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Alright, I'm back


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many characters died in this series.  which one are you referring to?


Egwene, obviously.

The greatest character there ever was.


was asking the original poster.


The answer is the same. Randsc has good taste, if nothing else.

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Wait, wait.  Are you suggesting that Kael and I are the same person?  Because that is hilarious.  Clearly, I am really Elan.  


As for the impact of Egwene's ... fate (I'm not sure where we stand on spoilers), after I read that chapter I needed an IV to restore lost fluids.  And not because I was crying.

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spoilers or not, that is generally the decision of the thread's original poster.  If unstated, it would be the section's (or subsection's) limit.


I recall a person at a completely different forum that had 2 different accounts.  Do not remember either account or the forum, but do remember that the forum was a Sims2 fansite.

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