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Major League Baseball 2014


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Season starts in two days when the Dodgers and Diamondbacks face off in Sydney.


My preseason predictions:



AL East Champs: Boston Red Sox

AL Central: Detroit Tigers

AL West: Texas Rangers

AL Wild Cards: Oakland Athletics and Tampa Bay Rays


NL East Champs: Washington Nationals

NL Central Champs: St. Louis Cardinals

NL West Champs: Los Angeles Dodgers


NL Wild Cards: Atlanta Braves and Pittsburgh Pirates



AL Pennant: Rangers

NL Pennant: Cardinals

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Both guys I would love to have pitching for the Sox.  Also, B. J. Upton pulling his weight would help quite a bit.  Once you get into the playoffs, things get unpredictable though.  Not many people thought that the Sox would beat the Tigers in the ALCS last year.

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OOO predictions....


AL East: Red Sox

AL Central: Tigers

AL West: ..... A's


Wild Cards: Indians, Yankees


NL East: Nat's

NL Central: Cubs..... HAHAHAHAHAHA no I meant Cardinals *weeps*

NL West: Dodgers


Wild Cards: Giants, Braves


AL Champ: Red Sox


NL Champ: Dodgers


World Series Champ: .... *sigh* ..... Dodgers.

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I have to say that I disagree with the Ump's call on the ball lodged under the padding.  It was obviously playable from Justin and if he wasn't hindered in any way (and I don't think he was), then it's a screw-up from Justin and it was a deserved in-the-park home run.

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Don't know what play you're referring to as I don't really follow the Braves, but the problem with those kind of plays is that the fielder has to make a snap decision on whether or not to get it and they're usually too cautious.  I once saw an outfielder try to sell a pretty easily playable ball as stuck.  Ump didn't buy it.

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