jaydena had told her the stark truth about the situation?
Taya was disappointed, but also felt a tinge of trepidation because Arette's anger didn't seem to dissipate all that much as time passed.

Taya’s eyes moved to Sirayn, and lingered a long moment. Finally she looked away, towards the other end of the room where Eos stood. She couldn't keep much of an eye on him since he was standing amidst a constantly shuffling crowd, but he was still taller than most others in the room, and she couldn't mistake that black hair, even if it was streaked with more and more grey.

For once she did not sink into melancholy thoughts about her fate and his. She had too much else on her plate to focus so closely on herself and the pain she would one day feel more keenly than ever before.

Taya Sedai


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The days were still cold and dreary and it was beginning to drag on Matalina. Her son was enjoying the snow, but he loved anything outside. She smiled at the thought of him playing in the snow with Lila watching faithfully.

A knock on Matalina's door sounded, she called for them to enter expecting a Trainee or someone turning in a Trainee, but she found a Novice in white almost in tears close to shaking enter her office with a slip of paper.

Matalina took the paper and dismissed the girl who was releived beyond all doubt to be let go. Matalina unfolded the note and read it. <em>Such wonderful timing with tons of work to do.</em>

Matalina prepared her own note and left it on her chair for Lila to find. She always checked the following day if Matalina did not make it back to see Jeffery Kincaid.

Matalina gathered her things and tidied up her office knowing she'd probably be leaving later, that's usually the only reason Warders were summoned.

Matalina made her way to the assigned place.


Matalina entered an already busy room and lots of talking going on. She felt Raeyn more than saw her and made her way in that direction. Matalina nodded her appologies to the sister present and dipped a small bow for each sister who looked her in the eye. Matalina found her bond holder in a corner out of the way. Matalina smiled at Raeyn and stood behind where Raeyn sat. (hope you are sitting lol)

Matalina listened to the on goings without comment, she went where her Sedai went.



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Raeyn eyed the situation around her. Arette continued to seem positively livid, to which was somewhat outside of her understanding. She could understand being upset at something this grandiose being run by such a young sister.. Maybe it had something to do with the simple the fact that it WAS a Green sister.. the younger ones always seemed the worst as well...

That was the niggling annoyance bothering Raeyn at the time.. this expedition would provide much of use to the Browns, and all sisters, in fact.. but yet that would mean spending time in the company of .. of Greens, lead by a sister too young to know ANYTHING of leading at this point in her young life! She wasn't even old enough to be a Sitter, and would probably quake in her slippers if she actually had to speak in front of the Hall!

These were the thoughts that troubled the mind of Raeyn as she pondered.. to join, and possibly learn firsthand the secrets of the Age of Legends.. or not go and avoid the sheer annoyance of the Greens?

Still, the thought of knowledge pursued won. As Raeyn pushed herself out of her chair, blue-grey flashing and a barely suppressed sneer on her face, she turned to face Sirayn, "I will go on this.. expedition, Sirayn." She eyed the younger woman for a minute, and with a sniff she sat back down.

Raeyn Sedai
Head of the Brown Ajah
Brown Sitter
Bonded to Matalina Gaidin


Coran joined in the already large group of Tower Guards, Warders and Aes Sedai. He had heard about the Search heading out today and received instructions to join the Group.

He looked around seeing the faces of those he knew of the Guards and Warders. He looked around at the group and waited until they were ready to leave.

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Coran Thalier
Student of Me'arearth


IC: Having a quesy feeling in his stomach, Neroin forced his way to the growing group of people around the Aes Sedai at the center of attention.
:::: “I will come as well.” Holding his grin with force just to keep from tears. ‘What in the bloody light am I thinking.’?

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Alin could feel the mixture of tension and excitement radiating through the bond with Amber Sedai as they listened to the young Green's impassioned speech. He had recieved his summons, presumably because of his position of Master of Arms, although why they had not simply known that summoning Amber would of course bring him as well was a puzzle to him. Allowing a corner of his mouth to rise in the hint of a smile he let out a soft snort of a amusement at the strange world of Aes Sedai and their seemingly unconscious games. Amber most likely puzzled out the source of his amusement and narrowed her eyes reapproachfully, although underneath he could sense that she shared at least a little of his humor. He considered flashing a quick wink but decided against pushing his luck.

Turning his attention back to the young Sister who seemed to be leading this little gathering Alin listened to the rest of the little speech. He had spent much of the last hour in the so-called Little Hall silently observing what he could and the tension was palpable. Trying to wade through all of it would take time and reflection but it seemed clear to him that whatever was to come from this meeting, it would not come easily.

When the Aes Sedai finished her monologue Alin was surprised that the unleashing of some genuine emotion from the usually staid and conservative Aes Sedai. Amber was no different and he could sense through the bond that she would be volunteering for this mission before the words ever left her mouth. When she finally did verbalize her intentions Alin's mind had already moved to how he would organize things with the Warders and Tower Guards left in the Tower when he was gone. He had much planning to do, especially when one took into account that the current Mistress of Training AND the former Mistress of Training would apparently be going as well. That would certainly make the task more difficult for him.

Master of Arms
Bonded to Amber Sedai of the Green Ajah, who's clock is ticking


Daeralle sat in her room wondering why the halls had become so quiet. Her bones ached today and it was just one more thing to make her cranky. There were plenty of others, of course. Nobody had brought her lunch. True, she never accepted it when they did, but the idea that they had forgotten about her was infuriating. It was bad enough that they insulted her daily with their coddling. It was bad enough that they treated her as something they wished to shove out of their minds and lives forever, to ease their own pitiful consciences. It was bad enough that she was confined here day to day, instead of out breathing the fresh air and seeking adventure.

Her days were numbered, she knew, but she was tired of the Greens dictating how those days would be spent. She was tired of them assuming they knew what was right, and even worse, assuming that she would accept it. She sensed that something was happening, and they hadn't let her know about it, and they HAD FORGOTTEN HER LUNCH!!!

She scowled and decided she wouldn't leave it up to them to keep her informed. If she did that, she'd never learn anything. She was nothing more than a shunned former Green to them now. She was not worthy of any sort of consideration.

With every passing moment she grew to hate them more. Her situation hadn't improved in months.

And she would not stand for it.

Daeralle Sedai
Whose days are also numbered *G*


Eleanor left Sirayns quarters and returned to her own. She felt a bit guilthy about leaving her charges, especially since there had been no word of Nynaeve in ages. But together with Arette and the Amyrlin Eleanor had discussed that this was too important to stay in the Tower. And besides it would only be for a few weeks, during which Laras would take good care of the Novices and Accepteds.

In her quarters Elle started to make a list of things she needed to do before leaving, and she summoned her three (OOC:at this time) Warders with a firm tug on the bond. She was sure that all of them could feel her excitement and eagerness already all day, so they would come soon. And indeed within a few minutes Corwin was the first to arrive. At his request to tell him what was going, Elle smiled and told him that she would explain once Teslan and Dayne had arrived too.

Shortly after her other two Warders arrived. Eleanor started to tell them about the events of the day. Just as she was going to tell them about the plans the Sitters and Sirayn had made, a Novice entered her rooms asking her to come to the Small Hall with haste. Elle smiled and dismissed the girl, who then hurried to Jaydena's quarters.

Surrounded by her Warders Eleanor looked through the room as Sirayn spoke. She felt a lot of tension between the various people present. And even though the Small Hall was not soo small, it seemed crowded. The very air felt thick, and a feeling of doom overwhelmed Eleanor. She quickly surpressed it. They were going to look for a lost city out of the Age of Legends, and maybe they would find something there which would turn the tide at the Last Battle. But still.... Elle felt like something terrible would occur on this trip.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder, Dayne looked at her and smiled. "We will protect you, my Aes Sedai." He said reassuringly. Elle tried to smile, she should have felt better by his words, but why did they only make her feel worse.

Eleanor Sedai
Green Sedai
Bonded to Corwin, Teslan, and Dayne


OOC: Gah! Why do you guys have to start things over the Holidays/Beginnings of Semesters?!?!?!? I just now have had a day off to post!! I'm gonna post for Kit and Sarita.


Running as fast as her legs could carry her, Kit made her unladylike way down the hallways of the Tower. The corridors were bare of Sisters as she made her way to the meeting place. The summons had come out of the blue, delivered by a quiet and skittish novice. This had to be something important...Kit just knew it! Reading the note quickly, she dashed out the door. Kit mused that the note was probably still floating on its way to settle on to the floor even now.

Rust colored skirts still swishing, brown shawl gripped tightly to keep it on, she crowded in with the rest of the Sedai to hear the last of the speech. An Age of Legends City found? An expedition? The young Brown though her head would burst from the news and excitement! Where was it? What would they find there? When were they leaving? Who would be allowed to come? WHO WOULD BE ALLOWED TO COME?!? She had to be on the team!

Searching the room, Kit saw Arette and wondered for a moment how her Mentor had dealt with the news. Read braid swishing from side to side, the Brown Sister wanted to run immediately to her room and pack, and be at her horse in moments! What would become of this? What would Ragan think of this? What did the Amyrlin think of this? What would this mean for the Tower?

Kit Eriya Deranin
Brown Ajah
Mentor to Suu and Menora
Mentee to Arette
Promised to Ragan Morsad, TG


Munching on the last of her biscuits and tea, Sarita Kalian stared out the large window in her room that looked out on to one of the small gardens in the White Tower. It looked like the weather was going to turn cloudy again. Sighing, the Sitter sipped the last drop of tea from her cup and replaced it and its saucer back on the tray. It hadn't been a thrilling day so far, but she was getting to old for thrilling days. A wry smile slid across the woman's face as she rose from her seat.

Passing by a mirror, the older Brown raised a hand to touch the streaks of white that were appearing in her tight bun. A soft knock on her chamber door brought her out of her reverie. Gliding over to the door, she opened it, stern faced. The novice outside gave a satisfactory gulp before handing over a small piece of parchment with the Flame of Tar Valon seal on it. Nodding at the novice to dismiss her, Sarita turned in to her room and closed the door. She was one of those Browns the novices said had Eyes in the back of her head, so the girl dashed off before the door was shut.

Opening the parchment and reading silently, Sarita's eyebrow raised when she had finished reading. "Well, this must be important...shouldn't keep them waiting." Tucking the parchment in to a pouch at her waist, she threw her brown shawl about her shoulders and shut her door behind her. The guarding weaves settled about the door almost automatically as she strode stiffly through the halls.

Arriving at the Small Hall, Sarita took her place with the other Sitters to hear the wonderful revelation. Indeed this was amazing news. The only sign to show that her mind worked was a slight raising of an eyebrow at the news. The Sitter had been Aes Sedai for so long, the cool composedness seemed to be one with her. What an opportunity for study this presented. A treatise on the Age of Legends had not been written in a great many years. This was the time for the Browns to shine. Too bad it seemed as if the Greens were chomping at the bit as well. Letting out a vexed click of her tongue, Sarita guessed that the Brown Ajah would have to share the accolades. Not that they weren’t all Sisters, and any work that they accomplished together was for the greater good of the Tower and the entire world.

Sarita Kalian
TPC Brown Sitter


Teslan felt the tug of the bond that meant eleanor wanted him. It made him smile, he remembered trying to work out how to tug back at her, She did not find it funny when he tried. He hadn't been successful, but what he had done he was not supposed to repeat. She had made that painfully clear to him. It was the only time she had shielded herself from him. He couldn't find her, it had been so strange not feeling her and knowing where she was. Far worse than anything else she could have done, and that was something he had never even tried to do. Letting the turmoil of the spring go he sheathed his sword and walked out of the practice yard. Making his way to where elle waited with corwin and probably dayne as well. It never ceased to amaze him how corwin was always there first, he could be walking towards her as a summons came and corwin would come into the hall from a corridor and beat him there. Ah well, mysteries of life and all. 34 years alive and all those things he had never worked out, he put it down on his never ending list of things to do and forgot about it. Life was easy at the moment. Elle was, well, content. She was not dashing about at the moment, well, She was but it was with her mentees or friends and whilst she was always harried there was a peace in that it was a predictable chaos. She was awfully complex and he ad a feeling that he only got glimpses of her true self. but they were enough, he blushed slightly, she could be most single minded. Instinctively bowing and sidestepping a hurrying sister he did not look up or loose his train of thought. He hummed and was almost at the door when he woke from his daze and remembered where he was going. So much from instinct nowadays. So much without thinking, it would get him into trouble soon, sighing he put that on his things to think about list and forgot about it. As he entered the room both the others were there, and elle. She was excited. He knew that stance, something was happening. Blanking out any apprehension or anticipation he half listened to her hurried explanation and followed her to hear a speech. He hated speeches. Soon his mind wandered and he started fidgeting, Age of legends this, objects of power that. either he was gonna have to fight or he wouldn't. He fought for eleanor. Causes didn't matter. Though the speechmaker cared, a great deal to show it through Aes Sedai calm. He noted it down and assessed those in the room, most were to busy assesssing each others reactions to react themselves. A common occurance, and those that did react were probably feigning it for some reason. politics needed a sharp mind, and his was not up to it. Not any more. All he had practiced recently was his blade, if another trip was about that might be a costly error.......



Corwin was training Jerad Gaidin when suddenly felt the tugg in the bond. Corwin froze and told Jerad to tell Deacon that an emergency has just came up and he needed to take his trainees. Jerad knew not to question Corwin, so he did was he was told. Corwin used all speed to get to Elle. She hadn't used this to summon him before. Corwin arrived in short order and quickly looked around for anything wrong. Nothin was wrong so Corwin asked, "Why did ye summon me like that? What is going on?" Elle told him that he would find out when the other two Gaidin got there. That sent a small pang of jellousy through him. Corwin was her first Gaidin, and a small part of him hopped her would be her only. Corwin knew it was nothing against his capabilities of protecting her, after all, Corwin was the best swordsman of her Gaidin, and of his discipline, that was currently on Tower Grounds, save his mentor. Corwin waited and when Elle began to explain everything, they were summoned to the Small House. When they all got there, Corwin was surprised at the size of the group that decided to come. Corwin felt a little uneasyness from Elle, not fear, she could just feel the tension in the air. Her newest Gaidin tried to comfort her, only Corwin felt her get worse when he did. Corwin kept his scof to himself, Elle wasn't scared, she was almost never scared. Corwin was ready for anything though, in such a big group anything could happen. Corwin hadn't come to Elle about it, but he knew that there was such a thing as the Black Ajah. Corwin didn't know about any Gaidin there though. As Corwin gazed over the people, he saw Alin Gaidin. So even the Master at Arms is coming eh? This must be big...

Bonded to Elle
Master of Daisho


ooc- Sirayn gonna push this RP ahead, *G*

Jaydena watched the the group as each person began to declare their intention to go. She could almost she the politcs swirling around the room. The undercurrents in the tower could easily sweep a woman who wasn't prepared under and leave her struggling for breath. She turned her attention to her two warders who stood waiting like protective statues on either side of her. Where would she be today without them, they had saved her life mroe times than she could tell. Her attention was drawn back to the situation at hand and she shivered as she noticed that people were still saying that they wanted to go.

As each person declared their wish to go, her excitement grew, this was going to be an adventure to end all adventures. She watched silently as Sirayn explained the situation to the party. About how they must obtain permission from the king, how they would be going off of the details from Tilana's journal. When Sirayn had finished Jaydena stepped up on the podium and addressed the crowd. "We will be leaving in less than a week, if you would like to go we need you to sign the list over near the entrance." She motioned toward a table with writing material on it next to the entrance. "Please note down your rank, how many gaidin you are taking, the name of your gaidin and their rank. We need an exact telling of who is coming on this trip. Thank you all for your time in discussing this matter." She nodded and stepped off the dais waiting for Sirayn to finish the meeting.

Jaydena Sedai












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