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  1. Rand, Logain and Narishma. Then the forsaken. Then Lan because he is so honorable.
  2. One of my favorite scene is in Lord of Chaos. "Kneel and swear to the Lord Dragon, or you will be knelt." wow that was so impactful. Forcing the proud Aes Sedai to kneel to Rand...
  3. I agree when i re-read the book and Rand met Siuan again she said something like "wow you have really grown since we met to years past. I was like "Shhhhhiiiiiiieeeet it only been 2 years.
  4. I agree to the Gawyn/Egwene relationship was the worst. Gawyn is such a tool and Egwene is so bratty thinking she could set Rand in his place when he is the fucking Dragon Reborn. I dislike Gawyn and Egwene character too, maybe that is why i can't stand their relationship and courting.
  5. Yeah been lurking for years...I visit the site more thought recently. Very cool community;P
  6. I have been lurking for years and years. Finally picked myself up and decided to join this community of like minded minds. I only read fantasy books. Some of my favourite fantasy characters is: Rand Al'thor, Lan Mandrogan, Anomander Rake, Kaladin Stormblessed. I have a website www.http://randalthor098.simplesite.com. Would really appreciate it if you could find the time to check it out. I am new at this Sincerely yours truly Real life Rand Al'thor aka Phuc Do
  7. I guess I am a sexist. Everytime it skip to a POV i dont like it's like a bummer. It's like going from something really awesome to something mundane and boring. Something powerful and grand like the character Rand to something that pale in his shadow. I know it's essential to the story, but know I know how it ends I cant find myself peering back at the POVs i dont enjoy. I still called myself a big fan of The Wheel of Time even if I have not read the "whole story" I have bits of it and it is enough for me. And thank you for all of your replies.
  8. I am a big WOT fan. But to this day I have not read Perrin, Egwene and the wonder girls storylines. I really don't like to read about girls. Am I a man chauvinist. My first read through I skipped almost everything else and only read about Rand. I just cant connect to the other characters
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