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Hello all!

I started reading the series five years ago and just simply lost interest with it around book four. I've randomly picked up other books and scanned through them since then because the epic scope of the whole thing interests me. I purchased The Gathering Storm just the other day and thought that I may as well begin there, see if that one grips me, and if so, go back and read the others in the proper order. I'm hoping that the involvement with the additional author helps to somehow ramp up the story as a whole and ultimately make it worth the time it would take to get through another mammoth 700 pages or so that these books entail. Any thoughts on this? I'm interested in what you may have to say!


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Hi, Welcome, to the site!


Your reading strategy - really I don't know what to say - it might be tough! Things do start to speed up in the final three books, certainly compared to the middle section, but I feel a lot of it is built on the foundations of those middle section of books. Also, if you do go back and read the others you might find some things that are hinted at or slowly revealed are a lot more obvious as you know the end result. Not to mention I would get completely confused with who some of the non-main characters are.


But maybe you should take my opinion with a pinch of salt, as number four is my favourite! :)

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I would stick to a linear reading plan since you may very likely miss parts of the plot by skipping such a large percentage of the books but it's up to you.


Since you're still working on finishing it you should be careful of possible spoilers when viewing the discussion boards.


In addition to this the social groups can be a great way for you to meet and get to know some of the people around the site. Each group has their own draw and all of them have some great members (Many of us are members of multiple groups). If any of the groups appeal to you then feel free to apply for as many of them as you'd like. If you have any questions about The Band of the Red Hand, home of music, travel, drinks & food, I should be able to answer them (I'm the Band's Exececutive Officer). If you have any questions about The Black Tower, home of Spam and Madness, I should also be able to answer those (I'm Logain, leader of the light faction). Other than those two groups I can't help you however just post here or in their general board and I'm sure their members will be more than happy to help answer your questions about their group. From my experiance, many of the groups seem to have a little RP mixed in however do not mainly focus on it.


Finally we have the RP groups which, though I have little to no knowledge of, is something many find fun and participate in. If you plan on participating I believe they have a main board you can post any questions to (If no one here can answer them).

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