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Rand's apology to Hurin


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you're welcome,rand's meeting with the borderland rulers was quite difficult

(certainly the first part),yet,he behaved with more restraint than i'd expected,

was magnanimous enough to tolerate the borderlanders bs,and despite the

fact that he terminated their meeting with an ultimatum and the field of merrilor

loomed large on his mind,rand, still, was compassionate enough to request a

meeting with hurin.well done! rand.

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rand played yo-yo with hurin,err...hurin was the yo-yo.

Hurin was chosen when the Borderland Army reached Far Madding to go to Rand as a messenger.  Rand wasn't very nice to him, he was dark Rand at the time.  And yes, Hurin in AMoL reflected during a brief reprieve in the battle that Rand had come and apologized to him and Hurin felt that the world was right again and had hope. 

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