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  1. Hey Adella, how you been? Well at least you admit it Mother, and it was totally my winning charm that caused you to accept. Danke!
  2. I'm pretty sure that's my entire purpose as her warder Well OK then. *Pinches Tay's bottom* I guess old habits die hard *shrugs* You can't really give me an opening like that. Good on ya, I don't think I'm self motivated enough to be self employed. Thanks Tay.
  3. What did you really expect to happen? ;)
  4. Thanks Lessa, I think my activity overlapped with yours a tiny bit. *Grabs Cross and throws her in the Moat* That's what she meant right?
  5. *gets tacklehugged and falls over* Oof Tay, it's good to see you too! Now get off me before I have to pinch your bottom. We don't want to make Elgee mad, I've been good for like a two whole days. Things have been good, lotta life happened in the years I've been gone. You been doing alright? As far as the Bio goes, I think you're right. I don't remember RPing on DM, it was most likely A New Turn as I remember it was off site. Has that site gone the way of the dinosaur? I would love for you to send me the bio so I can rewrite it, I don't remember much about the character, but if he was written at the time that I think he was, he's probably some edgy womanizer with absolutely no similarities to me, pinky swear.
  6. My memory isn't the best anymore, too much drinking and tomfoolery. And I doubt I can be any scarier than you Mother. Pish-posh, I am quite the upstanding lecher. Thank you, I think I went dark right around the time you joined. Don't tempt me dear, I might just have to throw you in the moat. Thank you Nyneave! Glad to see you're still here. Just about, thank you Rhea.
  7. Have an old warder from the old boards, same name. Not sure if he was purged, around '06-'08 timeframe. I'd like to bring him back and add a few years to him since I don't want to start a bright eyed bushy tailed new recruit. Here's to hoping someone has it archived.
  8. Oof. "sir", "legend". Don't call me that - as Perrin would say. You'll get in trouble with Elgee anyways for stroking my already overinflated ego. heh. About the only thing I was legendary for was getting in trouble and causing a ruckus. Glad to see he's still around, I'll have to throw him in the moat when I see him. Thank the light, I plan on keeping my head mostly above water, promise. Why I would never do such a thing, that's totes forbidden. Oy, I know. I'm flabbergasted. You'll never let me live that down will you? Thank you love I think she asked for her walker and alcohol. Maybe something light, you don't want to see her when she gets too drunk hahahaha.
  9. Oof. You're DM - Staff now. Between Elgee, you, and any other surprises, I might need a few pardons for past transgressions. Thankfully you only vaguely remember me, I was completely harmless. Promise. Well, just found our first encounter with a little Google-fu. circa 2009
  10. Thank you for the welcome back Dar'Jen. Please do not be intrigued by my old antics, I was a terrible party boy, zero boundaries. I've mostly been rehabilitated. As for the tales, I'm too modest now (I think) to tell tall tales about myself, you'll have to wrangle them out of Fnorrll if he's still around. And again, thank you for the welcome back. Good luck on your raise to Aes Sedai, keep your shifts hidden. -Matthew
  11. Hello everyone, Been rereading the series recently and it reminded me how much I missed the community here. Looking over my history, I'm surprised y'all put up with me and my antics, I've done some pretty cringey stuff looking back (I'm chocking it up to hormones and adolescence [can't believe I joined this forum at 16, seems like forever ago]). I'm still ducking the Amyrlin though, Elgee will have me hung up by my toenails for going dark for over 7 years (sorry luv). Sooo, what have I missed?
  12. I've raided all of the Ajahs for their shifts at the behest of our new Master at Arms, and I need YOUR help to do it, so come on and de-shift as many Aes'Sedai as you can Sadly the Browns did not wish to participate and locked my thread Here are the links: Blue Ajah Brown Ajah Gray Ajah Green Ajah Red Ajah White Ajah Yellow Ajah
  13. Done and done, I'm raiding all of the Ajahs. Here's the links, come on and join Sadly the Browns did not wish to participate and locked my thread Blue Ajah Brown Ajah Gray Ajah Green Ajah Red Ajah White Ajah Yellow Ajah
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