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[Neverland Week] Books v Films

Barid Bel Medar

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First created in the form of a 1904 play by Sir James Matthew Barrie, Peter Pan has become a modern (well, 100 years ago now, it's not too modern) day fairy-tale. 


The play of 1904 was turned into a novel by Barrie in 1911, and has since been re-created on the stage and in film and television. 


While Peter Pan and Wendy is the main story that we all know, originally two other books were created to form the Neverland Trilogy, detailing Peter Pan's childhood and escape into Neverland. [The Little White Bird (1902) and Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens (1906)]


More recently in 2006, Gerladine McCaughrean won a competition to continue the 'official' legacy (granted by the right-holders of Barrie's original work) writing 'Peter Pan in Scarlet' sequel to Peter Pan and Wendy, continuing the adventures of the Lost Boys, Peter Pan, and the Darling family. 



The only other Neverland series to be printed is the 6-book children's series by Hyperion books starting with Peter and the Starchasers. The books are touted as a 'prequel' to Peter Pan and Wendy but there have been some clashes in canon. Adapted into a play, the first book, in 2013, director of the Hunger Games announced that they would be producing a film based on the first book.


Neverland first found its way to the Screen in 1924. Peter Pan was a silent movie directed by Herbert Brenon. Disney was the next to adapt Peter Pan, creating an animated film based on the original play. 


Peter Pan spent some 4 decades away from the public eye before interest was kindled again with the 1991 movie. (Japanese audiences were treated in 1989 to the animated series of 41 episodes The Adventures of Peter Pan). 


Since then, Neverland has feature in a wide range of TV and Movie adaptations. 


While Peter Pan is the main link in most of the adaptations, Tinkerbell has several spin-off movies to her name. 


What are some of your favourite Neverland stories? When were you first introduced to the wonderful world of Neverland? Talk about your story here!

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My son was in the play/musical Peter Pan, recently.  It was sad when Peter chose to stay in Neverland while all his friends left to resume normal life spans.  


I really liked being an adult, making my own choices, contributing, having children etc.  I have a hard time thinking about remaining a child forever.  


A movie is going to come out soon, "Pan."  I hope to see it.

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