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The Hunt for Namandar - Part 6: The Dramatic Battle [CLOSED]

Jagen Sedai

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This thread is being posted for archival purposes only, as the original RP link was long lost on the winds of time.

This is posted with permission from Jaydena, who also supplied the surviving copy.


IC Year: 996 NE

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The Hunt for Namandar #6 - The Dramatic Battle

Posted on Feb. 13, 2004

Players- Duram aka Belal Forsaken, Corwin Gaidin, Seiaman Gaidin, Rei'sam Kilm- Dreadlord (TPC PLAYED by Seia), Sirayn Sedai, Jaydena Sedai, Corbin Gaidin, Kaylan Sedai, Taya Sedai, Calya Giadin, Vira Sedai, Lanfir Sedai, Jozan-TG, Coran Gaidin, Nydylia Sedai (TPC PLAYED by Seia), Neroin- TG, Lwena Sedai, Raisa Gaidin, Daeralle Sedai (TPC PLAYED by Taya),

Link: http://www.dragonmount.com/psw/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4592


OOC: There was a slight communication mix-up which has led the RP slightly out of kilter timewise. As a result, I'm kicking off the sixth section with Arette's auspices to bring everything back into line. Sorry for the inconvenience and the slight RP of your characters to bring things into line in advance.

Essentially how this works is that the first wave that you're all meant to be fighting is going to be killed by Be`lal. Trollocs are all linked to Myrddraal, Be`lal is going to execute every single one of them to give you a scare.

Those of you at the gate get to see Duram (Be`lal) being a smart arse and playing his little games while those still in the university will probably be looting everything in sight while there is a lull. That lull will disappear before long however, and then the battle of Namandar truly begins.


Duram Laddel Cham smiled as he watched the barbarians enter Namandar slowly, but surely. The lightfools saw wonder beyond their wildest dreams, yet to Duram this place was a deathpit. In fact, it was a deathpit of his forging to be more specific. When he had led the forces of Shayol Ghul, when he had born more than simply the name the sheep had given him, Be`lal. They had called him 'The Envious' to vilify him, to try and make his reasons for serving the Shadow since the beginning of The Collapse ones of mere pride and jealousy. He had been far above that, to a degree.

After all, he had been presented an offer he couldn't refuse, he had the chance to wake society from it's decadence, to allow people to find what had made them heroes. In his day before the Great Lord had revealed himself, heroes had been poets and artistic men. Not even necessarily of real talent, but ones that simply fulfilled forms to impress the social elite. The elite being those of the third name, the ones who had done the most for the society, like himself, with their services. There was no struggle, and with no struggle society had stagnated.

Which had essentially been the worst thing the Age of Legends had ever created. With such a peace loving society, people did not choose between good and evil, they made the choice between being exceedingly good or apathetic. And of course, those who had been apathetic were 're-educated' into nice community minded citizens. Of course, the fact that the Great Lord would have killed him if he'd refused had been an incentive of a sort, he had held no wish to die after all. But still, he had gotten what he wanted, to overturn society, to reintroduce the choice between good and evil into the world.

Which had led to this place, the city of Namandar that had existed both above and below ground. During the Great War, Be`lal's forces had destroyed vast segments of the above ground portion. The underground had been utilised as a shelter of sorts, as the Lightfools had attempted to evacuate people by travelling until he had been able to erect barriers to stop such escape. Since they had refused to come out, Duram had taken the easiest option which led to minimal losses amongst his forces. They sealed the entire city in, unleashing poison in the air itself within before doing so, turning the 'inner city' of Namandar as it had been known into a graveyard, the shimmering jewel of Namandar a tombstone for the thousands that had gasped their last under it's dome.

Three Millenia later and it had long past, as had the remains of those who had died. Watching the lightfools as their numbers swelled, Duram wondered if they could even appreciate what little was around them. Namandar's design had been one of artistic license without restraint when it came to the inner city. Someone had thought curved buildings were a good idea, and with the help of Ogier and the Nym, they had reproduced the effect throughout the entire complex. Here had resided Namandar's elite, the artists, the politicians and sports heroes of the day. Jo-cars had run through the streets and Nym had patrolled the streets to take care of the chora tree's that had once been in abundance amongst the other delights of the Age of Legends. Yet they had withered away with the disappearance of the Nym, the glory of the proud had been reduced to dust.

Dismissing such thoughts, Duram hoped the others had finished looting the specific objects he had come for. Namandar had never been rich in angreal of any kind, but then again he hadn't really desired any such anyway. He had his own game to play, which ran counter to that of every other Chosen, as was the way of the Chosen. Yet he waited as he watched for the rest of the Lightfools to arrive. It was also with amusement that he watched them set up a guard for their entrance with the Tower Guard, it was one of the Tower Guard that had alerted him to Namandar in the first place. He would have thought the fools more cautious and to attempt to keep what they were doing secret, yet they had thrown such discretion to the winds as he learnt.

As he watched a group leave the gate to explore the city, Duram couldn't help but feel disgust. They were tomb robbers, thieves, they had no right to what lay wherein. He had buried this city himself, this city had been his conquered spoils. Yet then again, the Aes Sedai of this age were nothing compared to those who had existed in his time. He had once born the mantle of Aes Sedai and had been one of their foremost, a man famous for his historical works, his contributions and practice of law, his works with the one power under the guidance of the man who had taken on the mantle of Dragon and Lord of Morning, even as Duram had been known as the Lord of Twilight. Before he had been.... replaced, by Barid.

The way they fawned over trinkets and the like only increased his disgust. These children thought they possessed great treasures when they had been but baubles of his time. Namandar itself had been but a small city in comparison to places such as Paaren Disen, or his home of M'Jinn, home to the Festival of Winds amongst other wonders. This pitiful creatures knew nothing, of it, absolutely nothing.

Feeling a tap on his shoulder that disturbed him from his thoughts, Duram turned to find Leif before him. A follower that had proven loyal, the gnomish creature wielded saidin like a fish moved through water with such natural ease. The man informed him that the dreadlords were assembled, and were ready to open the gates for the first invasion. All Dreadladies had been forbidden from channeling as to not give away their position to the Aes Sedai, but Dreadlords were a different matter. Looking down from his view from the Aes Sedai Chapterhouse, Duram nodded and said to give the Aes Sedai ten minutes before they unleashed the first wave, it was time to shock these little invaders. Duram had also wanted to watch what the reaction of the Aes Sedai would be.

Cries of shock soon followed as the Myrddraal for the first attack directed their trollocs against the Aes Sedai. The flares matched the description of Green Ajah tactics he had been given, though the cry of one Aes Sedai as she raised her voice made even Duram wince slightly. That they couldn't even attach a sound ward to a specific location or object to communicate more effectively was laughable. Yet it did give Duram an advantage, any large battle commands given by the enemy he would be able to hear and take into account.

Waiting for the initial contact to occur, Duram smirked as he quite deliberately took hold of all the wards he had woven on the Myrddraal currently in command. He made no use of them or trollocs where he could avoid it in this age, but these he had stolen from the Blight with the visage of Rahvin upon him. Not that it would matter, none would survive in this wave to speak of it later. Taking grip of every single ward he had woven on the first wave Myrddraal, he triggered every single one of them with a smirk. Using a weave of sight to enhance his eyesight for longer distance, Duram watched as one of the Myrddraal leading a fist against the gates explode in a gorey shower of blood, bone and viscera. Trollocs simply collapsed as the Myrddraal died, their minds dying with the Myrddraal they were linked to, leaving nothing but corpses growing colder by the moment.

The apparent confusion was obvious as a still quiet filled the air. It was only a few minutes before a couple of the Aes Sedai that had been ransacking the place had left to find the main force at the gate, which Duram waited for to arrive there and exchange the strange news. Smirking, Duram watched as they played right into his hands. Now was the time to play one of his tricks, one which would shed the blame off himself and place it neatly on his fellow Chosen.

This took a bit of focus, but hadn't been uncommon in his time. A projection was in someways projecting yourself and your senses, though that didn't quite do it justice either. Forming a projection from all the way in the University, Duram let it form slowly behind a building near the Aes Sedai. The first thing was to form the senses around a core of spirit, and from there build with air for communication, water and fire mixed with spirit to create the illusion of Rahvin in one of his more 'dashing' leather outfits he'd heard the man had used a few times recently from his spies, before they'd been killed of course. Lastly, a bit of earth to give it presence and make it slightly solid.

The projection was also sometimes called the simulcrum, and had been favoured by Rahvin on occasion, so that in itself would identify him to Mesaana as Be`lal had never used it, prefering to stand himself infront of his foe. It was weird moving the simulcrum, because he also saw out of the simulcrum's eyes creating a double vision, but he'd had enough practice to do it flawlessly, as all Chosen did things after all.

The simulcrum grinned winningly at the Aes Sedai as he strode into sight, a ball of light that slowly changed from one colour to another formed above his head as he caught their attention. "You! Over here!"

Duram could see the surprise through the simulcrum's eyes as he walked closer, willing to bet they had tried to shield him, except for the problem that the simulcrum wasn't him, therefore shielding was going to be of little use. He stopped two dozen yards away as the voice was warped to fit Rahvin's tone as he spoke.

"I see the prostitutes have finally managed to make it all the way from that whorehouse otherwise known as the White Tower. You have the distinct pleasure of being addressed by Fenwin Carsol, Dreadlord without peer. And no, you can't shield me, so don't bother." Not only was the arrogance Rahvin's hallmark, Fenwin Carsol had been an agent of Rahvin's in another age who had died at Mesaana's orders, when the Shadow had fought each other as eagerly as the Lightfools. In some respects, they still did.

"You know, I do sort of find it amusing to find you picking at my scraps. Sort of like dogs getting tossed a bone from the lord. Of course, the analogy goes further, but why state the obvious?" Growling as one of them had the mind to slice at his weave and destroy his simulcrum, Duram reformed it on the spot, along with a few weaves of spirit to deflect any further individual efforts. "Do you mind? Its rude to interrupt, now back to what I was saying."

"Needless to say, these wretches" The simulcrum kicked one of the corpses, showing that he was in fact solid as the corpse shifted "are hardly all you will contend with. In fact, since you Aes Sedai are so fond of flares, perhaps I had better show you how its done. Now that you have had the distinct privilige of hearing me speak, now it is time for you to die."

Spinning the illusion in place even as he dispensed with the simulcrum's auditory and visual senses, the illusion quickly spun into a maelstrom of colour before shooting high into the air. As it came close to the dome, the ball of colour exploded into a thousand different shades and colours which in turn exploded again, far more brilliant than any illuminator's show. Duram was more than happy to show the Aes Sedai that his fictitious Dreadlord was more powerful than they could have guessed, it would give them something to give them pause if nothing else.

It was also the signal for his dreadlords to unleash the next wave of shadowspawn which were brought through by Myrddraal. Duram had tagged them all like he had the previous Myrddraal, but more for insurance than anything else. He was not known, and would remain unknown. He had split his dreadlords into three different groups, each under a different command as such. Aldreth Verasin commanded one group, far to the west in the city, while Leif had been given the eastern contingent. He had given Kilm full freedom to move where he wished. All the groups would eventually converge, but for now they ferried in new troops from the Blight they had swiped clean from the land, allowing some of the fists to charge straight away to give the Aes Sedai the impression their dreadlord was simply throwing shadowspawn at them.

They would join battle again within a minute, two at most and from the numbers massing and readying for battle as they charged down the corridors, the Myrddraal driving them forward with their circles readying themselves to defend them as best as possible from Aes Sedai onslaught, Duram couldn't help but smile to himself from his vantage point. He had doubts about a couple of his people, Eden for one he was unsure if she was ready for this. But steel could only be forged in fire, and he would be watching her as she accompanied Leif and gave her power to feed his circle.

All his plans were neatly fitting into place, as always. Duram had been named the netweaver for good reason after all....

Duram Laddel Cham
Be`lal, The Netweaver

OOC: Just a quick summary. Myrddraal and Trollocs of first wave killed by Be`lal. Be`lal uses an illusion to taunt Aes Sedai, threaten and be obnoxious. Specifically so Black Ajah can report later to Mesaana what occurred and the man's appearance. People are pretty much exactly where they were in the last thread so its all good.

You've all got moments to prepare for the trolloc onslaught, this time backed by the one power which'll be used primarily to defend the trollocs to allow them to get close enough to do damage (and to give the warders/TG a chance to rp some heavy fighting), though I'm sure a few of you will get into some one power fights. Leif's (General Sam's) group will lose 4 dreads, Kilm's (Seia's) will lose 4, Aldreth's (Liam's) loses two.

They will each post their own circle's involvement in turn. Pretty much, no one power fight till they appear, just stick to slaughtering trollocs and Myrddraal like always. And no, the Myrddraal aren't linked when they get within range, so no killing a fist in one hit by knocking off the fade first.

I leave posting the initial onslaught to you Sirayn and your Green Ajah. Sorry about the miscommunication again, but its been cleared up now. Enjoy the RP now complete with Dreads and all (once they post)


OOC: sorry people but Elle posted me fighting the Myrddraal so I'm just going with that.

As the Eyeless approached, Corwin charged in. Being from Arafel, Corwin was able to shake the fear off fairly easily. Corwin could hear steal crashing on steal and Corwin's right blade led in to the Eyeless's. Corwin flowed from form to form. Left blade starting low and rising while his right thrust in. Corwin then spun and got kicked in the back by the Myrddraal. Corwin then rolled as the blade stuck the groud where his head was. Corwin then sprang up to see Teslan charging in. Corwin then called, "This is my fight, not yers." Corwin then charged back in. However, before Corwin or the Eyeless could score a hit, a man interupted. However, Corwin and the Myrddraal didn't stop their dance. Suddenly, the Myrddraal exploded. Corwin ducked and the blade sailed into the wall right behind him.



ooc: Kilm is actually the last name of Rei'sam ... meet your maker, ladies and gentlemen. Warders/TG .. watch your backs as Kilm will target you first to leave the AS vulnerable.

ic: Rei'sam retreated from his delving, adrenaline running through his blood as his vision and hearing was enhanced. The lost city was his treasure now, Be'lal's treasure. His knowledge on architecture had proved valuable when they first came to the city and he took every free second to explore the city, seeking out its weaknesses until he had found the main pillar of support that held the dome up. It would take a mere thread of Fire woven inside the beam to explode the fine material. His tongue frantically went over his dried lips as he heard a soft crunching nearby. He looked at the Myrddraal nearby and gestured for it to proceed. Rei'sam had given all those under his command to kill the Warders and Tower Guards. But the Aes Sedai, "They're mine." He smirked sadistically as he contemplated what he would do to these witches of the Tower. Skin them. Gouge out their eyes. Make them scream. Hurt them.

His forces were deep within the city, from the core center and expanding its circle, killing any who crossed their path. The other two main forces were on the eastern and western contingent while Rei'sam would flush out the Lightfools out of the city to their deaths. If they refused, they would die where they stood. Be'lal's words boomed through Namander and he stepped out of the shadows as the Myddraal fought the two Warders of the vulnerable Aes Sedai. "Hello, m'dear." The palms of his hands faced each other as his fingers twirled then suddenly shot outright as a weave of invisible Air spikes shot out small holes in the cracked walls and embedded deeply into the Aes Sedai.

She cried out and her Warders turned from the Myddraal to run to her side. And Rei'sam wove a wall of Air around them with a thread of Fire igniting inside. Their screams echoed through the city, being burned to death. A smile was on his face as he stepped closer to the Aes Sedai, her blood pooling underneath her. He channeled a thread of Air around the pitiful sight and tightened it around her neck, watching her gasp for breath until her body eventually collasped.

Licking his lips, he made the motion to signal his forces to keep expanding, to keep seeking for the light fools. To bring Death down on them.

~ Rei'sam Kilm
Dreadlord of Be'lal
Hunter of Aes Sedai

ooc: the AS is an NPC. hope no one minds but just so you know how Rei'sam will work. And pray you do not cross his path. *eg*


Ooc: LOL, just noticed that Sirayn was right about a fatal poison in the air. –shakes head- I do hope age has neutralised it. I apologise for tweaking the outline repeatedly. Those who saw the initial outline might have noticed that it had maybe 13, 14 scenes so I have been shortening the outline to make things more streamlined. The plan is for the major battle to occur in this scene. I gather that we’re not actually defending the gates as was clearly set out in the original plan but instead, tackling these three big groups already inside the city. Recovering party, you’re still picking up everything valuable you can carry, against resistance from Be’lal’s people. Battle party, you’re hunting out the Shadow and defending the recoverers. Jaydena, Seiaman, Raisa, I think the planned order was for Jared to die, then Sirayn to kill his killer [not Seiaman’s Dreadlord now? A random Dread in your group?] and then for Nydi to die. Check in with me if you have suggestions. This thread ends when the earthquake begins; I’ll start an OOC thread for everyone to check in when they’re ready for the ‘quake. The Hunt for Namandar #7 will carry on from there while you’re all bailing out. Jaydena & Sirayn will pull their stunt with the ceiling. The Hunt for Namandar #8 covers the aftermath. Again, problems, you know where to find me.


: : : : As her sisters gathered round her Sirayn snapped out a rapid command and paused a moment to observe their response. The battle party assembled without hesitation into a martial order whose inspiration had been borrowed from the northern style of fighting. Sirayn glanced casually over the advancing enemy keeping her face stern even as a cold hand gripped her heart to see the shadow people like wheat upon the ground. The stakes were far higher than she could ever have assumed. And it was all up to her. It was she, the whore’s daughter, the true steel, who now faced this ultimate task. Even as the thought passed through her mind Sirayn felt all the worries and cares of the arduous journey fall away from her shoulders until she was just standing here, between the Light and the Shadow, living the life she was born for. Seiaman had been right. She was made for this. A small, satisfied smile curved her lips as Sirayn laced her fingers together and stretched her arms lazily, unsheathed one katana, spun it left then right to loosen her wrist. A quick glance marked those still arriving and with sudden surprise Sirayn noted just who was standing with her. Jaydena and her three Gaidin; Jared who was Sirayn’s cousin, Corbin who had promised to repay her for helping Jaydena in Ebou Dar, and Coran, her meeting with whom Sirayn remembered with startling clarity. Jehanine was close by as well with Jerad and as Sirayn looked sideways at her former friend, she felt none of the old bitterness, only a sense of loss. She hesitated wondering if she should say anything. What if this was the last time they saw each other? Sirayn abandoned her post for just a moment and approached Jehanine and said softly, “If you die now I will hunt down your soul in the afterlife and drag you back kicking and screaming all the way.” Her voice became suddenly stronger, “I haven’t given up on you yet. Nor will I.” Turning away Sirayn found her steadfast Gaidin at her back and quirked a smile for them. She went past them, acutely aware that time was shortening, and nodded curtly to Lwena. She had faith that the Yellow Sister would turn out to be every bit as deadly a weapon as she was an excellent healer.

: : : : Sirayn took up her position once more at the furthest point of the arc. The gates were directly behind her and everyone was massed either to her left or right. She had a perfect view across the battle field and over the advancing enemy. Sirayn found herself shaking her head slightly with a disbelieving smile. After all the gruelling politics and attrition by sabotage that had led them here, it all came down to this. A straight battle for the city. Sirayn took a deep breath and rested the point of her katana in the glittering dirt, simply breathing in two thousand year-old air, and preparing herself for battle. She knew now why she had been chosen. Because she won her battles. A hush had fallen in the eve of battle and she took the opportunity to speak out; “Stand ready,” Sirayn’s voice drifted softly, warningly over the party. “They may have channellers.” They could throw as many channellers as they liked into the mix. Few of them would be a match for Aes Sedai with sixty years’ channelling behind them. They could certainly prove troublesome but still … Sirayn was weak in the One Power save for Earth and Air but she expected to have the upper hand in a duel of the Power. The Trollocs might prove more troublesome overall because there were just so many of the monsters. And the Fades. Sirayn stood tall as the gaze of one of those pasty eyeless faces passed over her, strongly resisting the fear it caused, but she still felt a shiver of anxiety. She did not plan to fight a Lurk with steel. She’d channel all her miserable strength in Fire and ignite the thing to screaming death before she let it get anywhere near her. The opposing force was drawing very close now. Sirayn could pick out individual faces. A wolf-headed monster was directly opposite her and its wet, rasping breaths inspired only revulsion. She sneered back at it. Death was very close; she could smell it, almost taste it on the air, in the thickening of tension between the two forces. A killer herself, she had no qualms about bringing the war to the other side, for she knew that as long as she had the strength and the audacity to walk along the knife edge of battle, death was hers to command. Looking upon the nearing opponents her smile widened slightly. Little did they know that the very ground beneath their feet was loyal to her and would eat them without hesitation.

: : : : In the space between one moment and the next one of the Lurks exploded in a shower of blood and bits. The fist linked to it fell dying and just like that, another Fade exploded, and another. All down the line the tall pasty-faced slugs were bursting like overripe fruit and the monsters they commanded fell where they had stood. Sirayn bit down on her lip and counted out silently fifteen seconds before the field was strewn with corpses and nothing stirred. She raised a brow coolly at the carnage wondering what under the Light was going on. “Evidently my most successful tactic to date,” Sirayn quipped to Seiaman, but pitching her voice to carry to a certain few young, untested and doubtless very edgy sisters. Sirayn herself kept up a cold mask but inside, she was rattled. Her enemy clearly had enough people under his command that he could afford to just slaughter the whole lot of them to throw a fright into the battle party. It was complete lunacy. Arrogance, to think that he could afford to kill them all, and Sirayn’s people wouldn’t wipe the floor with his depleted force. Well if this madman wanted to make her job easier all power to him. “I could get used to the other side killing themselves before we have to lift a finger!” Now what were they going to do? She couldn’t just disband the battle party and let them return to treasure-hunting because if one force had spontaneously combusted, another, bigger force was undoubtedly waiting in the wings. On the other hand, they were going to look rather stupid standing obediently outside the gates waiting for an attack that never came. Maybe it was a decoy? Perhaps the whole thing had been an illusion. Frowning slightly Sirayn turned to look behind them and her eyes widened as through the open gates, she saw someone step out onto the main street, where almost everyone in the city could see him. That wasn’t surprising in itself but a little coloured ball of light was bobbing above his head and it was not saidar. Sirayn tugged on the bonds and calmly walked through the gates and onto the street approaching him cautiously. He was a male channeller with good control, therefore, he was the enemy. And he was either mad or arrogant beyond belief to appear in the midst of a group of Aes Sedai. As she watched one of the closer Aes Sedai tried to shield him but the shield just passed through him without any effect.

: : : : Sirayn chewed on her lip. Evidently he wasn’t actually there at all. She formed a tiny razor to slice whatever Illusion held him to his place but held her strike until he spoke. His first words proved right Sirayn’s assumption that he was a Dreadlord and also, one of unshakeable conceit; his self-importance was beginning to grate on her after a few moments so Sirayn loosed her razor and sliced his weave. As predicted, he fell apart, but whoever was controlling the illusion reformed him immediately. Sirayn tried again and her attempt bounced off. Entirely curious Sirayn sheathed her katana and observed the smug tirade for a short while longer until the whole illusion melted and reformed into a brilliant flare. He was no weakling, whoever had crafted this illusion. Still watching the flare glowing brightly with iridescent colours plastered shimmering on the dome Sirayn started slightly as Seiaman touched her arm. And looking down from the flare, she found herself staring directly at a wave of Shadowspawn spreading outward from the centre of the city. A large group detached and came straight for her. “Battle party into the city!” her voice thundered out. She exchanged a glance with Losyn and shrugged. “Let’s move.” Lifting both hands, a long wickedly-edged projectile sprang into being along with other smaller lances hovering inches above her fingers. Sirayn flung them at the lead monster. The huge projectile went straight through him impaling him onto the one immediately behind him. The other lances scattered, biting into the first wave of Trollocs, even as Sirayn unearthed a stone from the ground, wove swiftly and flung that too. And the middle of the group exploded in a shower of burning earth and flesh as the grenade detonated on impact. Sirayn paused for a moment to watch the scene. Steel eyes glittered softly while she revelled in the slaughter. Then advancing with spikes springing into her hands, Sirayn prepared her next attack, even as the ground itself rumbled softly with the fierce joy of killing. Here and now she was in her element.

Ooc: Seiaman, this is your group I think I’m playing with, so if you want to mess with me, go ahead and mess!


~ Sirayn ~


Jaydena looked carefully at her friend and saw no signs of strain. The woman seemed to be handling the incoming attack without worry, but then she was a master at schooling her emotions. Following Sirayn's orders she moved into the battle formation that they had talked about. She smiled fiercely as Sirayn finally noticed her presence and saw her standing there. Sira's eyes glanced behind her and she turned to see Jehanine and Lwena behind her. Nodding coldly to each woman she prepared herself to fight the shadow. Unhooking her sword to have it ready she checked the Angreal that the green sitters had been given. It hadn't been believed that the sitters or the greens for that matter would need to use them but they had been given just in case there was a fight. Jade laughed scornfully at how naive they had been and watched coldly as Sirayn approached Jeha and spoke to her in undertones. As Sirayn finished and moved back to her side she fleetingly wondered what she had said to Jehanine. “Stand ready, They may have channellers.” Jade nodded at Sirayn's words and turned to speak to her.

However before she even had a chance to say anything she looked up to see a massive attack of Fade's and Trolloc's descending at them. She embraced the source and wove several traps, ready to let loose the moment they were within range. Staring at the enemy she blinked fierce tears from her eyes. This was the moment she had been waiting for, she was meant to die fighting the shadow, to fall and with her dying breath spit in the Dark One's eyes. With a grin she turned to look at Sirayn and saw shock flash across her face. Turning back to the scene she saw the Fade after Fade was exploding in a rain of blood and guts. Jaydena's eyes widened and she barely stopped herself from raising a hand to her mouth in shock. Why would the enemy kill his own forces, what in the Light is going on. The only way he could afford to do this is if he has a larger contingent of soldiers waiting to attack. Jade listened to Sirayn quip something at Seiaman and then almost chuckled as her friends voice rang out over the shocked sisters. “I could get used to the other side killing themselves before we have to lift a finger!”

Jade nodded in response to Sirayn and glanced at the assembled sisters and saw some of them shake themselves and seem to come back to their own. Proudly she looked over Sirayn and held close to her the fact that her friend had become a battle leader in the space of moments. Glancing at her warders she saw the cold determination on their face and the grace that was a gaidin. She nodded silently to them and sent them awareness through the bond. Turning back to her Sirayn she saw the woman's attention captured by something else. A man stood with a glowing ball over the top of his head. A male channeler here in Namandar. We may be doomed if they have any more of them, for we can't see their weaves. As the man began to speak she saw Sirayn shoot a weave out and part of his weave collapsed proving without a doubt that it was an image not a man. Jaydena sneered at his words and waited for him to finish his self righteous tirade of them. When he finished she noticed that he had been blocking the advance of the shadow.

With a growl she backed toward the group she had strayed from during his talk and prepared to face the shadow and win. Sirayn's battle command rang out across the canyon, “Battle party into the city! Lets move.” Following her orders she moved into the city and saw how close the shadow was. Weaving a giant fireball she set it loose within their ranks. Trollocs screamed as they met their fortunate death, following this weave she began to shoot grenades of air, her skill and her strength in air were deadly and Trolloc after Trolloc fell with shards of earth sticking straight through the armor on their heads. Moving farther into the city she began to weave spears of earth and sent them flying at the Trollocs. Her attacks seemed to have no effect and rolling wave of Trollocs and fades continued to come at them...

Jaydena Sedai


Corbin, standing behind Jade's right shoulder immersed himself fully into the Void. His claymore seemed to increase in weight on his back as he did so.
“Battle party into the city! Lets move.”
As the order was given, they began to move as one. Jade began her weaving, and though Corbin had seen it's like before, he still did not think he would ever begin to be used to it. Though through the Void all that registered were the numbers each of her attacks subtracted from the total he and the other Gadin would need to be able to slay to keep the Aes Sedai alive.
Drawing the claymore, Corbin assumed a gaurd role and watched the edges of their party. As soon as something Shadow-tainted was within reach it would meet it's end on his blade.

Corbin LaGosse
Bonded to Jade
Student of Cuen'd'Eren


Kaylan's eyes swept over the Battlefield, watching the army opposite. Her sword gleamed on her hip, ready to be taken out at a moments notice, and she barely flickered an eyelid at the stray lock of waist length hair that hung limply in front of her face. She registered the cold and ignored it, concentrating instead on those around her. Leilani, a younger Green, but one who had helped Kaylan overcome her difficulty with Water Weaves, at least as much as was possible, smiled grimly from her place. She was kneeling over one of the fallen, checking for vital signs.
Mercury stood in front of her, incredibly large sword out and ready. The enemy was not amoung them yet, but her three Warders stood ready for them to be. Calya was to her right side and Jumael to her left, the two ambidextrous Warders taking full advantage of the fact, holding swords further away from Kaylan, aiming to protect her from everything that came close.
Kaylan glanced around at the other Greens, who were mostly pacing, forming Weaves and readying for the next strike. Some were looking at the roof, watching with worry at the hardened case.
Kaylan was readying a weave of her own, several static Bombs, when out of the corner of her eye, she saw a streak of silver. She turned to look, seeing the volley of arrows. So close, too close! They were headed straight toward Leilani... and straight toward Jumael.
"Leilani!" She cried out, raising her hand instinctively to throw up a Shield of Air around her Warder, her love. The other Green's blue eyes widened as she saw the arrows, too late. Her body was pincusioned, and Kaylan failed to notice the arrow piercing her own left arm.
"Jumael..." Kaylan's eyes widened as she realised what she had done. She leant over Leilani, watching the life leave her eyes, and tenderly removed the other Green's necklace. She shoved it into her bag as she wove Healing, even though she knew that her Talent was too weak, and death could not be Healed.
"No! Not another one of my Sisters!" Her eyes flared with anger, and her gift flared with Fire, the entire section of Archers being consumed with flames where they stood. Kaylan sagged, sobbing, before dimly realising she was bleeding, heavily.
"I... Oh, dear Creator." She blacked out, collapsing to the ground.

Kaylan Morin
Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah
Bonded to Mercury Sansiria, Calya Gille and Jumael Tallanor


Under attack, Calya felt strangely at home, and didn't feel concerned about that fact as she had in the past. She was an experienced Gaidin, middle-aged by Gaidin standards and with the skill to match her age. She had seen so many battles and expended such effort in peacetime that she was completely used to it by now.

She stuck near to Kaylan, moving when the Green moved, pacing around her when she stood still, but usually standing on the spot, at the ready at all times. Her eyes darted left, right, up and down repeatedly, her vigil never ending. This was the moment of truth, the kind she'd known many times in the past. Her sword waited to greet any enemies that would be foolish enough to get too close.

Calya knew Kaylan was readying weaves - she always got that sense via the bond of acute concentration and centredness. Calya's muscles tensed as she sought the enemy Kaylan too was seeking. But then things began to go wrong. Arrows were coming at them, and Calya moved towards her bondholder, intending to throw her to the ground. Kaylan was facing away from her, a horrified expression on her face as she channelled and called out at the same time. She called her fellow Green's name, Leilani Sedai who was a target for the arrows. As Calya watched in her own mounting horror, the arrows streaked also towards Jumael, and Kaylan threw up a shield...over him!

Leilani had been struck multiple times. Calya saw an arrow straying in Kaylan's direction and grabbed her by the arm, trying to drag her backwards. Too late. The arrow struck, but thankfully not in the neck it had been heading for. Calya heard Kaylan murmur, "Jumael..." and then the Green's eyes widened. Realisation flooded through the bond - realisation and a lot more. Calya regarded her bondholder in a dread that started so deeply within her soul that it seemed to rise up from the very earth beneath her, and seep through all her pores. How will she ever live with herself, when it sinks in? Calya found herself thinking as she shifted her gaze to meet Jumael's. The man was clearly in shock, and no wonder. He'd come close to death. Only Kaylan's love for him had saved him. But he knew as well as the rest that his life had also been saved at the expense of another's - an Aes Sedai, to boot. Calya felt sick.

Kaylan was leaning over Leilani. Calya said, "We must take cover," but she didn't think Kaylan heard her. Instead Calya turned her attention back to her job - keeping a watch out for approaching enemies and more attacks. She fought down the sense of despair that rose in her heart at the loss of Leilani, a fine warrior and finer Green sister. These things happened. As terrible as it was, there was a place back in the Tower that would soon be filled with Leilani's belongings. This sister would be mourned on Rashima Day along with the hundreds of others who had passed over the years. Yet mourning was for the future. They had a city to defend - and moreover, they had their own lives to save.

"No! Not another one of my Sisters!" Calya heard Kalyan cry behind her, hoping that either Mercury or Jumael would take the time to comfort her while Calya kept watch. A few more moments passed, before she heard Kaylan murmur something else that was inaudible. Then she heard Mercury call to her, and turned around briefly to see that Kaylan had fainted.

"We have to get her out," Mercury said simply.

Calya responded, "Jumael and I will guard - you carry her."

Calya Gaidin
Bonded to Kaylan Sedai
Master of Cuen'd'eren



Vira's heart tore as she saw Leilani fall. She did not rail against the injustice of it - she knew that Greens signed up for a certain job, and expected to have to do that job even if it meant giving their own lives. But she hated the thought that she would never see Leilani alive again. She would never speak to her in the hallways or share tea with her. She would never laugh with her. Leilani would never laugh with anyone.

She raced to Leilani's side, watching as Kaylan tenderly removed the necklace from Leilani's neck and began with a Healing weave. It was too late. Leilani was gone.

A moment later Kaylan had passed out, and her Gaidin were organising to carry her out of the fray. Vira crouched beside the dead Leilani, disbelief making her numb. She felt hands on her back and arms and knew that her Gaidin had come. But she coudln't hear what they said, only the concern and warmth that flowed through the bonds. She sobbed as she closed Leilani's eyes and reached for the woman's sword. "I must take this back with me," she murmured as she cradled the sheathed weapon in her arms. "It must go in the Vault."

And her Gaidin lifted her too her feet in spite of her soft-voiced protests, reminding her that the battle was not yet done.

She strapped Vira's sword onto her own belt and met Jethraya's stone cold gaze. That gaze belied the wondrous warmth of the soul within. "Very well," Vira said with some of her usual steel in her voice. "Where are those who killed her? I want to slay them with my own hands."

She and her Warders swept back into battle.

Vira Demarcias
TPC Greenie



Taya was stuffing her satchels with items of unknown nature, knowing that no matter what they were, they were priceless. Items from a city so long abandoned were worth preserving at almost any cost. Eos was already holding a satchel full of recovered items, but he didn't do any of the collecting. He was too busy keeping guard of her back.

"This is not how it was supposed to be," Taya muttered beneath her breath as she paused briefly to study the statuette of a Lion-headed God, made of what looked like ancient porcelain. "Curse the Shadow and its disrespect!" She laid the statuette in her satchel, trying to be gentle yet quick in her movements. She had a lot more to gather before she was ready to retreat.

"I think we should get out of here," Eos said from behind her. "I don't like the sound of what I'm hearing out there."

Taya didn't look at him. "We'll get out. But I am not done here."

He didn't argue - he knew all too well how useless it would be. All he had to do was his job, and he was doing that perfectly well.

In a moment she'd move onto the next chamber, but first she'd explore the farther recesses of this one. So much to gather, and so little time to do it in. There was a sense of despair that accompanied this knowledge.

Taya ignored it as best she could and kept on gathering.

Taya Sedai
Oldbie Green


Lanfir, Lyanna and Lukas had almost reached the city gates to back up their sisters when a brilliant flare lit up the dark dome above them. Myriads of colors of light were twinkling and shimmering, giving the city an even eerier look about it. The shifting shadows and the unearthly colors were awe-inspiring. In another time, she would have taken the time to watch the lightshow, but not now. "This is not right," Lanfir murmured, rounding another corner. "Something bad is going on there!"

Lyanna was on her heels, with Lukas covering their backs. They shared a worried look but did not waste any time talking. They had heard the horrible cries of trollocs and they had smelled the blood. There was slaughter going on at the city gates. They had to get there quickly.

Thankfully, it had been a logical mind that had designed the streetplan of Namandar. Lanfir could easily recall how they had walked and the route back to the city gates. It was a very intuitive route, something she was glad for with saidar and adrenaline both heightening her senses. She knew that the information overload would come later, but she'd cross that bridge when she'd come to it. For now, all that mattered was her sisters. And a flare like that, whoever made it, must mean serious business.

It did. They rounded the last corner to the main street of the city, but while the last bits of the multi-colored flare died out above them, Lanfir could not see the gate anymore. Her view was obstructed by a fist of trollocs and her fighting sisters. "Light," she breathed, opening herself further to the sweet song of saidar. This was the massacre at Fal Dara all over again.

"Be strong," she told Lyanna and Lukas, desperately wishing she had Souvan or Jaksyn still at her back. Weaving Air and Water, she sent a Tornado into the fist of trollocs, nimbly working around her Sisters. That would confuse them enough for her to jump in and kick ass. A Lightning Storm and Fireballs followed. saidar sang to her, and she felt the old familiar battle fever take a hold of her again.

Fear, anxiety, thoughts of death, they all melted away as she slipped back into battle mode as if she had never stopped fighting.

To spit in the Dark One's eyes, Taya had said once, and that's exactly what she was planning to do. She would be the Light today, searing all the Shadows out of Namandar. The Shadow had no right to be here. She would see to that.

~Lanfir Leah Marithsen
Battle Ajah


Jozan was left alone with no towerguard or aes sedai at his side but he knew that might happen and now it had and he had to fight for his life to get out of the city and up to the surfice again. He stood against a wall when suddenly he heard footsteps close in on his position and he were right because it didn´t take long before three trollocks came closer to him and suddenly one of them cackled out and they all raised their weapons and moved fast towards Jozan.

Jozan saw one of them advancing towards him and when he was just a bit away Jozan took out his foot and watched as the trollock fell to the ground. The trollock were very angry when he got up but Jozan didn´t care instead he stood ready with his staff in his hand. The trollock swinged his axe in the air in front of Jozan without hiting him and Jozan decided to move in and dance with him in a deadly fight. Jozan attacked and the trollock defended but Jozan never got a chance to finish him off. Jozan kept attacking and suddenly the trollock got off balance and Jozan hit the trollock on his knee and moved quickly on the final strike and hit him on the head and killing the ugly beast. The other trollocks were easier targets and was killed after a short but fierce battle and Jozan moved towards the gate.

When Jozan came close to the scene at the gate he moved quicker towards it but suddenly saw two trollocks moving behind two aes sedai and one towerguard and Jozan knew that they would need his help. He saw a nearby house with a window close to the trollocks so he walked into the house and up the stairs and to the window. Jozan took his bow and strainghed it and put a arrow and aimed towards the trollock. He had the aim on the trollocks neck and fired and he watched as the arrow flow towards the trollock and hit the beast in the neck and almost killing it instantly. Jozan aimed fast on the other trollocks head and fired and this time killing the beast on impact.



Coran watched fixing this new feeling of wrongness into his bones...the feeling of shadowspawn near. He stayed close to Jaydena, Jared, and Corbin, but intent on the beasts rushing forward. Arrows flew like death coming towards them, while the Aes Sedai were throwing their own version of death back at them.

Coran could feel the elation and intention coming from Jade. Her edge feeding into his Spring and fortifying him. He watched as the arrows flew, but not near them at this point.

Then, even with the might of the Aes Sedai holding the beasts at bay, they came forward and the warders went to work. Coran moved forward. He was not going to let the Spawn close to his Aes Sedai. Next to him were Corbin and Jared. as one, they made a wall. It was as if they were one person. Nothing moved through them as their swords worked almost in perfect unison warding off attack. One after another, trollocs fell.

Arc of the Moon to the Falling leaf to Cat on a hot Stand, to Tower of Morning to The Courtier Taps His Fan. One after the other, the forms flowed through Coran like a gentle but unstoppable stream.

Jaydena would not fall here...nor anywhere that Coran was. There was nothing that he would not give to have Jaydena succeed and thrive. and each movement...each stroke of his sword was for this intention alone. My life for hers!

Coran smiled...and the Stream became a River.

Coran Gaidin
Jade's Warder


Be Safe Lanfir told them as they faced the seething mass of Trollocs and other shadowspawn between them and their fellow Sisters at the gate. Lyanna's breath choked. She saw Sisters fall, shadowspawn fall, and before long the ancient dust beneath their feet was caked with blood. It reminded her of the bloodred slush so long ago.

As they proceeded forward, Lyanna drew on the Source heavily and laid a Flashfire around the three of them. The Firestrands were intricate, and didn't touch either of her friends, and when she let them go, a circle of flames, all consuming fire, burst outwards and away from them, ever growing bigger and racing towards the enemy. She knew that it was not big enough to reach her Sisters at the gates, a Forsaken would be the only one able to weave that big a weave, and it would take out the hind forces of the shadow army before them.

Several Trollocs burst into flames, their charred corpses smoking and smelling. A Fade ran mindlessly in between them, burning and screeching so high that Lyanna imagined that she could feel the screams rather than hear them. Lukas was a bundle of determination beside her, fighting whatever came his way. Lyanna's fear was a trickle of emotion, swept away in the sweetness of Saidar filling her, and she formed other weaves, all Fire-created, and hurled everything she had at the enemy in front of her.

And let the Battle Ajah ride again on the Winds of Time... She had returned. And she would be damned if she let anyone die if she could help it.

Lyanna al'Ellisande

OOC: Lukas, you can go ahead as planned. Both Lannie and I have the talent for Healing, and both of us can Remove Taint...so if you are caught in the back by shadow steel, we will be able to Heal you on the spot if we are quick enough


Lukas braced himself as he watched the Shadowspawn advance on the defender’s line, it was a sight that he would not wish on anyone and it was one that he wished he did not have to witness. Bestial creatures out of nightmares rushed forward in an unorderly, chaotic mass, their half animal, half human bodies surging forward without fear or anxiety the only thing occupying their minds was their hatred for the Sedai and their Warders and their love of violence. Their sickening weapons bobbing up and down as they ran, giant axes, chipped and rusted swords, lengthy spears and other weapons that were a mix of a number of things all threatened the battle line. But before they could do any harm the Trollocs and their Myrdrraal overseers were torn to bits by the One Power, Lukas could not see where the weaves originated from but he could see their result and he was glad that his side was the one using the Power and not the other side. Although the light display of earlier suggested otherwise. But for now Lukas kept his mind on the task infront of him leaving the Dreadlords and the One Power to the Sedai.

The Trolloc line drew closer but before it could reach him Lyanna attacked outwards with the One Power and a ring of flames exploded outwards around him taking down Trolloc and Myrdrraal alike but luckily avoiding any of the defending party. Seeing that this strike did not slow their line Lukas held his sword steady in both of his hands and rushed forward with the intent of stalling the beasts from reaching Lyanna or Lanfir. His feet felt leaden as he moved forward and he felt fear gripping his heart as he approached the terrifying line but he fed his weakness into the Spring and allowed his emotions to guide him. Fifteen feet away, ten feet, five feet.....Lukas heard a whistling sound over the din of battle and then he felt a stabbing pain in his shoulder.

Looking at his left shoulder he saw a crude arrow, its shaft as thick as his thumb and its fletchings crooked and broken. The arrow had struck one of the metal studs whose purpose it was to stop any such arrows piercing the skin, unfortunately the stud hadn’t been as strong as he had thought and instead of repelling the arrow it had shattered under the pressure and now arrow, leather and shards of jagged metal where all embedded in his shoulder. The pain of the arrow was enormous as every movement caused it to tear further muscle and tissue but he could do nothing to ease the pain as the battle line was upon him. Gritting his teeth and forcing the pain into the Spring he started to hack away at his opponents.

Lukas’ size aided him as he forced his way through his opponents, their weapons were not able to reach the diminutive Warder who did not even reach half of the Trolloc’s height but this allowed him to duck and weave, thrust and slash and generally cause havoc. The throbbing of his shoulder was forgotten as he became consumed by bloodlust which fueled his Spring to new levels. Courtier Taps His Fan, Boar Rushes Down the Mountain, Tower of Morning. On the practice field these forms were smooth and graceful but here underground in this pit of death the forms were basic and crude, their purpose to kill with the least effort. This style of fighting was reminiscent of the duels back in the Rahad and this familiarity suited Lukas who found that simple aggression was often the best especially in situations where one’s opponent only understood brute strength and violence.

Lukas spared himself the briefest of moments to take a look at the battle going on around him and from what he could see the defending force was doing a fair job of holding back the tides of Shadow. Warders and Tower Guards alike were all engaged in situations similar situations to himself and the Aes Sedai were all standing back from the battle line carving huge chunks out of the enemy with their One Power. And so far all the enemy had brought to the party was a motley crew of Trollocs and.... swish!!!

Lukas ripped his head back to the battle right in front of him and immediately had to wrench his katana upwards to deflect a lightning quick strike by a Myrdrraal, the pasty, eyeless creature had appeared out of nowhere and was intent on slaying Lukas. Parrying another strike by the Fade Lukas was being made aware of just how much the arrow sticking out of his left shoulder was hindering him, every time he was made to place pressure on his left shoulder his parries lack conviction and his strikes were feeble at best and the Fade seemed to know it. As it continued its fast and fluid series of attacks it pressured Lukas to use his left arm more and more until suddenly it struck with the speed of a king cobra, stabbing down on the katana, chipping its blade as Lukas was made to use the blade to stop the stirke in its tracks. And then he felt the punch to his shoulder, it was a dirty trick that he had not expected coming from this fear inspiring creature but it had performed the move none the less and its effect was profound. Lukas’ eyes teared up, his body hunched over in reflex and the katana dropped from his hands as the pain caused his hands to convulse into fists. Then he felt a searing pain worse then he had ever known, the Myrdrraal had not waited to strike and had drawn its Thakandar forged blade over the wounded Warder’s back, the blade slicing through the leather like a hot knife through butter. Skin peeled away just as easily and blood flowed freely into the dank cavern air, the excruciating pain of the attack caused Lukas to scream at the top of his lungs and made the Spring disappear, the full brunt of both attacks now able to ravage the already weakened Ebou Dari.

Then came the final blow, no longer a slash but a full bodied stabbing action that pierced Lukas through the lower back, this time along with the pain came darkness. Not the calming, peaceful darkness of sleep but the tormented, wrenching darkness of death and torture.

Lukas Talinko
Not dead but pretty danged close


Daeralle knew this feeling. She knew how it was to embrace the Source with the full knowledge that things were going to die at your hands. She had killed so many things in her lifetime - creatures to eat on the road; Shadowspawn just because they didn't deserve to exis; even humans now and then. If Darkfriends could be called human, she had killed quite a few of them. But the knowledge remained that this was her last stand. Nobody had noticed her yet, that she knew. But they'd notice her in the end. She didn't really want them to feel guilty. She merely wanted them to see that they'd been wrong. She wanted her death to be proof that they'd misjudged her.

Things hadn't gone exactly as planned since she was lowered down into this subterranean wonderland from an age of legends long past. Amongst those things that had surprised her were the reappearances of several sisters she'd thought long gone. Lanfir was the icing on the cake. Her protégé from so long ago, Lanfir had appeared to her as in a vision sent from the Creator - golden and shining, a relic of years past even in her evident mortality. Daeralle's heart had squeezed at the first sight. Then she had filled with warmth and love for this woman she had helped to shape into the warrior she was, the woman she had once seen as a daughter and loved just as much as any she might have had in a different life. Finally she had felt sadness at the fact that she'd never get to say a proper goodbye. This was the end of the road for not only Daeralle but for their friendship - and Lanfir wouldn't realise it until it was too late. Daeralle had murmured an apology then, before turning fluidly away and melting into the crowd. She left Lanfir behind in her thoughts as she turned her attention to the task at hand. So much to do, and so little time to do it in.

She had been working since that moment to put a big dent in the Shadow's defences. She wouldn't go down as a waste of space, but would take as many of the enemy down with her. She was so practised that it almost seemed ridiculous at times. And they said her mind was failing! What did they think she was?

I'll never see Tarmon Gai'don, she thought as she rounded the corner and moved into yet another cobbled street. But I will make this my Last Battle.

OOC: Rae...wanna get on with the killing? *G* Shall it happen somewhere where pillars will collapse, and whatnot?

Daeralle Tpc by Taya


Lukas advanced while Lanfir and Lyanna stayed behind, using their longer range and deadly One Power force to attack the Shadow from behind. The sight of the Shadow army was ghastly, the hunched forms of the Trollocs almost overpowering the senses. Lyanna briefly wondered where Taya was, cause she didn't seem to be with the party here at the gates. She must still be in the city proper. She sent up a silent prayer that her long lost friend would be alright.

Lukas fought as if he had never done anything else. She could see how his height gave him the advantage: most of the horrid creatures he was fighting towered over him and couldn't reach him properly as he ducked and slid their hamstrings or plunged his katana into their bellies. He left more than a few twitching on the floor of the cavern, thrashing in death throes. He was doing alright!

Issuing out Flame Arrows and Fireballs, she focussed on the rest of the battlefield. The party at the gates took great care not to be squashed against the walls behind their back and the large Shadow army in front of them, and it seemed as if the fight was getting desparate. Lyanna contemplated sending out another Flashfire, but she couldn't really because there were too many Sisters and Gaidin in between her and the enemy. She would take them out as well - fire wasn't picky. She had to content herself with smaller weaves, and using Air Razors the moment the beasts got too close. One of them she sliced in half before it even realized it was dead. She started to form another weave, and then dropped it with a startled yelp as the tight knot of emotions in her head was pierced by a flaming pain and her own shoulder throbbed in unison for a while. Lukas was a good twenty paces away, but she could clearly see the arrow shaft stick out of his body, his left shoulder to be precise. Still, he continued, and it didn't seem as if he was very hindered by it, though the pain in her head belied that notion. Yet again she couldn't help but admire the sturdy Gaidin around her. They fought until they no longer could, were trained to ignore pain and continue. She wasn't sure if she could do that herself. Yet again...she thought of how she had taken on her Sister in Fal Dara so long ago. She had been wounded after that as well, mentally that was, and still she continued, until that fatal weave that had killed Gytta...

The beasts came at them in waves, and Lanfir and she finally found themselves standing back to back, with the wounded Lukas dancing at the peremiter of her view, and the corpses of the slayn at their feet. Lyanna was getting tired, but she brushed that aside. She had been on her feet longer before, and this time was no different. The next thing she knew, was another volley of pain which cascaded down her back, and she jerked her head around, just in time to see Lukas drop his katana as his body convulsed in pain. The large black creature just opposite him, with its maggotlike face, didn't convey any expression, but it seemed as if its body writhed in anticipation and joy as it heaved its blade, and let it come down with the sharp edge across Lukas's back, drawing it back with a vehement twist which made the leather tear and ripped open Lukas' flesh. She heard his high pitched scream over the roar of the battle and it echoed in her head, making her almost drop the Source and letting her body cringe. Lanfir immediately noticed and grabbed both her wrists, jerking her upright again. "Lukas!" The scream had left her mouth before she realized, and Lanfir and she started to fight their way over to the fallen Warder. The Fade obviously had found better prey and had moved on, convinced that he had rendered his opponent useless.

Lyanna fought like mad, slashing and thrashing the One Power around her, blowing whatever came upon her out of her way, until she had made a clear path and was able to kneel down where Lukas lay. His back was badly wounded, and he was unconscious. She looked up desperately at Lanfir, who was keeping whatever enemy came at them at bay.

"We have to heal him now, Lannie, or he will perish right before our eyes. I can't loose another one, not now, not now the hole in my head has only just been healed, I WILL NOT LET HIM DIE HERE!"

As Lanfir nodded, and knelt down as well, Lyanna drew onto the source, held as much as she could without searing herself out of the Pattern, and formed the largest Flame Aura she had ever constructed. The fire shield covered the three of them, forming a small dome over her head, and from the outside it must have seemed like three people in a fiery ball. At least, no one would dare come close now. As Lyanna held onto her weave and kept feeding it, she watched Lanfir prepare herself. Light, let him live, I cannot go on if he dies, Light, please...



"We have to heal him now, Lannie, or he will perish right before our eyes. I can't loose another one, not now, not now the hole in my head has only just been healed, I WILL NOT LET HIM DIE HERE!"

Lanfir knelt next to Lyanna’s fallen warder. For one moment, the look of desperation in Lyanna’s green eyes reminded her unsettlingly of Gytta’s similar desperate plea, a century ago, but she quickly shoved those associations away and focused on the task at hand. Circumstances were different this time. Lukas would live, if she was fast enough. Jeran had never had a chance.

A Myrddraal Blade was deadly. Its poison spread too quickly for any Healer to treat, unless you were an Aes Sedai, that is. During the Age of Legends one smart Aes Sedai had found the way to remove the taint from the victim, and the weave had never been lost. Better even, being a Green, Lanfir knew the weave. Any Green knew how the weave was constructed, even if she did not have the strength or skill to carry it out. Lanfir embraced saidar and channelled large amounts of Air and Spirit to cleanse the poison out of the young man’s body. Lukas was sweating and shivering, as if he was holding onto his consciousness by his fingernails. “Lay still, Lukas,” Lanfir told him briskly, weaving Air and Spirit and Water. Tiny amounts of Earth and Fire were added to her weave and she saw it sinking into his body. Lukas convulsed for a few moments, but the weave seemed to do its trick nicely.

The roaring of the Flame Aura that Lyanna was maintaining drowned out all the sounds of the battle. At this moment, all that existed was the three of them in their fiery bubble of safety. Lanfir admired how Lyanna managed to maintain the Flame Aura while she was being heavily distracted by the pain that her warder was experiencing. She was holding up fantastically, Lanfir thought while Delving Lukas extensively. The poison from the blade had vanished out of his system. All that was left now was the arrow in his shoulder. Spreading her fingers around the wound, she steadied the skin. Bracing herself to pull it out with her other hand, she murmured: “This should hurt a bit, Lukas,” and proceeded to twist it out. The arrow had some nasty hooks on it, so she could not help tearing through some tissue. Lukas whimpered softly – something that surprised Lanfir. The pain had to be excruciating. Here was truly a brave warrior, Lyanna had chosen him well.

She tugged his clothes away and focused on the wound – it was looking downright horrible right now. Clunks of flesh and tissue were drowning in oozing blood, trickling over his skin. Lukas had walked around longer than he should have with the arrow in his body. Lots of muscle tissue was heavily damaged by his continued fighting. Fool boy. For a moment Lanfir wanted to scold the young warder, but instead used Air and Water and Spirit to knit muscle and skin back together. It was a delicate job, but she had healed on the battlefield before. She did not possess the skill of her sisters of the Yellow Ajah, but she had done some studying with a Yellow Sister named Soraya when she had not been sure what Ajah to join yet. And she was strong with the elements that were usually needed for Healing, so she managed to pull it off nicely.

Lukas shuddered when she finished the weave. “I—Is it done?” he stuttered.

“Yes it is. I want you to look up a Yellow on the earliest occasion we have, Lukas,” Lanfir told him. “This is battlefield healing, and you probably feel as weak as a newborn baby right now. I want a honest and fair answer from you, Lukas. Can you still fight?”



The pain was more excruciating than anything he had ever endured up to this point, flames a thousand times hotter than the pits of hell burned underneath his flesh, daggers stabbed inside his head and waves of icy coldness caused his body to shiver. Nothing in his training had prepared him for this and he was sure that here in the ancient city of Namander he would perish alone after failing his Sedai in the first task that she had set him. And as his battle with death raged on he didn’t know what was worse the physical pain that was killing him swiftly or the mental pain that was threatening to make his last moments on this world a living madness. His mind seemed bent on driving him past the point of sanity and it tormented him with images of his past.

Images of the Rahad where he had killed an innocent man all because Ebou Dari honour demanded it, pride had made him kill and now it was pride that was killing him. Images of his family and the contempt that his father and brother had held for him, the beatings and slurs that they had made him endure all because he was able to bring some small money to the family due to his size and skill as a rider. His mind did not even pause at altering memories either, Lukas was forced to watch as Coran was beheaded by the group of Darkfriends after they had trapped him using Lukas as a lure, he saw Alriand have a knife plunged into his back and his neck snapped as he burst through the window to save his Andoran friend. Then he was back in the wilderness for his survival training and instead of just making the Tower Guard cough and splutter as he crammed the ‘Altaran powder” down his mouth he now saw that by cramming it down his mouth the man was unable to breath and before his mind’s eye he watched the man’s eyes fill with water, his face fill with blood, his hands wrapped around his own neck trying to clear it and then finally watched as the man died convulsing. On and on the memories and warped images haunted him until finally they rested on an image of Lyanna being tortured, raped and then finally killed by Trollocs and Myrdrraal all because he had failed her.

Then wave upon wave of chilling shivers racked his body but this time the coldness was somehow more comforting than the tormenting chills that had savaged his body but moments ago. This time the iciness seemed to be fighting the firey pain and winning!!! Where before he had felt like his body was being torn apart now it felt like it was being stitched back together, it was not a pleasant feeling but at least it didn’t feel like it was doing any more damage than he had already sustained. Maybe Death is finally claiming me. Lukas didn’t know if the thought scared him or terrified him but he accepted it knowing that there was nothing anybody could do to save him now. And then his eyes opened...

All around him were sheets of flame, there were no more Trollocs or Myrdrraal, no more Namander, no more battlefield only Lyanna, Lanfir and himself. Lanfir was bent over his body and from the haggard expression on her face she had just performed a momentous feat. Lukas wondered what it was for a moment and then his brain kicked in as he realised he wasn’t dead, she had Healed him!!!!!

“I—Is it done?” he stuttered, his mind still finding it hard to comprehend how he was not face to face with the Creator at this point.

“Yes it is. I want you to look up a Yellow on the earliest occasion we have, Lukas. This is battlefield healing, and you probably feel as weak as a newborn baby right now. I want a honest and fair answer from you, Lukas. Can you still fight?”

Lyanna Ellisande Aes Sedai, I do hereby pledge my sword and my soul to your service. My life before yours. The oath he had pledged to Lyanna only weeks before came to his mind as Lanfir asked him whether he was ready for battle, even though he knew his body was weak and tired he also knew that he couldn’t not fight. If he was to leave Lyanna on her own here and she died he could never forgive himself.

“Lannie I have to continue on fighting!!! Lya can’t keep up this dome forever and you aren’t looking your best at the moment, if I don’t find I would be condemning all three of us to death.”

Pushing himself shakily to his feet he realised just how weak he was, Lannie hadn’t been lying when she said that he would feel weak as a newborn baby but he had to keep fighting. So channeling his weakness, Lyanna’s fear and anxiety and his own nerves into the Spring and as it engulfed him once more he found that some of his strength and vitality returned. ”The Spring allows you to push through the boundaries your body sets, hold it for too long and you can literally run yourself to death.” Coran’s words haunted him as he gripped his fallen katana in his right hand but he didn’t care, he had already dodged death once this day and he would do it again if it would save his Sedai.

“Ladies I’m sorry to give you such a scare but Death wanted me to dance with her and I’m a sucker for a good jig.” Smiling weakly at the two Sedai he held as dear as his own mother he then moved over and gripped Lyanna’s shoulder. “Don’t worry so much Lya it will take more than a Myrdrraal to stop me from protecting you. Now lets show them what we’ve got!!!!!!”

Lukas Talinko
Back from the dead


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ic: Rei'sam watched with pleasure as his forces wrecked havoc onto the lines of the Light fools. Screams and the dun of battle echoed throughout the city as he and his personal escort of Myddraal and Trollocs surrounded him. "More. Kill more of them." A figure darted across the street and he reacted, ducking into a parallel street and merging out to see a lone Aes Sedai and her Warder. "A female Warder. The Tower must be desperate." He mocked with a chuckle. The woman wore a blue shawl and with a flick of his wrist, the Myddraal moved towards the poor warrior with Trollocs by its side. "Tis a feast." His pearly white teeth shone behind a sick grin as he created a deadly weave of fire, watching it as it slid into the woman's body. "I've always found a bloody explosion .... delicious." And just as the Spirit weave came alive, his right flank of Trollocs roared and he knew.

Turning, he saw a small party of Aes Sedai and their collective Warders come down the crossing street. They don't know of her. And they did not appear to notice him yet. Just the Trollocs charging down on them. Moving quickly, he abandoned his Death sentence and ducked into the alley, moving deeper into the shadows. And he wove an Illusion of himself, where he once stood out in the open. The illusion laughed and turned once more towards the lone Aes Sedai as he attempted to step back, as if he was retreating.

When suddenly, the entire area exploded with an aura of flame bursting everywhere. A shield of Air before him deflected most of those rocks as he watched the walls of the building collaspe over the Illusion. Accompanied by a scream. Perfect. He laughed when a face looked down the alley, their eyes making contact. Licking his lips, he turned and fled. Time for a little game of cat and mouse, don't you think? "Sirayn!!" And the faint sound of pursuit caught up to his ears. Oh, this is working out perfectly.

~ Rei'sam Kilm
Dreadlord of Be'lal
Hunter of Aes Sedai
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ic: Nydi ran down the street with Raisa at her heels. As a member of the recovering party, she received curt orders if the Dark One made his presence known, to escape Namander. And to let the Battle party take over. She was not very good with battle weaves and she cursed herself inwardly for not preparing herself better. Coming up to a narrow street, a man came into view with a sick smile on his face. Her eyes widened and Raisa moved before her. Nydi placed a hand on Raisa's back, "No. We must go." The trollocs charged and her Gaidin moved, the bond stressing powerful concentration and determination as her blade swept through the air.

The man took a step closer, "I've always found a bloody explosion .... delicious." And she realized that he was a dreadlord. She knew she had no defense against him. Light, no! "Raisa!" Suddenly, a few trollocs on the man's right roared and moved as if there was an attacking party. The other trollocs moved in reaction away from Raisa and Nydi stepped up to her Gaidin, feeling her every wound. "We must go. Now!" The Dreadlord remained where he stood and she saw an alley that she could escape to, to get out. She moved past Raisa when suddenly a deafening explosion came and she found herself flying through the air. Something pierced her back and she let out a scream as she felt the object slide through her chest.

Gasping, she saw Raisa run to her side, her mouth moving. But she couldnt hear. Something came up in her throat and she coughed, the blood spluttering out. The bond shook with alarm and fear. It was a large spike, she had landed on a Trolloc shield. Raisa's legs went underneath Raisa's upper back, to give support. "Raisa." She could barely speak and her hands were trembling. It didn't hurt anymore. She forced herself to focus on her Gaidin's face, in her beautiful eyes. "Live for me." She felt darkness descend on her, and she saw Raisa's lips move as the bond stormed. Placing a finger over the woman's lips, a tear slipped from her eye. "My Gaidin."

And she went limp.

Nydylia Sedai
TPC Blue
Bonded to Raisa Gaidin
No more


: : : : The ground shook with the force of the explosion. A hail of burning earth fell around them with a wash of heat and with a harsh, rending scream, a man with half his back ripped to shreds by razor shards of stone staggered and stumbled onto one knee. Clawing at the earth he dragged himself forward. His agony and fear tainted the air and she could taste it on her tongue as with sinuous grace, a feral smirk distorting her pallid face, Sirayn sauntered untouched through another futile spatter of hot earth and approached the wounded man. He half rolled showing the gaping wounds in his back and grasped at her boot, his cracked lips whispering hoarse words already swallowed by the clamour of battle. Sirayn stirred him casually with her foot judging that he would not survive for long. Blistered and parched lips formed one clearly recognisable word: mercy. Sirayn’s smile twisted. She lifted a thin, bloody hand and with a sharp motion drove a stabbing weave deep into his body. The injured man jerked. A sudden start of red bubbles flecked his lips. Sirayn split the weave with exact precision, and drawing her hands apart once more, unconcernedly ripped him in half. Her wild, cold smile would be the last thing he ever saw. The sudden spray of blood splattered over her face, stained her clothes, dripped down her neck but Sirayn merely wiped her eyes and licked the viscous liquid from her lips with great enjoyment before turning away from the mangled body. She was very close to the edge now; the knot of dark hate and fury she kept tight inside now seethed, her every instinct was bent to murder, she was a killer pure and simple. No consideration of mercy or compassion troubled her even for a moment. Her very identity was subsumed in the need to kill. A storm raged inside her and only by claiming each life viciously could she abate the pressure, return some small measure of sanity, just long enough to seek out her next victim.

: : : : She had lost count of how many monsters and men she had killed and did not care. When they came upon her wave after wave, she shifted into a martial stance and summoned the earth to dance at her fingertips. Spikes hurtled from her hands to impale monsters cleanly. The ground cracked under cloven feet and swallowed up victims without a trace. High arching stones imbued with an aura of pale flame fell carelessly through the sky, their train of flames drawing a brief outline on the dome. They died in their dozens against her and her companions, for she was the rock upon which the battle broke, as she had promised so many years ago. Her comrades and her purpose barely registered any more. She had withdrawn somewhere inside herself and all that existed was the battle and the killing. Some would have called her crazed and yet in these moments Sirayn was as sane and clear-headed as she had been in months; her thoughts moved free and unhindered from point to point, each killing was undertaken with confidence and skill, she did not afford time to doubt herself even for a moment. The frenzied song of battle in her blood would not allow her to let up. To falter was to fail, to hesitate was death and instead of taking a rest Sirayn would push herself harder every time she felt fatigue because immersing herself in killing was the best was to rejuvenate herself. All claims of the flesh were as nothing to her. She felt no fear and no fatigue; she felt nothing but the joy of battle. And as they fell like hay beneath the scythe, as the din of battle reverberated through the giant cavern, as each war cry hung as a fading scream upon the air, she knew peace at last. She finally understood then. There could be no respite, no true joy for her except in killing. Only that could keep her sane and happy. In this respect she was, perhaps, the perfect killer.

: : : : Coming face to face with a Lurk was almost soothing. Looking into its eyeless face, at the full extent of her strange sensitivity with earth, Sirayn knew in a basic part of her nature that the Lurk was like her: a killer born and bred, crafted as a weapon, seeking joy in death. Perhaps it recognised her as well, or perhaps it was so far gone in its blood-lust that hunger overwhelmed it and it approached soundlessly with tainted blade raised high. Sirayn met its blank gaze and smiled, knowing the approach of a kindred spirit. And even as the Thakandar-forged blade began its descent she lifted both hands and the Lurk exploded. A shower of blood and bits rained down. Sirayn tasted the copper of blood on her lips, and glanced sideways at her companions, disjointed suddenly from the song of swords. It occurred to her suddenly that there might be something wrong in feeling kinship with a Myrddraal, in fact there was definitely something wrong, but she pushed the thought away angrily before she lost it all and seeking, searching, found the pattern once more. Sirayn moved forward light as a dancer upon her next target and flung a long barbed spike straight through the man’s throat. She exulted in his death; in that small glass-sharp moment she was whole. All too soon it slipped away with the body falling bonelessly into the dust and she was turning, sharply seeking, hungering for the kill. A knot of monsters caught her eye. Life. Sirayn went after them, stalking, a predator on the prowl. They caught sight of her and came toward her as though in response to her appetite, the air between them seeming to contract, as an irresistible force drew them inexorably together.

: : : : After the muted-quiet of their convergence they came together with a clash. Steel met steel and scraped over the other blade with a splitting screech. Violent shouts and growls resounded. Sirayn danced among them untouched, her lances darting out, ripping through flesh and bone and blood alike. In the metallic taste of blood, the scent of terror, the whisper-scrape of leather, lay an intoxicating, immediate truth. Here and now there was nothing but killing. As the last of the monsters fell away in a scattered line around her Sirayn lifted hazed grey eyes and saw straight down the street toward him. Her gaze narrowed immediately, contracted upon him, seeing nothing else. He held himself straight and proud with the commanding aura of power; Sirayn realised the monsters had been protecting him. Her blood chilled. Dreadlord. She drew a breath and with it the rock-certain mirror-pure killing hunger sprang alight once more and shaping a vicious weave that came so easily to her fingertips, Sirayn hefted a charged stone and flung it toward him. The stone exploded on impact. A vast scatter of burning earth flew up and fell with a roar; she felt the wash of warmth against her face. Nothing moved in the rubble. With a satisfied nod Sirayn turned aside, the predator in her already seeking its next prey.

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~ Sirayn ~


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IC: As wonderful as the city was, it seemed somewhat less so with blood covering the walls of the buildings. Neroin had no idea how he had been separated from his group, or how Trollocs had appeared directly in front of him and started to attack. All he knew was that he had to return to the main party.
:::: He finished off the Trolloc he had been fighting by sliced his throat and sprinted down an alleyway wiping away the blood that had sprayed onto his face. He heard the other Trollocs that had been with his previous kill coming from behind. He turned a corner and stopped, waiting.
:::: He saw a Trolloc and jumped toward it, splitting it’s goatesque (that’s a play on the words goat and grotesque… funny? :/ guess not Oh well back to the story) face down the center. He began running again, hoping that the carcass would at least slow the other Beasts down until he reached the main group.
:::: The pattern continued. Neroin would duck a corner and kill an oncoming Trolloc by surprise then continue running. It was a very simple battle tactic, but very effective for facing multiple opponents. When he finally did come to the main group he almost wished he had taken his chances fighting all the Trollocs that had been following him. Giant Explosions and hundreds of trollocs and humans were fighting tooth and nail amid an uproarious, chaotic racket. “Blood and ashes.” He whimpered. He had jumped out of the frying pan, skipped the fire and moved straight to hell.
:::: With a determined grin he assumed the void and hurtled into the fray to help the warders, Aes Sedai, and his fellow Tower Guards.

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Lwena moved down the rubble filled streets, her grasp on Saidar a strong pulse in the back of her mind. She filled herself with it, basking in the glorious brilliance even as she followed Sirayn towards what could possibly be her death. Screams echoed through the otherwise silent streets occasionally, the ring of steel echoing in Lwena's ears long after the screams stopped. She was coldly detached, surprising herself in that she was so calm, so relaxed; even as Trollocs rushed towards them, her composure did not change. Fireballs leapt lightly from her fingertips, Fire weaves darting among the beasts that rushed towards her and reducing their numbers.

"The Wheel Weaves as the Wheel Wills." She murmured, the stench of burning flesh wafting towards her as she incinerated another Trolloc. The Wheel willing, she would survive this day. A burst of flame exploded from the ground, spreading outwards from the center of a group of charging trollocs. Charging no more. She sagged slightly as she realized what she'd done, what she'd been doing-how she'd felt while she was doing so. Elation, that was what the emotion had been. The thought nearly caused her to loose grip on Saidar, but she kept going even as she pushed the disturbing thought from her mind. Turning down another street, towards another battle, she readied another weave; she knew the others were doing the same.

She followed Sirayn, and stopped when the Green did; turning her head, she caught sight of a knot of Trollocs. All was silent, but almost with a magnetic force the two parties, the Light and the Dark, came together, the sound of screeching and steel almost seeming to make up for the silence a moment previous. Lwena stood in one spot, knowing all too that she, unlike the others, had no Warder for protection. She had to depend on herself, and only herself. Fire and sparks danced among the Shadowspawn, Saidar raged through Lwena, and death flew from the Healer's fingertips.

Suddenly, there was a booming explosion, and Lwena sheltered herself with a dome of Air; rocks and fire rained down at the other end of the street, and there was nothing left living but rubble. Must have been Sirayn's work. With a grimace, Lwena wiped blood flecks from her cheek, shook her skirts, and headed towards the rest of the party. She still had work to do.

Lwena Sedai
Yellow Sister
Promised to Alriand



Raisa ran after Nydi, every nerve on fire with awareness; her Aes Sedai was not good with battle weaves, she knew-that was why she wasn't Green-and Raisa knew that her only defense was her Warder. And Raisa would do anything to protect Nydi. Anything. Towards the entrance they ran, the streets echoing with screams of terror and fear every few moments, Raisa's hands going for her swords as even a pebble was disturbed. The Spring coursed through her, a pulsing rhythm that beat in time with her footfalls; they were getting close to the exit, she thought, which was a good thing. Nydi was part of the recovering party, and she was to get out of the city as soon as possible. The walls of the building, the top of the cavern seemed to close down on the pair of them, and Raisa's concentration on getting Nydi out seemed to overwhelm everything, even her fear. Once or twice, there was a short skirmish with a small group of trollocs, Raisa sustaining a few wounds almost as if a reminder that she wasn't immortal.

They turned down a narrow street, and a man came into view, a sick smile twisting his features. Raisa moved in front of Nydi, her swords gliding through the air as she prepared to defend Nydi. To death. Her thought echoed in her mind as she stood poised, almost as if on the edge of a pool.

"No. We must go." Nydi's hand made her relax slightly, but the tension was back in a moment as the trollocs charged; Raisa flowed into Lion on the Hill without a second thought. To death. The man stepped closer.

"I've always found a bloody explosion...delicious." The bond shrieked with fear; what would make Nydi so frightened? Raisa paled slightly as she realized. Dreadlord. Nydi had no defense against him, except Raisa, and she was about as much use as a paper shield. To death. Determination was fed into the Spring, for she would need everything she could use if she was to fend him off.

"Raisa!" The trollocs on the man's right roared and moved towards what must have been an attacking party; the trollocs who were moving towards Raisa and Nydi turned towards the new threat. This was their chance! "We must go. Now!" Raisa nodded and stood so that she could cover Nydi's escape. Suddenly an explosion rocked the ground, and Raisa cringed, whipping around as she felt terror from Nydi. A scream echoed the explosion; pain filled the bond.

"Nydi!" The scream was ripped from her and she raced towards her Sedai. "NO!" Shaking, she picked through the rubble as quickly as she could, slipping and sliding until she saw her. "Light, no-" Gasping she rushed to Nydi's side, knowing that there was nothing she could do; the spike would kill her, and quickly. If a Yellow would come…Raisa clung to the hope. She dropped to her knees, her swords clattering to the ground.

"Stay with me, Nydi, hold on-" Her voice shook as Nydi coughed, blood spattering her lips. Raisa wiped it away, forcing herself to stay calm; terror and fear had shaken the Spring from her, and try as she might, she couldn't grasp it again. "Please-Light-no-" Raisa clung to Nydi's bond, hoping that she could hold her Aes Sedai to life.

"Raisa." Raisa had to lean close to hear Nydi's words; they were almost a whisper. Nydi never whispered. Raisa's mouth moved soundlessly, 'No', and she clutched at one of Nydi's shaking hands. "Live for me." Her eyes were focused on Raisa's, and the Warder knew that she couldn't do anything; Nydi was almost dead. Raisa's mouth formed the words of a protest, however, though no sound came out. Finally, she managed to say around the lump in her throat in a husky voice.

"I will-I swear I will-but you need to too Nydi-no-" Nydi reached up, her hand trembling, and placed it across Raisa's lips; a tear slipped out. "My Gaidin." And then she was gone.

Bending her head, Raisa's tears broke free and she sobbed, mind clutching at the empty space where the bond had been. Had been. Raisa cried until she could cry no more, clinging to the body of her Sedai until she'd lost all energy. Slowly, screams penetrated her consciousness, and the echo of clanging steel.

"I have to move." Her voice was hoarse, and she didn't want to. She couldn't. She'd let Nydi die, the woman she was sworn to protect; her life, her Aes Sedai, was gone. I should just stay here, and die alongside Nydi. The swords gleaming on the ground next to Raisa looked quite promising. But she couldn't. Not after she'd sworn to live. Pulling herself to her feet, Raisa sheathed her swords, and gingerly picked Nydi up off of the spike. The body felt lighter, somehow, as if the spirit had held some weight. The Spring slipped away three times before Raisa managed to get a tentative hold on it, something that hadn't happened since she'd learned the philosophy.

She closed her eyes then, taking a deep, ragged breath. She knew she probably looked horrible; her face was pale, her hair a disarray, her clothes bloodstained with the blood of trollocs, Nydi, and herself. Her eyes gleamed brightly in the darkness however, and not only with suppressed tears; an angry, resolute fire burned within. Live. With that thought, she headed towards the battle party.

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Now a Tower Guard Again
Formerly Bonded to Nydi Sedai


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ic: Seiaman growled wordlessly as she ripped her scimitar upwards inside the Trolloc's body, his scream of pain bouncing on the walls. His dead body fell to the ground as she pulled her cold steel out and turned to find another Trolloc charging down on her. Thistledown Floats on a Whirlwind came alive as she spun through the air, her blade slicing across the monster's face. He roared in pain and she realized she got his eyes. Moving quickly, The River Undercuts the Bank removed his head from the body. The battle ceased temporarily as Seiaman turned to see Sirayn standing over a man when his body suddenly ripped apart. She smiled as she felt the emotions in the bond. A madness was glazed over her eyes, hungry for the kill. Hungry for the blood. No. Stay sane. Protect her.

Blinking, she moved to Sirayn's side as the woman spotted a fresh party of Trollocs, moving towards them. Seiaman moved to the side as the Trollocs came crashing towards them. She knew Sirayn's attack style and she knew she had to stay to the side, out of her way lest she became a victim of her Sedai's vicious weaves. Two Trollocs with wolf heads roared at her and Seiaman feinted a trip and the first Trolloc fell for it. "Stupid beast." His large weapon came crashing down to where she should have fallen only to have his arm detached from the rest of his body with a fast slash of her scimitar. Lizard in the Thornbush thrusted through the first's chest and she pivoted to find the second Trolloc nearly ready to behead her when she knelt to the ground, her scimitar thrusting through his belly. Tower of Morning sliced upwards as the monster screamed and fell to his death.

Suddenly, the bond went still and Seiaman jumped up to her feet to see Sirayn still standing. She observed that the number of Trollocs had been cut down dramatically, and she took a step closer when she saw the man on the other end of the street. She leapt into a run when suddenly an explosion rocked around them, jarring Seiaman. And she heard a scream. The scream. It was human. She ran down the street, to both investigate and to ensure no one on their side was harmed. And she saw Raisa, with a dead body in her arms. Oh light. No. Tears streamed down Raisa's cheeks and she knew then that Sirayn's grenade was the cause for the woman's death.

She ran to Raisa's side, coming to a halt. "Raisa. Leave her here. We'll come back." And yet she saw the pain in her eyes. "I promise. Come on." She watched Raisa gently lower the dead Sedai to the ground when something prompted her to look down the alley. And she saw a man standing there. The same man that Sirayn should have obliterated into many pieces. "Sirayn!!" The man turned and ran, "He's alive!!" She knew her Sedai wanted this man and so she gave chase. With Losyn by Sirayn's side, she knew Sirayn would live. A quick glance showed that Raisa was right behind her and her heart contracted with pain. I have to tell Sirayn what she did. But she pushed the thought of her mind, tugging the bond fiercely to tell her Sedai that she was nearly onto the man.

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ic: Raisa looked up as Seia approached, one hand darting for her sword before she recognised her fellow Warder.

"Raisa. Leave her here. We'll come back." Raisa stood unmoving for a moment. She couldn't just leave Nydi there...her heart wrenched as her mind reached for the bond that wasn't there. All my fault. She took a shuddering breath as Seia added, "I promise. Come on." Lowering Nydi gently to the ground, she knelt for a moment, brushing a stray strand of hair from her Aes Sedai's face; Seia's shout caused her to jump to her feet.

"Sirayn!!! He's alive!!" Raisa saw him, and her lips twisted in a silent snarl; it had to have been him, that was the only answer. And he would pay, by her hand or by the hand of another, it made no difference to her anymore. She darted after Seia, focused on the chase, only the chase. To death.

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Jaydena watched the approaching army of shadow with cold determination. As the waves of shadow spawn moved closer to them and she continued to weave killing weaves her face pulled back in a vicious snarl which would have shocked many of her sisters if they had seen it. Backing toward the streets of the city she sent another fireball into the walls of Trollocs and felt the joy of killing them rush through her. Keeping a close eye on her warders she saw that each of them fought like lions and had left piles of bodies in their wake. Jared seemed to be slightly hindered with his staff but he was working with his daggers as well and seemed to be holding his own against the shadow. Turning to Coran she saw the cold grace with which he fought, like a stag protecting his mate he moved fluidly in his forms. Corbin wore a snarl on his face and fought like the wolf he reminded her off. Ripping the throat out of a Trolloc with his sword he pivoted and engaged a Trolloc moving up his flank.

Jade turned away and wove another weave, this time she drew on her power with Earth and sent the ground exploding under the Trollocs feet. She formed spears of earth and shot them over and over and the horrible mass of Trollocs and Fades. Backing up again she sent another fireball into their ranks and moved closer to her friend Sirayn. Standing shoulder to shoulder with her she sent out wave after wave of fire to follow Sirayn's earth weaves. Jaydena glanced around at the shadow and wondered if they would ever survive this, there seemed to be a far larger amount of Trollocs and they just kept coming. Turning so her body was pressed back to back with Sirayn she used a weave in which she exploded the bodies in front of her one by one. pushing her hair back with her bloody hands she brushed the blood off her pale skin and sent another weave of with a careless movement. If she dies here today than she had achieved the greatest purpose a green sister could serve, she had taken the shadow down with her screaming and kicking.

She glanced toward Sirayn's side and saw Losyn and Seia fighting fiercely to protect their Aes Sedai. Light let Seiaman survive this, even if she can't be mine, at least she is alive and fighting. Jade watched Seia split the belly open on a Trolloc and she laughed silently at the joy on Seia's face for fighting the shadow. This was what the gaidin had trained for and they so rarely got to use their talents on the true enemy. A movement bore down on Seia's side and the woman was already engaged. A quick weave disposed of the Trolloc without Seia ever knowing it had been her and not Sirayn. Closing her mind to the pain that Seiaman wasn't her gaidin she turned quickly back to her task and shot lighting bolts out of her hands and the mass of Trollocs. Soon they would be unable to fight individually and they would have to move into the streets of the city and fight one on one with the shadow.

The Aes Sedai fought fiercely on in the face of death and soon her prediction had come true, they moved into the streets of the city and fought the Trollocs as they came. There were long stretches in which complete silence would descend on them broken only by the distant cries of death and killing. Shock filled Jaydena as she turned down a street with her warders and saw two Trollocs turning on each other. They must have been created wrong in some way and had gone to far into the killing craze to realize they were killing a fellow. As Jade moved down another street and heard an explosion of earth, so strong that it had to be Sirayn or one of their channelers. The earth explosion was followed by a female human scream, a scream so horrible as to chill her bones. Running forward she ran around a corner and saw Sirayn fighting Trollocs with earth as Sirayn disappeared with another warder down the streets. Jade stared at Sirayn in shock and wondered if they should follow Seia or stay here. Dispatching of several of the Trollocs coming down a side street with a fireball she noticed that there were only a few left in this batch and Sirayn was fighting them. She prayed for Seiaman's safety one last time and sent a spear through one of the one's Sirayn was engaging...

Jaydena Sedai

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Daeralle wiped her brow and ignored the blood that had splattered her. She peered left and right into the darkness without much hope of seeing anything. Her sphere of saidar-wrought light showed her the way, but she couldn't make one big enough to illuminate all of her surroundings. She saw enough to know that in broad daylight they would be breathtaking.

She had paused now and then to envision various parts of the city illuminating in dazzling sunlight. They'd shimmer so beautifully that it would hurt the eyes to look upon them. That was one sight she would never get to see...and she had a feeling nobody else here would either. Namandar was a fossil, not supposed to see the light. Daeralle sensed that it was dead and would stay dead. It was just the feeling she got.

Fitting, perhaps, that I'll die here, she mused as she took a few tentative steps forward and stepped into an open area through a decorative archway carved out of beautiful stone - it looked to her like Ogier's craft, but with a slight difference she couldn't quite pinpoint. She smiled and traced a gentle fingertip down a portion of it, shivering at its coolness. This moment felt so surreal, and even the distant sounds of battle and death couldn't make her sad. Perhaps I really have gone mad...

The old woman in woodsmans' garb crept forward and found herself in a wide tiled square, pillars at each of the four corners, and open to the sky. Or it would be, if the sky was visible overhead. Daeralle craned her neck and saw only blackness - her light didn't reach as far as the roof high above.

She examined the place she had found as she scaled the three steps leading to the square's surface. The feeling of being alone increased, as did her exhilaration. Definitely insane. She had left a trail of destruction behind her, even if at times her escapes had only been narrow. There was the possibility she'd run into more trouble here, out in the open. And yet her excitement spiked. Cold hard signs of craziness.

Daeralle spotted a distant figure at the other side of the square, heading slowly towards her. The old woman squinted and started to move forward. A few steps later and she recognised the woman there. One of the Browns, a woman she had seen many times in the Tower and had shared various cool looks with in the past. Raeyn Saethyr was a woman who knew what she was about, as far as Daeralle knew - but she really had nothing in common with the Green. They were worlds apart.

Yet this woman was an ally here, and Daeralle supposed that as long as she wasn't Lanfir, it would be alright for her to know Daeralle was here. She kept a watch on her surroundings as Raeyn grew steadily closer, and put a soft smile on her face to greet the woman.

Daeralle Verimal
Old Gal

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Duram looked to the dreadlords about him even as more trollocs poured through the silver portals that had been opened. The Ghob'hlin as they had become known as in this age were a tribe of kamikaze trollocs, they cared little for their losses as they poured through into Namandar to hunt down the Lightfools. Myrddraal that had been grabbed by Duram guided them, if not directly linked to them now. That mattered little, all the Myrddraal were warded like those he had killed previously. None of them would survive the battle no matter its outcome, they were useful tools but nothing more, and ones with shifty allegiances. Duram would not risk a chance word slipping of his existance.

"Leif." Taking control of the circle from his gnomish follower, Duram raised an eyebrow when he saw the bottle that was in the stumpish fellow's hand. It seemed he'd been drinking again, which should have been expected. While Duram had searched for certain items of particular interest, Leif had searched for all the alcohol he could find and stayed in a perpetual state of drunkeness for the past thirty hours if Duram had counted correctly. Surprisingly, Leif managed to retain control of saidin as easily as he did sober. Then again...

"Our Trollocs are dying in large numbers, but have weakened the Aes Sedai by forcing the 'servants' to drain their power against them." The word servant was used with scorn, Duram had no respect for those that attempted to wear the name he had once born proudly, and truly done service to. "Follow me."

Taking the lead, Duram led his dreadlords behind the trollocs that surged forward towards the battle. More flowed out of the portals that had been tied off as did Myrddraal. It wasn't long before the trail became cluttered with corpses and the screams of battle carried through the air. With them came the sounds of battle as they got closer, behind the surging force of trollocs that hurled themselves upon Aes Sedai death as fire, ice and air lashed at the trollocs to hold them back, the Tower Guard taking down the few trollocs that managed to close over a thirty foot gap between the Aes Sedai party and the trollocs.

Summoning the power of the circle to himself, Be`lal unleashed spirit against the elements the Aes Sedai wielded. Fireballs dissipated in the air, blades of ice and air shattered in the air before they struck as the Aes Sedai defence was blunted. Before the Aes Sedai could turn against the barrage of spirit, the trollocs closed the gap, crashing into the Tower Guard. While Tower Guard were individually more skilled, arguably, in a battle line it was strength, size and momentum that counted, and the Tower Guard lacked in all three categories.

Watching as the Trollocs began to wreak revenge, Duram ceased his weaving as he turned to the circle. The noise of battle was defeaning and the screams, now human as well as trolloc, filling the air forced Duram to shout so the circle could hear him as he dissolved the circle.

"Eden! You are with me! Leif! Split the circle in three groups of four! Agitate the Aes Sedai! Keep them guessing! Keep them off balance so the trollocs can close and do damage! I will be ending this before long! Keep safe until then!"

Signalling for Eden to follow, Duram turned and led her away, leaving Leif in charge as the pair disappeared into the streets. Duram would need to borrow some of Eden's power for what he planned to do next. Well, not needed, but would be handy so he still had power to command after he committed his next deed, the one that would bury Namandar a second time, except this time it would be permanent.

Duram stole a covert glance at Eden, she seemed to be holding up well considering. She had been forced to learn alot in a quick time, but the bond between them had made things easier for her to accept. That she remained loyal despite all she had been forced to see and now do had been the final test for her. A forging in fire so to speak, and she had proven true.

Thinking on his other circles for a moment, Duram frowned slightly. He had felt Kilm's power unleashed on the battlefield, but he had felt little of Aldreth's so far. Perhaps Aldreth had decided to set up an ambush, or had been content to simply ferry trollocs in. Either way, Duram did not mind, their objective here was far different to what the Lightfools could ever guess anyway.

"Link" Taking Eden's power within himself, Duram stopped where they were as he began to wield one of his more complex weaves. Even though he didn't have the talent of earthsinging, it didn't mean he couldn't do the same, it simply took more power. Exploring the earth with his weaves and mind, Duram began to force wedges into different fissures and the like, being careful with his work. Even if Mesaana had managed to loot Namandar before himself, she wouldn't be coming back for seconds, and he would deny Demandred a chance to take what he wanted from Namandar. Duram had buried Namandar once before, this time it would be lost forever.

Duram Laddel Cham
Be`lal, The Netweaver

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Seiaman turned a corner and cursed under her breath as the running figure was nowhere to be found. Raisa took a few steps ahead to look down a dark alley but shook her head. "Bloody ashes." Jaydena came up to her side, "Let's get back, Seiaman." She nodded as she looked into the bond, noting Sirayn's bloodthirsty killing and intense concentration. Light, the woman didn't even notice I left her side! Fear rose in her, if Sirayn did not notice she left her side then that meant her madness had taken over her sanity. And she could die. She made eye contact with Raisa, "Come on. Let's get your Sedai and return to the gates." The former Warder nodded, an angry madness in her eyes.

They returned to where they were and Seiaman guarded Raisa's back as she picked up Nydi Sedai. She tugged on the bond several times before Sirayn sent irritation in a fury blast. The Trollocs were somewhere else and Seiaman looked at Jaydena with her Warders standing guard around her. "I am going back to the gates. Raisa, you come with me and Seiaman .. get Sirayn to return to the gates too." Seia nodded as the screams echoed through the dome and the city trembled with its explosions. For a brief second, Jade's fingertips brushed against Seiaman's cheek, as if the unspoken concern spoke its volumes. "Be safe, love."

Turning to Raisa, she threw off her cloak and wrapped it around the dead body in her arms, tying her to Raisa's body so she would have a free arm to fight with a blade. Then she ran off to find Sirayn, homing down on the bond. If that man finds her before I do ... light .. Sirayn, please. And she turned a corner to find her Sedai unleashing a grenade towards a charging enmasse of Trollocs. Seiaman screamed a blood cry as she released a dagger, the cold steel slicing into a wolf-headed trolloc's eye. And the scimitar sliced his throat open. Pulling her dagger out, she moved behind Sirayn as the trollocs retreated. "Sirayn." The woman turned and looked at her, the deep madness in her eyes. "The gates. They need you there."

She looked over and saw Losyn coming closer, a sneer on his lips as the blood slid down his body. "Brother. Sister." Siray nodded and turned to head towards the gates.

Seiaman Gaidin
Bonded to Sirayn
Sister to Losyn Ashern

Rei'sam watched in the darkness as the woman warrior spoke to the Aes Sedai. He sneered as he watched his next target. The next phase of the battle was just about to begin, the earthquake. Duram was going to shift the fissures deep in the Earth to make the ground quake and it was his duty to ensure the main support beam of the dome would fall. Once he's done that, then the petite Aes Sedai would die by his hand.

Rei'sam Film
Servant of Be'lal


Jade saw the blood lust in her friends eyes as she followed after Seia at a run. She motioned for Corbin to stay back with the Sedai and followed Seia through the streets. She wasn't sure what Seia and Raisa were after she had to follow them or risk losing the woman she was just realizing she might love again. She rounded a corner and stooped abruptly as Seia was standing in front of her with Raisa, "Bloody ashes." Jade walked cautiously to her side, unsure of what was going on in Seia's head and how much of her angers was actually Sirayn's. She touched Seia's arm gently and said, "Let's get back, Seiaman." The gaidin nodded and stood silently for moment staring down the street before she turned to the other warder, "Come on. Let's get your Sedai and return to the gates." Raisa nodded and Jade wondered at the pain she saw flash through the gaidin's eyes.

Seia turned and set off at a run and they had quickly reached the corner in which they had been fighting. It was then that Jade saw the body of one of the blue sisters and knew then that the human scream she had heard had come from Nydi Sedai and the that Raisa was her gaidin. She helped to guard the warders back as she picked up her Aes Sedai's broken body tenderly. She turned back to her two warders that she had with her and saw the grim looks upon their faces. Pain came through Jared's bond and she knew that he had just put himself in Raisa's place for a moment and hadn't liked it.

Both Gaidin stood as though unsure what to do, Jade cleared her throat and said, "I am going back to the gates. Raisa, you come with me and Seiaman .. get Sirayn to return to the gates too." Seia nodded at her and Jade laid a hand across her once lovers face to show the depth of her emotions and pushed the jealousy away that Jared sent through the bond. She waited silently as Seiaman tied Nydi's body to Raisa and then ran off in the other direction. Running through the streets with the warders in tow she felt Corbin jogging on a cross street, trying to reach them. Before long her had joined them and they increased their pace to reach the gates. Any Trollocs she encountered were quickly dispatched with her weaves and her warders weapons. Death followed in their wake and she gloried in the death of the shadow. They reached the gates and Jade began to lead the right against the charges in Sirayn's absence...

Jaydena Sedai


Raisa trailed after Seia, hands clenched so tightly around the hilts of her swords that her knuckles were white. Emotions raged through her, and she couldn't feed them all into the Spring-her grasp on the Spring was so precarious she was almost afraid she would lose it at any moment. Not that she didn't deserve it-she should be dead, not Nydi.

"Come on. Let's get your Sedai and return to the gates." Raisa nodded, trying to appear more calm than she really felt and knowing she failed miserably; her hate and anger and pain must have shone brightly in her eyes as she turned back to where she had left Nydi. Kneeling down by her Sedai's body, she brushed aside a stray strand of hair before picking her up and going back with Seia. Screams echoed around her, and she tried not to think about anything as Seia helped her tie Nydi securely to Raisa so that she would at least have one arm free. Once that was done, she didn't know what to do, and looked to Jaydena Sedai for instruction.

"I am going back to the gates. Raisa, you come with me and Seiaman..get Sirayn to return to the gates too." Raisa followed Nydi, sword out, and took out her anger on the trollocs that had the misfortune to stumble into their paths. The gate was not too far, but there was no relief in reaching it. They weren't out yet.






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