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Brown Ajah Chocolate Week - Games Extravaganza


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Hello all, roll up, roll up to Chocolate Week's Games thread!




Your Games Mistress for this event is none other than my wonderful self - Blank


*waits for applause* 


So how this works is that I'm going to post a bunch of chocolatey themed puzzles and games for you to solve. Some of them are as simple as guessing, some of them you may need to download the picture and edit it to show your answer.







1. All puzzles will be numbered, you do not have to have completed the previous puzzle to do the next one. You can do as many puzzles as you like in any order, as long as you tell me the puzzle number you are answering.


2. Please put all answers in a spoiler tag. These are made by writing [spoiler*] answer goes here [/spoiler*] without putting the * in.

sorry if that was a bad explanation


3. Spoiler tags do not work in emails. So if you get email updates for this thread, don't read them.


4. Now obviously if you come in late, people will have solved the puzzles and their answer will be in the spoiler - we are working on a strict honour system here folks! So I'm going to trust that you didn't peek :laugh:  :laugh:  :laugh:


5. Points. 15 points for first correct answer to puzzle. 10 points for second correct answer to puzzle. 5 points for correct answers thereafter. If I muck up your points by mistake (which could totally happen) politely point it out to me in the thread or by PM.




Contenders for Glory:


Sooh: 15 pts (15 pts +)

Cindy: 4 MILLION POINTS (10 + 15pts + 15 +15 + 15 + 15pts....)

Whosangie: 10 pts (10 pts +)

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So quick with the answers! Love it  :laugh:


For puzzle 1 - I award you 15 points.


Puzzle 2 - there is some chocolate covered strawberries in the picture but the main item is an object that you would not normally find made out of chocolate!

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I got puzzle 1 but have to remember my photobucket password to upload the file . . .  :blink:


The 2nd one has me stumped.

I recently went through the same thing with my photobucket password uploading these images  :laugh:


As for the images, since I made them and I know what they are I am having a hard time telling how difficult they are. I will give clues out if they're too hard  :laugh:  :laugh:  :laugh:

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