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Hi Wheel of Time fans!


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I've only been reading Wheel of Time for about a month and it is probably my favorite series ever. I just finished Book 12! (I'm reading it very fast) I think my favorite book so far was either book 5 or 11, and my least favorite was 8. My favorite character is Mat, by far. Actually, my English teacher recommended the books to me.


I came on here because I expected there to be A LOT of Wheel of Time fans here and the Wheel of Time fandom on deviantArt is extremely inactive. 


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Hi !


Nice to meet ya !


i'm also on deviantart, but i have to say that i have not tried Wot fan art yet :)


Feel free to have a look around and to ask us any questions u may have !


as for the books, i'm rereading them....so i can't say what the best yet :happy:

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Hello and welcome to DM. :) Yes, there are lots of WoT fans here and lots of nice people. I favor the social groups especially the White Tower and Warders. Have you had a chance to look at any of the groups yet? Then there is the role play area and book discussions. We also have chat for registered members. So what is your first impression?


FYI, some boards you will not be able to see if and until you decide to join the group.

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I haven't joined any social groups yet...or really done anything. I don't want to get AMoL spoilers.


as Ryrin said, there should be no spoilers in the social groups. I have not read it myself and the thread where AMoL was discussed were clearly identified. :)

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