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Why all the hate on the newer parts ?

Amar Cerim

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Hey all, I didn't go introduce myself since I'm lazy so I'll just say it here. I'm Amar from Bosnia and Herzegovina and I love WoT so far ( I'm on Shadow Rising ). 

Now enough about me, let's get to the point. 
Why do people say that each part the series gets worst ? I have heard "The first part was the best, the rest just get too long and boring" numerous times and it really bothers me. I only see the story getting more interesting. So is it due to me not having enough experience in fantasy or is it just people who can't do anything else but bash on a really good series ? 

That's all haha :) 

May you find water and shade friends :) 

EDIT: Ah I kind of missed the topic section xD So forgive me about that. 
I did introduce myself though :D

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Hello!! Welcome to DM. I think some people may prefer the writing style of RJ and others may dislike BS and the other way around.


Spoilers can be all over the site now so be careful what you choose to look at so the series doesn't get spoiled for you. I came to the series about 3 years ago and then ended up here. I really like the social groups. :)

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I found the last three books to be a difficult read. With RJ his words flowed easily and getting caught up in the story was effortless as you were carried along on the character's journey. Maybe this was because it was his tale. When BS took over the flow changed. To me it was as though I was reading something from someone who had heard it from someone else, which is essentially what it was.

Ideally I would have loved to see the conclusion of Rand's story in RJ's own words but it didn't happen so I thank BS for giving us an end to the series. In my opinion he did as good a job as he could.

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Welcome, Skugger.  Of course, you jump right to one of the big controversies of the book discussion boards.  :P  Though, as Ryrin said, I'd suggest staying out of there for now so you don't get spoiled.


Personally, I don't find any of the books to be "boring."  I love each one for its own merits.  Sometimes the plots slow down.  This is normal.  You can't have 50 plot lines that are non-stop action.  But even during the slow times, the character development (and setting, cultural development, etc.) is incredible.  These characters and places are so real to me, each with their own flaws and strengths.


I thought Brandon did a wonderful job finishing the series.  Of course, something RJ wrote would have been a million times better, but since that was not possible, you just need to accept what you can't change.  Brandon treated the world and characters with respect and love.  And that was all I wanted out of him.


A lot, though, is personal taste.  What one person likes, another hates.  So, you just need to judge it on your own preferences.

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