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  1. Oof- I swear I've been tacklesnuglebit more this week than I can ever remember. Me right now: Just make sure all my bits are in their proper places when you're done enjoying me. Might wanna clear it with Elgee first too. *grin*
  2. Thanks Cross! *Dumps pink paint on Myst's desk* We can use this to load our rollers! *Starts painting the north wall pink*
  3. I say go for it. Hand me the brush if you're too scared. I've been in trouble with Myst plenty of times, what's one more?
  4. *strolls on in* Hey the door was open. *looks around* Hola Myst, long time no see. You've spruced up the place quite a bit since I've been gone.
  5. Daruya! It's been forever, glad to see you're still here, it would be boring without you.
  6. Long time no see... I've probably been removed from whatever groups I was in, seeing as my last post was in 2011. Hope Elgee hasn't passed off my bond to a trolloc since then.
  7. By the order of Fnorrll, our new Master at Arms, I am here to de-shift all of you lovely Aes'Sedai. So.... *runs around de-shifting the lovely Browns*
  8. You Scored as Mat Cauthon Mat Cauthon is your name, and if it involves dice, it is your game. A simple man with simple desires, you hate to be tied down, but also feel as if you are being used. You despise nobles, and no-one can blame you, yet several of them call you "sir" or "General" or "Lord". Safe from the Power, and married to the heir to the Seanchan throne, what have you gotten yourself into? That was a no brainer though *runs around pinching bottoms*
  9. Well now this is a conundrum, how are we to redecorate if we're all stuck to the ceiling? *wiggles out of his pants and falls face first to the floor* Ouch, that went better in my head
  10. Fine, I'll write on yours then *grins*

  11. :( Awh...

    did you know writing on your own wall is pretty lame, even if its empty? :P

  12. Nah sorry, she's not

  13. *retruns teh profile stalk*

    >.> DUDE!!! Your mom isn't by any chance Jen Garrison? Cause that'd be wicked and weird :P

  14. matthewgarrison1990@hotmail


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