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Welcome to the Brown Ajah Chocolate Fest

Wren of the Brown

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Hi, all! It's the day after Valentine's and the Brown Ajah and Friends are here to supply you with all the gloriously decadent chocolate you can handle. As we have offered this service in the past, we're focusing on a theme: GLUTTONY.


I know you like to think you're a well-regulated person of modest taste but we all know the truth. You would swim in chocolate if you had the means. So, get your bad self here pronto and enjoy the choices.


Basel Gill, our minister of misadventures, has provided some moving pictures for your eyeballs. Take a gander and let your appetite meander!




Mrs. Cindy Gill, our cohort of hedonism, has graciously cracked the vaults and given you a sneak peak into her kitchen. Feel free to eat the raw cookie dough. Eat it all. Don't bother washing your hands.




And not only is Mrs. Cindy Gill stuffing you, she's here to help you squander your already diminished time. Life is short and often cruel but why worry when you have chocolate and games?




Finally, as your hostest with the mostest, I'm running a thread filled to the brim with cavity-inducing sweetness. Your heart will race and your blood sugar will soar when you feast your eyes on these vices. If you aren't in a sugar-coma by the time this event has run its woefully short course, you have failed us.




Nibble and nom your way to nirvana, friends.

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