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Hi my name is Phuc and I am a big fantasy nerd.


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I have been lurking for years and years.

Finally picked myself up and decided to

join this community of like minded minds.

I only read fantasy books.

Some of my favourite fantasy characters is:

Rand Al'thor, Lan Mandrogan, Anomander Rake, Kaladin Stormblessed.


I have a website www.http://randalthor098.simplesite.com.


Would really appreciate it if you could find the time to check it out. I am new at this





Sincerely yours truly

Real life Rand Al'thor aka Phuc Do

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Hello and welcome to DM. Have you had a chance to look around yet?


Yeah been lurking for years...I visit the site more thought recently. Very cool community;P

That it is but I understand about lurking. :)

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