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Main Timeline Suggestions, Corrections, Reports.

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Just what the title says, folks. Make sure you read the whole stickied Timeline thread first. If you


i) spot a discrepancy


ii) have a suggestion on some point


iii) need to report a new RP


iv) are a returning member hitting a timing problem with some event we're unaware of



then please post here to let us know. Thanks!



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I just have a couple >_>


Missing Events:

  • "998 NE - False Dragon Dramon Calgar founds the Black Tower in Saldaea." This is listed, but I thought we should add a bullet point for the BT headquarters apparently being moved to Tear when the DR took Callandor. (But in actuality it's secretly near Caemyln).
  • The Cleansing. While we at some point started claiming ICly that this occurred, it seems to be missing altogether from the Timeline spreadsheet. I know it was never RPed out, so I think we're free to place it somewhere convienent--it must've been recent because the White Tower just learned of it, right before the Asha'man and Reds' Bonding. Perhaps it should be number #63, and the Bonding should bump up to #64.



Never RPed Out / RPs Non-Existent? (Yet I can find much older RPs very easily).

  • Bowl of the Winds, #60 & 61. The only RPs pertaining to it were that a couple of Sisters were still trying to find the Bowl; nothing was RPed after that; why is it considered concluded? Any chance others can RP this out? [Part 1] [Part 2] [Side Thread]
    • #57. The Windfinder's Secret - 1000 NE (Late). Aes Sedai approach the Sea Folk vessels in Ebou Dar to discuss a possible co-operation concerning the Bowl of Winds... Another Missing/Unknown RP/ Wasn't Actually RPed Out? Should all of this be removed altogether? Or who may Retro RP it? Asking cause I'm very interested in making a Sea Folk character.
  • There is a reference, #58, "Kin: The WT Knows"; I cannot find any RP about this anywhere. A search of Kin characters, including NSWs, resulted in nothing.

Possible Moves:

  • Seanchan take Bandar Eban is listed as #25, but the post where Nana and Elnora encounter the Seanchan in Bandar Eban is #22. I think the Seanchan Invasion should be #20, immediately after #19 "The Eye of the World".
  • #53, the DotNM is kidnapped by Calder & Band. As far as I can tell, this just happened as Seanchan houses are just learning of it, and is not as old as the Timeline might imply. Should it be moved up?


Also, I have researched extensively about events pertaining to the White Tower, and while my dates don't add up with the Spreadsheet dates at all, I'm 100% confident that everything I have listed is in correct chronological order.. I just removed the dates after Karana's Raising: White Tower Timeline. I think it would be good to add certain things from the WT to the Spreadsheet, such as who was Amyrlin (Raising dates only) as important reference points.

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